Die besten 98 Bücher zu Routines & Habits

Routines and habits are essential components of our daily lives, influencing our personal and professional success. By understanding and mastering these concepts, we can unlock our full potential and lead more fulfilling lives. That's why we've created this comprehensive list of books to help you dive deep into the world of Routines And Habits.

Our selection covers various aspects of establishing and maintaining effective routines and habits. So, let's transform your life one habit at a time by exploring these insightful reads!
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Routines & Habits Bücher: The Now Habit von Neil Fiore

The Now Habit

Neil Fiore
A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play
4.5 (325 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Now Habit?

The Now Habit investigates a problem many people can relate to today: procrastination. Why do people put off important tasks until the last possible second? And how can they be helped? The Now Habit explains where this phenomenon comes from, and which mindset and tools can help us overcome it.

Wer The Now Habit lesen sollte

  • Anyone suffering from procrastination
  • Anyone who wants to help a chronic procrastinator
  • Anyone interested in self-management and personal development

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Power of Habit von Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg
Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
4.4 (2.650 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Power of Habit?

The Power of Habit (2012) explains what an important role habits play in our lives, whether they’re good ones, like brushing our teeth and exercising, or bad ones, like smoking. Filled with research-based findings and engaging anecdotes, The Power of Habit not only explains exactly how habits are formed, it provides easy tips for changing habits, both on an individual and an organizational level.

Wer The Power of Habit lesen sollte

  • People striving to form good habits, like exercising regularly, or kick bad ones, like eating fast food
  • Anyone interested in how our tendency to form habits is manipulated by companies
  • Anyone who wants to implement new routines in their organizations

Routines & Habits Bücher: Switch von Chip Heath & Dan Heath


Chip Heath & Dan Heath
How to Change Things When Change Is Hard
4.4 (236 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Switch?

Switch examines why it is often difficult for people to switch their behavior, and how, by understanding the mind, it is possible to find shortcuts that make change easier. Through scientific studies and anecdotes, Switch provides simple yet effective tools for implementing changes.

Wer Switch lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to change parts of their own behavior
  • Anyone who wants to implement a change in a group or organization
  • Anyone who wants to understand why changing behavior is often so difficult

Routines & Habits Bücher: The ONE Thing von Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

The ONE Thing

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results
4.6 (609 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The ONE Thing?

The ONE Thing (2013) helps you to discover your most important goal, and gives you tools to ensure you can use your time productively to get there. The book reveals that many of the maxims we accept as good practice are actually myths that only hinder our progress. It also provides advice on how to live your life with priority, purpose and productivity without sending other aspects of life out of balance, because this is the way to perform the kind of focused work that leads to great success.

Wer The ONE Thing lesen sollte

  • Anyone looking to improve their productivity
  • Anyone who has trouble finding time to commit to their goal
  • Anyone looking for greater clarity and purpose in their daily life

Routines & Habits Bücher: Essentialism von Greg McKeown


Greg McKeown
4.5 (918 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Essentialism?

Essentialism (2014) teaches you how to do better by doing less. By offering practical solutions for how to get your priorities straight, Essentialism helps you to eliminate all of the junk in your routine that’s keeping you from being truly productive and fulfilled.

Wer Essentialism lesen sollte

  • Anyone who thinks that they are far too busy without being productive
  • Anyone who feels like there is never enough time
  • Anyone having a hard time identifying his or her priorities in life

Routines & Habits Bücher: Rewire von Richard O'Connor


Richard O'Connor
Change Your Brain to Break Bad Habits, Overcome Addictions, Conquer Self-Destructive Behavior
4.1 (247 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Rewire?

Rewire is about why we sometimes fall into self-destructive behavior, and how to move past it.

It delves into the brain activity behind addictions, and outlines strategies for rewiring yourself for improved self-control over your bad habits.

Wer Rewire lesen sollte

  • Anyone struggling to overcome a bad habit or addictions
  • Anyone looking to help a loved one with an addiction
  • Anyone who wants to gain more peace of mind and self-control

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Miracle Morning von Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning

Hal Elrod
The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 A.M.)
4.5 (1.065 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Miracle Morning?

In The Miracle Morning (2012), Hal Elrod explains the techniques that got him through the aftermath of a near-fatal car accident. Elrod realized that the key to a successful and fulfilling life was dedicating some time to improving ourselves every day. He details six crucial steps we can take every morning to help us jump-start our days and get us well on our way to a fulfilled life.

Wer The Miracle Morning lesen sollte

  • Anyone who no longer wants to settle for a mediocre life
  • Anyone who has trouble waking up in the mornings
  • Anyone who wants to be more focused and dedicated throughout their day

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Happiness Advantage von Shawn Achor

The Happiness Advantage

Shawn Achor
The Seven Principles that Fuel Success and Performance at Work
4.6 (274 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Happiness Advantage?

The Happiness Advantage looks into the origins of happiness and the positive effects that happiness has on our productivity. Based on extensive research in positive psychology, the book offers concrete tips on how to increase your own happiness and thus your chances for success.

Wer The Happiness Advantage lesen sollte

  • Anyone who thinks happiness is the reward for hard work
  • Anyone who feels too stressed to cope
  • Anyone who could use just a little more happiness in his or her life

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up von Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo
The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
4.2 (714 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up isn’t just a guide to decluttering, it’s a best seller that’s changed lives in Japan, Europe and the United States. The Wall Street Journal even called Marie Kondo’s Shinto-inspired “KonMari” technique “the cult of tidying up.” Kondo explains in detail the many ways in which your living space affects all aspects of your life, and how you can ensure that each item in it has powerful personal significance. By following her simple yet resonant advice, you can move closer to achieving your dreams.

Wer The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up lesen sollte

  • Anyone who dreads cleaning their house
  • Anyone interested in how their surroundings affect their lives
  • Anyone looking for tips on how to be a more effective organizer

Routines & Habits Bücher: Habits of a Happy Brain von Loretta Graziano Breuning

Habits of a Happy Brain

Loretta Graziano Breuning
Retrain Your Brain to Boost Your Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin & Endorphin Levels
4.4 (146 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Habits of a Happy Brain?

Habits of a Happy Brain (2012) provides a detailed introduction to the four chemicals responsible for our happiness: dopamine, serotonin, endorphin and oxytocin. The book explores the mechanics of what makes us happy and why, as well as why some bad things make us feel so good.

Wer Habits of a Happy Brain lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in turning their bad habits into productive ones
  • Anyone who wants to become a happier person
  • Anyone who is interested in psychology and neurology

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Compound Effect von Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy
Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success
4.3 (418 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Compound Effect?

The Compound Effect shows us how to make lasting changes by paying attention to the smallest decisions we make – and their cumulative effect on us. It’s about the slow burn, not the big gesture. Author Darren Hardy teaches us that by accepting responsibility for our own lives, we can change our habits and carve out a life that is more successful, fulfilling and happy.

Wer The Compound Effect lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to improve their lives and transform their daily habits
  • Anyone who wants big, sustainable results
  • Anyone who’s tried quick fixes and gotten nowhere

Routines & Habits Bücher: Living the 80/20 Way von Richard Koch

Living the 80/20 Way

Richard Koch
Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More
4.1 (196 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Living the 80/20 Way?

Living the 80/20 Way shows you how to apply the 80/20 principle, an economic concept which states that the vast majority of results come from a small proportion of effort, to your personal life. With pragmatic, easily applicable advice about how to create more with less, the author encourages the reader to focus on what’s important and to think outside the box.

