Die besten 95 Bücher zu Trauma & Healing

Trauma and healing are important topics in today's fast-paced and often challenging world. Understanding the impact of trauma and the process of healing can provide valuable insights into our emotional well-being and mental health. Our book list is designed to help you explore these complex subjects.

This list offers a range of perspectives on overcoming trauma and embracing the journey towards healing. From personal stories to professional guidance, these books can provide support and inspiration during difficult times. So, let's embark on this transformative path and start the journey towards healing and growth!
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Trauma & Healing Bücher: A Long Way Gone von Ishmael Beah

A Long Way Gone

Ishmael Beah
Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
4.4 (27 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in A Long Way Gone?

A Long Way Gone (2007) is a story of how, as a young boy in Sierra Leone, the author found himself caught in a civil war and recruited as a child soldier. You’ll travel alongside during his harrowing journey, eventual rescue and recovery guided through the kindness and grace of loving people.

Wer A Long Way Gone lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in modern history of Sierra Leone
  • Students of history exploring civil wars and warfare
  • People curious about the ongoing plight of child soldiers in Africa

Trauma & Healing Bücher: It Didn't Start With You von Mark Wolynn

It Didn't Start With You

Mark Wolynn
How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End The Cycle
4.2 (291 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in It Didn't Start With You?

It Didn’t Start With You (2016) sheds light on a common thread in family relationships. These blinks explain how the source of your emotional or mental problems isn’t necessarily you but instead, your family history. You’ll learn how trauma can be passed from generation to generation, and what you can do to break the cycle.

Wer It Didn't Start With You lesen sollte

  • Anyone struggling with depression, anxiety or phobias
  • Parents and children seeking to mend relationships
  • Psychology students

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Body Keeps the Score von Bessel van der Kolk

The Body Keeps the Score

Bessel van der Kolk
Mind, Brain and the Body in the Transformation of Trauma
4.5 (932 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Body Keeps the Score?

The Body Keeps the Score (2014) explains what trauma is and how it can change our lives for the worse. These blinks investigate the wide-ranging effects experienced not only by traumatized people, but also those around them. Nevertheless, while trauma presents a number of challenges, there are ways to heal.

Wer The Body Keeps the Score lesen sollte

  • People struggling with chronic pain, anxiety or depression
  • Family and friends of PTSD sufferers
  • Students of psychology and medicine

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Option B von Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

Option B

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant
Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
4.3 (95 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Option B?

Option B (2017) is based on the personal experiences of Sheryl Sandberg who, after losing her husband, fell into a period of deep mourning. However, Sheryl’s story is not one of despair; it’s one of perseverance, and of emerging from a horrible experience even stronger than before. Discover what Sheryl learned about the grieving process and how she was able to reclaim her joy, find meaning in life – and death – and move on.

Wer Option B lesen sollte

  • Grief counselors
  • Readers experiencing personal hardship and mourning
  • Parents, friends and lovers who want to be supportive

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Stitches von Anne Lamott


Anne Lamott
A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair
3.8 (26 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Stitches?

Stitches (2014) is about embracing the negative aspects of life that you’re powerless to change, and building a community to help you work through them. These blinks explain why so many people run from suffering and pain, and why acknowledging such difficult experiences is the only way to overcome them.

Wer Stitches lesen sollte

  • Anyone who works with or for other people
  • People who feel overwhelmed by suffering
  • Fans of self-help and Lamott’s other books

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Power Of Meaning von Emily Esfahani Smith

The Power Of Meaning

Emily Esfahani Smith
Crafting a Life That Matters
4.6 (344 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Power Of Meaning?

The Power of Meaning (2017) discusses the four pillars of meaning that a person should honor if they hope to lead a fulfilling life. This book encourages readers to discover themselves by searching for a purpose in life, connecting with others, engaging in transcendence and learning from past traumas.

Wer The Power Of Meaning lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in spirituality  
  • Those struggling through hardship
  • People interested in psychology, philosophy and literature

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Hold Me Tight von Sue Johnson

Hold Me Tight

Sue Johnson
Your Guide to the Most Successful Approach to Building Loving Relationships
4.3 (245 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Hold Me Tight?

Hold Me Tight (2008) focuses on one of life’s greatest challenges: building and sustaining an intimate relationship. Drawing on the author’s own highly successful couple therapy form EFT (Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy) – based on the idea that the quality of relationships are defined by key emotional moments, both positive and negative – these blinks show you how to form a deeper, and more enduring bond with your partner.

Wer Hold Me Tight lesen sollte

  • Recent singles who wonder what went wrong
  • Couples who want to sustain and nurture their relationship
  • Friends and family of people in rocky relationships

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Hunger von Roxane Gay


Roxane Gay
A Memoir of (My) Body
4.2 (55 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Hunger?

Hunger (2017) is a personal, open-hearted account of what it’s like to live with a body that’s frowned upon by society.

Wer Hunger lesen sollte

  • Victims of abuse and sexual violence
  • Students of psychology and social work
  • Anyone struggling with eating disorders

Trauma & Healing Bücher: A River in Darkness von Masaji Ishikawa

A River in Darkness

Masaji Ishikawa
One Man’s Escape from North Korea
4.5 (47 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in A River in Darkness?

A River in Darkness (2000) is the harrowing true story of one man’s life in and eventual escape from the brutal dictatorship of North Korea. Born in Japan, Masaji Ishikawa was one of hundreds of thousands of Koreans who moved to the country between the 1950s and 1980s. His memoir chronicles the life of drudgery, terror and endless hardship that awaited them.

Wer A River in Darkness lesen sollte

  • Human rights advocates
  • History buffs fascinated by the Cold War
  • Anyone who loves true life stories

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Year of Magical Thinking von Joan Didion

The Year of Magical Thinking

Joan Didion
3.9 (80 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Year of Magical Thinking?

The Year of Magical Thinking (2005) is a poignant memoir about loss and grief. It tells the deeply personal story of Joan Didion’s experiences with the life-threatening illnesses of her daughter and the death of her husband. But more than that, it’s also a thought-provoking philosophical exploration of the meaning of mortality, the fragility of life and the mutability of everything that surrounds us.

Wer The Year of Magical Thinking lesen sollte

  • Anyone who’s felt anguish over another person’s life-threatening illness 
  • Those who have experienced the loss of a loved one
  • Anyone who wants to understand the nature of grief 

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Widen the Window von Elizabeth A. Stanley

Widen the Window

Elizabeth A. Stanley
Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma
4.8 (365 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Widen the Window?

Widen the Window (2019) is your guide to healing trauma, relieving chronic stress, and living fully in the present. Drawing on her personal experience as a military leader and building on the latest science, Elizabeth A. Stanley examines how stress and trauma impact our mind and body; how our culture incentivizes work over health; and how mindfulness can bridge the gap between our thinking brains and our bodies’ ancient survival stress response.

Wer Widen the Window lesen sollte

  • Anyone who has suffered physical or psychological trauma 
  • People working in the military, first response, and other high stress professions
  • Overachievers, workaholics, and other “type A” personalities

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Know My Name von Chanel Miller

Know My Name

Chanel Miller
A Memoir
4.6 (32 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Know My Name?

In Know My Name (2019), Chanel Miller presents her side of what happened when she was sexually assaulted by Stanford student Brock Turner and forced to endure a long and traumatizing trial in the public eye. Drawing parallels between her own experience and the structural mistreatment of women in the court system, she explains what made her determined to share her story and empower other survivors.

