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Bradley Nelson

How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness

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    We don’t just feel emotions, they can actually get trapped within us.

    A common way to think about emotions is that they’re momentary reactions. For instance, if someone cuts you off in traffic, you feel anger. If your child scores the winning basket, you feel proud. 

    However, emotions can also get trapped inside of us and continue to impact our thoughts, feelings, and health without our awareness.

    To understand emotions at a deeper level, let’s break down exactly what happens when we experience an emotion. First off, our body creates an emotional vibration – for example, the vibration of happiness, sadness, anxiety, or excitement. Then we begin to feel the emotion, as well as the thoughts and physical sensations that accompany it. 

    This process can last for a single second or a much longer period of time. Eventually, in a healthy emotional life cycle, we choose to let the emotion go and move on. 

    Trapped emotions happen when this process gets interrupted or isn’t allowed to evolve fully through the three steps. Sometimes the problem is that we haven’t truly let go of the emotion. Other times, it’s that we didn’t allow ourselves to actually experience the emotion in the first place, but instead bottled it up, storing it away in our body. 

    Unfortunately, while the average person has over a hundred trapped emotions, we often aren’t aware of them. And if you’ve ever experienced relationship problems, rejection, negative self-talk, loss, or long-term stress, you most likely have trapped emotions. 

    To illustrate how trapped emotions can impact us without our realizing it, let’s take the story of Julia, a former client of the author’s. Julia was a hard-working, enthusiastic student. In class, she did fine, but whenever she took her qualifying exam, she failed. She’d taken the test three times, and was afraid that if she failed again she might not be able to proceed further in her career path.

    Julia had no prior experience working with trapped emotions, but she was so desperate to get around her testing problems that she was willing to give anything a shot. Through a single session, Julia was able to discover that she had a trapped emotion around discouragement from the age of fifteen, when her parents got divorced. 

    Under pressure, this trapped emotion took over and sabotaged her. After releasing the trapped emotion, she aced the next test!

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    Worum geht es in The Emotion Code?

    The Emotion Code (2007) offers a new and empowering approach to healing ourselves and others. Through scientific evidence, plenty of firsthand experience, and a great respect for the energetic and spiritual forces that transcend and unite us all, The Emotion Code lays out a revolutionary method for finding and releasing trapped emotions. By doing so, we give ourselves the opportunity to move beyond our limitations and flourish.

    Bestes Zitat aus The Emotion Code

    If the sum total of all your experiences makes up the tapestry of your life, it is the emotions you have experienced that give that tapestry its color.

    —Bradley Nelson
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    Wer The Emotion Code lesen sollte

    • Therapists interested in learning a new modality
    • Anyone who feels stuck in emotional patterns
    • People who trust in the body’s innate wisdom for guiding the healing process

    Über den Autor

    Dr. Bradley Nelson is a renowned holistic practitioner and lecturer who has worked with thousands of clients. His methods are a unique blend of energy healing, applied kinesiology, and magnet therapy. Nelson is widely considered the foremost expert in the emerging fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology. 

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