Wer Living the 80/20 Way lesen sollte

  • Life coaches or other motivational coaches
  • Anyone who feels unsatisfied with how they spend their time
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed and exhausted by a busy schedule

Routines & Habits Bücher: Better Than Before von Gretchen Rubin

Better Than Before

Gretchen Rubin
Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives
4.1 (280 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Better Than Before?

Better Than Before (2015) gives you the strategies to both create and maintain good, healthy habits, and break the habits that don’t serve you.

Wer Better Than Before lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to pick up and maintain good habits
  • Anyone wishing to kick a bad habit

Routines & Habits Bücher: Mini Habits von Stephen Guise

Mini Habits

Stephen Guise
Smaller Habits, Bigger Results
4.6 (496 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Mini Habits?

Mini Habits (2013) explains the logic behind an innovative approach to achieving your goals. Motivation and ambition aren’t necessarily what will drive you to success; rather, it’s your small day-to-day habits that will really get you on the right track. Learn how to harness their power with these blinks.

Wer Mini Habits lesen sollte

  • People finding it difficult to keep up with their health or weight loss goals
  • Anyone looking for ways to build new skills with minimal effort
  • People hoping to make changes in their lives, but with no idea where to start

Routines & Habits Bücher: Making Habits, Breaking Habits von Jeremy Dean

Making Habits, Breaking Habits

Jeremy Dean
Why We Do Things, Why We Don’t, and How to Make Any Change Stick
4.1 (584 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Making Habits, Breaking Habits?

Making Habits, Breaking Habits (2013) provides an overview of exactly what habits are and how we form them. Using this knowledge, it reveals how to create healthy habits and tackle the bad ones so that we can experience lasting, positive change in our everyday lives.

Wer Making Habits, Breaking Habits lesen sollte

  • People interested in human behavior and psychology
  • Anyone willing to improve their life and make lasting changes

Routines & Habits Bücher: The 8th Habit von Stephen R. Covey

The 8th Habit

Stephen R. Covey
From Effectiveness to Greatness
4.0 (491 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 8th Habit?

The 8th Habit (2004) helps you find your inner voice and thereby lead a more fulfilled life. Covey explains why we struggle to feel motivated and passionate (particularly in our working life) and how we can go about changing that.

Wer The 8th Habit lesen sollte

  • Business leaders
  • Anyone feeling lost or unfulfilled
  • People striving to work efficiently and with joy

Routines & Habits Bücher: Daily Rituals von Mason Currey

Daily Rituals

Mason Currey
How Artists Work
3.7 (93 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Daily Rituals?

Daily Rituals (2013) is an entertaining and illuminating collection of the daily routines of great minds and artists. Including the work habits of people such as Jane Austen, Ludwig van Beethoven and Pablo Picasso, it offers insights into the best ways to maximize efficiency and prevent writer’s block, as well as tips on how to get by in the creative world.

Wer Daily Rituals lesen sollte

  • Those interested in quirky facts about inspiring people
  • Artists, academics and freelancers
  • Anyone who wants to enrich their life with new rituals

Routines & Habits Bücher: How to Be Alone von Sara Maitland

How to Be Alone

Sara Maitland
The School of Life
4.2 (288 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Be Alone?

Today’s socially focused culture leaves us very little time to ourselves and unprepared for times when we may actually need to be alone. How to Be Alone (2014) shows us that we don’t need to be scared of solitude, and that there are many benefits and joys to be found in being alone. So don’t be afraid, go solo!

Wer How to Be Alone lesen sollte

  • People interested in sociology and human behavior
  • Anyone afraid of being alone

Routines & Habits Bücher: Eat, Move, Sleep von Tom Rath

Eat, Move, Sleep

Tom Rath
How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes
4.0 (270 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Eat, Move, Sleep?

Eat, Move, Sleep (2013) offers simple tips for improving your health and well-being in some very important ways. You don’t have to revolutionize your lifestyle to get in shape and increase your energy levels – little changes can make a big difference, and these blinks will show you how.

Wer Eat, Move, Sleep lesen sollte

  • Anyone hoping to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Workaholics struggling to improve their work-life balance
  • People with stressful jobs and packed daily routines

Routines & Habits Bücher: Organize Tomorrow Today von Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy

Organize Tomorrow Today

Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy
Eight Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life
4.5 (273 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Organize Tomorrow Today?

Organize Tomorrow Today (2015) is the definitive guide to achieving a successful career and fulfilling life. These blinks offer you valuable information, giving you the tools to unlock the power of your mind, increase your self-confidence and become your most productive self.

Wer Organize Tomorrow Today lesen sollte

  • Artists and creatives looking to be more productive
  • Athletes who want to create positive new habits
  • Students and professionals who want to become better public speakers

Routines & Habits Bücher: Bringing Up Bébé von Pamela Druckerman

Bringing Up Bébé

Pamela Druckerman
One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting
4.4 (119 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Bringing Up Bébé?

It might sound too good to be true, but in France, babies and children sleep through the night, eat their vegetables and do what their parents tell them. In Bringing Up Bébé (2011), Pamela Druckerman, an American mother living in Paris, reveals the French parenting secrets she uncovered in her time abroad.

Wer Bringing Up Bébé lesen sollte

  • Parents and parents-to-be
  • Francophiles
  • Anyone who works with preschool age children

Routines & Habits Bücher: 18 Minutes von Peter Bregman

18 Minutes

Peter Bregman
Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done
3.8 (289 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in 18 Minutes?

18 Minutes (2011) is a helpful guide to getting things done by focusing on meaningful work, reaching goals and preventing distractions. These blinks will show how to identify the kind of work that is right for you and how to stay on track and hit your targets.

Wer 18 Minutes lesen sollte

  • People who want to get things done
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed with work
  • Anyone searching for happiness and meaning in their lives

Routines & Habits Bücher: Night School von Richard Wiseman

Night School

Richard Wiseman
The Life-Changing Science of Sleep
3.9 (80 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Night School?

Night School (2014) is about an often neglected yet essential ingredient for happiness and success in life: a good night’s sleep. People have been struggling with sleep for centuries, and while we’ve come up with some methods for alleviating insomnia, we’ve also gained a lot of insight into why sleep is so crucial.

Wer Night School lesen sollte

  • Insomniacs desperate for a good night’s sleep
  • Workaholics who think sleep is overrated
  • Readers wondering why they have nightmares

Routines & Habits Bücher: Tools of Titans von Tim Ferriss

Tools of Titans

Tim Ferriss
The Tactics, Routines and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers
3.8 (842 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Tools of Titans?

Tools of Titans (2016) details the stories, strategies and successes of some of the most inspirational achievers, thinkers and doers of modern times. These blinks will teach you how to strengthen your body and your mind, all while building your creative business.

“There’s a reason why Tim Ferriss has become such an influential voice when it comes to achieving top performance. He always manages to get the best advice out of such fascinating, impressive people. Even Seth Rogan is in here!” – Ben S. Head of Salad at Blinkist

Wer Tools of Titans lesen sollte

  • Fitness buffs who are in search of workout tips
  • Budding entrepreneurs in need of inspiration
  • Creative minds looking for words of wisdom

Routines & Habits Bücher: Irresistible von Adam Alter


Adam Alter
The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked
4.3 (152 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Irresistible?

Irresistible (2017) shows how dangerously dependent we’ve become on the smartphones, tablets, video games and social platforms that we’ve surrounded ourselves with. Is our attachment to these devices strictly related to the convenience they provide? Or have we actually grown addicted to the psychological rewards they offer?

