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Christianity Bücher: The Reason For God von Timothy Keller

The Reason For God

Timothy Keller
Belief In An Age Of Skepticism
4.0 (216 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Reason For God?

In The Reason For God, famous New York pastor Timothy Keller defends Christianity and its core beliefs against the most common objections. His fresh approach provides several arguments for continued Christian faith.

Wer The Reason For God lesen sollte

  • Anyone who is interested in religion
  • Christians who want to discover a fresh angle to their faith

Christianity Bücher: The Varieties of Religious Experience von William James

The Varieties of Religious Experience

William James
A Study in Human Nature
4.0 (49 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Varieties of Religious Experience?

Based on a series of lectures given by William James between 1901 and 1902, The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902) is an in-depth exploration of how we experience religion and how a personal approach to religion can be profoundly useful to us.

Wer The Varieties of Religious Experience lesen sollte

  • People interested in psychology
  • Students of philosophy and religion

Christianity Bücher: The Purpose Driven Life von Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren
What on Earth Am I Here For?
3.6 (204 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Purpose Driven Life?

The Purpose Driven Life (2002) shares the Christian answer to that age-old question: why am I here? From finding moments of worship in daily routines to seeking out a supportive community and letting the Holy Spirit guide you through tough situations, these blinks are an engaging guide to life as a Christian today.

Wer The Purpose Driven Life lesen sollte

  • Christians seeking a modern guide to a life of faith
  • Readers longing to deepen their connection to Christian spirituality
  • Individuals interested the benefits of the Christian way of life

Christianity Bücher: The Name of God is Mercy von Pope Francis

The Name of God is Mercy

Pope Francis
4.7 (74 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Name of God is Mercy?

The Name of God is Mercy (2016) outlines Pope Francis’s view of God and the Bible, and the reasons that the most important attribute of God is mercy.

Wer The Name of God is Mercy lesen sollte

  • Theology students
  • People seeking religious guidance
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the Pope

Christianity Bücher: What Is the Bible? von Rob Bell

What Is the Bible?

Rob Bell
How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything
4.0 (186 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in What Is the Bible??

What Is the Bible? (2017) takes a fresh look at the best-selling book of all time: the Holy Bible. These blinks take the Bible for what it is – a conglomeration of books written by real people in real historical contexts that are at once subversive, timeless and transformative.

Wer What Is the Bible? lesen sollte

  • Christians and non-Christians interested in learning about the Bible
  • Those who have left the Church
  • People with a negative view of religion who are open to new perspectives

Christianity Bücher: A History of God von Karen Armstrong

A History of God

Karen Armstrong
The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
4.2 (431 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in A History of God?

A History of God (1993) traces the related histories of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim concepts of God. From the jealous God of the ancient Israelites to the revelations of Allah, and from the life of Jesus through to theological doctrinal discussions and God’s status in the modern world, these blinks tell the story of how conceptualizations of God in these three related religions have developed and changed over time.

Wer A History of God lesen sollte

  • Jewish people, Christians, Muslims and all people of faith
  • Historians and philosophers
  • Atheists interested in the role of God in monotheistic religions

Christianity Bücher: The Book von Alan W. Watts

The Book

Alan W. Watts
On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are
4.4 (273 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Book?

The Book (1966) is about the big questions in life. What’s the meaning of it all? Where do we really exist in the universe? Author Alan Watts guides the reader on a voyage of discovery that questions popular assumptions about what’s important in life, how the universe functions, and the nature of God.

Wer The Book lesen sollte

  • Spiritual seekers
  • Students of theology or religion
  • Readers interested in Eastern philosophies

Christianity Bücher: Everybody, Always von Bob Goff

Everybody, Always

Bob Goff
Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People
4.5 (64 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Everybody, Always?

Everybody, Always (2018) chronicles best-selling author Bob Goff’s inspiring one-man mission to translate Jesus’s message of love and compassion into everyday practice. That, as he himself admits, isn’t always easy. Life is full of setbacks, obstacles and difficult people. But it is possible. By staying true to his beliefs and finding courage when the going gets tough, Goff strives to lead an exemplary life of love.

Wer Everybody, Always lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in leading a more loving – and fulfilling – life
  • Fans of inspiring true-life stories
  • Anyone wondering how the Bible relates to modern life

Christianity Bücher: Why Religion? von Elaine Pagels

Why Religion?

Elaine Pagels
A Personal Story
3.8 (43 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Why Religion??

Why Religion? (2018) is a personal answer to the question its title poses. Rather than explaining why anyone should adopt or eschew religious belief, Elaine Pagels’s moving memoir shows how her life experiences led her to the study of religion, and how that study has helped her cope with the difficult events of her life.

Wer Why Religion? lesen sollte

  • Atheists who were once religious
  • Students wondering how study can affect life
  • Bereaved individuals trying to cope with loss

Christianity Bücher: The Right Side of History von Ben Shapiro

The Right Side of History

Ben Shapiro
How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great
3.9 (186 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Right Side of History?

The Right Side of History (2019) is both a rousing defense of Western civilization and a handy guide to the religious and philosophical thinking that underpins it. It explores the centuries of thought that have helped build and sustain the West, and seeks to understand and dispel more recent threats to that way of thinking.

Wer The Right Side of History lesen sollte

  • People interested in the history of philosophy
  • Those searching for a conservative guide to today’s world
  • People skeptical about contemporary left-of-center political thought

Christianity Bücher: The Next Right Thing von Emily P. Freeman

The Next Right Thing

Emily P. Freeman
A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions
4.1 (135 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Next Right Thing?

The Next Right Thing (2019) takes a fresh look at common decision-making wisdom. Drawing upon personal anecdotes as well as stories from the Bible, these blinks offer soulful advice to guide you through decision fatigue or chronic hesitation so that you can find your next right thing.

Wer The Next Right Thing lesen sollte

  • Christians interested in finding spiritual guidance
  • Recent graduates or people going through a time of transition
  • Ditherers looking to become more decisive

Christianity Bücher: Keep Showing Up von Karen Ehman

Keep Showing Up

Karen Ehman
How To Stay Crazy In Love When Your Love Drives You Crazy
3.9 (108 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Keep Showing Up?

Keep Showing Up (2019) examines the differences that can divide married couples and provides inspirational suggestions for overcoming these obstacles. These techniques bring spouses closer together as well as help reaffirm their faith in Christianity.

Wer Keep Showing Up lesen sollte

  • Christian women whose long-term marriages are in need of a tune-up
  • Newlyweds who have discovered marriage is harder than they expected

Christianity Bücher: Boundaries von Henry Cloud and John Townsend


Henry Cloud and John Townsend
When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life
4.4 (587 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Boundaries?

Boundaries (1992) is a handbook for those who can’t say no, those who won’t take no for an answer, and everyone in between. Grounded equally in Christian faith and contemporary psychology, this book is an eloquent argument for the emotional and spiritual necessity of firm, healthy boundaries.

Wer Boundaries lesen sollte

  • Doormats who let others walk all over them;
  • Emotionally unavailable people who never let anyone in; and
  • Martyrs who do everything for others but accept no help in return.

Christianity Bücher: Bless This Mess von Molly Baskette and Ellen O’Donnell

Bless This Mess

Molly Baskette and Ellen O’Donnell
A Modern Guide to Faith and Parenting in a Chaotic World
4.1 (65 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Bless This Mess?

