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John Burke

Near-Death Experiences, God's Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You

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    Heaven as Described by Near-Death Experiences

    When you picture heaven, you’ve probably been taught to think of an ethereal realm full of clouds and blinding light. If you’re Christian, there might be dozens of angels playing trumpets and massive crowds singing church songs for all eternity. But what NDErs call heaven actually bears little resemblance to this conventional notion. Apparently, God’s paradise is so much more than just fluffy clouds and winged angels.

    When neurosurgeon Eben Alexander clinically died from a rare condition, he found himself in a place so exquisite no adjective could do it justice. It looked like a beautiful countryside, much like Earth with its lush greeneries. There were vibrant fields, and the trees and flowers possessed a “living warmth.” Eben described it as being like a dream world, but he somehow knew it was nothing short of real.

    Retired bank president and golf enthusiast Marv Besteman, who died after getting his pancreatic tumor removed, also reported the lusciousness of the grass in heaven. He mentioned how it was significantly greener than any other grass he had seen on Earth. But aside from the ground, he was in awe of the sky, too. It was filled with indescribably rich colors. The only other shades that came close were the Hawaiian shore during sunset and the blue Caribbean waters.

    Even blind NDErs claim that heaven is the most beautiful world. Brad Barrows, whose heart stopped due to severe pneumonia, said that in heaven, he was no longer visually impaired, and the first thing he saw was a massive field with indescribable brightness. He knew there were colors everywhere, but he couldn’t distinguish what shade they were since he’d been born blind. What caught his attention, though, was the lovely weather and the crisp air.

    Apart from the countryside, NDErs also describe a stunning city. Such was the experience of Captain Dale Black when he died after the twin-engine Piper Navajo he was in collided with an aviation monument right after take-off. Two heavenly guides led him to a breathtaking city that gleamed and resounded with celestial music. There were colors dancing around and the air was filled with a sweet and gentle scent.

    Gary Wood, who was killed in a car accident, had a different experience of the city when his friend, John, offered him a quick tour. In his NDE, Gary was shown a huge building resembling a library. It had solid gold walls and a crystal ceiling. Then, they went to a grand auditorium featuring a spiral staircase.

    These accounts may not be exactly the same, but when pieced together, they offer a glimpse of the ethereal realm that is heaven. But while there are millions of almost similar NDE stories out there, it’s difficult not to wonder whether they’re real or just the individual’s imagination at work. Let’s find out in the next section.

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    Worum geht es in Imagine Heaven?

    Imagine Heaven (2015) offers a peek into what the afterlife may look like. It tells the stories of near-death experiences of a wide range of individuals, from highly respected doctors to innocent four-year-olds, and shows how their accounts are consistent with the scriptures.

    Wer Imagine Heaven lesen sollte

    • Christians curious about life after death
    • Skeptics looking for proof of the existence of heaven
    • People intrigued by near-death experiences

    Über den Autor

    John Burke is an engineer-turned-lead pastor. He cofounded the Austin, Texas-based Gateway Church with his wife and has written several Christian living books, including No Perfect People Allowed and Unshockable Love.

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