Wer Irresistible lesen sollte

  • Psychology students
  • Technology addicts
  • Anyone looking to be more productive

Routines & Habits Bücher: Make Your Bed von William H. McRaven

Make Your Bed

William H. McRaven
Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe The World
4.1 (547 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Make Your Bed?

Make Your Bed (2017) is a collection of the author’s ten most valuable personal experiences during his many years of service with the US Navy SEALs. Each is a simple yet priceless piece of advice that will have a positive influence on your life.

Wer Make Your Bed lesen sollte

  • Team leaders looking for inspiration
  • Anyone struggling to cope with life
  • Motivational speakers

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Productivity Project von Chris Bailey

The Productivity Project

Chris Bailey
Proven Ways to Become More Awesome
4.4 (236 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Productivity Project?

The Productivity Project (2016) is a practical guide to how to live a life that’s both productive and meaningful. With easy-to-understand techniques and reliable advice, you’ll find out how to work smarter and accomplish the work that really matters. Stop wasting time and procrastinating, and pick up some new tools to take control of your life!

Wer The Productivity Project lesen sollte

  • Students looking for new ways to be productive
  • Overworked employees
  • Busy or stressed-out entrepreneurs and business owners

Routines & Habits Bücher: High Performance Habits von Brendon Burchard

High Performance Habits

Brendon Burchard
How Extraordinary People Become That Way
4.6 (947 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in High Performance Habits?

High Performance Habits (2017) explores the six habits that can turn an ordinary person into an extraordinarily productive one. Performance coach Brendon Burchard draws on the data and statistics from one of the largest studies of the world’s most productive people ever conducted to explore their habits and find out what makes them tick.

“Burchard’s research into the habits of high performers across the globe unearths some fascinating and practical insights. For example, did you know that you’ll be more motivated to do something if you think you’re doing it for someone else’s sake?” – Ben H, Head of Content at Blinkist

Wer High Performance Habits lesen sollte

  • Workers who wish to improve job performance
  • Students interested in the habits of extraordinary people
  • Readers who want to be healthier and happier

Routines & Habits Bücher: The 5 Second Rule von Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins
Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage
4.3 (1.203 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 5 Second Rule?

The 5 Second Rule (2017) is a transformative guidebook to taking action, changing your behavior and living life with less fear and more courage. The tips contained within are memorable, easy to implement and instantly effective. Anyone can start using them today to take control of their life and move confidently toward a brighter tomorrow.

Wer The 5 Second Rule lesen sollte

  • Worriers who feel stuck
  • Students and professionals struggling with procrastination
  • Anyone who needs a kick in the butt

Routines & Habits Bücher: Digital Minimalism von Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism

Cal Newport
Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World
4.5 (775 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Digital Minimalism?

Digital Minimalism (2018) is a practical guide to navigating today’s media landscape, where multiple billion-dollar companies are out to keep your eyes as glued to their platforms as possible. Fortunately, there is growing skepticism surrounding new technology and digital media. People are eager to regain their autonomy and, while they’re at it, live more satisfying and healthy lives. With these tools and methods, you too can regain the focus and productivity that comes from stepping back from new technology.

Wer Digital Minimalism lesen sollte

  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed with social media
  • People looking for tips to boost productivity
  • News junkies in need of a detox

Routines & Habits Bücher: Atomic Habits von James Clear

Atomic Habits

James Clear
An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
4.7 (16.574 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Atomic Habits?

Atomic Habits (2018) provides a practical and proven framework for creating good habits and shedding bad ones. Drawing on scientific research and real-life examples, it shows how tiny changes in behavior can result in the formation of new habits and help you achieve big things.

Wer Atomic Habits lesen sollte

  • Those who want to form better habits, or shake off bad ones
  • People who love understanding why they behave in a certain way
  • Achievers hoping to achieve even more

Routines & Habits Bücher: Overworked and Overwhelmed von Scott Eblin

Overworked and Overwhelmed

Scott Eblin
The Mindfulness Alternative
4.2 (161 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Overworked and Overwhelmed?

Overworked and Overwhelmed (2014) shines a light on work-related stress and outlines what you can do to fight it. Packed full of simple yet effective stress-relieving strategies that you can start putting into practice today, this is a survival guide tailor-made to today’s fast-paced corporate world.

Wer Overworked and Overwhelmed lesen sollte

  • Executives and managers
  • Anyone feeling stressed and overworked
  • Coaches and work psychologists

Routines & Habits Bücher: My Morning Routine von Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander

My Morning Routine

Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander
How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired
4.1 (1.202 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in My Morning Routine?

Based on the authors’ interviews with 64 of today’s most successful people, My Morning Routine (2018) is a practical guide for would-be early birds. Yes, it’s easy to live in fear of your alarm clock and worship at the altar of your phone’s slumber function, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Mornings don’t need to be traumatic at all. What’s more, finding the right routine for the early hours will change your whole day for the better.

Wer My Morning Routine lesen sollte

  • The sleep-deprived
  • Ambitious self-starters looking to boost their productivity
  • Parents struggling to adapt to a new morning routine

Routines & Habits Bücher: Pause von Rachael O’Meara


Rachael O’Meara
Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break
4.2 (149 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Pause?

Pause (2017) wages war on burnout and provides a road map to a more meaningful life. Rachael O’Meara’s prescription for work-related stress? Take a break. That doesn’t just mean hitting the pause button, though. A break is an invaluable moment of reflection, growth and reassessment. Follow O’Meara’s actionable insights and you’ll emerge on the other side of your pause feeling refreshed, recentered and ready for the next round.

Wer Pause lesen sollte

  • People on the verge of burnout
  • Fans of mindfulness and reflective living
  • Anyone who’s wondered how to take time out without breaking the bank

Routines & Habits Bücher: Rest von Alex Soojung-Kim Pang


Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Why You Get More Done When You Work Less
4.5 (327 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Rest?

Rest (2016) takes aim at the common misconception that the longer we work, the more we’re able to get done. Written by a Silicon Valley strategist whose punishing regimen of long office hours brought him perilously close to a burnout, this empirically grounded study turns that idea on its head. Hitting your targets and achieving success isn’t about grinding out endless hours at your desk – it’s about finding the best time to work, getting enough rest and nurturing your creativity.

Wer Rest lesen sollte

  • Anyone working at a startup
  • Creatives
  • Workaholics

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Free-Time Formula von Jeff Sanders

The Free-Time Formula

Jeff Sanders
Finding Happiness, Focus, and Productivity No Matter How Busy You Are
4.4 (219 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Free-Time Formula?

The Free-Time Formula (2018) is a practical guide to better time management, addressing a problem we’ve all grappled with: the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do the things we value most. These blinks show that the problem usually isn’t time itself but perception. Once we reframe our concept of time, Jeff Sanders argues, we can start setting realistic priorities and getting the most out of our days.

Wer The Free-Time Formula lesen sollte

  • Busy professionals
  • Workaholics
  • Self-development aficionados

Routines & Habits Bücher: The More of Less von Joshua Becker

The More of Less

Joshua Becker
Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own
4.5 (468 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The More of Less?

The More of Less (2016) is the ultimate guide to getting more out of life by owning less. Written by a leading light in America’s growing movement against excessive consumerism and cluttered living, this is a practical book designed to help you free up headspace, resources and time so that you can pursue the things that really matter.

