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Education & Upbringing Bücher: How Children Succeed von Paul Tough

How Children Succeed

Paul Tough
Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character
4.4 (121 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How Children Succeed?

These blinks explore the reasons why some people struggle in school and later on in life, and why others thrive and prosper. Using scientific studies and data from real schools, the blinks dive into the hidden factors that affect the success of children.

Wer How Children Succeed lesen sollte

  • Anyone who is or is going to become a parent, grandparent or godparent
  • Anyone who works with children, especially teachers and coaches
  • Anyone who wants to develop oft-neglected skills that are just as important as cognitive skills to their future success

Education & Upbringing Bücher: All Joy and No Fun von Jennifer Senior

All Joy and No Fun

Jennifer Senior
The Paradox of Modern Parenthood
3.6 (25 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in All Joy and No Fun?

All Joy and No Fun (2014) is a book about the trials and tribulations of raising kids. Senior examines the challenges of parenting while keeping us cognizant of the pleasures and rewards that come with it.

Wer All Joy and No Fun lesen sollte

  • People planning for parenthood
  • Anyone who has children
  • Those struggling with the stress of raising children

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Drama of the Gifted Child von Alice Miller

The Drama of the Gifted Child

Alice Miller
The Search for the True Self
4.1 (131 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Drama of the Gifted Child?

International bestseller and classic The Drama of the Gifted Child (1979) is about the ways in which our unhappy, repressed childhood memories come back to haunt us as adults. Everyone deals with negativity in their childhood, and if adults don’t confront these memories, they risk living unfulfilled lives or even passing their problems on to their children. Overcoming these suppressed emotions will set you free.

Wer The Drama of the Gifted Child lesen sollte

  • Anyone who’s ever felt “empty”
  • People struggling with depression or addiction
  • Parents and parents-to-be

Education & Upbringing Bücher: How to Raise an Adult von Julie Lythcott-Haims

How to Raise an Adult

Julie Lythcott-Haims
Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success
4.5 (120 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Raise an Adult?

How to Raise an Adult (2015) reveals the ways in which the most common parenting method today, helicopter parenting, is doing more harm than good, both for parents and kids. These blinks outline a better way to parent – one that actually raises children to become truly independent adults.

Wer How to Raise an Adult lesen sollte

  • Parents who want to raise stronger and more independent children
  • Parents who don’t want to give up their whole life just to raise their kids
  • New and expecting parents

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Screamfree Parenting von Hal Edward Runkel

Screamfree Parenting

Hal Edward Runkel
The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool
3.8 (131 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Screamfree Parenting?

Screamfree Parenting (2007) is your guide to a better relationship with your children. From the space and boundaries that a child needs, to the trust and love you need yourself, these blinks shed light on the principles of screamfree parenting.

Wer Screamfree Parenting lesen sollte

  • Parents of children of all ages
  • All mothers- and fathers-to-be
  • People interested in the psychology of positive parent-child relationships

Education & Upbringing Bücher: How to Raise a Wild Child von Scott D. Sampson

How to Raise a Wild Child

Scott D. Sampson
The Art and Science of Falling in Love With Nature
4.1 (27 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Raise a Wild Child?

How to Raise a Wild Child (2015) will help your family reconnect with nature. With helpful hints and clever strategies, these blinks will ensure your kids can enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of growing up in the great outdoors.

Wer How to Raise a Wild Child lesen sollte

  • Parents who want their children to love nature
  • Teachers who want to educate their students to appreciate and respect nature
  • Nannies who want to spend more time with kids in nature

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Happiest Baby on the Block von Harvey Karp

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Harvey Karp
The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer
4.2 (103 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Happiest Baby on the Block?

The Happiest Baby on the Block (2002) tackles one of the biggest issues new parents will face: the constant wails and tears of their baby. These blinks explain why your baby’s survival depends on your responding to its cries, and how, by triggering the calming reflex, you can make your baby feel calm and safe.

Wer The Happiest Baby on the Block lesen sollte

  • New parents feeling helpless in the face of their child’s cries
  • Readers interested in the psychology of babies
  • Anyone who’s expecting

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Big Disconnect von Catherine Steiner-Adair

The Big Disconnect

Catherine Steiner-Adair
Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age
4.0 (44 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Big Disconnect?

The Big Disconnect (2013) is about the current generation of babies, toddlers and children growing up in the digital world. Digital media, from online games to social networking sites, have a profound impact on a child’s development, both intellectually and socially. These blinks outline the reasons why, and what parents can do to try to keep their children safe from these developmental hindrances.

Wer The Big Disconnect lesen sollte

  • Parents and parents-to-be
  • Teachers
  • Anyone interested in sociology, technology or education

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Sleep Revolution von Arianna Huffington

The Sleep Revolution

Arianna Huffington
Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time
3.9 (259 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Sleep Revolution?

