Come work
with us
Do meaningful work. Take ownership. Never stop learning.
Who we are
We’re curiosity-driven readers, writers, designers, developers, and strategists from over 40 different countries.
We've come together to share the power of big ideas, build a meaningful product, and foster a supportive culture of self-empowerment, creativity, and trust.
What we do
We create bitesize content products so people can easily fit reading and learning into their lives.
We also love to travel, meditate, play board games, take part in quizzes (and design our own!), play with dogs, DJ, brew beer, celebrate holidays, surprise each other on special occasions, hike, and dance.
Why we do it
We’re on a mission to inspire people to keep learning. In doing so, we lead by example.
By making learning central to what we do, we push boundaries of the unknown, using every chance we get to develop ourselves by improving our product and the world around us.
What we value
These values are the foundation of our unique company culture:
Default to Transparency
We share information freely with our colleagues to ensure clarity and alignment.
Champion Accountability
Supporting and maintaining accountability means more than just sticking to a to-do list: it means taking ownership for the outcomes.
Communicate Directly
We know that whatever the question, communication is the answer.
Strive to Learn and Grow
We relish the chance to continuously grow and share what we’ve learned so that others can evolve, too.
Support Each Other
We help our colleagues, treat them with respect, and celebrate their achievements.
Optimize for Outcomes
We focus on the why and what, instead of how. We seek opportunities to simplify and fixate on the right outcome.
Take Risks
In order to learn quickly, foster innovation, and create impact, we dare to take informed risks.
What we offer
Free (healthy) lunch
Enjoy delicious, healthy lunch made fresh everyday by our chef Ed.
Opportunity to have an impact
Own your field and make key decisions that impact the future of the company.
BVG Ticket
Get yearly public transport passes to get around town hassle-free.
Work from home
Decide on your hours and work from home or remotely whenever you like.
Take time to recharge
Get 30 vacation days per year, national holidays on top!
Phenomenal gaming culture
We have won trophies for foosball. We’ve designed our own incredibly competitive Mölkky tournament. We are excellent at Werewolf, Avalon, and Exploding Kittens.
Always Learning
Benefit from company-wide professional learning & development budget with team-based training and coaching, as well as a yearly book allowance to expand your knowledge!
Work environmentally conscious
We track and take actions on our carbon footprints. Work with a company where climate action is seen as a responsibility, and act now, together with us.
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Glassdoor 5.0
Warm and friendly environment in which to grow and be challenged
— Current Employee in Berlin, Germany
Work with a cutting-edge tech stack in a great team of like-minded people
— Current Employee in Berlin, Germany
Healthy business, great culture, fantastic team!
— Current Employee in Berlin, Germany
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