Wer The More of Less lesen sollte

  • Hoarders and shopaholics
  • Would-be nomads tied down by too many possessions
  • People who have had enough of overflowing closets and cluttered garages

Routines & Habits Bücher: How to Break Up with Your Phone von Catherine Price

How to Break Up with Your Phone

Catherine Price
The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life
4.4 (222 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Break Up with Your Phone?

How to Break Up With Your Phone (2018) examines the increasingly visible and often addictive relationships we have with our phones. These blinks consider how we could start using phones with more awareness. If done correctly, we can stop using our devices to provide endless distractions, and instead use them as tools to enhance our lives.

Wer How to Break Up with Your Phone lesen sollte

  • Phone addicts
  • Distracted and forgetful types
  • Luddites afraid of the impact of modern technology

Routines & Habits Bücher: The 5 AM Club von Robin Sharma

The 5 AM Club

Robin Sharma
Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life.
4.5 (8.416 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 5 AM Club?

The 5 AM Club (2018) shows how embracing a revolutionary morning routine can deliver epic results. Through the enchanting story of an entrepreneur, an artist, and their eccentric billionaire mentor, it explains how you can use the first hour of your day to drive personal growth and get the most out of life.

Wer The 5 AM Club lesen sollte

  • Those who feel they could try and get more out of the day
  • People who want to achieve great things in life
  • Anyone in need of an energizing and positive morning routine

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Courage Habit von Kate Swoboda

The Courage Habit

Kate Swoboda
How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life
4.4 (374 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Courage Habit?

The Courage Habit (2018) takes a look at the role fear plays in our lives and offers a four-step program for becoming your most courageous self and following your dreams. Using inspiring examples and practical tips rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, and acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT, it outlines ways that everyone can cultivate the courage they need to change their lives.

Wer The Courage Habit lesen sollte

  • Independent thinkers who want to confront their fears and unlock their hidden potential
  • Motivated-but-stuck achievers who want to learn the principles of habit formation
  • Sensitive souls who would like to foster more nurturing relationships

Routines & Habits Bücher: Getting COMFY von Jordan Gross

Getting COMFY

Jordan Gross
Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness
4.1 (166 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Getting COMFY?

Getting COMFY (2018) is a how-to manual for starting the day right. From work to school to our own social circles, modern life is full of external pressures that demand our attention and energy. With this guide, Jordan Gross offers a five-step method for tweaking your morning routine so you can face each day on your own terms. 

Wer Getting COMFY lesen sollte

  • Night owls interested in becoming early birds
  • Busy people seeking to start each day on the right footing
  • Ambitious individuals interested in self-improvement strategies and techniques

Routines & Habits Bücher: Tiny Habits von BJ Fogg

Tiny Habits

BJ Fogg
The Small Changes That Change Everything
4.6 (1.766 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Tiny Habits?

Tiny Habits (2019) is a meditation on the virtues of not biting off more than you can chew. If you want to make positive changes stick, behavioral analyst BJ Fogg argues, you have to think small. Want to get in shape? Start with two pushups a day. Want to become more mindful? Take a yoga breath every time you close your car door. These “tiny habits” set the bar low, which means it’s easier to incorporate them into your existing routine. Over time, however, they rewire your brain and make virtuous habits as automatic as brewing a cup of coffee in the morning.

Wer Tiny Habits lesen sollte

  • Would-be world-beaters looking for innovative hacks 
  • Anyone struggling to stick to their New Year’s resolutions 
  • People interested in self-improvement and the science behind habits

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Kindness Method von Shahroo Izadi

The Kindness Method

Shahroo Izadi
Changing Habits for Good Using Self-Compassion and Understanding
4.4 (227 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Kindness Method?

The Kindness Method (2019) approaches the practice of habit-forming by cultivating self-compassion and understanding. Using practical exercises based on the author’s experience as an addiction recovery therapist as well as on her personal journey with self-image and weight loss, it provides the guidance necessary to create and sustain change.

Wer The Kindness Method lesen sollte

  • People who want to beat drug or alcohol addiction
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight – and keep off the pounds
  • Professionals trying to establish good habits for a career change

Routines & Habits Bücher: Willpower Doesn't Work von Benjamin Hardy

Willpower Doesn't Work

Benjamin Hardy
Discover the Hidden Keys to Success
4.3 (349 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Willpower Doesn't Work?

Willpower Doesn't Work (2018) sets itself firmly against orthodox opinion in the fields of productivity and self-help. Drawing on a wide range of psychological theories, as well as the stories of successful entrepreneurs, these blinks argue that when it comes to changing your life, willpower simply isn’t the answer.

Wer Willpower Doesn't Work lesen sollte

  • Master procrastinators trying to turn over a new leaf
  • Entrepreneurs trying to reach their full potential
  • Organizational leaders interested in the psychology of productivity

Routines & Habits Bücher: Do Nothing von Celeste Headlee

Do Nothing

Celeste Headlee
How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving
4.2 (234 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Do Nothing?

Do Nothing (2020) argues that our obsession with efficiency and productivity has led us to underestimate the power of leisure. Tracing the rise of efficiency in previous centuries, as well as the present-day consequences of stretching ourselves too thin, author Celeste Headlee claims that we need to begin to allow ourselves to experience the true joy of idleness.

Wer Do Nothing lesen sollte

  • Productivity junkies who need a reason to wind down
  • Overworked employees trying to learn how to de-stress
  • Working parents who never make time for themselves

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Bullet Journal Method von Ryder Carroll

The Bullet Journal Method

Ryder Carroll
Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future
4.3 (246 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Bullet Journal Method?

The Bullet Journal Method (2018) by Ryder Carroll breaks down bullet journaling: the planning and productivity system your most organized friend is definitely already using. Use bullet journaling to clarify, prioritize, schedule, and reflect on your tasks and goals. You’ll never miss an appointment or lose track of a great idea again. 

Wer The Bullet Journal Method lesen sollte

  • People who write to-do lists but never seem to finish them
  • Productivity pros keen to try the system that’s revolutionized personal planning
  • Dreamers who want to turn vague plans into a reality

Routines & Habits Bücher: SuperLife von Darin Olien


Darin Olien
The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome
4.3 (210 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in SuperLife?

SuperLife (2015) is the missing manual for your body. By outlining the five life forces fundamental to human well-being, it explains how you can harness these forces to optimize your health, feel amazing, and live long into the future.

Wer SuperLife lesen sollte

  • Future-minded people concerned about their long-term health and longevity
  • Young and middle-aged people who are suffering from premature aches and pains
  • People who want to feel their best every day

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Slight Edge von Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge

Jeff Olson
Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness
4.6 (313 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Slight Edge?

What’s it about?

The Slight Edge (2005) explores the power of all the small choices we make every day. Far from being insignificant, they are a step in our journey toward success or failure.

Wer The Slight Edge lesen sollte

Who’s it for?

  • Individuals wanting to achieve success in life
  • People trying to develop new habits or stop bad ones
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses

Routines & Habits Bücher: Kaizen von Sarah Harvey


Sarah Harvey
The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time
4.6 (623 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Kaizen?

Kaizen (2019) is a guide to the improvement philosophy known as kaizen, which encourages taking small steps to complete ambitious goals. Already well established in the world of business and sports, this method can also be applied to personal development. Using practical examples, this guide explains how to take a kaizen approach to setting goals that’ll improve health, relationships, money, and work.