Wer Know My Name lesen sollte

  • People who want to learn more about the experience of sexual assault survivors in the US court system
  • Memoir-lovers who want to be inspired by the story of a remarkable woman 
  • Activists who want inspiration for effecting political change

Trauma & Healing Bücher: I’ve Been Thinking von Maria Shriver

I’ve Been Thinking

Maria Shriver
Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life
4.3 (92 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in I’ve Been Thinking?

I’ve Been Thinking (2018) is a collection of thoughts, quotes, and prayers to accompany you through daily life. Whether you’re young or old, religious or agnostic, have both feet on the ground or find yourself in a difficult place, it will inspire you to chart your own path to a meaningful life.

Wer I’ve Been Thinking lesen sollte

  • Workaholics and busybodies who need to catch their breath
  • Non-believers looking for spiritual guidance 
  • Anyone struggling with their faith, grief, or loss

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Why Does He Do That? von Lundy Bancroft

Why Does He Do That?

Lundy Bancroft
Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men
4.5 (218 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Why Does He Do That??

Why Does He Do That? (2003) reveals the psychology behind abusive men. Drawing on his experience as a counselor to male abusers, author Lundy Bancroft explains the nature of abusive thinking, the early warning signs of abuse, and the steps women can take to free themselves from an abusive relationship.

Wer Why Does He Do That? lesen sollte

  • Anyone who feels trapped in an abusive relationship
  • Mothers considering leaving their abusive partner
  • People who suspect a friend or family member is being abused

Trauma & Healing Bücher: When the Body Says No von Gabor Maté

When the Body Says No

Gabor Maté
The Cost of Hidden Stress
4.6 (504 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in When the Body Says No?

When the Body Says No (2003) probes the hidden connections between mental health and physical illness. Modern medical science often tries to reassure us that our minds and bodies are totally separate – when, in reality, they’re deeply interconnected. Mental stresses often play out in the body as physiological diseases, disorders, and chronic conditions that endanger our health and well-being.

Wer When the Body Says No lesen sollte

  • People who have chronic health conditions or who know others who have them
  • The eternally stressed
  • Those interested in the connections between mind and body

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Myth of Sanity von Martha Stout

The Myth of Sanity

Martha Stout
Divided Consciousness and the Promise of Awareness
4.6 (65 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Myth of Sanity?

The Myth of Sanity (2001) dispels the idea that only “crazy” people experience dissociative states – periods of time in which we might forget where we are, lose track of time, or even have out-of-body experiences. Though we might not all have endured the overt instances of abuse that often lead to dissociative disorders, we are nevertheless shaped by traumas both big and small throughout our lives. By understanding why dissociation happens and how we can overcome it, we can all begin to live more fully in the present.

Wer The Myth of Sanity lesen sollte

  • Fans of psychology and the inner workings of the human mind
  • People who have dissociative disorders or know someone who has one
  • Trauma survivors

Trauma & Healing Bücher: My Grandmother's Hands von Resmaa Menakem

My Grandmother's Hands

Resmaa Menakem
Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies
4.5 (40 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in My Grandmother's Hands?

My Grandmother’s Hands (2017) explores how racism affects Black, white, and police bodies in the United States – and what individuals and communities can do to heal them. Trauma therapist Resmaa Menakem explains why historic, familial, and personal trauma relating to racism is often stored deep in our nervous system, and teaches body-based practices to overcome it.

Wer My Grandmother's Hands lesen sollte

  • Black people who want to begin to heal their bodies from the trauma of racism 
  • White folks who want to become better allies through a body-centered practice of anti-racism
  • Police officers and public safety officials who want to learn how to avoid violence

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Anxious von Joseph Ledoux


Joseph Ledoux
Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety
4.3 (250 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Anxious?

Anxious (2015) is an in-depth study of anxiety disorders. It explores how anxiety is diagnosed and examines how our in-built survival mechanisms can sabotage us by making us perceive danger where none exists. Most importantly, it provides an overview of the most innovative treatment options available – from reprogramming our memories to practicing meditation.

Wer Anxious lesen sollte

  • Anyone living with anxiety who wants to understand more about it 
  • Teachers and caregivers who want to support the young people in their care
  • Psychology buffs who want to better understand this pervasive disorder

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Didn't See That Coming von Rachel Hollis

Didn't See That Coming

Rachel Hollis
Putting Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart
4.7 (95 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Didn't See That Coming?

Didn’t See That Coming (2020) is a handbook filled with real-world strategies for coping with pain, tragedy, loss, and betrayal, based on author Rachel Hollis’s own experiences. Without ever sugarcoating the devastating effects of grief and trauma, it offers a blueprint for living with pain without letting it define you, and reaching for your best life even after the worst has happened.

Wer Didn't See That Coming lesen sollte

  • Anyone whose life has been shaken by a crisis
  • Friends or family trying to support a loved one through trauma
  • Everyone trying to come to terms with a difficult past

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Emotional First Aid von Guy Winch

Emotional First Aid

Guy Winch
Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts
4.4 (231 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Emotional First Aid?

Emotional First Aid (2012) is an easy-to-follow manual for addressing the everyday emotional hurts we all experience. From rejection to loss to low self-esteem, Emotional First Aid provides effective strategies for ensuring that treatable emotional pains don’t become deep wounds with lasting psychological effects.

Wer Emotional First Aid lesen sollte

  • People struggling to let go of past hurts 
  • Psychology enthusiasts
  • Parents wanting to raise resilient kids

Trauma & Healing Bücher: You Can Heal Your Life von Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your Life

Louise Hay
4.5 (233 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in You Can Heal Your Life?

You Can Heal Your Life (1984) is a classic of self-realization and healing. With over 39 million copies in print, this book combines practical and spiritual advice to help you overcome both emotional and physical problems, transforming your life forever.

Wer You Can Heal Your Life lesen sollte

  • Self-help fans 
  • Those struggling to process childhood trauma
  • Anyone interested in alternative medicine

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Love Warrior von Glennon Doyle

Love Warrior

Glennon Doyle
A Memoir
4.1 (89 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Love Warrior?

Love Warrior (2017) by Glennon Doyle is a memoir that recounts how one woman battled through addiction, disordered eating, and betrayal by confronting and ultimately owning her vulnerabilities. More than that, it’s a meditation on what pain has to teach us, and how, by embracing our own failings, we can live as our most authentic selves.

Wer Love Warrior lesen sollte

  • Women who try not to take up too much space
  • Mothers struggling to reconnect with their own identities
  • Anyone who’s ever hit rock bottom and wanted to get back up

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Forgiving What You Can't Forget von Lysa TerKeurst

Forgiving What You Can't Forget

Lysa TerKeurst
Discover How to Move On, Make Peace with Painful Memories, and Create a Life That’s Beautiful Again
3.7 (174 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Forgiving What You Can't Forget?

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget (2020) is a guide to healing from past hurt. Drawing from her experiences of abuse in her childhood and infidelity in her marriage, author Lysa TerKeurst offers up ways to make peace with painful memories through forgiveness.