Bless This Mess (2019) is a parents’ guide to raising Christian children in a bewildering age. Combining spiritual wisdom with the latest thought in child psychology, the authors aim to show that there’s no reason to think of the terms “progressive” and “Christian” as contradictory when it comes to child-rearing.

Wer Bless This Mess lesen sollte

  • Prospective parents who want to raise their children to be both Christian and progressive
  • Current parents who have lost touch with their own childhood faith
  • Anyone interested in twenty-first century Christianity

Christianity Bücher: Get Out of Your Head von Jennie Allen

Get Out of Your Head

Jennie Allen
Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts
3.9 (130 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Get Out of Your Head?

Get Out of Your Head (2020) is a guidebook for those seeking to break free of negative thoughts. Jennie Allen’s remedy? Submitting ourselves and our minds to the embrace of Christ and God’s love. By doing so, the author believes, we can all lead lives filled with thoughts that steer us down a positive path – and avoid the negativity that is all around us.

Wer Get Out of Your Head lesen sollte

  • Christian women looking to deepen their faith
  • Christians who want to leave their negative thoughts behind
  • Students of the Bible

Christianity Bücher: Didn't See It Coming von Carey Nieuwhof

Didn't See It Coming

Carey Nieuwhof
Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences
4.3 (104 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Didn't See It Coming?

Didn’t See It Coming (2018) offers guidance on how to overcome seven important challenges that you will inevitably face in life. Drawing on Pastor Carey Nieuwhof’s own personal struggles and victories, these blinks show how faith and foresight can help you work through the challenges of work, family, and friendships. 

Wer Didn't See It Coming lesen sollte

  • Christians who feels stuck without a clear path forward
  • People contemplating a career change
  • Those curious about the relevance of Christianity to our modern times

Christianity Bücher: Mere Christianity von C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis
4.6 (466 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Mere Christianity?

Mere Christianity (1952) is one of the most famous and influential apologetics for the Christian faith ever written. Compiled from C.S. Lewis’s legendary World War II radio broadcasts, it brings together a series of timeless reflections designed to explain and defend Christianity. Mere Christianity outlines Lewis’s arguments for the truth of the Christian doctrine. It also explores what Christian life involves and why Lewis thinks we’re all better off as Christians.

Wer Mere Christianity lesen sollte

  • Believers who want to strengthen their faith
  • Nonbelievers who like to challenge their worldview
  • Non-Christians looking for a clear introduction to Christian beliefs

Christianity Bücher: You're Not Enough (And That's Okay) von Allie Beth Stuckey

You're Not Enough (And That's Okay)

Allie Beth Stuckey
Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love
3.1 (139 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in You're Not Enough (And That's Okay)?

You’re Not Enough (And That’s Okay) (2020) explores why self-love culture doesn’t bring us the happiness, peace, and fulfillment it promises. Rather than continuously battling our feelings of insufficiency, author Allie Beth Stuckey suggests we accept them and embrace another source of love – God.

Wer You're Not Enough (And That's Okay) lesen sollte

  • Conservative women struggling with self-acceptance
  • Believers looking to reconnect with their faith
  • Christians wanting to live God’s Word more fully

Christianity Bücher: Forward von David Jeremiah


David Jeremiah
Discovering God’s Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow
4.8 (97 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Forward?

Forward (2020) shows you how you can discover God in your life right now. Bible teacher David Jeremiah explains how Biblical wisdom can be used to attain focus and purpose, helping you on to great personal accomplishment and fulfillment.

Wer Forward lesen sollte

  • Anyone curious about discovering God in their lives
  • Christians looking for an injection of faith
  • Those curious about the life philosophy of American evangelists

Christianity Bücher: Dusk, Night, Dawn von Anne Lamott

Dusk, Night, Dawn

Anne Lamott
On Revival and Courage
3.9 (128 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Dusk, Night, Dawn?

Dusk, Night, Dawn (2021) is an exploration of the worries and anxieties that keep us up at night. During dark times, it sometimes gets hard to find a reason to keep going. Here you will find help to point you in the right direction, toward hope, self-acceptance, and peace.

Wer Dusk, Night, Dawn lesen sollte

  • People who are feeling overwhelmed in dark times
  • Anyone interested in self-help or recovery work
  • Those looking to find hope in their lives

Christianity Bücher: Learning to Pray von James Martin

Learning to Pray

James Martin
A Guide for Everyone
4.1 (178 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Learning to Pray?

Learning to Pray (2021) unpacks one of the most important yet misunderstood aspects of spiritual life: prayer. What’s the purpose of prayer? How do you pray “correctly?” What should you expect when you pray? These are just some of the questions that often stand between believers and this deeply rewarding practice. And there’s no better way of answering them than by looking back through the different styles and rituals of prayer found in the Christian tradition. 

Wer Learning to Pray lesen sollte

  • Believers struggling with prayer
  • Agnostics and skeptics with an open mind
  • History buffs

Christianity Bücher: Winning the War in Your Mind von Craig Groeschel

Winning the War in Your Mind

Craig Groeschel
Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
4.1 (332 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Winning the War in Your Mind?

Winning the War in Your Mind (2021) explores how God’s word can improve your mental health. It unpacks the ancient wisdom of the Bible and explains why its verses are still relevant today. 

Wer Winning the War in Your Mind lesen sollte

  • Christians looking for a fresh perspective
  • Theology buffs seeking new insights
  • Anyone feeling lost and in need of nourishing words

Christianity Bücher: The Women of the Bible Speak von Shannon Bream

The Women of the Bible Speak

Shannon Bream
The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today
4.5 (99 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Women of the Bible Speak?

The Women of the Bible Speak (2021) tells the story of the women of the Bible, describing their lives in all of their richness. Some of their stories are tragic, some are empowering, some are just very human. But they are all central to the Christian story, and come with their own special lessons and wisdom. The Women of the Bible Speak shows us that even within the rigid hierarchies of the ancient world, women were instrumental.

Wer The Women of the Bible Speak lesen sollte

  • Christians
  • Anyone interested in the history of the Bible
  • Those looking for inspiration and wisdom from the ancient world

Christianity Bücher: Safe People von Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Safe People

Henry Cloud and John Townsend
How to Find Relationships that are Good for You and Avoid Those That Aren't
3.6 (487 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Safe People?

Safe People (1995) examines the traits of safe and unsafe people and teaches readers how to seek out the former and avoid the latter in their search for meaningful relationships. From a biblical perspective, the book talks about the importance of true connection.

Wer Safe People lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in improving the quality of their relationships
  • Christians seeking ways to improve their lives
  • Lonely people looking for a way to build safe, happy, and lasting relationships

Christianity Bücher: Crazy Faith von Michael Todd

Crazy Faith

Michael Todd
It’s Only Crazy Until it Happens
3.8 (210 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Crazy Faith?

Crazy Faith (2021) explores the multi-faceted nature of modern faith. It explains how key stories from the Bible are still relevant to the challenges we face today, and offers faith-based solutions to the stresses of daily life.

Wer Crazy Faith lesen sollte

  • Believers struggling with their faith
  • Anyone going through a time of crisis
  • Fans of Bible stories and teachings

Christianity Bücher: The Black Church von Henry Louis Gates Jr.