These blinks are about the importance of a basic human necessity that we often brush aside: sleep. Getting enough sleep isn’t just about feeling better in the morning – it improves your work performance, health and even your personal relationships. Similarly, sleep deprivation isn’t a by-product of hard work; rather, it prevents you from reaching your full potential. The Sleep Revolution (2016) explains why sleep is so critical, and what you can do to get more of it.

Wer The Sleep Revolution lesen sollte

  • Anyone who gets sleepy at work or school
  • Parents and teachers who aren’t getting enough rest
  • Athletes wanting to reach their peak performance

Education & Upbringing Bücher: What’s Going on in There? von Lise Eliot

What’s Going on in There?

Lise Eliot
How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life
4.2 (45 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in What’s Going on in There??

What’s Going on in There? (1999) delves into the cognitive and physiological development of young children. These blinks explain the most important milestones of a child’s development, exploring the shared influence of genes and parenting on children.

Wer What’s Going on in There? lesen sollte

  • New parents or parents-to-be
  • Teachers and caregivers curious about infant psychology
  • Anyone who’s ever wondered what babies think about

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Untangled von Lisa Damour


Lisa Damour
Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood
4.4 (102 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Untangled?

Untangled (2016) is a guide for mothers and fathers, for teachers and mentors – anyone who might be trying to better understand the life and struggles of teenage girls. It offers invaluable advice on how to recognize what they’re going through so you can avoid some common pitfalls and not make the situation worse.

Wer Untangled lesen sollte

  • Parents of teenage girls
  • Adults or teachers who regularly work with teenage girls
  • Students of psychology and sociology

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Raising Cain von Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson

Raising Cain

Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson
Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys
4.1 (50 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Raising Cain?

Raising Cain (1999) explains how boys have to navigate a society rife with misguided ideas about masculinity and filled with cruel classmates who are ready to pounce on any sign of weakness. Discover how these conditions can create emotionally stunted and suicidal young men, and find out what can be done to help remedy their situation before it’s too late.

Wer Raising Cain lesen sollte

  • Parents who are raising a young boy or male adolescent
  • Teachers and school counsellors coping with boys and their emotions
  • Men who would like to better understand and process their feelings

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Simplicity Parenting von Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross

Simplicity Parenting

Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross
Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids
4.2 (162 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Simplicity Parenting?

Simplicity Parenting (2009) teaches parents how to reduce the levels of stress experienced by their children. Parents can accomplish this by controlling their children’s environment, limiting their access to the adult world and providing them with a steady, rhythmic schedule. Taking these simple steps will improve family life for all involved.  

Wer Simplicity Parenting lesen sollte

  • Parents and parents-to-be
  • Child psychologists
  • Therapists

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Problem Solving 101 von Ken Watanabe

Problem Solving 101

Ken Watanabe
A Simple Book for Smart People
3.9 (141 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Problem Solving 101?

Problem Solving 101 (2009) is a short and snappy guide to problem-solving. Originally written to help kids become better problem solvers, it can help anyone who wants to improve their ability to resolve issues, no matter how big or small.

Wer Problem Solving 101 lesen sollte

  • Schoolkids and young adults
  • Business owners and leaders
  • Anyone who wants to realize their dreams

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Blank Slate von Steven Pinker

The Blank Slate

Steven Pinker
The Modern Denial of Human Nature
4.5 (151 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Blank Slate?

The Blank Slate (2002) is about the huge role that evolution and genetics play in making us who we are. Steven Pinker makes a strong case against the belief that everyone is born a blank slate and influenced only by their upbringing, arguing instead that biology is a far more important factor in shaping our behaviors and personalities.

Wer The Blank Slate lesen sollte

  • Students of psychology, biology, and philosophy
  • Teachers and parents
  • Readers eager to understand human nature

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Fifth Trimester von Lauren Smith Brody

The Fifth Trimester

Lauren Smith Brody
The Working Mom’s Guide To Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby
3.1 (43 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Fifth Trimester?

The Fifth Trimester (2017) is packed with advice and tips for new mothers on how to successfully return to work after their maternity leave. Covering important details like what clothes to wear, how to pick the best day care and how to feed your baby even when you’re not with it, the book draws on the author’s own experiences as well as interviews with other new moms. This is a practical and inspirational self-help guide for new mothers who may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of returning to their job.

Wer The Fifth Trimester lesen sollte

  • Pregnant women or new moms returning to work
  • Employers and managers who want to create a family-friendly working environment
  • New fathers who want to support their partners

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Small Animals von Kim Brooks

Small Animals

Kim Brooks
Parenthood in the Age of Fear
4.1 (145 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Small Animals?

Small Animals (2018), explores how parenthood has become an exercise in fear, anxiety and constant intervention. Drawing from the author’s own parenting experiences, it explores how our perceptions of risk have become so distorted that we intervene, meddle, watch and manage our children’s lives at the cost of their freedom, fun and health.

Wer Small Animals lesen sollte

  • Parents who value their children’s independence and freedom
  • New parents
  • Anyone interested in how fear and moral judgments are entwined in today’s society

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Yes Brain von Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

The Yes Brain

Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson
How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity and Resilience in Your Child
4.2 (178 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Yes Brain?