Wer Forgiving What You Can't Forget lesen sollte

  • Anyone suffering from a broken heart
  • Christians seeking to feel closer to God
  • Those wanting to reframe their suffering as something positive

Trauma & Healing Bücher: How to Do the Work von Nicole LePera

How to Do the Work

Nicole LePera
Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self
4.6 (544 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Do the Work?

How to Do the Work (2021) is a hands-on guide to healing our bodies and minds. The physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of our health are all interconnected. By changing how we eat and exercise, engaging in mindfulness and tackling past trauma, we can heal ourselves and transform our relationships.

Wer How to Do the Work lesen sollte

  • Spiritual seekers looking for new ways to connect with the world
  • Children of emotionally unavailable parents looking to heal past trauma
  • Anyone who’s tired of feeling sluggish and burnt out

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Deep Creativity von Deborah Anne Quibell, Jennifer Leigh Selig and Dennis Patrick Slattery

Deep Creativity

Deborah Anne Quibell, Jennifer Leigh Selig and Dennis Patrick Slattery
Seven Ways to Spark Your Creative Spirit
3.6 (256 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Deep Creativity?

Deep Creativity (2019) encourages you to celebrate your inner creative impulses as a means of self-expression. The three authors tell personal stories about their creative practice and offer sage advice for how to live a creatively satisfying life.

Wer Deep Creativity lesen sollte

  • Creative souls
  • Dabblers in depth psychology
  • Searchers for inner peace and fulfillment

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess von Caroline Leaf

Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

Caroline Leaf
5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking
4.3 (723 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess?

Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess (2021) presents a scientifically backed strategy for rooting out toxic thoughts. It breaks down the principles and tools of the Neurocycle – a mind-management process that changes toxic thoughts and their related behaviors into positive thinking and habits.

Wer Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess lesen sollte

  • Those looking to take control of their mental state
  • People grappling with the effects of trauma
  • Anyone curious about how the mind and brain are connected

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Way of Integrity von Martha Beck

The Way of Integrity

Martha Beck
Finding the Path to Your True Self
4.3 (307 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Way of Integrity?

The Way of Integrity (2021) is a four-stage process to finding integrity – a quality that can alleviate the suffering caused by harmful autopilot actions and beliefs. In reconnecting to what makes you feel whole, you’ll achieve a sense of purpose, emotional healing, and mental well-being.

Wer The Way of Integrity lesen sollte

  • People who feel unhappy but aren’t sure why
  • Disconnected individuals who want to improve their relationships
  • Anyone seeking more joy and purpose in their life

Trauma & Healing Bücher: No Bad Parts von Richard C. Schwartz

No Bad Parts

Richard C. Schwartz
Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model
4.6 (365 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in No Bad Parts?

No Bad Parts (2021) argues that we’re all made up of many distinct parts, like inner voices, that add different things to our lives. By engaging these parts directly, we can heal past traumas and transform the way we relate to ourselves and the world.

Wer No Bad Parts lesen sollte

  • Deep thinkers who experience internal conflict
  • Psychology buffs interested in an original approach to the mind
  • People who feel numb and dissociated because of early traumatic experiences

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Happiest Man on Earth von Eddie Jaku

The Happiest Man on Earth

Eddie Jaku
The Beautiful Life of an Auschwitz Survivor
4.7 (415 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Happiest Man on Earth?

The Happiest Man on Earth (2020) is the true story of one man, who survived inconceivable horrors during the Holocaust, and afterward made it his mission to change the world for the better. Eddie Jaku saw first-hand how a Fascist regime could spark anti-Semitic hatred, and turn former friends and neighbors into killers. In talking about what happened, he shares how love and kindness helped him to survive one of the worst atrocities in human history.

Wer The Happiest Man on Earth lesen sollte

  • History buffs interested in the Holocaust and fascism
  • Memoir-lovers excited to hear the story of an extraordinary man
  • People who want to learn more about surviving complex trauma

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Hear Yourself von Prem Rawat

Hear Yourself

Prem Rawat
How to Find Peace in a Noisy World
4.5 (376 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Hear Yourself?

Hear Yourself (2021) is a guide to cutting out distractions, silencing your mind, and connecting to your inner peace. Packed with ancient wisdom and compelling anecdotes, it’ll teach you to cultivate calm and serenity within yourself to counter the noise and busyness of the world outside.

Wer Hear Yourself lesen sollte

  • Goal-setters who want to follow through on their ambitions
  • People feeling distracted and overwhelmed by the demands of life
  • Anyone trying to navigate periods of stress, trauma, or grief

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching von Thich Nhat Hanh

The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching

Thich Nhat Hanh
Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy and Liberation
4.7 (334 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching?

The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching (1998) explains core Buddhist teachings, including the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. It shows how to apply these practices to daily life to transform suffering into joy and heal the pain of others.

Wer The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching lesen sollte

  • People who are suffering
  • Those wishing to adopt Buddhist practices
  • Anyone who wishes to lead a more joyful life

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Spiritual Partnership von Gary Zukav

Spiritual Partnership

Gary Zukav
The Journey to Authentic Power
4.0 (246 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Spiritual Partnership?

Spiritual Partnership (2009) is about the new relationships that can develop when we tap into a deep, invisible consciousness. Becoming “multisensory” and engaging in spiritual partnerships with others will lead you to a life of freedom, joy, and authentic power.

Wer Spiritual Partnership lesen sollte

  • People interested in spirituality
  • Couples looking to strengthen their relationship
  • Anyone searching for meaning and purpose in life

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Art of Living von William Hart

The Art of Living

William Hart
Vipassana Meditation as Taught by S. N. Goenka
4.7 (380 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Art of Living?

The Art of Living (1987) details the Vipassanā meditation principles set out by the famed Burmese-Indian teacher S. N. Goenka. As well as describing the techniques of Vipassanā meditation, it delves into the deeper philosophy of Buddhism.

Wer The Art of Living lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in meditation
  • Those seeking relief from anxiety, stress, and suffering
  • People curious about Buddhist thinking

Trauma & Healing Bücher: You Are Your Best Thing von Edited by Tarana Burke and Brené Brown

You Are Your Best Thing

Edited by Tarana Burke and Brené Brown
Vulnerability, Shame Resilience, and the Black Experience
4.2 (94 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in You Are Your Best Thing?

You Are Your Best Thing (2021) is an anthology of original essays that explore Black experiences of living, loving, and parenting in America today. It examines concepts like vulnerability and shame, and shows that the key to personal healing lies in confronting white supremacy and the racist systems that make Black people feel unsafe in their communities. 

Wer You Are Your Best Thing lesen sollte

  • Black people looking for tools to heal from trauma
  • Psychology-lovers seeking new perspectives on how the personal and political intersect
  • Those who want to deepen their understanding of the impact of racism in America

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Wired for Love von Stan Tatkin

Wired for Love

Stan Tatkin
How Understanding Your Partner's Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship
4.6 (522 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Wired for Love?

Wired for Love (2012) is a guide to maintaining closeness and emotional security within romantic partnerships. It uses research from neurobiology and psychology to show why long-term couples come into conflict, and it offers practical tips on how to use knowledge about brain functions to promote peace and mutual security in your relationship.

Wer Wired for Love lesen sollte

  • Partners in committed relationships
  • Couples seeking to manage conflict 
  • Those interested in social psychology

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Us von Terrence Real


Terrence Real
Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship
4.7 (366 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Us?