The Black Church

Henry Louis Gates Jr.
This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song
4.3 (66 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Black Church?

The Black Church (2021) tells the story of Christianity in the Black community, from the conversion of enslaved people in the 1600s to the founding of Black denominations and today’s COVID-19 pandemic. The book highlights how the Black church evolved over centuries, and the various social and political roles it has played. 

Wer The Black Church lesen sollte

  • People interested in the culture and history of African American people
  • Those curious about religious history
  • Anyone interested in sociology

Christianity Bücher: Lead Like It Matters to God von Richard Stearns

Lead Like It Matters to God

Richard Stearns
Values-Driven Leadership in a Success-Driven World
3.6 (206 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Lead Like It Matters to God?

Lead Like It Matters to God (2021) is a reminder to Christians that work isn’t just about money and status. Stearns uses his own career experiences to offer guidance to Christians in leadership positions. He outlines the key values to prioritize and gives practical suggestions for improving organizations and creating a more positive working environment.

Wer Lead Like It Matters to God lesen sollte

  • Leaders and aspiring leaders
  • Christians contemplating their careers
  • People who want to integrate their religious values with their working lives

Christianity Bücher: The Prodigal God von Timothy Keller

The Prodigal God

Timothy Keller
Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith
4.3 (280 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Prodigal God?

The Prodigal God (2008) is a new interpretation of the classic parable of the prodigal son. Rather than focussing on the reckless rebellion of the younger son in the story, it focuses on the dutiful older brother who sins through obeying the rules for the wrong reasons. It shows us that we all have these problematic tendencies to be righteous and superior, but that’s not what the Christian faith is really about. 

Wer The Prodigal God lesen sollte

  • Christians who’ve become alienated from the church but still believe in the gospel 
  • Anyone who feels like their faith is dead in spite of all their devotional efforts
  • Bible lovers looking for an original interpretation of a classic parable

Christianity Bücher: The Four Loves von C.S. Lewis

The Four Loves

C.S. Lewis
4.4 (230 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Four Loves?

The Four Loves (1960) is an exploration of love in its different forms. By tracing how each form is motivated, author C. S. Lewis identifies love’s gifts and shortcomings, and reveals how God’s Divine Love can beautify all our relationships.

Wer The Four Loves lesen sollte

  • Christians seeking to deepen their connection with God
  • Bighearted folk who want to improve their relationships
  • Scholars of humanity who want to understand the nature of love

Christianity Bücher: Visioneering von Andy Stanley


Andy Stanley
God's Blueprint for Developing and Maintaining Personal Vision
3.3 (269 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Visioneering?

Visioneering (1999) is a guide to living life with clarity of vision. In addition to explaining how to create and fulfill a vision, it explains why Christians live their best lives when they align their vision with God’s purpose – and then act accordingly.

Wer Visioneering lesen sollte

  • Christians interested in living a Christ-centered life
  • People seeking more meaning in life
  • Any Christian stuck at a crossroads and looking for purpose

Christianity Bücher: Living Buddha, Living Christ von Thich Nhat Hanh

Living Buddha, Living Christ

Thich Nhat Hanh
Explore the common ground of Christianity and Buddhism
4.2 (255 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Living Buddha, Living Christ?

Living Buddha, Living Christ (1995) is a meditation on the surprising intersections between Buddhism and Christianity. This thoughtful text shows the common ground shared by two of the world’s most influential spiritual leaders.

Wer Living Buddha, Living Christ lesen sollte

  • Christians seeking a new perspective on Christ
  • Buddhists looking to enrich their practice
  • Anyone wanting to cultivate a deeper spiritual life

Christianity Bücher: Sacred Marriage von Gary L. Thomas

Sacred Marriage

Gary L. Thomas
What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?
3.2 (274 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Sacred Marriage?

Sacred Marriage (2000) is an exploration of how to bring God into your marriage. Probing the boundaries of love, it provides practical advice and spiritual wisdom to help you and your marriage transcend to a holier place.

Wer Sacred Marriage lesen sollte

  • Christian newlyweds seeking long-term marriage advice
  • Spiritual spouses struggling to find happiness in their relationship
  • Couples craving a deeper connection and higher purpose

Christianity Bücher: No Cure for Being Human von Kate Bowler

No Cure for Being Human

Kate Bowler
(and Other Truths I Need to Hear)
4.0 (250 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in No Cure for Being Human?

No Cure for Being Human (2021) is the thoughtful chronicle of Kate Bowler’s attempts to make the most of her life after a brutal cancer diagnosis at only 35. Part memoir, part critique of the widespread obsession with positivity, No Cure for Being Human is a poignant dispatch from the fragile border between life and death.

Wer No Cure for Being Human lesen sollte

  • Those who’ve supporting a loved one through a serious diagnosis, or have received one themselves
  • Critics of the prosperity gospel and impeccably curated Instagram feeds
  • Those grappling with the idea that they, too, might be incurably human

Christianity Bücher: Undistracted von Bob Goff


Bob Goff
Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy.
4.1 (393 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Undistracted?

Undistracted (2022) is a call to arms against one of the greatest forces stopping you from living your best life: distraction. Life is full of it. The 24/7 news cycle. Your smartphone. Worrying about what your colleagues think and what your neighbors have. Endless to-do lists. All those sources of distraction get in the way of what really matters – a life filled with joy, love, and intention.

Wer Undistracted lesen sollte

  • Workaholics looking for new sources of meaning
  • Anyone struggling with stress
  • Non-believers interested in Christianity’s take on mindful living

Christianity Bücher: Falling Upward von Richard Rohr

Falling Upward

Richard Rohr
A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life
4.6 (65 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Falling Upward?

Falling Upward (2011) explores the “tasks” of the two halves of life. It explains that the second half of life isn’t about getting old; it’s about filling the “container” that we create during the first half and finding our purpose. 

Wer Falling Upward lesen sollte

  • First-half lifers looking for insights
  • People who’ve “fallen” and need comfort
  • Second-half lifers seeking reassurance 

Christianity Bücher: Dominion von Tom Holland


Tom Holland
How the Christian Revolution Remade the World
4.3 (101 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Dominion?

Dominion (2021) is a grandiose look at the impact Christianity has had on the development of the Western mind. From its roots in antiquity to the pop singles of the twentieth century, the story follows the dramatic development of Christian thought over three thousand years.

Wer Dominion lesen sollte

  • Lovers of broad-sweep history
  • Those looking for an insouciant take on European history
  • Anyone who thinks they know what Christianity is all about

Christianity Bücher: Sheet Music von Kevin Leman

Sheet Music

Kevin Leman
Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage
3.7 (32 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Sheet Music?

Sheet Music (2002) helps Christian couples unlock the secrets to marital bliss. It will have you and your spouse dancing and laughing, as you master the art of harmonizing your sex life.

Wer Sheet Music lesen sollte

  • Love maestros in training
  • Intimacy virtuosos-in-progress
  • Faith-driven couples

Christianity Bücher: Find Your People von Jennie Allen

Find Your People

Jennie Allen
Building Deep Community in a Lonely World
3.5 (67 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Find Your People?