The Yes Brain (2018) is a hands-on guide to teaching yourself and your kids to approach the world with openness, creativity and boundless curiosity. Packed full of useful tips, examples and ideas, this book shows parents how to model and cultivate the traits that let you say “yes” to the world: balance, resilience, insight and empathy. And that doesn’t just give children better self-control and awareness; it also puts them on the path to meaningful and successful lives.

Wer The Yes Brain lesen sollte

  • Parents worried about their child’s selfishness
  • Anyone who works with children
  • Anyone looking for a mindful solution to everyday problems

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Strength Switch von Lea Waters

The Strength Switch

Lea Waters
How The New Science of Strength-Based Parenting Can Help Your Child and Your Teen to Flourish
4.2 (31 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Strength Switch?

The Strength Switch (2017) demonstrates how parents can employ strength-based parenting in family scenarios. It shows that children can blossom and flourish if parents switch their focus onto their child’s strengths rather than being overly critical.

Wer The Strength Switch lesen sollte

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Psychologists

Worum geht's in The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did)?

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) (2019) is exactly what it sounds like: a book on raising children and a trove of practical knowledge that you can’t help thinking your childhood would have benefited from. Spotlighting mental health and emotional development, this book takes an alternative approach to parenting that’s apt for our modern world.

Wer The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) lesen sollte

  • Parents who want to improve their kid’s childhood
  • Parents-to-be wishing to reduce the learning curve
  • Your inner child

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Under Pressure von Lisa Damour

Under Pressure

Lisa Damour
Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls
4.3 (52 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Under Pressure?

Under Pressure (2019) explores the particular challenges that school-aged girls face throughout their education, at home and in society at large. Drawing on her wealth of experience as a clinical psychologist, Lisa Damour explains how parents, teachers and mentors can help girls overcome the stress and anxiety that disproportionately affects young women.

Wer Under Pressure lesen sollte

  • Parents hoping to brush up on their skills
  • Feminists looking for fresh insights into female psychology
  • Education professionals seeking to support female students

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Brainstorm von Daniel J. Siegel


Daniel J. Siegel
The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain
4.5 (105 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Brainstorm?

Brainstorm (2014) is devoted to the many mysteries and secrets of the teenage brain. These blinks debunk lazy stereotypes about adolescents and paint a more positive picture. Our teenage years aren’t just a period of hormonal and cognitive disarray; they’re also a crucial phase in the brain’s development.

Wer Brainstorm lesen sollte

  • Parents and guardians
  • Teenagers tired of being told they’re wasters
  • Psychologists and educators

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Why Love Matters von Sue Gerhardt

Why Love Matters

Sue Gerhardt
How Affection Shapes a Baby's Brain
4.5 (122 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Why Love Matters?

Why Love Matters (2004) is a study of how our early years shape who we become later in life. But this isn’t about rehashing the old nature-versus-nurture debate. As we’ll see in these blinks, the weight of scientific evidence points to a much more fascinating conclusion: that we’re “co-produced” by genetics and social experience during babyhood. This means that many of the social and psychological problems that affect us as adults can be traced back to these formative years.

Wer Why Love Matters lesen sollte

  • Mental health professionals
  • Parents with babies or toddlers
  • Would-be mothers and fathers

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Parenting Outside the Lines von Meghan Leahy

Parenting Outside the Lines

Meghan Leahy
Forget the Rules, Tap into Your Wisdom, and Connect with Your Child
4.5 (180 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Parenting Outside the Lines?

Parenting Outside the Lines (2020) is an essential guide to forgetting everything you’ve ever learned about parenting – and following your intuition instead. As parents, we’re insecure and desperate to get it right. So we keep searching for the perfect book or workshop that will tell us how to raise our children. But, truthfully, there is no perfect method. The only thing we can do is learn how to tune into ourselves and our children, and respond to specific situations with flexibility and grace.

Wer Parenting Outside the Lines lesen sollte

  • Perfectionist parents wanting to learn how to forgive themselves for making mistakes
  • Parents of young children who are tired of being locked in continual power struggles
  • Parents and caregivers who want to have more fun with their children

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Self-Driven Child von William Stixrud and Ned Johnson

The Self-Driven Child

William Stixrud and Ned Johnson
The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives
4.4 (263 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Self-Driven Child?

The Self-Driven Child (2018) shows us how our instinct to control our children’s lives can result in stressed-out, uncooperative, and poorly motivated kids. Instead, the book argues, we should try to help our children come to informed decisions themselves – and trust them to make the big calls. 

Wer The Self-Driven Child lesen sollte

  • Parents of stressed, overworked kids
  • Child psychologists and pediatricians
  • Anyone interested in the complex dynamics between parent and child

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen von Michelle Icard

Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen

Michelle Icard
The Essential Conversations You Need to Have with Your Kids Before They Start High School
4.1 (78 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen?

Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen (2020) tackles the thorny subject of communicating with tweens – those adolescents between the ages of ten and fourteen who are beginning to pull away from their parents and close down lines of communication. This is the age at which “big” topics like sexuality, money, and life choices are more important than ever. But it’s also the age at which having a conversation with your child is harder than ever before. So what can parents do? Well, it’s time to learn a new way of talking with, and not at, your tween. 

Wer Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen lesen sollte

  • Relationship-builders struggling to talk with their tweens
  • Worriers who want the best for their kids
  • Parents of younger children preparing for the next step

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Psychology of Intelligence von Jean Piaget

The Psychology of Intelligence

Jean Piaget
4.4 (117 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Psychology of Intelligence?

The Psychology of Intelligence (1947) outlines the pioneering psychologist Jean Piaget’s theory of intelligence and cognitive development between birth and adolescence. Originally delivered as a series of lectures in Paris, Piaget’s text provides a key to his highly influential research agenda and, by extension, to one of the twentieth century’s most important bodies of work on children’s psychology.

Wer The Psychology of Intelligence lesen sollte

  • Parents fascinated by how their kids’ minds work
  • Teachers and educators 
  • Theorists and thinkers

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Wean in 15 von Joe Wicks

Wean in 15

Joe Wicks
Up-to-date Advice and 100 Quick Recipes
4.5 (13 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Wean in 15?

Wean in 15 (2020) is a practical guide to helping your baby become a healthy, enthusiastic eater. Based on up-to-date guidelines and data from the UK’s National Health Service, the World Health Organization, and various researchers and dietitians, it offers a step-by-step plan – including recipes – for how to wean your baby. At the same time, it acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all method, and it encourages you to adapt the plan to your individual parenting style and your baby’s specific needs.

Wer Wean in 15 lesen sollte

  • New parents wondering how to wean their baby
  • Prospective parents thinking ahead
  • Anyone with a hungry baby in their life

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Optimistic Child von Martin E.P. Seligman

The Optimistic Child

Martin E.P. Seligman
A Proven Program to Safeguard Children Against Depression and Build Lifelong Resilience
4.4 (117 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Optimistic Child?

The Optimistic Child (1996) explores both the benefits of raising children to be optimistic and the dangers of pessimistic thinking. Drawing on psychologist Martin Seligman’s seminal research, this practical guide explains how parents can instill optimism in their children and equip them with a healthy way of thinking.

Wer The Optimistic Child lesen sollte

  • Educators looking for a fresh perspective
  • Parents seeking new insights
  • Anyone suffering from depression and anxiety

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Raising Leaders von Wendy Born

Raising Leaders

Wendy Born
Using the principles of parenting at work to become a great leader and create great leaders
4.2 (57 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Raising Leaders?

Raising Leaders (2020) is a thoughtful primer on contemporary leadership. This guide lays out the surprising parallels between raising strong, independent children and cultivating successful, productive teams.

Wer Raising Leaders lesen sollte

  • New parents seeking positive advice
  • Business leaders preparing to take on a new role
  • Anyone interested in raising the next generation of leaders

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Connected Child von Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross and Wendy Lyons Sunshine

The Connected Child

Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross and Wendy Lyons Sunshine
Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family
4.5 (54 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Connected Child?

The Connected Child (2007) is an insightful guide for parents of adopted and foster children. Children from deprived or abusive backgrounds have unique needs. By taking a multipronged approach including behavioral interventions, good diet and exercise, and lots of nurturing, parents can play a vital role in helping their children heal. 

Wer The Connected Child lesen sollte

  • Parents who are considering adopting or fostering a child
  • Teachers or social workers who interact with at-risk youth
  • Anyone who’s ever had a showdown with a toddler in the cereal aisle

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Unlocking Parental Intelligence von Laurie Hollman

Unlocking Parental Intelligence

Laurie Hollman
Finding Meaning in Your Child's Behavior
4.4 (240 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Unlocking Parental Intelligence?

Unlocking Parental Intelligence (2015) explores childrens’ complicated behavior with a fresh mental toolbox to decipher why kids act the way they do. It outlines a five-step process with relatable case studies to help parents connect more deeply with their children, as well as anticipate their needs and actions.

Wer Unlocking Parental Intelligence lesen sollte

  • Parents of infants, young children, or teenagers
  • Grandparents and caregivers struggling with difficult situations
  • Soon-to-be parents who want to be prepared

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Thrivers von Michele Borba


Michele Borba
The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine
4.4 (207 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Thrivers?

Thrivers (2021) is a study of what it means to be a child in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive, and digital world. Kids are achieving more and more, but they’ve never felt so lonely and stressed. In our rush to prepare them for an uncertain future, we’ve taught them to strive for accolades but forgotten that there’s more to success – and happiness – than test scores and grades. What’s missing is an emphasis on helping them thrive.

Wer Thrivers lesen sollte

  • Parents worried about their kids’ futures
  • Teachers on the frontlines of our burnout-inducing education system
  • Psychologists interested in child development

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Addiction Inoculation von Jessica Lahey

The Addiction Inoculation

Jessica Lahey
Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence
4.2 (146 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Addiction Inoculation?