Wer Kaizen lesen sollte

  • Anyone trying to overcome a habit or take up a new challenge
  • Anybody wishing to improve an aspect of their life
  • Anyone interested in Japanese culture and philosophies

Routines & Habits Bücher: Good Habits, Bad Habits von Wendy Wood

Good Habits, Bad Habits

Wendy Wood
The Science of Making Positive Changes That Stick
4.6 (513 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Good Habits, Bad Habits?

Good Habits, Bad Habits (2019) lays out the workings of human habits, drawing on groundbreaking new research into the psychology of human behavior. Combining the insights of neuroscience and lab-based experiments, it shows how we can harness our habits to change our lives for the better.

Wer Good Habits, Bad Habits lesen sollte

  • Ambitious planners who lack follow-through
  • Serial dieters trying to change their eating habits for good
  • Anyone trying to kick a stubborn bad habit

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Science of Living von Stuart Farrimond

The Science of Living

Stuart Farrimond
219 Reasons to Rethink Your Daily Routine
4.0 (277 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Science of Living?

The Science of Living (2020) explores the science behind things you do every day and debunks some of the common myths that shape your habits. By doing this, it seeks to help you plan your days better, so that you can live a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

Wer The Science of Living lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in living a healthier, happier life
  • Those looking to squeeze as much out their days as possible
  • Workaholics, insomniacs, and oversleepers

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Law of Success von Napoleon Hill

The Law of Success

Napoleon Hill
The 15 Most Powerful Principles for Wealth, Health, and Happiness
4.6 (807 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Law of Success?

The Law of Success (1928) covers 15 valuable lessons that you can use to get motivated about turning your plans and dreams into reality. You can put these practical lessons into practice today. They’re designed to help you turn words into action, gain self-confidence, and thrive in any environment.

Wer The Law of Success lesen sollte

  • Inspiration seekers
  • Salespeople looking for tips on success
  • People interested in how to gain self-confidence

Routines & Habits Bücher: Soundtracks von Jon Acuff


Jon Acuff
The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
4.3 (365 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Soundtracks?

Soundtracks (2021) is a simple guide to ending self-doubt, hesitation, and overthinking. Instead of being at the mercy of your fickle and often unhelpful thoughts, you’ll discover patterns of thinking that can strengthen you, make you happier, and bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Wer Soundtracks lesen sollte

  • Lifelong overthinkers who finally want to start taking action
  • Negative Nancies who need to inject some optimism into their lives
  • Anyone who lets self-doubt interfere with work, life goals, or relationships

Routines & Habits Bücher: Badass Habits von Jen Sincero

Badass Habits

Jen Sincero
Cultivate the Awareness, Boundaries, and Daily Upgrades You Need to Make Them Stick
4.4 (325 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Badass Habits?

Badass Habits (2020) is a lighthearted guide to developing positive habits. This manual lays out a step-by-step approach to breaking old patterns and creating new ones.

Wer Badass Habits lesen sollte

  • Stubborn people looking to drop old behaviors
  • Apathetic folks looking for some motivation
  • Anyone aiming to build better habits

Routines & Habits Bücher: Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess von Caroline Leaf

Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

Caroline Leaf
5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking
4.3 (724 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess?

Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess (2021) presents a scientifically backed strategy for rooting out toxic thoughts. It breaks down the principles and tools of the Neurocycle – a mind-management process that changes toxic thoughts and their related behaviors into positive thinking and habits.

Wer Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess lesen sollte

  • Those looking to take control of their mental state
  • People grappling with the effects of trauma
  • Anyone curious about how the mind and brain are connected

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Scout Mindset von Julia Galef

The Scout Mindset

Julia Galef
Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don't
4.6 (584 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Scout Mindset?

The Scout Mindset (2021) explores two very different mindsets: that of the soldier and that of the scout. It explains that most of us have a soldier mindset – we cling to our beliefs and often ignore evidence that might prove us wrong. But we can all learn to be scouts, seeking out truth and improving our “map” of the world.

Wer The Scout Mindset lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to overcome their inherent biases
  • People who want to learn how to be wrong
  • Truth seekers

Routines & Habits Bücher: Fear Less von Pippa Grange

Fear Less

Pippa Grange
Face Not-Good-Enough to Replace Your Doubts, Achieve Your Goals, and Unlock Your Success
4.3 (355 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Fear Less?

Fear Less (2021) highlights the countless ways that fear infiltrates our lives, negatively impacting our work, relationships, and personal satisfaction. We may not even realize that we’re afraid, but identifying our underlying anxieties and insecurities is the first step to leading a more fulfilling, fearless life.

Wer Fear Less lesen sollte

  • Perfectionists who feel they’re never quite good enough
  • Private people who struggle with honesty and intimacy
  • Nervous fliers, anxious parents, commitment-phobes, and anyone else who’s afraid

Routines & Habits Bücher: Unwinding Anxiety von Judson Brewer

Unwinding Anxiety

Judson Brewer
New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind
4.7 (1.431 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Unwinding Anxiety?

Unwinding Anxiety (2021) breaks down the brain science behind the bad habits that keep us stuck. Have you ever tried to reason yourself out of binge eating, or procrastinating? Then you’ll know that it just doesn’t work. That’s because addiction and obsessive thought patterns are controlled by our instinctive survival brains, not our rational brains. Learning how to retrain our brains using mindfulness techniques will allow us to free ourselves from chronic worry, anxiety, and other obsessive habits. 

Wer Unwinding Anxiety lesen sollte

  • Chronic worriers who want a way to calm their racing thoughts 
  • People who want to interrupt addictive behaviors
  • Health professionals looking for new tools to curb the anxiety epidemic

Routines & Habits Bücher: How to Think More Effectively von The School of Life

How to Think More Effectively

The School of Life
A guide to greater productivity, insight and creativity
4.4 (952 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Think More Effectively?

How to Think More Effectively (2020) is a simple guide to improving the way you think. Drawing lessons from sources as diverse as the feeling of envy and the prose of Proust, it lays out the characteristics of effective thoughts – and shows how you can start cultivating them.

Wer How to Think More Effectively lesen sollte

  • Reflective types who want to up their cognitive game
  • Creatives trying to release their inner potential
  • Anyone who’d like to feel a little bit smarter

Routines & Habits Bücher: How to Change von Katy Milkman

How to Change

Katy Milkman
The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
4.4 (336 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Change?

How to Change (2021) is a simple guide to overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. It diagnoses our most persistent problems, from laziness to impulsivity, and presents a number of research-backed solutions to each one.

Wer How to Change lesen sollte

  • Serial procrastinators who can never get things done
  • Anyone whose bad habits interfere with their aims
  • People who’ve lost confidence in their ability to change

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Power of Focus von Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt

The Power of Focus

Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt
How to Hit Your Business, Personal, and Financial Targets with Absolute Certainty
4.2 (313 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Power of Focus?

The Power of Focus (2001) provides readers with the tools to focus their lives and work in a direction that fulfills their life purpose and brings financial success to their business ventures. Packed with practical exercises, the authors demonstrate the importance of successful habits, overcoming setbacks, maintaining win-win relationships, and asking the right questions.

Wer The Power of Focus lesen sollte

  • Entrepreneurs looking to revamp their game
  • Life optimizers seeking practical guidance to reach their potential
  • Anyone trying to become more proactive

Routines & Habits Bücher: The High 5 Habit von Mel Robbins

The High 5 Habit

Mel Robbins
It's Time to Cheer for Yourself
4.4 (1.225 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The High 5 Habit?