Find Your People (2022) is a Christian woman’s guide to finding, making, and keeping friends. It proposes that God wired us to be in relationships with others – that’s why we crave deep, fulfilling connections. But finding them is harder than ever in today’s hyper-connected yet hyper-lonely world. With a strong sense of commitment and the help of God, you can find your people and keep them too.

Wer Find Your People lesen sollte

  • Christians struggling with feelings of loneliness
  • Women yearning for deep, lasting sisterhood
  • New parents worried about maintaining their social lives

Christianity Bücher: The Anglo-Saxons von Marc Morris

The Anglo-Saxons

Marc Morris
The Roots of England
4.7 (216 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Anglo-Saxons?

The Anglo-Saxons (2021) is a history of the Germanic warriors and settlers whose arrival in Britain in the sixth century changed the course of the island’s history. Beginning with the collapse of Roman rule, it charts the rise of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, their conversion to Christianity, and the gradual unification of the country that became known as England. Along the way, it sheds light on the development of England’s language, culture, cities, and political and religious institutions. 

Wer The Anglo-Saxons lesen sollte

  • History buffs 
  • Anglophiles 
  • Medievalists

Christianity Bücher: Codependent No More von Melody Beattie

Codependent No More

Melody Beattie
How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself
4.5 (388 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Codependent No More?

Codependent No More (1986) is a modern classic that sheds light on codependent relationships. It’s filled with helpful insights into codependency and outlines some basic tools that people can use to recover.

Wer Codependent No More lesen sollte

  • People who are compulsive caretakers
  • Those attracted to dysfunctional relationships
  • Anyone affected by a loved one’s drinking or substance abuse

Christianity Bücher: The Immortality Key von Brian C. Muraresku

The Immortality Key

Brian C. Muraresku
The Secret History of the Religion with No Name
4.1 (42 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Immortality Key?

The Immortality Key (2020) investigates the mysterious religious rituals of the Ancient Greeks and the early Christians. Muraresku spent 12 years researching a controversial hypothesis about the role of psychedelic drugs in spiritual experiences.

Wer The Immortality Key lesen sollte

  • Historians and classicists
  • Anyone interested in Christianity or spirituality 
  • People who are curious about psychedelic drugs

Christianity Bücher: Imagine Heaven von John Burke

Imagine Heaven

John Burke
Near-Death Experiences, God's Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You
4.2 (45 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Imagine Heaven?

Imagine Heaven (2015) offers a peek into what the afterlife may look like. It tells the stories of near-death experiences of a wide range of individuals, from highly respected doctors to innocent four-year-olds, and shows how their accounts are consistent with the scriptures.

Wer Imagine Heaven lesen sollte

  • Christians curious about life after death
  • Skeptics looking for proof of the existence of heaven
  • People intrigued by near-death experiences

Christianity Bücher: Good Boundaries and Goodbyes von Lysa TerKeurst

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes

Lysa TerKeurst
Loving Others Without Losing the Best of Who You Are
4.1 (62 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Good Boundaries and Goodbyes?

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes (2022) offers a Christian perspective on setting healthy boundaries and learning when and how to say goodbye.

Wer Good Boundaries and Goodbyes lesen sollte

  • Christian women who want to feel healthier in their relationships
  • Christians seeking a way to balance personal health with relationship health
  • Anyone contemplating or going through divorce or separation

Christianity Bücher: Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business) von Tabitha Brown

Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business)

Tabitha Brown
Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom
4.2 (13 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business)?

Feeding the Soul (2021) is a special blend of intimate memoir and self-help, with a few vegan recipes thrown in for good measure. Heartwarming and direct, Feeding the Soul will help guide you to listen to your inner voice, overcome self-doubt, and follow your passion.

Wer Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business) lesen sollte

  • People seeking funny and heartwarming affirmations from a Christian perspective
  • Anyone looking for a boost in motivation to keep following their dreams
  • Fans of the author’s online content

Christianity Bücher: Live No Lies von John Mark Comer

Live No Lies

John Mark Comer
Recognize and Resist the Three Enemies That Sabotage Your Peace
2.9 (408 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Live No Lies?

Live No Lies (2021) is a survival guide for Christians living in troubled times. It analyzes the main challenges facing Christians today, including lies from the devil and the influences of Western secular society, which are often incompatible with religious values. It also offers spiritual practices for Christians to adopt and suggests some possible ways for churches to adapt to post-Christian culture.

Wer Live No Lies lesen sollte

  • Christians looking for practical guidance
  • People who feel dissatisfied with secular society – but don’t know exactly why
  • Anyone seeking peace and happiness through spiritual practices

Christianity Bücher: Gentle and Lowly von Dane Ortlund

Gentle and Lowly

Dane Ortlund
The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers
4.0 (233 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Gentle and Lowly?

Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers (2020) takes us into the core of Christ’s teachings to reveal the boundless mercy and grace of God’s heart. By diving into scripture and the teachings of the Puritans, this title reassures those who have strayed from Christ of the miracle of his radical love. 

Wer Gentle and Lowly lesen sollte

  • Believers of all stripes
  • Agnostics
  • Atheists interested in scripture

Christianity Bücher: Letter to the American Church  von Eric Metaxas

Letter to the American Church

Eric Metaxas
3.9 (31 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Letter to the American Church ?

Letter to the American Church (2022) is part cautionary tale, part call-to-action to churches in America. It challenges Christians to speak up and be more involved in shaping the state of the country, even if that means getting political.

Wer Letter to the American Church lesen sollte

  • Christians interested in politics
  • Lutheran scholars
  • Church leaders

Christianity Bücher: God Here and Now von Karl Barth

God Here and Now

Karl Barth
3.8 (162 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in God Here and Now?

God Here and Now (1964) is a collection of addresses and essays that explore fundamental tenets of Christianity from a Protestant theologian’s point of view. Covering the gospel, faith, grace, the Bible, the Church, ethics, and humanism, it poses questions on what it means to meet God in today’s world.

Wer God Here and Now lesen sollte

  • People curious about the perspective of a modern Protestant thinker
  • Christians who want to better understand and implement scripture
  • Anyone grappling with questions regarding faith, ethics, or humanism

Christianity Bücher: The Awe of God von John Bevere

The Awe of God

John Bevere
The Astounding Way a Healthy Fear of God Transforms Your Life
4.2 (22 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Awe of God?

The Awe of God (2023) is an exploration into how a healthy fear of God can unlock a deeper relationship with Him. From fostering reverence and humility to grounding a strong moral compass, it shows how holy fear can inspire you to live a fuller, more inspiring life.  

Wer The Awe of God lesen sollte

  • Anyone who is struggling to find intimacy with God
  • Christians who want to deepen their understanding of Scripture
  • People who think that fear is bad 

Christianity Bücher: Redefine Wealth for Yourself von Patrice Washington with Candice L Davis

Redefine Wealth for Yourself

Patrice Washington with Candice L Davis
How to Stop Chasing Money, Finally Live Your Life's Purpose and Find Fulfillment
4.4 (353 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Redefine Wealth for Yourself?

Redefine Wealth for Yourself (2020) takes a faith-based, holistic approach to what it means to be wealthy. It asserts that while wealth is a much bigger concept than personal finance, that aspect comes with ease once you’ve effectively addressed the five other “Pillars of Wealth.”