The Addiction Inoculation (2021) is a parents’ guide to raising kids who have the knowledge, support, and self-confidence necessary to steer clear of the twin dangers of alcohol and drug use. From peer pressure to self-efficacy, it examines the risks kids need to avoid, and the defenses they need to acquire, in order to live happy, healthy, and substance-free lives.

Wer The Addiction Inoculation lesen sollte

  • Parents who want to raise drink- and drug-free kids
  • Teachers interested in the psychology of addiction

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Family Firm von Emily Oster

The Family Firm

Emily Oster
A Data-Driven Guide to Better Decision Making in the Early School Years
4.0 (59 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Family Firm?

The Family Firm (2021) explores the latest research on pre-teen child development. It explains how parents can make data-driven decisions on important parenting decisions like a child’s school, bedtime, diet, and extracurricular schedule.

Wer The Family Firm lesen sollte

  • Parents of children ages five to twelve
  • Educators looking for a fresh perspective
  • Psychology buffs seeking new insights

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Smart Money Smart Kids von Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze

Smart Money Smart Kids

Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze
Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money
4.1 (190 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Smart Money Smart Kids?

Smart Money Smart Kids (2014) guides parents – or anyone helping raise children – in teaching those kids to become financially smart. Review basics like the relationship between work and money and find actionable advice for instructing toddlers through teens to gain confidence with money.

Wer Smart Money Smart Kids lesen sollte

  • Parents or guardians who want to raise money smart kids
  • Anyone teaching young people how to be financially fit
  • Financially wealthy individuals wondering how to build generational success

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Raising Good Humans von Hunter Clarke-Fields

Raising Good Humans

Hunter Clarke-Fields
A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids
4.5 (328 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Raising Good Humans?

Raising Good Humans (2019) is a mindful parenting guide that teaches you how to stop yelling and get grounded. It features healthy practices that can help you break generational cycles and be a better parent.

Wer Raising Good Humans lesen sollte

  • Parents who want to stop yelling
  • Teachers and parents who need better conflict management strategies
  • Caregivers interested in personal development

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Raising Human Beings von Ross W. Greene

Raising Human Beings

Ross W. Greene
Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child
4.8 (32 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Raising Human Beings?

Raising Human Beings (2016) is part practical guide and part manifesto about the power of collaborative problem-solving. Using threats, bribes, and punishments doesn’t change children’s behavior sustainably. That’s because you just end up suppressing the symptoms of the problem, instead of addressing the root cause. Instead of engaging in power struggles, try asking your children what’s really going on, and brainstorming solutions together. Not only will you come up with better solutions – your relationship will improve dramatically.

Wer Raising Human Beings lesen sollte

  • Parents in the grip of a power struggle with their children
  • Prospective parents who want to learn to communicate constructively 
  • Educators and youth workers looking for new approaches to working with the children in their care

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Parenting von Andy & Sandra Stanley


Andy & Sandra Stanley
Getting It Right
4.5 (54 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Parenting?

Parenting (2023) presents essential parenting principles in a format that is easy to follow and implement. By drawing on practical knowledge and experience, the authors illustrate the goals and steps required to raise a happy and healthy kid – whether you’re dealing with the sleepless frustration of a newborn or the emotional rollercoaster of a moody teenager.

Wer Parenting lesen sollte

  • Overwhelmed new parents who want a bit of direction in their chaotic lives
  • Frustrated moms and dads looking for a fresh perspective on classic problems
  • Expecting couples who want to have a solid foundation from the very start

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Hold on to Your Kids von Gordon Neufeld & Gabor Maté

Hold on to Your Kids

Gordon Neufeld & Gabor Maté
Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers
4.5 (57 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Hold on to Your Kids?

Hold on to Your Kids (2008) is an important warning to parents on the danger of allowing peer influence to dominate children’s upbringings. Backed by research, it offers parents a path to rebuilding attachment with their seemingly lost children.

Wer Hold on to Your Kids lesen sollte

  • Parents (and people considering becoming parents)
  • Children’s family members
  • Teachers and social workers

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Daily Dad von Ryan Holiday

The Daily Dad

Ryan Holiday
366 Meditations on Parenting, Love, and Raising Great Kids
4.7 (87 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Daily Dad?

The Daily Dad (2023) is a philosophical meditation on the roles and responsibilities of parents. Presented as short passages to be consumed one day at a time, it draws on the author’s experiences of fatherhood, as well as the writings of history's greatest thinkers – from Plato to Bruce Springsteen. Whether you’re an expecting new parent or already living with a full nest, this wisdom and practical advice is timeless and applicable to all.

Wer The Daily Dad lesen sollte

  • New parents looking to cultivate a healthy and productive mindset for the momentous task ahead of them
  • Seasoned parents who want to raise their kids with the bigger picture in mind
  • Teachers, mentors, and other carers craving the best for their children’s future

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers von Stephanie M. Kriesberg

Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Stephanie M. Kriesberg
Quiet the Critical Voice in Your Head, Heal Self-Doubt, and Live the Life You Deserve
4.6 (63 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers?

Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers (2022) explores the ramifications of having a narcissistic parent, and what you as an adult can do to release yourself from your mother’s toxic hold. Its toolkit will help you manage the difficult feelings that come with being raised by a narcissist – like self-doubt, shame, and anxiety – so that you can start living on your own terms. 

Wer Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers lesen sollte

  • Adults with controlling, manipulative, or domineering mothers
  • Those who have struggled with anxiety and insecurity since they were young
  • Anyone who has felt fundamentally flawed since they were a child

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families von Stephen R. Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

Stephen R. Covey
4.6 (418 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families (1997) was written by Stephen R. Covey with, as he says, “such a passion . . . because family is what I care about most.” It’s a very personal book that talks about how the author, his wife, and nine children apply each of the habits in their family life. It can also be your guide to solving the problems you face in your family as you strive, individually and together, to become more effective.

Wer The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families lesen sollte

  • Self-improvement seekers who want to understand how effective families work
  • Couples who want to raise their family in a nurturing environment
  • Fans of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Montessori Toddler von Simone Davies

The Montessori Toddler

Simone Davies
A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being
4.4 (51 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Montessori Toddler?

The Montessori Toddler (2019) teaches parents how to better understand their toddlers and raise them according to the method developed by Italian physician and philosopher Dr. Maria Montessori. With its practical approach, it offers actionable advice that parents and grandparents can apply no matter whether they already have experience with the Montessori method or not.

Wer The Montessori Toddler lesen sollte

  • Parents who want to understand how toddlers communicate
  • Parents whose children are nearing the toddler stage and want to provide a supportive environment for them
  • Parents curious about the Montessori method and how they can employ it in their own homes

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Scattered Minds von Gabor Maté

Scattered Minds

Gabor Maté
The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder
4.4 (419 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Scattered Minds?

Scattered Minds (1999) takes aim at a well-established myth: that attention deficit disorder, or ADD for short, is an inherited illness. It doesn’t deny the biological foundations of the disorder – genes also play a role. But it urges us to widen our perspective and pay closer attention to psychological and social factors that may be contributing to the symptoms. ADD often develops within specific familial and societal contexts. Recognizing this isn’t just about correcting the scientific record – it offers a key to effective treatment.

Wer Scattered Minds lesen sollte

  • Science aficionados
  • People who have attention deficit disorder
  • Anyone interested in the connection between society and psychology

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Catcher in the Rye von J.D. Salinger

The Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger
4.4 (150 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Catcher in the Rye?

The Catcher in the Rye (1951) is J. D. Salinger’s classic coming-of-age novel, telling the story of the troubled young Holden Caulfield. Holden has just been expelled from school, and spends several days traversing New York City, sharing his opinions of the world around him.

Wer The Catcher in the Rye lesen sollte

  • Lovers of coming-of-age stories
  • Classic literature fans
  • People who dislike phonies

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Potty Training in 3 Days von Brandi Brucks

Potty Training in 3 Days

Brandi Brucks
The Step-By-Step Plan for a Clean Break from Dirty Diapers
4.4 (9 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Potty Training in 3 Days?

Potty Training in 3 Days (2016) is a success formula for parents and caregivers who want their babies to start using the toilet. The plan involves recognizing when your child is ready for potty training, what to do during the three days of intense practice, and how to follow up for lasting results.

Wer Potty Training in 3 Days lesen sollte

  • Parents
  • Family members and caregivers who want to understand their role in potty training
  • Pediatricians and teachers

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Good Inside von Becky Kennedy

Good Inside

Becky Kennedy
A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be
4.6 (416 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Good Inside?

Good Inside (2022) offers hope to parents who feel helpless when it comes to managing conflict in their homes. More than parenting, it’s about loving yourself and extending that love to your children. Dr. Becky rejects traditional reward and punishment strategies, instead encouraging parents to seek understanding with their children while still maintaining healthy boundaries.

Wer Good Inside lesen sollte

  • New parents
  • Parents who are afraid it’s too late to change how they parent
  • People healing from emotional damage

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents von Lindsay C. Gibson

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Lindsay C. Gibson
How to Heal from Difficult, Rejecting, or Self-involved Parents
4.6 (379 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents?

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents (2015) exposes the negative impacts that many adults face as the result of growing up with distant, rejecting, or self-involved parents. From demystifying the behavior of emotionally immature caregivers to providing practical tools for personal growth, it’s a step-by-step guide to healing old wounds and embracing a more positive future.

Wer Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents lesen sollte

  • Adult children of emotionally immature parents
  • Parents who want to be more emotionally mature for their children
  • Anyone interested in the dynamics of family psychology

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Five Core Conversations for Couples von David Bulitt and Julie Bulitt

The Five Core Conversations for Couples

David Bulitt and Julie Bulitt
Expert Advice about How to Develop: Effective Communication, a Long-Term Financial Plan, Cooperative Parenting Strategies, Mutually Satisfying Sex, and Work-Life Balance
4.3 (307 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Five Core Conversations for Couples?

