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Zusammenfassung von Heal From Within

Katie Beecher

A Guidebook to Intuitive Wellness

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    Many physical health issues have emotional causes.

    My name is Ines, and in these Blinks,  you’ll learn how to strengthen your intuition, what our Chakras have to do with our physical and emotional health, and the surprising benefits of a spiritual crisis. Just to be clear, we want to represent the content of the book faithfully and provide supplementary information, but if you have serious symptoms or conditions - please still see a doctor. 

    Alright. So. Let’s start with a real-life example of how our bodies can be affected by emotional issues. 

    In 2007, Katie Beecher - who wrote this book - was seriously stressed out. She was working hard, dealing with family problems, and feeling more and more anxious. It got to the point where she couldn’t even express herself creatively - which was a pretty big problem, considering she was working as a watercolor artist. But she did her best to suppress her feelings and carry on…

    …until it got to the point where she just couldn’t anymore. All of a sudden, she began suffering from intense, debilitating abdominal pain. Her doctors did countless scans and medical exams, but they weren’t able to discover what was causing it.

    Then, finally, her gynecologist spotted something – some kind of abnormality in Beecher’s uterus. They scheduled a hysterectomy.

    Beecher and her gynecologist were both shocked/amazed by what they found. The surgery revealed that Beecher’s left fallopian tube and ovary were wrapped around her uterus.

    How did that happen? 

    Beecher has come up with her own interpretation. In addition to being an artist, she’s also a licensed counselor and medical intuitive. She believes that the health conditions we experience often have emotional causes and symbolic significance. 

    In this case, intense stress and a creative drought coincided with her gynecological problems. And that’s no coincidence – the uterus is a source for all human life. Beecher’s emotional and creative struggles manifested themselves there, in the form of physical health problems. 

    In her personal life and in her career as a counselor, Beecher has witnessed many similar examples. People who’ve gone through stressful or traumatic experiences often end up suffering from a whole range of health conditions – from migraines …. to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    To a certain extent, Western Medicine can provide answers and healing for these conditions. 

    But for some patients, particularly in the United States, going to the doctor can be a frustrating experience: Appointments are often brief, and a patient is given a “quick fix” … like a prescription that may not even resolve the problem.

    The doctor is so focused on the patient’s symptoms that they neglect the root. What’s the cause of the illness? That’s what we really need to know in order to heal.

    When physical health problems are rooted in emotional issues, they can’t necessarily be cured by the current approach.

    But that doesn’t mean they can’t be cured. Far from it. In fact, we can actually heal ourselves, and make full recoveries….  even from serious conditions.

    And healing starts from within.

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    Worum geht es in Heal From Within?

    Heal From Within (2022) is a guidebook to self-healing. While traditional medicine tends to focus on symptoms, Beecher argues that we should be paying attention to the cause of an illness. Her healing strategies are based on personal experience, as well as her professional career as a counselor and medical intuitive.

    Wer Heal From Within lesen sollte

    • People who want to heal from any kind of health issue
    • Empaths and highly sensitive people
    • Anyone who’s interested in learning more about chakras

    Über den Autor

    Katie Beecher is a licensed counselor and medical intuitive with 30 years of experience. Her clients include celebrities and CEOs, and her work has been featured in Goop. Heal From Within is her first book.

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