Wer Redefine Wealth for Yourself lesen sollte

  • People who want to live more abundantly in all areas of their lives
  • Self-improvement seekers looking for a faith-based approach
  • Anyone looking to refocus and “reset” after a life setback or financial failure

Christianity Bücher: Faith Still Moves Mountains von Harris Faulkner

Faith Still Moves Mountains

Harris Faulkner
Miraculous Stories of the Healing Power of Prayer
4.0 (50 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Faith Still Moves Mountains?

Faith Still Moves Mountains (2022) is a collection of inspiring real-life stories that reveal God’s presence in our lives. Drawing on the testimonies of people who have triumphed against the odds, it shows that prayer is more than a ritual – it’s an essential spiritual strategy in a world filled with hardships.

Wer Faith Still Moves Mountains lesen sollte

  • Believers interested in spiritual practices
  • History buffs
  • Anyone who loves inspiring stories

Christianity Bücher: Forgive von Timothy Keller


Timothy Keller
Why Should I and How Can I?
3.3 (249 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Forgive?

Forgive (2022) proposes personal and community healing through genuine, wholesome, and compassionate forgiveness. The arguments in this guide will help you understand why Christian forgiveness could be secular society’s best remedy for relieving the offended, reforming the offenders, and promoting fellowship among humans.

Wer Forgive lesen sollte

  • Anyone trying to understand the importance of forgiveness
  • Victims of abuse seeking to let go of anger and hate
  • Christians trying to understand God’s forgiveness

Christianity Bücher: The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness von Timothy Keller

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

Timothy Keller
The Path to True Christian Joy
4.2 (237 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness?

The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness (2012) dives deep into the timeless wisdom of the Apostle Paul and invites you on a transformative journey of inner renewal. Discover the path to genuine rest and liberation by embracing blessed self-forgetfulness, freeing yourself from the pressures of seeking validation and self-condemnation.

Wer The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness lesen sollte

  • Seekers of intellectual and spiritual depth
  • Anyone grappling with faith and doubt
  • Individuals yearning for practical and inspiring Christian insights

Christianity Bücher: Never Give an Inch von Mike Pompeo

Never Give an Inch

Mike Pompeo
Fighting for the America I Love
3.8 (47 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Never Give an Inch?

Never Give an Inch (2022) gives insight into US foreign policy during the Trump administration. Pompeo, the former Secretary of State, outlines his personal beliefs, candidly discusses his views on international politics, and reflects on challenges and successes from his time in the State Department.

Wer Never Give an Inch lesen sollte

  • Republicans
  • People who want to know more about the Trump administration
  • Anyone who’s interested in US and international politics

Christianity Bücher: Under the Banner of Heaven von Jon Krakauer

Under the Banner of Heaven

Jon Krakauer
A Story of Violent Faith
3.4 (114 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Under the Banner of Heaven?

Under the Banner of Heaven (2003) traces the roots of contemporary Mormon fundamentalism through the lens of a horrendous double murder. The devotion of the Lafferty brothers is a gateway into core tenets that include divine revelation, polygamy, blood atonement, and the way Mormons act in their unique role as God’s chosen.

Wer Under the Banner of Heaven lesen sollte

  • People curious about Mormon culture
  • Anyone trying to understand American fundamentalism
  • People interested in American history

Christianity Bücher: Redeeming Your Time von Jordan Raynor

Redeeming Your Time

Jordan Raynor
7 Biblical Principles for Being Purposeful, Present, & Wildly Productive
4.0 (68 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Redeeming Your Time?

Redeeming Your Time (2021) offers practical, faith-based guidance to help you make the most of your precious time and focus on what truly matters. Drawing on inspiring stories and biblical wisdom, this powerful resource equips you to prioritize your tasks, develop meaningful habits, and ultimately live a more purposeful life. 

Wer Redeeming Your Time lesen sollte

  • Busy professionals seeking work-life balance
  • Faith-driven individuals pursuing purposeful living
  • Time management enthusiasts seeking fresh insights

Christianity Bücher: The Screwtape Letters von C.S. Lewis

The Screwtape Letters

C.S. Lewis
Letters from a Senior to a Junior Devil
4.7 (80 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Screwtape Letters?

The Screwtape Letters (1942) is a satirical novel in the form of letters written from one demon to another. Senior demon and hellish administrator Screwtape shares advice and lessons with his nephew, Wormwood, who is tasked with tempting his “patient” away from God and toward Satan. As such, readers see the ordinary troubles and temptations of human life depicted from a devil’s point of view.

Wer The Screwtape Letters lesen sollte

  • Satire lovers with an interest in Christian theology
  • Non-Christians with a self-deprecating streak
  • Narnia fans who want to sample another of Lewis’s works

Christianity Bücher: The WEIRDest People in the World von Joseph Henrich

The WEIRDest People in the World

Joseph Henrich
How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous
4.1 (143 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The WEIRDest People in the World?

The WEIRDest People in the World (2020) describes why Westerners think and behave so differently from most other people. It also explains how the policies of the Western Church in the realms of marriage and kinship have helped cultivate these odd cultural attributes, transforming the world and helping the West flourish in the process. 

Wer The WEIRDest People in the World lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in the confluence of history, anthropology, culture, and economics
  • Westerners seeking a greater understanding of cross-cultural differences
  • Fans of experimental psychology

Christianity Bücher: The Pope at War von David I. Kertzer

The Pope at War

David I. Kertzer
The Secret History of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler
4.3 (222 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Pope at War?

The Pope at War (2022) follows the first years of Eugenio Pacelli’s papacy. Based on documents released by the Vatican in 2020, the book reveals the never-before-told story of the pope’s secret negotiations with Hitler.

Wer The Pope at War lesen sollte

  • World War II history buffs
  • Students of Catholic history
  • Anyone interested in why good people do bad things

Christianity Bücher: Habits of the Household von Justin Whitmel Earley

Habits of the Household

Justin Whitmel Earley
Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms
4.4 (32 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Habits of the Household?

Habits of the Household (2021) offers a meaningful way for families to connect with God through daily routines. Through reflections and stories, you’ll learn how to implement simple habits that will help you find deeper meaning amid the chaos of family life.

Wer Habits of the Household lesen sollte

  • Busy Christian parents
  • Fans of the Lord’s message
  • Church tool kit shoppers

Christianity Bücher: The Bible Recap von Tara-Leigh Cobble

The Bible Recap

Tara-Leigh Cobble
A One-Year Guide to Reading and Understanding the Entire Bible
4.3 (79 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Bible Recap?

The Bible Recap (2020) is a chronological and easy-to-understand explanation of what many consider to be the most important book in the world. By offering short and simple analyses of a few passages at a time, it breaks down this huge work of scripture into easily consumable chunks, designed to be read one a day for a year.

Wer The Bible Recap lesen sollte

  • Confused faithful who’ve tried and failed to read the Bible
  • Passionately devoted people looking for a deeper understanding of God's word
  • The religiously curious who want to take some of the mystery out of this ancient book

Christianity Bücher: Love & Respect von Emerson Eggerichs

Love & Respect

Emerson Eggerichs
The Love She Most Desires, the Respect He Desperately Needs
3.8 (340 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Love & Respect?

Love & Respect (2012) uses biblical scripture, the author’s experience as a marriage counselor, and insight from other relationship therapists to help couples connect. By following the principles it lays out, husbands and wives learn to show each other the kind of love and respect they both crave. In the process, conflicts get resolved and marriages become energized.