The Five Core Conversations for Couples (2020) examines the five important topics every couple should talk about. It offers expert guidance on the core facets of a relationship that can help you strengthen yours. 

Wer The Five Core Conversations for Couples lesen sollte

  • Young couples looking for relationship advice
  • Older couples wanting to fix and strengthen their marriage
  • Anyone in a relationship

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Reinventing Your Life von Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko

Reinventing Your Life

Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko
The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behaviour...and Feel Great Again
4.4 (327 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Reinventing Your Life?

Reinventing Your Life (1994) is a manual on how to pull yourself out of negative habits and improve your life. By identifying key stumbling blocks to growth – or “lifetraps” – and presenting ways to overcome them, it guides you toward sustainable personal growth and happiness.

Wer Reinventing Your Life lesen sollte

  • Anyone who feels stuck in the same old negative loop
  • People looking to understand themselves better
  • Psychology buffs

Education & Upbringing Bücher: 1-2-3 Magic von Thomas W. Phelan

1-2-3 Magic

Thomas W. Phelan
Effective Discipline for Children 2-12
3.9 (63 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in 1-2-3 Magic?

1-2-3 Magic (1995) is a clear and thorough guide to one of the most difficult yet important aspects of parenting: discipline. By outlining essential parenting principles and demonstrating simple and immediately applicable techniques, it creates a roadmap for taking back control of your home and building a much more enjoyable relationship with your child. Whether your goal is to stop the bad behavior of a tantrum-prone toddler or encourage good behavior in your pre-teen, this revised sixth edition will give you the tools you need to discipline responsibly.

Wer 1-2-3 Magic lesen sollte

  • Overwhelmed parents of younger children who need to adopt a new approach to discipline
  • Exhausted carers of pre-teens who want to have more control over bad behavior
  • Anyone who feels like they spend more time fighting than having fun with their child

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Habits of the Household von Justin Whitmel Earley

Habits of the Household

Justin Whitmel Earley
Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms
4.4 (27 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Habits of the Household?

Habits of the Household (2021) offers a meaningful way for families to connect with God through daily routines. Through reflections and stories, you’ll learn how to implement simple habits that will help you find deeper meaning amid the chaos of family life.

Wer Habits of the Household lesen sollte

  • Busy Christian parents
  • Fans of the Lord’s message
  • Church tool kit shoppers

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Origins of You von Vienna Pharaon

The Origins of You

Vienna Pharaon
How Breaking Family Patterns Can Liberate the Way We Live and Love
4.3 (52 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Origins of You?

Origins of You (2023) invites you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, guiding you through the process of uncovering your origin stories and healing emotional wounds. With powerful insights and practical tools, this invaluable resource empowers you to embrace your past, nurture your well-being, and cultivate authentic, meaningful connections.

Wer The Origins of You lesen sollte

  • People seeking self-awareness and personal growth
  • Couples aiming to enhance emotional connection
  • Therapists and coaches pursuing new insights

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Raising Men von Eric Davis

Raising Men

Eric Davis
From Fathers to Sons—Life Lessons from Navy SEAL Training
4.3 (41 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Raising Men?

Raising Men (2016) is a powerful exploration of life-changing military lessons, emphasizing the importance of boldness, accountability, and bonding. Via real-life stories from Navy SEALs, this captivating narrative will teach you how to build strong relationships with your son and raise him with discipline, leadership, and grace.

Wer Raising Men lesen sollte

  • Expectant fathers
  • Distant Dads
  • Military patriarchs

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Emotional Lives of Teenagers von Lisa Damour

The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Lisa Damour
Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents
4.7 (53 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Emotional Lives of Teenagers?

The Emotional Lives of Teenagers (2023) is a best-selling guide to navigating the highs and lows of parenting your child through adolescence. It dispenses honest, practical, research-informed advice aimed at helping parents understand, support, and connect with their teens in a way that honors the huge transition they’re experiencing.

Wer The Emotional Lives of Teenagers lesen sollte

  • Parents looking for effective strategies to support their teen’s mental health
  • Educators and youth workers seeking clinically informed advice about the adolescent years
  • Anyone who wants to help the teenagers in their lives feel loved, supported, and heard as they transition into adulthood

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Explosive Child von Ross W. Greene

The Explosive Child

Ross W. Greene
A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children
4.3 (51 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Explosive Child?

The Explosive Child (2021) is a groundbreaking and scientific guide to dealing with children who react extremely to routine situations. Drawing on neuroscience and child psychology, Greene lays out a conceptual framework focused on the cause of the behavior, rather than the behavior itself. This framework can serve as a guide for frustrated parents who want to understand and address their child’s severe outbursts.