Us (2022) is for anyone whose once-loving relationship has devolved into point-scoring and power struggles. It offers a science-based skill set, illustrated with rich and detailed examples, to help you and your partner heal your toxic individualism and your relationship. 

Wer Us lesen sollte

  • Couples who find themselves having the same fight over and over again
  • Partners whose disagreements turn melodramatic within minutes
  • Anyone dealing with a breach of trust in a close relationship

Trauma & Healing Bücher: No Cure for Being Human von Kate Bowler

No Cure for Being Human

Kate Bowler
(and Other Truths I Need to Hear)
4.1 (247 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in No Cure for Being Human?

No Cure for Being Human (2021) is the thoughtful chronicle of Kate Bowler’s attempts to make the most of her life after a brutal cancer diagnosis at only 35. Part memoir, part critique of the widespread obsession with positivity, No Cure for Being Human is a poignant dispatch from the fragile border between life and death.

Wer No Cure for Being Human lesen sollte

  • Those who’ve supporting a loved one through a serious diagnosis, or have received one themselves
  • Critics of the prosperity gospel and impeccably curated Instagram feeds
  • Those grappling with the idea that they, too, might be incurably human

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Crying in H Mart von Michelle Zauner

Crying in H Mart

Michelle Zauner
A Memoir
4.2 (117 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Crying in H Mart?

Michelle Zauner’s memoir, Crying in H Mart (2021), explores Zauner’s search for identity, her relationship with her Korean mother, and her beginnings as a musician. Key moments and emotions are constantly linked with food, which lies at the heart of Zauner’s connection with her mother, her heritage, and her true self.

Wer Crying in H Mart lesen sollte

  • Anyone who has experienced grief
  • Fans of Japanese Breakfast
  • Asian food aficionados

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Welcome Home von Najwa Zebian

Welcome Home

Najwa Zebian
A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul
4.6 (520 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Welcome Home?

Welcome Home (2021) uses the metaphor of a house to provide a personalized blueprint for achieving self-worth, belonging, and happiness. Through personal stories, practical advice, and poetry, it lays out tools you can use to build a place where you’re at peace with yourself.

Wer Welcome Home lesen sollte

  • Young adults embarking on a journey of self-discovery
  • Lost or directionless individuals who want to take control of their lives
  • Anyone who wants to be stronger, happier, and emotionally healthier

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Tiny Beautiful Things von Cheryl Strayed

Tiny Beautiful Things

Cheryl Strayed
Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar
4.1 (309 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Tiny Beautiful Things?

Tiny Beautiful Things (2012) is a collection of advice columns penned by Cheryl Strayed, the formerly anonymous author of “Dear Sugar” for the Rumpus. It takes readers on a beautiful but sorrowful journey through the different stages of our lives.

Wer Tiny Beautiful Things lesen sollte

  • Anyone seeking advice on life
  • Those overcoming depression
  • Individuals seeking healing

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Unbound von Tarana Burke


Tarana Burke
My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement
4.5 (144 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Unbound?

Unbound (2021) is a powerful memoir by Tarana Burke, the founder of the Me Too movement. Survivors of sexual abuse stay silent because of shame and victim-blaming around the abuse. The Me Too movement has created a remarkable community of survivors who support each other in challenging stigma and holding perpetrators to account. 

Wer Unbound lesen sollte

  • Followers of #MeToo who want to find out where it all began 
  • Survivors of sexual assault looking for an inspiring story about how to heal in spite of obstacles
  • Activists who want to learn more about Burke’s unique approach to fighting for social justice

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Light We Give von Simran Jeet Singh

The Light We Give

Simran Jeet Singh
How Sikh Wisdom Can Transform Your Life
4.2 (249 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Light We Give?

The Light We Give (2022) lights a defiant flame of hope for troubled times. Drawing on a lifetime of navigating racism growing up as a Sikh in Texas, it offers simple, guiding principles and daily practices that can help anyone live a more fulfilling, joyful life – regardless of their circumstances.

Wer The Light We Give lesen sollte

  • Anxious news junkies feeling overwhelmed by the world 
  • Optimists seeking meaning in an unjust world
  • Anyone looking to live with deeper connection, joy, and fulfillment

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Bittersweet von Susan Cain


Susan Cain
How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole
4.7 (326 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Bittersweet?

Bittersweet (2022) is a profound meditation on an often overlooked emotional experience – the bittersweet. It argues that opening up to the bittersweet, where pain and joy mingle, allows us to experience life to the fullest. It also shows how vulnerability can be a strength, longing can be a guide, and sorrow can set us on the path to joy and fulfillment. 

Wer Bittersweet lesen sollte

  • Anyone who finds pleasure in sad songs and tear-jerker movies
  • People who’ve experienced loss or trauma and want to find a way back to joy
  • Lovers of the ephemeral, the impermanent, and the fleeting

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Heal From Within von Katie Beecher

Heal From Within

Katie Beecher
A Guidebook to Intuitive Wellness
4.1 (268 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Heal From Within?

Heal From Within (2022) is a guidebook to self-healing. While traditional medicine tends to focus on symptoms, Beecher argues that we should be paying attention to the cause of an illness. Her healing strategies are based on personal experience, as well as her professional career as a counselor and medical intuitive.

Wer Heal From Within lesen sollte

  • People who want to heal from any kind of health issue
  • Empaths and highly sensitive people
  • Anyone who’s interested in learning more about chakras

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Awakened Brain von Lisa Miller

The Awakened Brain

Lisa Miller
The New Science of Spirituality and Our Quest for an Inspired Life
4.5 (525 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Awakened Brain?

The Awakened Brain (2021) reveals the science of spirituality. Drawing on Dr. Lisa Miller’s decades of research and her own personal journey, it locates an innate capacity for spirituality in human biology. When engaged, this spiritual awareness can protect against depression, support health, and reveal the deep interconnection between all life.

Wer The Awakened Brain lesen sollte

  • Seekers of science and spirituality
  • People coping with depression or anxiety
  • Anyone contemplating life’s big questions

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Codependent No More von Melody Beattie

Codependent No More

Melody Beattie
How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself
4.5 (367 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Codependent No More?

Codependent No More (1986) is a modern classic that sheds light on codependent relationships. It’s filled with helpful insights into codependency and outlines some basic tools that people can use to recover.

Wer Codependent No More lesen sollte

  • People who are compulsive caretakers
  • Those attracted to dysfunctional relationships
  • Anyone affected by a loved one’s drinking or substance abuse

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Mindfulness von Joseph Goldstein


Joseph Goldstein
A Practical Guide to Awakening
4.6 (327 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Mindfulness?

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening (2013) explores how adopting a Buddhist approach to mindfulness can unlock a true and deeply felt freedom. The author draws on an ancient dialogue conducted by Siddhartha Gotama, the Buddha, and creates a clear, systemic path to establishing mindfulness of body, emotion, thought, and time as a way to overcome suffering.

Wer Mindfulness lesen sollte

  • Curious minds interested in the time-tested wisdom of the Buddha
  • Deep thinkers committed to living mindfully 
  • Anyone interested in using meditation to enrich their lives

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Book of Forgiving von Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu

The Book of Forgiving

Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu
The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World
4.6 (309 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Book of Forgiving?