The High 5 Habit (2021) offers a startling proposition: A single change to your morning routine can help upend your outmoded, self-limiting attitudes and kick your life into top gear. Interwoven with personal anecdotes and scientific research, this blueprint for life transformation makes self-improvement seem easier than ever.

Wer The High 5 Habit lesen sollte

  • Self-improvement and personal-development fanatics 
  • Anyone who wants to change but needs a strong dose of pep and energy
  • Armchair psychologists interested in the workings of emotional growth

Routines & Habits Bücher: Discipline Equals Freedom von Jocko Willink

Discipline Equals Freedom

Jocko Willink
Field Manual
4.1 (653 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Discipline Equals Freedom?

Discipline Equals Freedom (2020) is your field manual to the art of self-discipline. It uncovers what you need to do to meet your full potential – and why being disciplined sets you free. 

Wer Discipline Equals Freedom lesen sollte

  • Fitness buffs looking for a new angle
  • Fans of straight-talking tough love
  • Anyone seeking inspiration to work harder

Routines & Habits Bücher: Not Today von Erica Schultz and Mike Schultz

Not Today

Erica Schultz and Mike Schultz
The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity
4.3 (365 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Not Today?

Not Today (2021) explains how you can become extremely productive through nine simple steps. The authors learned many of these lessons while running their business at the same time as caring for their gravely ill young son.

Wer Not Today lesen sollte

  • Entrepreneurs and ambitious workers who want to up their productivity
  • Business leaders with an eye on efficiency
  • Lovers of inspiring personal stories

Routines & Habits Bücher: Million Dollar Habits von Brian Tracy

Million Dollar Habits

Brian Tracy
Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income
4.4 (1.163 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Million Dollar Habits?

Million Dollar Habits (2017) is the manual to your brain and your life that you never got in school. It explains the “secrets” of success and what you need to do to unlock your full potential.

Wer Million Dollar Habits lesen sollte

  • Millionaire wannabes
  • Couch potatoes looking to get fit and healthy 
  • People who want to develop great relationships

Routines & Habits Bücher: The 6 Phase Meditation Method von Vishen Lakhiani

The 6 Phase Meditation Method

Vishen Lakhiani
The Proven Technique to Supercharge Your Mind, Manifest Your Goals, and Make Magic in Minutes a Day
4.6 (426 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 6 Phase Meditation Method?

The 6 Phase Meditation Method (2022) is a ground-breaking transformational guide divided into six distinct phases. In as little as 20 minutes, you can reclaim your life and reap the many practical benefits of meditation.

Wer The 6 Phase Meditation Method lesen sollte

  • Failed meditation experimenters
  • Time-poor self-improvers
  • Mental-fitness geeks

Routines & Habits Bücher: Be Your Future Self Now von Benjamin Hardy

Be Your Future Self Now

Benjamin Hardy
The Science of Intentional Transformation
4.6 (574 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Be Your Future Self Now?

Be Your Future Self Now (2022) is a guide to defining your future self – and making sure you get there. It walks readers through the seven threats to your future self, the seven truths about your future self, and the seven steps you can take to be your future self today. 

Wer Be Your Future Self Now lesen sollte

  • Those ready to take their careers and lives to the next level
  • Individuals seeking clarity on their future
  • Anyone frustrated by unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions

Routines & Habits Bücher: One Small Step Can Change Your Life von Robert Maurer

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

Robert Maurer
The Kaizen Way
4.7 (666 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in One Small Step Can Change Your Life?

One Small Step Can Change Your Life (2004) is a practical self-help guide inspired by the concept of kaizen – change through small steps. It suggests a variety of simple techniques that can help anyone improve their lives and make lasting changes, one small step at a time.

Wer One Small Step Can Change Your Life lesen sollte

  • People struggling to achieve their health goals
  • Writers, artists, or other creatives who feel blocked
  • Anyone who’s feeling pessimistic or demotivated

Routines & Habits Bücher: Peak Mind von Amishi Jha

Peak Mind

Amishi Jha
Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, 12 Minutes a Day
4.6 (675 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Peak Mind?

Peak Mind (2021) provides a cutting-edge overview of the science of attention – looking at the various ways your mind focuses and pays attention, as well as the factors that cause our mental vigilance to lapse and weaken over time. What’s more, it lays out a simple, easy-to-follow regimen to keep your mind in tip-top shape – even as you deal with the ups and downs of life.

Wer Peak Mind lesen sollte

  • Science enthusiasts interested in the frontiers of neuroscience
  • Distractible procrastinators trying to find their focus
  • Mindfulness skeptics interested in the science underpinning the practice

Routines & Habits Bücher: Procrastination von Jane B. Burka & Lenora M. Yuen


Jane B. Burka & Lenora M. Yuen
Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now
4.1 (403 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Procrastination?

Procrastination (1983) is a deep dive into procrastination – and why people struggle with it. Drawing on personal and professional experience, it offers a tested program and tips on how to conquer procrastination tendencies.

Wer Procrastination lesen sollte

  • People seeking to understand why they procrastinate
  • Compulsive procrastinators looking for ways to improve
  • Friends or family of procrastinators who want to help

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Everyday Hero Manifesto von Robin Sharma

The Everyday Hero Manifesto

Robin Sharma
Activate Your Positivity, Maximize Your Productivity, Serve The World
4.2 (823 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Everyday Hero Manifesto?

The Everyday Hero Manifesto (2021) is a how-to primer for becoming the hero of your own life. It’s full of detailed plans interspersed with short essays, anecdotes, and even poetry to help you become happier, more productive, and more successful.

Wer The Everyday Hero Manifesto lesen sollte

  • Anyone stuck in a rut
  • Go-getters looking to improve their career trajectory
  • Self-improvement seekers searching for practical guides and techniques

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Mountain Is You von Brianna Wiest

The Mountain Is You

Brianna Wiest
Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery
4.6 (1.052 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Mountain Is You?

The Mountain Is You (2020) can help you recognize the negative patterns in your life and what they are really telling you. Changing those patterns will be like climbing a mountain and the reward will be unlocking your own potential.

Wer The Mountain Is You lesen sollte

  • People with bad habits that they want to understand and change 
  • Those looking to maximize their potential
  • Anyone who feels stuck

Routines & Habits Bücher: Redeeming Your Time von Jordan Raynor

Redeeming Your Time

Jordan Raynor
7 Biblical Principles for Being Purposeful, Present, & Wildly Productive
4.0 (62 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Redeeming Your Time?

Redeeming Your Time (2021) offers practical, faith-based guidance to help you make the most of your precious time and focus on what truly matters. Drawing on inspiring stories and biblical wisdom, this powerful resource equips you to prioritize your tasks, develop meaningful habits, and ultimately live a more purposeful life. 

Wer Redeeming Your Time lesen sollte

  • Busy professionals seeking work-life balance
  • Faith-driven individuals pursuing purposeful living
  • Time management enthusiasts seeking fresh insights

Routines & Habits Bücher: Reinventing Your Life von Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko

Reinventing Your Life

Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko
The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behaviour...and Feel Great Again
4.4 (327 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Reinventing Your Life?

Reinventing Your Life (1994) is a manual on how to pull yourself out of negative habits and improve your life. By identifying key stumbling blocks to growth – or “lifetraps” – and presenting ways to overcome them, it guides you toward sustainable personal growth and happiness.

Wer Reinventing Your Life lesen sollte

  • Anyone who feels stuck in the same old negative loop
  • People looking to understand themselves better
  • Psychology buffs

Routines & Habits Bücher: 1-2-3 Magic von Thomas W. Phelan

1-2-3 Magic

Thomas W. Phelan
Effective Discipline for Children 2-12
3.9 (64 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in 1-2-3 Magic?