Wer The Explosive Child lesen sollte

  • Frustrated parents who feel like they've tried it all
  • Caregivers and teachers who are concerned by a child's violent outbursts
  • Anyone looking for a fresh and compassionate perspective on children's problematic behavior

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Parenting Map von Dr. Shefali

The Parenting Map

Dr. Shefali
Step-By-Step Solutions to Consciously Create the Ultimate Parent-Child Relationship
4.6 (85 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Parenting Map?

The Parenting Map (2023) by Dr. Shefali Tsabary offers a step-by-step guide to parenting healthy, happy, resilient, and grounded children by adopting a mindful parenting approach. In it, parents are encouraged to unlearn toxic parenting habits and replace them with moments of meaningful connection.

Wer The Parenting Map lesen sollte

  • Expectant families looking for clear, compassionate parenting advice
  • Seasoned parents who’d like to feel more present for their children
  • Grandparents, caregivers, guardians, and anyone with special young people in their lives

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Care of the Soul von Thomas Moore

Care of the Soul

Thomas Moore
A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life
4.2 (210 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Care of the Soul?

Care of the Soul (2016) offers a Jungian approach to everyday life. It’s a guide for codifying our experiences into story and myth, recognizing and accepting the soulfulness and messiness of our experiences, and seeing the sacred in the ordinariness of life.

Wer Care of the Soul lesen sollte

  • Spiritual people
  • Those struggling with their mental health
  • Fans of Jung and Campbell

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Teenage Brain von Frances E. Jensen & Amy Ellis Nutt

The Teenage Brain

Frances E. Jensen & Amy Ellis Nutt
A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults
4.0 (22 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Teenage Brain?

The Teenage Brain (2014) delves into the labyrinth of teenage neuroscience, offering a captivating exploration of why teens think and act the way they do. With a blend of science and real-world anecdotes, it illuminates the complexities and wonders of a brain in flux.

Wer The Teenage Brain lesen sollte

  • Concerned, proactive parents of teenagers
  • Educators seeking insight into students
  • Advocates of teenage mental health

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Theories of Childhood von Carol Garhart Mooney

Theories of Childhood

Carol Garhart Mooney
An Introduction to Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, Piaget & Vygotsky
4.4 (219 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Theories of Childhood?

Theories of Childhood (2000) is a foundational text for early childhood educators that explores the lives and work of five influential thinkers who have shaped modern education over the past century. 

Wer Theories of Childhood lesen sollte

  • Anyone curious about the minds and theories behind modern education
  • Classroom teachers seeking more information about child development
  • Parents or guardians seeking insight into age-appropriate challenges to help their children thrive at learning

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Sexploitation von Cindy Pierce


Cindy Pierce
Helping Kids Develop Healthy Sexuality in a Porn-Driven World
3.8 (19 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Sexploitation?

Sexploitation (2015) is an up-to-date take on sexual education, aimed at arming parents, carers, and educators with the best advice for supporting kids to make healthy sexual choices. 

Wer Sexploitation lesen sollte

  • Parents who want to support their tweens and teens in exploring their sexuality
  • Educators dealing with the impact of porn and social media on young adults
  • Carers and mentors looking for up-to-date advice on sexual education

Education & Upbringing Bücher: The Conscious Parent von Shefali Tsabary

The Conscious Parent

Shefali Tsabary
Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children
4.8 (32 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Conscious Parent?

The Conscious Parent (2014) offers a new approach to parenting based on adults increasing their awareness of the impact that their behaviors and emotional wounds have on the children in their lives. By honoring a child’s authenticity and innate wholeness, parents can deepen their connection with their children, and support them in becoming happy, well-adjusted individuals.

Wer The Conscious Parent lesen sollte

  • Parents hoping to raise happy, well-adjusted children
  • Adults wanting to break the cycle of harmful parent-child dynamics
  • Extended family members who want to support the healthy development of the children in their lives

Education & Upbringing Bücher: What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew von Sharon Saline

What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew

Sharon Saline
Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life
4.6 (27 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew?

What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew (2018) provides parents with insights into the challenges and experiences of children with ADHD. It focuses on the importance of communication and collaboration between parents and children, and outlines the Five Cs that will help you help your child with ADHD. Learn the skills you need to ensure your child flourishes with the brain they have.

Wer What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew lesen sollte

  • Parents of children with ADHD
  • Teens and adults with ADHD
  • Teachers and parents

Education & Upbringing Bücher: Moms on Call von Laura Hunter & Jennifer Walker

Moms on Call

Laura Hunter & Jennifer Walker
Basic Baby Care 0-6 Months
3.0 (1 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Moms on Call?

Moms on Call (2012) offers invaluable insights from experienced nurses into the multifaceted world of parenthood. Dive deep into expert advice on sleep routines, feeding regimens, health challenges, and child safety. Empower yourself with tried-and-true strategies, ensuring confidence and calm on your parenting journey.

Wer Moms on Call lesen sollte

  • New parents seeking sleep and feeding routines
  • Caregivers wanting infant health tips
  • Pediatric nursing and childcare students

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