The Book of Forgiving (2014) is a practical guide to harnessing the power of forgiveness and healing in your own life. As humans, we will all experience hurt at some points in our lives. We’ll also harm other people, intentionally or not. Learning to both hold yourself and others  accountable and forgive them for what they’ve done will transform your personal relationships and broader communities. 

Wer The Book of Forgiving lesen sollte

  • Anyone who is estranged from a loved one, and is looking for ways to reconcile
  • Psychology buffs interested in a contemporary approach to forgiveness, and how it can change our lives
  • Admirers of Archbishop Desmond Tutu who want to learn more about his pioneering work in forgiveness. 

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Lighter von Yung Pueblo


Yung Pueblo
Let Go of the Past, Connect with the Present, and Expand the Future
4.6 (468 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Lighter?

Lighter (2022) guides anyone seeking self-improvement through the process of releasing the past and taking power over the future. It’s a combination of wisdom and proverbs as well as a practical guide for doing the inner work of self-healing.

Wer Lighter lesen sollte

  • Self-improvement seekers
  • Buddhism buffs
  • Anyone who needs to heal from the past

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Existential Kink von Carolyn Elliott

Existential Kink

Carolyn Elliott
Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power
4.0 (43 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Existential Kink?

Existential Kink (2020) invites you to transform your life by embracing your deepest desires and hidden shadows. Through a radical and intriguing journey, you'll discover the power of turning your “wrongness” into personal growth and self-acceptance. With the help of seven axioms and practical exercises, prepare to unleash your true potential and create positive change.

Wer Existential Kink lesen sollte

  • Spiritual explorers seeking personal growth
  • Fans of unconventional self-help methods
  • Individuals curious about shadow work

Trauma & Healing Bücher: It's OK That You're Not OK von Megan Devine

It's OK That You're Not OK

Megan Devine
Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand
4.3 (236 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in It's OK That You're Not OK?

It’s OK That You’re Not OK (2017) is a radical take on grief. It deconstructs and recalibrates how we experience pain and support people who are grieving – and teaches us how to honor loss authentically.

Wer It's OK That You're Not OK lesen sollte

  • First-time grievers
  • Anyone who’s lost a loved one to death
  • Those trying to support someone in pain

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers von Stephanie M. Kriesberg

Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Stephanie M. Kriesberg
Quiet the Critical Voice in Your Head, Heal Self-Doubt, and Live the Life You Deserve
4.6 (63 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers?

Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers (2022) explores the ramifications of having a narcissistic parent, and what you as an adult can do to release yourself from your mother’s toxic hold. Its toolkit will help you manage the difficult feelings that come with being raised by a narcissist – like self-doubt, shame, and anxiety – so that you can start living on your own terms. 

Wer Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers lesen sollte

  • Adults with controlling, manipulative, or domineering mothers
  • Those who have struggled with anxiety and insecurity since they were young
  • Anyone who has felt fundamentally flawed since they were a child

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing von Matthew Perry

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing

Matthew Perry
A Memoir
4.5 (461 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing?

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing (2022) is the intimate memoir of critically acclaimed actor Matthew Perry. From his troubled childhood to his meteoric rise to fame in the hit sitcom Friends to his lifelong struggle with substance abuse and addiction, Perry holds nothing back as he reveals his life, thoughts, and soul.

Wer Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing lesen sollte

  • Friends fans looking for a deeper insight into one of the show's strongest comedic voices
  • People curious about the darker side of celebrity lives
  • Anyone struggling with addiction

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Kitchen Confidential von Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen Confidential

Anthony Bourdain
Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly
4.3 (137 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Kitchen Confidential?

Kitchen Confidential (2000) gives us an insight into life in the restaurant business. Full of larger-than-life tales about Anthony Bourdain’s life of sex and drugs and haute cuisine, it gives us a no-holds-barred taste of what goes on behind the kitchen door.

Wer Kitchen Confidential lesen sollte

  • Fans of Anthony Bourdain
  • Wannabe pro chefs
  • Home cooks looking for hints and tips from a professional

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Forgive von Timothy Keller


Timothy Keller
Why Should I and How Can I?
3.3 (245 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Forgive?

Forgive (2022) proposes personal and community healing through genuine, wholesome, and compassionate forgiveness. The arguments in this guide will help you understand why Christian forgiveness could be secular society’s best remedy for relieving the offended, reforming the offenders, and promoting fellowship among humans.

Wer Forgive lesen sollte

  • Anyone trying to understand the importance of forgiveness
  • Victims of abuse seeking to let go of anger and hate
  • Christians trying to understand God’s forgiveness

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Myth of Normal von Gabor Maté with Daniel Maté

The Myth of Normal

Gabor Maté with Daniel Maté
Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture
4.6 (891 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Myth of Normal?

The Myth of Normal (2022) unpacks why chronic disease and mental illness are on the rise. Western medicine focuses on individual pathologies, but what if the key actually lies in our culture? Things we consider normal – like stress, adversity, and trauma – are often toxic and breed disease. The pathway back to health rests in identifying and addressing these underlying conditions.

Wer The Myth of Normal lesen sollte

  • Health professionals who want the bigger picture
  • Lovers of a good social critique
  • Anyone working through health challenges

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Sacred Woman von Queen Afua

Sacred Woman

Queen Afua
A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit
4.4 (23 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Sacred Woman?

Sacred Women (2000) is a foundational guide to holistic healing for women. Through healing circles, lifestyle changes, and the wisdom of the Divine Creatress, you can chart your own path to a life of joy and purpose.

Wer Sacred Woman lesen sollte

  • Spiritual seekers who want to connect to their inner wisdom
  • Women looking for alternative approaches to reproductive health
  • Anyone who’s feeling restless and unfulfilled at work 

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Good Inside von Becky Kennedy

Good Inside

Becky Kennedy
A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be
4.6 (416 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Good Inside?

Good Inside (2022) offers hope to parents who feel helpless when it comes to managing conflict in their homes. More than parenting, it’s about loving yourself and extending that love to your children. Dr. Becky rejects traditional reward and punishment strategies, instead encouraging parents to seek understanding with their children while still maintaining healthy boundaries.

Wer Good Inside lesen sollte

  • New parents
  • Parents who are afraid it’s too late to change how they parent
  • People healing from emotional damage

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Body Code von Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Body Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson
Unlocking Your Body's Ability to Heal Itself
3.3 (71 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Body Code?

The Body Code (2023) is a companion book to The Emotion Code and presents the author’s comprehensive system for finding and clearing energy blockages and trapped emotions that cause discomfort and disease. Only by releasing these blockages and imbalances can the body’s natural ability to heal itself be fully realized.

Wer The Body Code lesen sollte

  • Those looking for mind-body healing techniques that anyone can learn
  • People looking for an easy way to release emotional baggage or address chronic symptoms
  • Self-help lovers looking for healing methods based on intuition and the subconscious mind

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents von Lindsay C. Gibson

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Lindsay C. Gibson
How to Heal from Difficult, Rejecting, or Self-involved Parents
4.6 (379 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents?

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents (2015) exposes the negative impacts that many adults face as the result of growing up with distant, rejecting, or self-involved parents. From demystifying the behavior of emotionally immature caregivers to providing practical tools for personal growth, it’s a step-by-step guide to healing old wounds and embracing a more positive future.