Wer Love & Respect lesen sollte

  • Married couples who want to remain happily married
  • Divorcees trying to heal
  • Engaged couples

Christianity Bücher: The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex von Sheila Wray Gregoire

The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex

Sheila Wray Gregoire
Creating a Marriage That's Both Holy and Hot
3.8 (202 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex?

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex (2012) is a playbook designed to unlock enduring passion in your marriage. It blends faith, self-love, and open communication for transformative sexual satisfaction.

Wer The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex lesen sollte

  • Sacred sexuality enthusiasts
  • Faith-guided pleasure seekers
  • Spiritual marriage counselors

Christianity Bücher: The 40-Day Sugar Fast von Wendy Speake

The 40-Day Sugar Fast

Wendy Speake
Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation
2.3 (388 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The 40-Day Sugar Fast?

The 40-Day Sugar Fast (2019) is a spiritual journey to having a healthier relationship with food. With Biblical stories, personal anecdotes, and mini-sermons, it shows how putting a distance between yourself and sugar can lead you closer to God.

Wer The 40-Day Sugar Fast lesen sollte

  • People looking to eat healthier and feel better
  • Those who follow a Bible-centered lifestyle
  • Individuals searching for a spiritual focus

Christianity Bücher: The Power to Change von Craig Groeschel

The Power to Change

Craig Groeschel
Mastering the Habits That Matter Most
3.4 (340 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Power to Change?

The Power to Change (2022) is a practical guide to creating not just positive changes in your life but ones that have a lasting effect. Backed by Bible teachings, it walks you through the strategies on how to work your way towards a changed you. 

Wer The Power to Change lesen sollte

  • Christians struggling to change their lives
  • Anyone wanting to build or break a habit
  • Those looking to improve themselves and reach their full potential

Christianity Bücher: The Answer to Anxiety von Joyce Meyer

The Answer to Anxiety

Joyce Meyer
How to Break Free from the Tyranny of Anxious Thoughts and Worry
2.9 (113 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Answer to Anxiety?

The Answer to Anxiety (2023) lays out the steps to overcoming anxiety with the help of God’s Word. It walks you through four specific actions, all derived from a single Bible passage.

Wer The Answer to Anxiety lesen sollte

  • Christians looking to solve their anxiety problems
  • Anxious people seeking spiritual support
  • Anyone interested in Christian-based self-help work

Christianity Bücher: Reset von Debra Fileta


Debra Fileta
Powerful Habits to Own Your Thoughts, Understand Your Feelings, and Change Your Life
3.9 (65 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Reset?

Reset (2023) is a guide to change for anyone who feels stuck. Drawing on Scripture and her experience as a counselor, Debra Fileta unpacks the psychology behind behavioral patterns and presents simple yet effective daily habits to kickstart change and healing. 

Wer Reset lesen sollte

  • Christians and believers
  • Anyone interested in spiritual approaches to self-healing
  • Counselors and therapists

Christianity Bücher: Disruptive Thinking von T. D. Jakes

Disruptive Thinking

T. D. Jakes
A Daring Strategy to Change How We Live, Lead, and Love
3.5 (336 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Disruptive Thinking?

Disruptive Thinking (2023) is a guide to unlocking your potential and turning adversity into opportunity. By learning to understand and leverage disruption, you can kickstart your most profound personal and professional metamorphosis yet.

Wer Disruptive Thinking lesen sollte

  • Leaders seeking to pave the way with care
  • Community champions doing God’s work
  • Trailblazers looking to grow their career

Christianity Bücher: Uncle Tom's Cabin von Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe
4.6 (182 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) is a compelling indictment of slavery. Describing the many trials of Uncle Tom, its long-suffering enslaved protagonist, the story reveals the horrors of America’s “peculiar institution” while showing how Christian love can triumph over evil. It played a pivotal role in the abolition of slavery and remains one of the most important American novels ever written. 

Wer Uncle Tom's Cabin lesen sollte

  • Those curious about a controversial classic
  • Christians and believers 
  • History buffs

Christianity Bücher: Paradise Lost von John Milton

Paradise Lost

John Milton
4.5 (99 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost (1667) is an early classic of English literature. In over ten thousand lines of verse, the epic poem tells the biblical story from Satan’s rebellion against God to Adam and Eve’s original sin. Written at a time of great political and religious upheaval, the epic proves an impressive inquiry of free will, sin, and the nature of evil to this very day.

Wer Paradise Lost lesen sollte

  • Fans of epic battles between good and evil
  • Students of English literature
  • Anyone interested in theology and philosophy

Christianity Bücher: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus von Nabeel Qureshi

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Nabeel Qureshi
A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity
4.1 (80 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus?

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (2016) traces a young man’s dramatic spiritual journey from Islam to Christianity. Packed with insights into the faith he grew up with as well as the faith he adopted later in life, Quereshi’s story will challenge Christians, Muslims, and all those interested in the world’s greatest religions.

Wer Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus lesen sollte

  • Believers interested in interfaith dialogue
  • Anyone questioning their own faith journey
  • History buffs 

Christianity Bücher: Young Goodman Brown von Nathaniel Hawthorne

Young Goodman Brown

Nathaniel Hawthorne
4.3 (10 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Young Goodman Brown?

“Young Goodman Brown” (1835) is a short story that thrusts us into a nightmarish world of witchcraft, religion, sin, and temptation. Composed as an allegory – a story that acts as a thin wrapper for an author’s intended message or meaning – this bite-size tale has much to say on human nature, Christianity, hypocrisy, and our ideas of community. 

Wer Young Goodman Brown lesen sollte

  • Horror lovers
  • Soul-searchers interested in human nature
  • Witches, wizards, and practitioners of the occult

Christianity Bücher: The One Truth von Jon Gordon

The One Truth

Jon Gordon
Elevate Your Mind, Unlock Your Power, Heal Your Soul
3.9 (335 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The One Truth?

The One Truth (2023) reveals a pivotal insight that can empower individuals to cultivate resilience and thrive amid life’s challenges. Supported by true anecdotes and practical strategies, it underscores the transformative power of “oneness,” urging people to harness its principles for personal growth and success. 

Wer The One Truth lesen sollte

  • Anyone feeling lost or stuck in life 
  • Individuals interested in increasing their resilience
  • Leaders striving to inspire positive change

Christianity Bücher: Hello Beautiful von Ann Napolitano

Hello Beautiful

Ann Napolitano
A Novel
4.0 (106 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Hello Beautiful?

Hello Beautiful (2023) is a tale of love, family, and sisterhood. It centers on William Waters, who meets and marries the ambitious, practical Julia Padovano while they are both still in college. Julia is one of four girls in a close knit Italian-American family, whose storybook lives at first seem like a fantasy to William. But soon enough, life’s many obstacles catch up with the Padovanos, and William is drawn deep into their lives, loves, conflicts, and griefs. 

Wer Hello Beautiful lesen sollte

  • Readers who love sprawling family epics
  • Lovers of Little Women, the classic story of sisterhood that inspired Hello Beautiful
  • Anyone who wants the scoop on one of 2023’s best-selling novels

Christianity Bücher: All the Sinners Bleed von S. A. Cosby

All the Sinners Bleed

S. A. Cosby
A Novel
4.1 (12 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in All the Sinners Bleed?

All the Sinners Bleed (2023) is a work of crime fiction, focused on main character Titus Crown’s efforts to investigate several recent killings in his hometown. To solve the crime, Crown must contend with the town’s racist history, a far-right group, and a long-undiscovered serial killer.