1-2-3 Magic (1995) is a clear and thorough guide to one of the most difficult yet important aspects of parenting: discipline. By outlining essential parenting principles and demonstrating simple and immediately applicable techniques, it creates a roadmap for taking back control of your home and building a much more enjoyable relationship with your child. Whether your goal is to stop the bad behavior of a tantrum-prone toddler or encourage good behavior in your pre-teen, this revised sixth edition will give you the tools you need to discipline responsibly.

Wer 1-2-3 Magic lesen sollte

  • Overwhelmed parents of younger children who need to adopt a new approach to discipline
  • Exhausted carers of pre-teens who want to have more control over bad behavior
  • Anyone who feels like they spend more time fighting than having fun with their child

Routines & Habits Bücher: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself von Joe Dispenza

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

Joe Dispenza
How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One
4.6 (1.287 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself?

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (2012) shows you how to tap into your mind's unlimited potential and transform your life from the inside out. Get ready to break free from limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns and become the master of your destiny.

Wer Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself lesen sollte

  • Aspiring mind benders
  • Change seekers
  • Wellness warriors

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Creative Act von Rick Rubin

The Creative Act

Rick Rubin
A Way of Being
4.6 (258 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Creative Act?

The Creative Act (2023) is a meditative manifesto about what it really means to be an artist. It contends that artists don’t have a monopoly on creativity – everyone is inherently creative. To access that creativity you just need to commit to a creative practice. By cultivating an awareness of the world around you and allowing yourself to make lots of mistakes, you’ll be able to revel in the creative process, instead of fearing it.

Wer The Creative Act lesen sollte

  • Music lovers looking for inspiration from a world-famous producer
  • Blocked creatives who want to get over their fears and start making cool stuff
  • Spiritual seekers who want to learn how to delight in the world around them

Routines & Habits Bücher: Built to Move von Kelly Starrett & Juliet Starrett

Built to Move

Kelly Starrett & Juliet Starrett
The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully
4.6 (304 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Built to Move?

Built to Move (2023) is your ultimate guide to building a better, healthier, more functional body. The concept is simple – it provides a handful of simple tests to assess your movement, and a handful of easy-to-follow routines to improve it. Utilizing the latest insights of mobility, sleep, and nutrition science, you’ll learn to keep your body and mind as fit as possible with minimal effort – no matter if you’re a couch potato or a world class athlete. 

Wer Built to Move lesen sollte

  • Couch potatoes looking for a minimal movement practice to stay healthy
  • Professional athletes looking to keep their body as fit as possible 
  • Anyone who wants to move better and without pain 

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Power of Discipline von Daniel Walter

The Power of Discipline

Daniel Walter
How to Use Self Control and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals
4.4 (875 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Power of Discipline?

The Power of Discipline (2020) explores the biological tendencies within our brains that determine our ability to control our self-discipline. It shows us how we can refine these tendencies in order to develop improved self-disciplinary habits and reach our goals.

Wer The Power of Discipline lesen sollte

  • Anyone lacking some self-discipline in their lives
  • Those who need to ditch their bad habits
  • Goal-setters looking for advice on how to be an achiever

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Art of Manifesting von Carolyn Boyes

The Art of Manifesting

Carolyn Boyes
Tap into the power of the universe to live your best life
4.5 (364 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Art of Manifesting?

The Art of Manifesting (2023) is a handy guide to the practice of manifesting, or bringing the life you envision into reality. Packed with actionable advice and easy exercises, it shows how you can start to tune into the universe and transform your life. 

Wer The Art of Manifesting lesen sollte

  • Anyone looking to change their life
  • People curious about what manifesting is 
  • Those who know about manifesting and want to improve

Routines & Habits Bücher: Love Unfu*ked von Gary John Bishop

Love Unfu*ked

Gary John Bishop
Getting Your Relationship Sh!t Together
4.3 (87 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Love Unfu*ked?

Love Unfu*ked (2022) is a no-nonsense, in-your-face guide to identifying and fixing the one thing that’s stopping you from having a meaningful and fulfilling relationship: you. By accepting hard facts about yourself and your habits, you can begin making the changes necessary to be the best version of yourself and stop being the problem that you don’t even know you are.

Wer Love Unfu*ked lesen sollte

  • The married or committed who’ve grown miserable in their relationships
  • Perpetual daters who are wondering why things never work out
  • Anyone looking for a more meaningful and satisfying relationship

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Home Edit von Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin

The Home Edit

Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin
A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals
3.1 (66 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Home Edit?

The Home Edit (2019) proposes a straightforward formula to organize any part of the home in a way that is functional, classy, and easy to maintain. The technique it teaches is equally easy for other members of the household to learn and apply, so that everyone can enjoy a calm, happy home environment.

Wer The Home Edit lesen sollte

  • Anyone trying to maintain order and beauty in their homes
  • Parents teaching their kids good housekeeping habits
  • Interior designers trying to help clients maintain the spaces they create

Routines & Habits Bücher: Pathways to Peace of Mind von Napoleon Hill

Pathways to Peace of Mind

Napoleon Hill
4.3 (293 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Pathways to Peace of Mind?

Learn to maintain positivity, shared abundance, good habits, and relationships with uplifting examples and practical strategies from the newly released Pathways to Peace of Mind (2023).

Wer Pathways to Peace of Mind lesen sollte

  • General seekers of calm in chaos
  • Group leaders who want more zen
  • Entrepreneurs desiring success without burnout

Routines & Habits Bücher: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers von Sean Covey

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers

Sean Covey
The International Bestseller Updated for the Digital Age
4.4 (37 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers (2011) invites teenagers to begin taking charge of their lives by teaching them seven habits that help them thrive and will set them up for a successful future. 

Wer The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers lesen sollte

  • Parents and guardians of teens
  • Teachers and other role models
  • Leadership coaches

Routines & Habits Bücher: How to Be Your Own Therapist von Owen O'Kane

How to Be Your Own Therapist

Owen O'Kane
Boost Your Mood and Reduce Your Anxiety in 10 Minutes a Day
4.4 (191 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Be Your Own Therapist?

How to Be Your Own Therapist presents highly-effective techniques from evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. Funny and humane, it outlines a simple self-therapy program to free you from unhelpful habits and tendencies, as well as daily check-in sessions that can be completed in as little as ten minutes.  

Wer How to Be Your Own Therapist lesen sollte

  • People wishing to learn essential therapeutic techniques to improve their lives
  • Anyone curious about initiating a daily self-therapy practice
  • Those eager to overcome negative thought patterns and adopt healthier perspectives

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Procrastination Cure von Jeffery Combs

The Procrastination Cure

Jeffery Combs
7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off
4.5 (611 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Procrastination Cure?

The Procrastination Cure is a practical and motivational guide to overcoming procrastination. It offers strategies and personal insights to diagnose and address the root causes of this behavior, enabling readers to balance productivity and relaxation without guilt.

Wer The Procrastination Cure lesen sollte

  • Anyone who struggles with procrastination
  • People suffering from perfectionism or resistance
  • Anyone willing to introspect and develop self-awareness

Routines & Habits Bücher: The 12-week Fitness Project von Rujuta Diwekar

The 12-week Fitness Project

Rujuta Diwekar
4.1 (264 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 12-week Fitness Project?