Wer Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents lesen sollte

  • Adult children of emotionally immature parents
  • Parents who want to be more emotionally mature for their children
  • Anyone interested in the dynamics of family psychology

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Good Morning, Monster von Catherine Gildiner

Good Morning, Monster

Catherine Gildiner
A Therapist Shares Five Heroic Journeys to Emotional Recovery
4.2 (160 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Good Morning, Monster?

Good Morning, Monster (2020) chronicles some of the heroic patients therapist Catherine Gildiner worked with over the course of her practice. The patients experienced varied traumatic events and used different techniques in their work with Gildiner. Their stories exemplify the resiliency of the human mind and spirit.

Wer Good Morning, Monster lesen sollte

  • Anyone seeking inspiration from real-life success stories
  • Those curious about the mind’s resilience
  • People wondering how therapy can help transform lives

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Faith, Hope and Carnage von Nick Cave, Seán O'Hagan

Faith, Hope and Carnage

Nick Cave, Seán O'Hagan
4.2 (135 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Faith, Hope and Carnage?

Faith, Hope and Carnage (2022) collects a series of interviews between legendary musician Nick Cave, whose primal, goth-tinged music has captivated and challenged audiences for nearly half a century, and the journalist Sean O’Hagan. The pair touch on writer’s block, romance, addiction, and the internet – but always circle back to the topic of grief, specifically how Cave has dealt with the death of his 15-year-old son Arthur in 2015.

Wer Faith, Hope and Carnage lesen sollte

  • Die-hard Cave fans, who’ve been following along since The Birthday Party years
  • New Cave fans who’ve fallen in love with Ghosteen or the Red Hand Files
  • Anyone dealing with grief in any form

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Life Is Hard von Kieran Setiya

Life Is Hard

Kieran Setiya
How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way
4.0 (378 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Life Is Hard?

Life Is Hard (2022) takes a close look at common struggles – like infirmity, loneliness, grief, and failure – through the lens of philosophy, as well as fiction, sports, history, and personal anecdotes. By examining the familiar hardships of the human condition, we can learn how to live well.

Wer Life Is Hard lesen sollte

  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed by the hardships and injustice across the globe
  • People trying to cope with personal struggles
  • Fans of practical, accessible philosophy

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter von Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson
4.0 (342 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter?

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter (2021) offers life lessons from Curtis Jackson – aka rapper 50 Cent. From street wisdom to the art of the deal, Jackson shares stories and wisdom from his continued rise to the top. 

Wer Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter lesen sollte

  • Fans of 50 Cent
  • People hungry for success
  • Anyone interested in personal development

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Signs von Laura Lynne Jackson


Laura Lynne Jackson
The Secret Language of the Universe
4.3 (68 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Signs?

Signs (2019) offers a new way of looking at the universe. It shows us how we can learn to appreciate the extraordinary that coexists with the ordinary. With remarkable testimonials and practical advice, it shows us how anyone can communicate with the Other Side.

Wer Signs lesen sollte

  • Anyone who’s lost a loved one
  • People curious about the afterlife
  • Skeptics who think life is simply chaotic and random

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Reinventing Your Life von Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko

Reinventing Your Life

Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko
The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behaviour...and Feel Great Again
4.4 (327 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Reinventing Your Life?

Reinventing Your Life (1994) is a manual on how to pull yourself out of negative habits and improve your life. By identifying key stumbling blocks to growth – or “lifetraps” – and presenting ways to overcome them, it guides you toward sustainable personal growth and happiness.

Wer Reinventing Your Life lesen sollte

  • Anyone who feels stuck in the same old negative loop
  • People looking to understand themselves better
  • Psychology buffs

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Self-Love Workbook for Women von Megan Logan

Self-Love Workbook for Women

Megan Logan
Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are
4.8 (55 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Self-Love Workbook for Women?

Self-Love Workbook for Women (2020) maps your journey towards creating a life-altering relationship with yourself. Whether your self-love foundation is shaky or firm, this book will help you develop skills to heal and self-nourish, through using awareness and mindfulness practices.

Wer Self-Love Workbook for Women lesen sollte

  • Anyone suffering from depression or low self worth 
  • Cynics and scrooges 
  • Goal-oriented entrepreneurs, young professionals, and caretakers

Trauma & Healing Bücher: How We Heal von Alexandra Elle

How We Heal

Alexandra Elle
Uncover Your Power and Set Yourself Free
4.5 (332 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How We Heal?

How We Heal (2022) provides a detailed look at the complex and life-changing process of self-healing. Techniques are separated into a 4-step framework which provides encouragement, practical strategies, and journaling exercises to help you rediscover your inner power and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Wer How We Heal lesen sollte

  • Fans of self-help books
  • Anyone who wants to learn about self-healing
  • People interested in mental health and wellness

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Mad Honey von Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan

Mad Honey

Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan
A Novel
4.3 (20 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Mad Honey?

Mad Honey (2022) tells the story of two women who have fled abusive pasts to make a new life in the small town of Adams, New Hampshire. When one is found dead, and the other finds her son accused of the murder, the tense courtroom drama that unfolds shines light on the true cost of secrets kept for love.

Wer Mad Honey lesen sollte

  • Fiction lovers craving a well-told tale about timely issues
  • Courtroom drama fans looking for a story with suspenseful, emotional twists 
  • Anyone curious about a narrative of complex characters facing challenging times

Trauma & Healing Bücher: A Little Life von Hanya Yanagihara

A Little Life

Hanya Yanagihara
4.7 (22 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in A Little Life?

A Little Life (2015) follows the lives of four friends in New York City: aspiring actor Willem, moody painter JB, quiet architect Malcolm, and the brilliant, mysterious litigator Jude. Over the years, the four friends grow together, drift apart, find love and success, and struggle with loss and addiction. As enigmatic Jude gradually moves into the center of the narrative, the full extent of his unbearable burden begins to reveal itself. 

Wer A Little Life lesen sollte

  • People who enjoy character-driven literature
  • Fans of stories about complex relationships 
  • Anyone in need of a good cry

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Drama Free von Nedra Glover Tawwab

Drama Free

Nedra Glover Tawwab
A Guide to Managing Unhealthy Family Relationships
4.4 (66 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Drama Free?

Drama Free (2023) is a concise and thoughtful guide to navigating the negatives of one of the most fundamental and unavoidable aspects of our lives: family. Covering a wide range of topics including emotionally absent parents, codependent siblings, substance abuse, and many more, it offers advice on recognizing the patterns of a dysfunctional family, healing from the past, and growing into the full human being you deserve to be.

Wer Drama Free lesen sollte

  • Adult children or siblings looking to untangle their current family relationships
  • Emotionally troubled individuals who are prepared to analyze their childhood
  • Anyone who tenses up when a family member calls

Trauma & Healing Bücher: We Were Liars von E. Lockhart

We Were Liars

E. Lockhart
4.3 (12 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in We Were Liars?

We Were Liars (2014) is the suspenseful story of the wealthy, carefree Sinclair family and the tragic event that exposes the cracks in their perfect facade – as told by an unreliable narrator, Cadence Sinclair.

Wer We Were Liars lesen sollte

  • Lovers of suspenseful fiction and well-crafted romance
  • Anyone keen for a glimpse into the lives of the 1 percent
  • Avid readers who want the scoop on one of the best-loved young adult contemporary novels

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Gift of Therapy von Irvin D. Yalom

The Gift of Therapy

Irvin D. Yalom
An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients
4.4 (21 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Gift of Therapy?

