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T. D. Jakes

A Daring Strategy to Change How We Live, Lead, and Love

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"summary": "Disruptive Thinking by T. D. Jakes offers valuable insights on how to challenge conventional wisdom and think outside the box, encouraging readers to embrace change and pursue innovative solutions."


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    Real change starts with disruptive thinking

    Disruptive thinking, or the ability to think outside of the box in the face of unexpected changes, is more relevant than ever today.

    Consider these three scenarios: A hardworking rural man facing the harsh reality of dwindling job opportunities. A single mother stretching every penny to feed her family as her wages lose their purchasing power. A middle-class employee watching her rich employer ride around in private helicopters while she’s getting her health insurance slashed.

    What do these situations have in common? Two words – wealth inequality. It’s a growing chasm that is the cause of frustration and distrust worldwide. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a typical CEO of an American company currently makes over 399 times more than their average worker. 

    But author T. D. Jakes suggests that God doesn’t let people go through more burden than they can bear – and the most divine way to overcome this single most pervasive issue that divides people is through disruptive thinking.

    Disruptive thinking isn’t some fancy buzzword. In fact, it’s a lifeline for many. This mindset provides hope and encourages people to explore possibilities beyond their current circumstances. When you consider the gift of choice, you realize that being poor, for instance, doesn’t necessitate staying in hostile neighborhoods. Often, a change of environment can be the first step toward a better life – which people can only take when they dare to embrace their innate capability to think differently.

    Geoffrey Canada is the perfect embodiment of disruptive thinking. Growing up in the South Bronx, he realized no superhero was coming to rescue him from his harsh surroundings. Instead of wallowing in despair, he committed to transforming the lives of urban kids, thereby shattering the prevailing mindset that little could be done to help them.

    And that’s the beauty of disruptive thinking – it can empower you to transform your environment and life. You don’t have to experience poverty to recognize and leverage the power of disruptive thinking. In your own life, it can be as small as repainting your living room to as big as leaving a toxic relationship or shifting your career. What matters is that you’re willing to shake up any areas of stagnancy and seize change as immediately as you can picture it.

    It’s worth noting that pursuing disruption isn’t at all about the pursuit of material comfort. The point is that everyone, including you, has a God-given right to live a good life. If you’re not there yet, you can change your circumstances – and real change starts with action.

    Now, what happens when disruptive thinking extends beyond the individual level? We’ll soon find out in the next section.

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    Worum geht es in Disruptive Thinking?

    Disruptive Thinking (2023) is a guide to unlocking your potential and turning adversity into opportunity. By learning to understand and leverage disruption, you can kickstart your most profound personal and professional metamorphosis yet.

    Wer Disruptive Thinking lesen sollte

    • Leaders seeking to pave the way with care
    • Community champions doing God’s work
    • Trailblazers looking to grow their career

    Über den Autor

    D. Jakes is a globally recognized thought leader in transformative disruption and personal growth. With a background in pastoral leadership, he uses spiritual insights to help individuals and organizations navigate change and overcome adversity. 

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