The 12-week Fitness Project (2021) offers an alternative to restrictive diets that addresses health beyond the scale, creating sustainable change that draws on time-tested wisdom to improve overall well-being.

Wer The 12-week Fitness Project lesen sollte

  • Frustrated dieters wondering why restriction seems to work against them
  • Wellness seekers looking for better sleep, more energy and better digestion
  • Those looking to incorporate more variety in their diets while creating sustainable lifestyle change

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Sleep Prescription von Aric Prather

The Sleep Prescription

Aric Prather
Seven Days to Unlocking Your Best Rest
4.3 (132 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Sleep Prescription?

The Sleep Prescription (2022) is a practical guide to getting out of your own way and changing your behaviors to set yourself up for a better night’s sleep. It features seven days of clinical psychologist and sleep expert Dr. Aric Prather’s best tools and practices for finally achieving the healthy, restorative sleep we all need to feel our best.

Wer The Sleep Prescription lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to improve their sleep
  • Those suffering from insomnia
  • People who want to learn about the science behind sleep

Routines & Habits Bücher: Superhuman by Habit von Tynan

Superhuman by Habit

A Guide to Becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself, One Tiny Habit at a Time
4.3 (667 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Superhuman by Habit?

Superhuman by Habit (2014) is a simple guide to creating habits that’ll lead to positive, lasting change. Drawing on personal anecdotes and well-known examples, it covers how to choose and build a habit, and shares several common habits that can lead to a healthier, happier future.

Wer Superhuman by Habit lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to improve their day-to-day
  • Self-starters looking to upgrade themselves
  • People who’ve struggled in the past to build good habits

Routines & Habits Bücher: Mindful Self-Discipline von Giovanni Dienstmann

Mindful Self-Discipline

Giovanni Dienstmann
Living with Purpose and Achieving Your Goals in a World of Distractions
4.5 (519 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Mindful Self-Discipline?

Mindful Self-Discipline (2022) presents a new perspective on self-discipline as a tool for personal empowerment, rather than a set of rigid constraints. It guides us through a transformational journey of harnessing self-discipline, underlining the significance of integrating self-discipline into daily routines to control base instincts, chase higher goals, and design a life that mirrors one’s deepest values and dreams.

Wer Mindful Self-Discipline lesen sollte

  • Mindfulness practitioners who want to enhance discipline
  • Those interested in practical self-improvement strategies
  • Individuals seeking personal growth and improved self-control

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Circadian Code von Satchin Panda

The Circadian Code

Satchin Panda
Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Sleep Well Every Night
4.5 (104 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Circadian Code?

The Circadian Code (2018) presents a fascinating look at the science of circadian rhythms – how human biology is timed in daily cycles. It reveals how small tweaks in things like the timing of meals, exercise, or light exposure can have an outsized impact on health and well-being.

Wer The Circadian Code lesen sollte

  • Frustrated dieters looking for a breakthrough
  • Anyone looking for better sleep or more energy when they’re awake
  • Health optimizers looking for simple daily habits than can maximize well-being

Routines & Habits Bücher: Prepared von Mike Glover


Mike Glover
A Manual for Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios
4.3 (173 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Prepared?

"Prepared" (2023) argues that true preparedness goes beyond stockpiling supplies and involves building resilient habits to increase stress tolerance, situational awareness, and the ability to respond effectively during crises.It offers practical advice on overcoming disaster and emergency.

Wer Prepared lesen sollte

  • Those interested in learning survival skills 
  • Parents who wish to protect their family in case of emergencies
  • Anyone who wants to be truly prepared for accidents, disasters, grid failures, and more

Routines & Habits Bücher: The Great Money Reset von Jill Schlesinger

The Great Money Reset

Jill Schlesinger
Change Your Work, Change Your Wealth, Change Your Life
3.9 (197 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Great Money Reset?

The Great Money Reset (2023) is a plain-talking, practically focused handbook aimed at empowering everyday people to take the financial steps necessary to build their dream lives. Simple strategies explain how to bring your financial life into alignment with your values, desires, and dreams, to put a truly fulfilling life within reach.

Wer The Great Money Reset lesen sollte

  • Daydreamers who’d love to make a big life move but don’t know how to fund it
  • Office workers who are ready to take bigger professional risks
  • Anyone who feels too financially stuck to try something new or adventurous

Routines & Habits Bücher: Emotional Habits von Akash Karia

Emotional Habits

Akash Karia
The 7 Things Resilient People Do Differently (And How They Can Help You Succeed in Business and Life)
4.5 (320 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Emotional Habits?

Emotional Habits (2016) offers seven practical steps that anyone can implement to take control of their emotional lives and live with more resilience when overcoming life’s personal and professional challenges.

Wer Emotional Habits lesen sollte

  • Life optimizers looking for practical advice 
  • Anyone looking to improve their personal or professional resilience 
  • Those looking for better ways to manage their emotional responses

Routines & Habits Bücher: Clear Thinking von Shane Parrish

Clear Thinking

Shane Parrish
Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results
3.9 (121 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Clear Thinking?

Clear Thinking (2023) presents a strategy and tactics to improve your quality of reasoning using a concise synthesis of the insights from thought leaders in business, psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy. It begins with teaching how to discern when critical thought is most important and then to manage the factors that most commonly obscure real problems. It then shares tactics to optimally develop and evaluate possible solutions, choose the best one, and take action.

Wer Clear Thinking lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to improve their quality of thinking for better outcomes in life
  • Business leaders seeking effective decision-making strategies
  • People who want to establish better habits

Routines & Habits Bücher: Don't Overthink It von Anne Bogel

Don't Overthink It

Anne Bogel
Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life
4.5 (143 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Don't Overthink It?

Don't Overthink It (2020) unveils the mental entanglements that come with constant rumination, highlighting how overthinking can rob us of time and precious moments. Drawing on her own experience as an overthinker, Anne Bogel provides readers with tangible solutions to break free from the chains of repetitive, negative thought patterns. 

Wer Don't Overthink It lesen sollte

  • Individuals seeking personal growth
  • Avid readers of self-help and personal development
  • Admirers of Anne Bogel's work

Routines & Habits Bücher: Scarcity Brain von Michael Easter

Scarcity Brain

Michael Easter
Fix Your Craving Mindset and Rewire Your Habits to Thrive with Enough
4.0 (67 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Scarcity Brain?

Scarcity Brain (2023) reveals how our ancient scarcity mindset now backfires in a world of abundance. Michael Easter traveled the world consulting innovators on tactics to counter scarcity cues – from a Las Vegas slot machine designer detecting triggers to coffee-making monks finding happiness in alone time. By understanding our cravings, we can shake the worst habits and use what we have better for a more satisfying life.

Wer Scarcity Brain lesen sollte

  • People looking to break bad habits and addictions
  • Those interested in the science behind human behavior
  • Anyone seeking to take control of their life and live more fully

Routines & Habits Bücher: Wear It Well von Allison Bornstein

Wear It Well

Allison Bornstein
Reclaim Your Closet and Rediscover the Joy of Getting Dressed
3.5 (28 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Wear It Well?

Wear It Well (2023) is a guide to using fashion as a tool for self-discovery and self-expression. Discover your personal style using the Three-Word Method and AB Closet-Editing System, curate a wardrobe that reflects your authentic self, eliminate items that don't fit your lifestyle, and create sustainable looks by shopping your closet. 

Wer Wear It Well lesen sollte

  • Fashion enthusiasts
  • People wanting to discover their personal style
  • Anyone who wishes getting dressed was easier and more fun

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