Wer All the Sinners Bleed lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in an action-filled crime novel
  • Readers looking to explore the lingering effects of racism in the American South 
  • Fans of modern-day noir fiction

Christianity Bücher: Sexual Detox von Tim Challies

Sexual Detox

Tim Challies
A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn
2.6 (76 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Sexual Detox?

Sexual Detox (2010) diagnoses the corruption of conscience and twisting of sexuality wrought by pornography. Written for Christians, it prescribes a moral reset to reorient understanding toward God’s redemptive vision of human intimacy.

Wer Sexual Detox lesen sollte

  • Christian men looking to break free from porn addiction
  • Young adults of faith, seeking to reclaim their sexuality from sin
  • Pastors helping church members with porn struggles


Christianity Bücher: Surprised by Hope von N.T. Wright

Surprised by Hope

N.T. Wright
Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church

Worum geht's in Surprised by Hope?

In "Surprised by Hope," N.T. Wright challenges the common perception of heaven as a place of disembodied existence and instead presents a compelling argument for the Christian belief in the resurrection of the body and the renewal of all creation. Drawing on biblical scholarship and theological insights, Wright offers a fresh perspective on the ultimate hope of the Christian faith and its implications for how we live our lives in the present. This thought-provoking book invites readers to reconsider their understanding of the afterlife and embrace a more holistic and transformative vision of God's redemptive plan for the world.

Wer Surprised by Hope lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking a new perspective on life after death and the meaning of hope
  • Readers interested in the intersection of theology and contemporary culture
  • Those curious about exploring the historical and biblical context of Christian faith

Christianity Bücher: A Grief Observed von C.S. Lewis

A Grief Observed

C.S. Lewis

Worum geht's in A Grief Observed?

A Grief Observed is a deeply personal account of C.S. Lewis's journey through grief and loss following the death of his wife. Through raw and honest reflections, Lewis grapples with the profound questions of faith, love, and the meaning of life in the face of overwhelming sorrow. This poignant book offers a unique perspective on the universal experience of grief.

Wer A Grief Observed lesen sollte

  • Those experiencing grief and seeking comfort and understanding
  • Individuals interested in exploring the depths of human emotions and the nature of suffering
  • Readers looking for profound insights on life, love, and loss

Christianity Bücher: A Severe Mercy von Sheldon Vanauken

A Severe Mercy

Sheldon Vanauken
A Story of Faith, Tragedy, and Triumph

Worum geht's in A Severe Mercy?

A Severe Mercy is a deeply moving memoir that chronicles the love story between Sheldon Vanauken and his wife, Jean. Set against the backdrop of Oxford University and their intellectual pursuits, the book explores their deep bond and the profound impact of their Christian faith. It delves into themes of love, loss, and the search for meaning, ultimately offering a powerful reflection on the nature of love and the human experience.

Wer A Severe Mercy lesen sollte

  • Readers seeking a moving memoir about love, loss, and faith
  • People interested in exploring themes of friendship, marriage, and the meaning of life
  • Those who enjoy thought-provoking reflections on the human experience

Christianity Bücher: After Virtue von Alasdair MacIntyre

After Virtue

Alasdair MacIntyre

Worum geht's in After Virtue?

After Virtue explores the decline of moral reasoning in modern society and argues for a return to Aristotelian ethics. Alasdair MacIntyre critiques the fragmented and subjective nature of moral discourse and offers a compelling case for reviving virtue ethics as a way to address the moral confusion of our time. This thought-provoking book challenges readers to reconsider their understanding of morality and the pursuit of the good life.

Wer After Virtue lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of morality and ethics
  • Philosophy enthusiasts interested in the history and development of moral philosophy
  • Readers curious about the connection between virtue and human flourishing

Christianity Bücher: Blue Like Jazz von Donald Miller

Blue Like Jazz

Donald Miller
Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

Worum geht's in Blue Like Jazz?

Blue Like Jazz is a thought-provoking memoir by Donald Miller that explores his journey towards a more authentic and meaningful faith. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, Miller delves into topics such as spirituality, religion, and the search for truth, offering a fresh perspective on what it means to believe in something greater than ourselves. With wit and honesty, the book challenges readers to question their own beliefs and embrace a more genuine relationship with God.

Wer Blue Like Jazz lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking a fresh perspective on faith and spirituality
  • Readers who appreciate candid and introspective storytelling
  • People looking for a thought-provoking exploration of life's big questions

Christianity Bücher: Confessions von Augustine



Worum geht's in Confessions?

Confessions is an autobiographical work by Augustine of Hippo, in which he reflects on his sinful youth and eventual conversion to Christianity. Written in the form of a prayer to God, the book explores themes of faith, temptation, and the search for spiritual truth. It is considered a classic of Christian literature and a profound exploration of the human experience.

Wer Confessions lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking personal growth and reflection
  • Readers curious about the inner workings of the human mind and soul
  • Those interested in the intersection of philosophy and spirituality

Christianity Bücher: Everything Happens for a Reason von Kate Bowler

Everything Happens for a Reason

Kate Bowler
And Other Lies I've Loved

Worum geht's in Everything Happens for a Reason?

In this memoir, Kate Bowler shares her personal journey of grappling with a terminal illness and finding meaning in the face of adversity. Through her honest and thought-provoking reflections, she challenges the notion that everything happens for a reason and offers a new perspective on faith, hope, and the unpredictability of life. This book is a powerful reminder to embrace the present moment and find joy in the midst of life's uncertainties.

Wer Everything Happens for a Reason lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking comfort and insight in navigating the complexities of life
  • People facing adversity and looking for hope and inspiration
  • Readers who enjoy personal memoirs and reflections on life's deeper questions

Christianity Bücher: Fearless von Eric Blehm


Eric Blehm
The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown

Worum geht's in Fearless?

Fearless tells the incredible true story of Navy SEAL Team Six member Adam Brown. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, Brown's unwavering determination and courage allowed him to overcome his personal demons and become a fearless warrior. This inspiring book highlights the power of resilience and the human spirit.

Wer Fearless lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking inspiration and motivation to overcome challenges and fears
  • Readers who enjoy true stories of resilience, bravery, and determination
  • Anyone interested in learning about the power of the human spirit and the importance of perseverance

Christianity Bücher: God's Smuggler von Brother Andrew

God's Smuggler

Brother Andrew

Worum geht's in God's Smuggler?

This book tells the incredible true story of Brother Andrew, a Dutch missionary who risked his life to smuggle Bibles into communist countries during the Cold War. Filled with suspense and faith, it chronicles his daring missions and the lives he touched along the way. It is a powerful testament to the power of faith and the lengths one man will go to spread the word of God.

Wer God's Smuggler lesen sollte

  • Readers who are interested in stories of courage and faith
  • Those who want to learn more about the history of Christianity in the 20th century
  • People who enjoy memoirs and personal narratives

Christianity Bücher: In His Steps von Charles M. Sheldon

In His Steps

Charles M. Sheldon
What Would Jesus Do?