The Gift of Therapy (2001) is a comprehensive guide to improving the relationship between therapists and their patients. Built on safety and trust, this therapeutic bond becomes the foundation for personal healing and the pathway to repairing other relationships.

Wer The Gift of Therapy lesen sollte

  • Therapists who want to improve their craft
  • People trying to understand the role of their therapist
  • Anyone curious about life, relationships, and social psychology

Trauma & Healing Bücher: I Know why the Caged Bird Sings von Maya Angelou

I Know why the Caged Bird Sings

Maya Angelou
4.8 (60 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in I Know why the Caged Bird Sings?

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969) is the first part of a critically acclaimed seven-volume autobiography by the American writer and poet Maya Angelou. A vivid account of growing up in America during the Depression, it documents Maya’s life between the ages of three and sixteen. Hailed for its unflinching portrayal of displacement, discrimination, and trauma, it is also a life-affirming study of how hope can prevail amidst death and despair. 

Wer I Know why the Caged Bird Sings lesen sollte

  • History buffs fascinated by the United States
  • Fans of true-life stories and larger-than-life memoirs
  • Anyone who loves classic literature

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Polysecure von Jessica Fern


Jessica Fern
Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy
3.4 (221 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Polysecure?

Polysecure (2020) unites attachment theory, which explains the different types of attachment people form with each other, with consensual nonmonogamy – the increasingly popular practice of having multiple romantic partners. By learning more about your attachment style, you can develop healthy relationship habits, even in nonmonogamy.

Wer Polysecure lesen sollte

  • Relationship geeks looking to learn about attachment theory
  • Couples considering opening up their relationships
  • Nonmonogamous folks who want to do it right

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Paris von Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton
The Memoir
3.2 (157 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Paris?

Paris (2023) is the frank, entertaining memoir of the celebrity icon Paris Hilton. She shares the highs and lows of her life in the limelight, from epic parties to public humiliation.

Wer Paris lesen sollte

  • Paris fans (“Little Hiltons”)
  • People who enjoy candid memoirs
  • Anyone interested in the lifestyles of the rich and famous

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Origins of You von Vienna Pharaon

The Origins of You

Vienna Pharaon
How Breaking Family Patterns Can Liberate the Way We Live and Love
4.3 (52 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Origins of You?

Origins of You (2023) invites you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, guiding you through the process of uncovering your origin stories and healing emotional wounds. With powerful insights and practical tools, this invaluable resource empowers you to embrace your past, nurture your well-being, and cultivate authentic, meaningful connections.

Wer The Origins of You lesen sollte

  • People seeking self-awareness and personal growth
  • Couples aiming to enhance emotional connection
  • Therapists and coaches pursuing new insights

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Urgent Life von Bozoma Saint John

The Urgent Life

Bozoma Saint John
My Story of Love, Loss, and Survival
3.9 (19 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Urgent Life?

The Urgent Life (2023) is part-memoir, part-manifesto to the importance of showing up in your life, and being fiercely present – no matter the circumstances. Bozoma Saint John has experienced both highs and lows in the course of her life. Through it all, she has learned to stay true to herself and her dreams, and to live as if nothing is guaranteed. In The Urgent Life, she describes the events that have most impacted her, and shares how you, too, can live life with passionate urgency.  

Wer The Urgent Life lesen sollte

  • People who are hungry to live more boldly, 
  • Young professionals looking for inspiration on how to navigate the corporate ladder authentically. 
  • Anyone who has experienced loss, and is figuring out how to carry on.

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Retrain Your Brain von Seth J. Gillihan

Retrain Your Brain

Seth J. Gillihan
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks
4.3 (517 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Retrain Your Brain?

Retrain Your Brain (2016) is all about learning practical strategies to break free from negative thought patterns and cultivate a more positive, fulfilling life. Whether you're struggling with anxiety or depression, or just want to improve your overall mental well-being, this guide is a valuable resource for retraining your brain and becoming your best self.

Wer Retrain Your Brain lesen sollte

  • Anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, or low mood
  • Life hackers looking for tools to enhance emotional well-being
  • Curious minds interested in the science behind cognitive behavioral therapy

Trauma & Healing Bücher: A Radical Awakening von Shefali Tsabary

A Radical Awakening

Shefali Tsabary
Turn Pain into Power, Embrace Your Truth, Live Free
4.1 (47 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in A Radical Awakening?

A Radical Awakening (2021) shows you how to heal by connecting to your authentic self – the person you were meant to be before society’s lies and conditioning morphed you into something else. It speaks from a woman’s point of view, but it doesn’t exclude men. Instead, it seeks to lift everyone from the pain of their past and into a higher consciousness.

Wer A Radical Awakening lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to heal from their past 
  • Women who’d like to discover their inner power
  • People who feel subjugated by society

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Parenting Map von Dr. Shefali

The Parenting Map

Dr. Shefali
Step-By-Step Solutions to Consciously Create the Ultimate Parent-Child Relationship
4.6 (85 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Parenting Map?

The Parenting Map (2023) by Dr. Shefali Tsabary offers a step-by-step guide to parenting healthy, happy, resilient, and grounded children by adopting a mindful parenting approach. In it, parents are encouraged to unlearn toxic parenting habits and replace them with moments of meaningful connection.

Wer The Parenting Map lesen sollte

  • Expectant families looking for clear, compassionate parenting advice
  • Seasoned parents who’d like to feel more present for their children
  • Grandparents, caregivers, guardians, and anyone with special young people in their lives

Trauma & Healing Bücher: A Rose for Emily von William Faulkner

A Rose for Emily

William Faulkner
4.3 (22 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in A Rose for Emily?

A Rose for Emily (1930) was first published in Forum magazine. Told in a nonlinear style, it starts with the funeral of Emily, a fixture in the fictional Jefferson County. It then goes back in time to trace moments of her life, and the decline in her health and status. 

Wer A Rose for Emily lesen sollte

  • Faulkner fans
  • Lovers of Southern Gothic literature
  • Anyone curious to learn more about a complex classic

Trauma & Healing Bücher: You Are the One You've Been Waiting For von Richard C. Schwartz

You Are the One You've Been Waiting For

Richard C. Schwartz
Applying Internal Family Systems to Intimate Relationships
4.7 (50 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in You Are the One You've Been Waiting For?

You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For (2008) lays out the secret for finding happiness and intimacy in modern romantic relationships. Using the established Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, it shows that true contentment and compassion come from understanding and trusting the Self – your compassionate center of peace and clarity. By adjusting your perspective and completing some practical exercises, your relationship can start to flourish like it never has before.

Wer You Are the One You've Been Waiting For lesen sollte

  • Couples who feel unable to connect despite their best efforts
  • Therapists, psychoanalysts and armchair psychologists looking for a unique perspective on relationships 
  • Those who feel unresolved inner turmoil holds them back from maintaining loving relationships

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Real Life von Sharon Salzberg

Real Life

Sharon Salzberg
The Journey from Isolation to Openness and Freedom
4.5 (34 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Real Life?

Real Life (2023) is a guide to navigating life’s seasons with clarity and connection. While we all feel small and disconnected at times, we don’t have to remain stuck there. Drawing on a variety of voices, Real Life shares the possibility of a more expansive and aligned experience – even in the face of some of life’s most formidable challenges.

