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Patrice Washington with Candice L Davis

How to Stop Chasing Money, Finally Live Your Life's Purpose and Find Fulfillment

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    Get fit, mentally and physically.

    Imagine if your greatest desire were to be granted this very moment, would you be up for it?

    While it might sound awesome to be granted your dream job or perfect partner, would you really be able to be at your best? After all, you can’t enjoy or contribute your best to any aspect of life if you’re in poor mental or physical health.

    Consider this example from Patrice Washington’s own experience. Early in her career she’d occasionally felt unwell but had put off going to the doctor. When she had to go to the ER after a bout of food poisoning, the examination revealed she had extremely low levels of hemoglobin. While an infusion helped her, it was a lesson on how putting off a routine physical could have created a deadly situation. If she’d been in an accident with her blood hemoglobin so low, she might have died. Not only that, the condition had been contributing to fatigue and fertility issues which were blocking life experiences important to her.

    In short, her body was preventing her from living the life she wanted – even if the opportunity had presented itself.

    Just as with your body, your mind must be fit to reach your full potential. You need confidence in yourself to fuel determination and you can’t enjoy your journey or success, not to mention handle setbacks, without mental strength. One method that might help you transform your mindset is to use positive affirmations.

    Positive affirmations take advantage of neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to create new, goal-focused thought patterns that can rewire around old, negative ones. Here’s how you use them. Come up with some positive statements about yourself and your goals and then repeat them consistently. You could start with the phrase, I am a focused person who does amazing things. That could be a mantra you repeat in your head, put in writing through journaling, or say to yourself in a mirror. Do this enough and you’ll start developing a more positive mindset.

    Caring for your mind also means taking charge of your mental health and taking whatever steps necessary to head it off or address it. While having negative feelings, trauma, and grief are common experiences, when unmanaged they can contribute to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse, to name but a few. To practice mental wellness, start by identifying your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them. Then work through them in productive ways, such as journaling, support networks, and therapy.

    In the next section, we’ll look at the second pillar, people.

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    Worum geht es in Redefine Wealth for Yourself?

    Redefine Wealth for Yourself (2020) takes a faith-based, holistic approach to what it means to be wealthy. It asserts that while wealth is a much bigger concept than personal finance, that aspect comes with ease once you’ve effectively addressed the five other “Pillars of Wealth.”

    Wer Redefine Wealth for Yourself lesen sollte

    • People who want to live more abundantly in all areas of their lives
    • Self-improvement seekers looking for a faith-based approach
    • Anyone looking to refocus and “reset” after a life setback or financial failure

    Über den Autor

    Patrice Washington is an award-winning author, speaker, and media personality who offers advice on personal finance and money matters to millions of listeners via The Redefining Wealth podcast, her Real Money Answers book series, personal speaking engagements, and countless appearances with media outlets including Steve Harvey’s radio and TV shows, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Dr. Oz, and others.

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