Worum geht's in In His Steps?

In His Steps is a thought-provoking novel that challenges readers to consider what it truly means to live a life dedicated to following in the footsteps of Jesus. When a small town pastor challenges his congregation to ask themselves "What would Jesus do?" before making any decision, it sets off a chain of events that leads to profound personal and societal transformation. Through its compelling narrative, the book explores themes of faith, social justice, and the power of living out one's beliefs. It is a timeless classic that continues to inspire readers to examine their own actions and choices.

Wer In His Steps lesen sollte

  • Readers searching for a thought-provoking and introspective narrative
  • Individuals interested in exploring the intersection between faith and social justice
  • Anyone looking for a book that encourages ethical decision-making in everyday life

Christianity Bücher: Kisses from Katie von Katie Davis Majors

Kisses from Katie

Katie Davis Majors

Worum geht's in Kisses from Katie?

Kisses from Katie is a memoir that tells the inspiring story of Katie Davis, a young woman who leaves her comfortable life in the United States to serve as a missionary in Uganda. Through her heartfelt and often humorous accounts, Katie shares her journey of faith, love, and the transformative power of helping others. This book will leave you feeling inspired and challenged to make a difference in the world.

Wer Kisses from Katie lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking inspiration and motivation to make a positive impact in the world
  • People interested in personal growth, faith, and overcoming challenges
  • Readers who enjoy stories of compassion, resilience, and following one's calling

Christianity Bücher: Left to Tell von Immaculée Ilibagiza

Left to Tell

Immaculée Ilibagiza
Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

Worum geht's in Left to Tell?

Left to Tell is a powerful memoir by Immaculée Ilibagiza, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. It recounts her incredible story of hiding in a small bathroom with seven other women for 91 days, as well as her journey towards forgiveness and healing. Through her firsthand account, Ilibagiza offers a message of hope and the strength of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Wer Left to Tell lesen sollte

  • Those seeking inspiration and hope in the face of adversity
  • Individuals interested in learning about the power of forgiveness and its impact on personal growth
  • Readers who enjoy memoirs that offer insights into the human spirit and resilience

Christianity Bücher: Live Not by Lies von Rod Dreher

Live Not by Lies

Rod Dreher
A Manual for Christian Dissidents

Worum geht's in Live Not by Lies?

Live Not by Lies is a thought-provoking book that explores the rise of soft totalitarianism in the Western world. Drawing on interviews with dissidents and survivors of communist regimes, author Rod Dreher argues that we are increasingly living in a society where conformity and political correctness are enforced through subtle forms of coercion. He offers practical advice on how to resist this oppressive system and live a life of truth and freedom. This book challenges readers to critically examine the current state of society and consider the consequences of living a lie.

Wer Live Not by Lies lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking to understand the nature of totalitarianism and its impact on society.
  • People interested in learning about historical examples of resistance to oppressive regimes.
  • Readers who wish to explore strategies for maintaining personal freedom and integrity in hostile environments.

Christianity Bücher: Soul Surfer von Bethany Hamilton

Soul Surfer

Bethany Hamilton
A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board

Worum geht's in Soul Surfer?

Soul Surfer is the inspiring true story of Bethany Hamilton, a young surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. Despite this life-changing event, Bethany's determination and faith lead her to continue pursuing her passion for surfing. This book chronicles her journey of resilience, strength, and the power of the human spirit. It is a testament to the idea that nothing can hold us back if we have the courage to chase our dreams.

Wer Soul Surfer lesen sollte

  • People who are inspired by stories of resilience and determination
  • Readers interested in personal growth and overcoming obstacles
  • Those who enjoy books with a strong sense of hope and faith

Christianity Bücher: The Consolation of Philosophy von Boethius

The Consolation of Philosophy


Worum geht's in The Consolation of Philosophy?

The Consolation of Philosophy is a philosophical work by Boethius, written while he was imprisoned. It explores the nature of happiness, the problem of evil, and the pursuit of wisdom. Through a dialogue between Boethius and Lady Philosophy, the book offers insights into the human condition and the power of reason and virtue in overcoming adversity. It provides comfort and guidance for those facing difficult times.

Wer The Consolation of Philosophy lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking philosophical insights
  • Readers interested in examining the nature of happiness, fate, and free will
  • People curious about exploring the relationship between reason and faith

Christianity Bücher: The Cost of Discipleship von Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Cost of Discipleship

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Worum geht's in The Cost of Discipleship?

The Cost of Discipleship is a thought-provoking book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer that challenges the traditional understanding of Christianity and calls for a radical commitment to following Jesus. Bonhoeffer explores the true meaning of grace, the call to costly obedience, and the implications of discipleship in a world filled with injustice and suffering. This profound and inspiring work invites readers to reexamine their faith and live out their beliefs with courage and conviction.

Wer The Cost of Discipleship lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of Christian discipleship and its true cost
  • Readers interested in exploring the complexities of faith, sacrifice, and moral integrity
  • Those who appreciate thought-provoking insights and ideas from a theologian and martyr

Christianity Bücher: The Everlasting Man von G. K. Chesterton

The Everlasting Man

G. K. Chesterton

Worum geht's in The Everlasting Man?

In "The Everlasting Man," G.K. Chesterton explores the history of humanity and the significance of Christianity. Through thought-provoking analysis and engaging storytelling, Chesterton challenges the prevailing views of his time and offers a unique perspective on the origins and enduring influence of the Christian faith. This timeless classic invites readers to ponder the mysteries of existence and the enduring truths of the human experience.

Wer The Everlasting Man lesen sollte

  • Readers who enjoy exploring the big questions of life and human existence
  • Individuals interested in the history of civilization and its impact on modern society
  • Those who appreciate thought-provoking and insightful writing

Christianity Bücher: The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self von Carl R. Trueman

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

Carl R. Trueman
Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution

Worum geht's in The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self?

In "The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self," Carl R. Trueman explores the cultural shifts that have led to the widespread acceptance of individualism, identity politics, and the redefinition of gender and sexuality. Tracing the historical and philosophical roots of these changes, Trueman argues that they have fundamentally altered our understanding of the self and society. He offers a thought-provoking analysis of the consequences of these developments and their impact on our lives.

Wer The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self lesen sollte

  • Individuals interested in exploring the development of the self in modern society
  • Readers who are curious about the cultural forces shaping our understanding of identity
  • Those seeking a thoughtful analysis of the challenges and opportunities presented by our quest for self-fulfillment

Christianity Bücher: The Weight of Glory von C.S. Lewis

The Weight of Glory

C.S. Lewis

Worum geht's in The Weight of Glory?

In "The Weight of Glory," C.S. Lewis explores the concept of glory and its significance in the Christian faith. Through a series of essays, he delves into topics such as the longing for something greater, the idea of heaven, and the transformative power of God's glory. With his characteristic insight and eloquence, Lewis offers thought-provoking reflections on the ultimate purpose of human existence and the eternal rewards that await us. This book challenges readers to reconsider their perspectives on spirituality and the pursuit of true fulfillment.

Wer The Weight of Glory lesen sollte

  • Readers seeking spiritual enlightenment and deeper understanding of their faith
  • Those who appreciate insightful reflections on human nature and the pursuit of virtue
  • Individuals looking for inspiration and guidance on living a meaningful and purposeful life

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