Wer Real Life lesen sollte

  • Anyone struggling with loneliness, grief, or trauma 
  • Individuals wanting to embrace greater freedom and joy
  • Longtime meditators seeking to deepen their practice

Trauma & Healing Bücher: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts von Gabor Maté

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Gabor Maté
Close Encounters with Addiction
4.6 (48 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts?

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts (2008) is a heartful exploration of the complex condition known as addiction. It tells the real-life stories of addicts, who are so often denied the space to do so, alongside science-based analyses of why and how people get addicted. Importantly, it also challenges us to think of the ways, obvious or not, in which we too are addicts – and what we can do to heal ourselves.

Wer In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts lesen sollte

  • People with addiction, who know someone with addiction, or who work with addiction
  • Pop-science “junkies”
  • Social justice advocates and anyone opposed to the War on Drugs

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Look for Me There von Luke Russert

Look for Me There

Luke Russert
Grieving My Father, Finding Myself
3.5 (246 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Look for Me There?

Look for Me There (2023) chronicles the struggles of a man dealing with the loss of his father. By accompanying him on a journey across the world and his heart, we learn how he copes with grief, and what other lessons he learns along the way. 

Wer Look for Me There lesen sollte

  • Anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • Travel fans who love to learn about interesting places
  • Anyone interested in the human condition and its struggles

Trauma & Healing Bücher: When You're Ready, This Is How You Heal von Brianna Wiest

When You're Ready, This Is How You Heal

Brianna Wiest
4.6 (431 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in When You're Ready, This Is How You Heal?

When You're Ready, This Is How You Heal (2022) invites you on a profound journey of personal transformation. Explore poignant reflections and empowering insights that inspire you to embrace aspirations, navigate change, overcome limitations, and reclaim your true essence.

Wer When You're Ready, This Is How You Heal lesen sollte

  • Seekers of self-discovery and personal growth
  • Individuals navigating life transitions and seeking guidance
  • Anyone looking for empowering insights and transformative wisdom

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Waking the Tiger von Peter A. Levine with Ann Frederick

Waking the Tiger

Peter A. Levine with Ann Frederick
Healing Trauma
4.2 (372 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Waking the Tiger?

Waking the Tiger (1997) offers an enlightening perspective on trauma by exploring the dynamics that make wild animals virtually immune to traumatic symptoms. Using this knowledge, it then provides a pathway to healing through exercises that focus on bodily sensations.

Wer Waking the Tiger lesen sollte

  • Trauma survivors looking to understand and heal their symptoms
  • Readers fascinated by animal behavior and human nature
  • Anyone drawn to explore how awareness, instinct, and resilience can transform suffering

Trauma & Healing Bücher: You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse von Melanie Tonia Evans

You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse

Melanie Tonia Evans
The #1 System for Recovering from Toxic Relationships
4.8 (52 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse?

You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse (2018) addresses the epidemic in narcissism and narcissistic abuse in contemporary society, including the devastating impacts on victims.  It offers a step-by-step process for releasing past traumas and confronting negative beliefs to heal from past abuse and thrive in healthy relationships. 

Wer You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse lesen sollte

  • Anyone feeling trapped in unfulfilled relationships with narcissistic people
  • Sufferers of past abuse wondering why they end up in similar relationships repeatedly
  • Those seeking to break free from limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that make them susceptible to manipulative people

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog von Bruce D. Perry & Maia Szalavitz

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog

Bruce D. Perry & Maia Szalavitz
And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook – What Traumatized Children Can Teach Us About Loss, Love, and Healing
4.3 (15 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog?

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog (2006) presents a series of case studies to explore the profound impacts of childhood trauma – and the resilience and adaptability of the human brain. Through the diverse experiences of young people who have faced unimaginable abuse and neglect, it illustrates how innovative therapeutic approaches can facilitate healing and recovery.

Wer The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog lesen sollte

  • Mental health professionals interested in how trauma impacts child development – and effective therapeutic interventions
  • Social workers wishing to better understand child trauma and its repercussions to support at-risk children and families
  • Parents or caregivers who want to know the minds of their children (and people in general)

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Healing Collective Trauma von Thomas Hübl

Healing Collective Trauma

Thomas Hübl
A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds
4.3 (105 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Healing Collective Trauma?

Healing Collective Trauma (2020) examines how trauma can be shared between individuals and across generations. Drawing on contemporary trauma research and ancient traditions of mysticism, it proposes a framework for recognizing and healing these collective traumas.

Wer Healing Collective Trauma lesen sollte

  • Therapists and healers working with traumatized groups
  • Community activists negotiating the effects of collective trauma in their work
  • Anyone who has lived through or is trying to support someone through trauma

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Getting Past Your Past von Francine Shapiro

Getting Past Your Past

Francine Shapiro
Take Control of Your Life with Self-Help Techniques from EMDR Therapy
4.4 (208 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Getting Past Your Past?

Getting Past Your Past (2012) offers practical eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) techniques that can help you understand how personalities develop and overcome barriers. It explains why you can become trapped in unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and provides exercises to help you take charge of your life, improve your relationships, and effect real change.

Wer Getting Past Your Past lesen sollte

  • Patients with unresolved chronic pain or unexplained medical symptoms
  • Self-improvement and personal growth seekers
  • Therapists and counselors looking for new techniques to help their clients

Trauma & Healing Bücher: Own Your Past Change Your Future von John Delony

Own Your Past Change Your Future

John Delony
A Not-So-Complicated Approach to Relationships, Mental Health & Wellness
4.6 (254 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Own Your Past Change Your Future?

Own Your Past Change Your Future (2022) provides a simple five-step plan to overcoming past trauma, changing your thoughts and actions, and healing. It will help you grieve your past hurts, make real friends, and set you on a path to wellness.

Wer Own Your Past Change Your Future lesen sollte

  • Self-help seekers looking to improve their lives, heal from past hurts, and grow
  • Mental health professionals interested in a new framework to help their clients
  • Personal development enthusiasts who want to deepen their connections and find meaning

Trauma & Healing Bücher: The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide von James Fadiman

The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide

James Fadiman
Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys
4.5 (15 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide?

The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide (2011) is the definitive manual for psychedelic voyagers and those who guide them. Combining original research, personal reports, and shamanistic tradition, it teaches how to create safe and successful psychedelic experiences that facilitate healing, self-discovery, and creativity. 

Wer The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide lesen sollte

  • Psychedelic voyagers or those curious about psychedelic experiences
  • Therapists and psychology professionals interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • Anyone seeking healing from trauma, addiction, anxiety, or depression

Trauma & Healing Bücher: A Rip in Heaven von Jeanine Cummins

A Rip in Heaven

Jeanine Cummins

Worum geht's in A Rip in Heaven?

A Rip in Heaven is a poignant memoir by Jeanine Cummins that grapples with the aftermath of a tragic event. When her brother and cousin are brutally attacked during a family vacation, Cummins takes us on a journey through grief and the pursuit of justice. It is a gripping exploration of the ripple effects of violence and the resilience of the human spirit.

Wer A Rip in Heaven lesen sollte

  • Readers who enjoy true crime stories and accounts of resilience
  • People interested in the impact of crime on families and communities
  • Those seeking insights into the complexities of the criminal justice system

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