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The Psychology of Love Bücher: Why We Love von Helen Fisher

Why We Love

Helen Fisher
The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love
4.3 (176 Rezensionen)

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Helen Fisher’s Why We Love (2004) is not only a report on her latest astonishing research but a sensitive description of the infinite facets of romantic love. This book is a scientifically grounded examination of love that reveals how, why and who we love.

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“Curious to find out why love affects our brains the same way as cocaine? Want to understand how evolution is linked to the prevailing structure of monogamy? A perfect title for those interested in the biological side of love.”

– Justyna, Web Product Designer

Wer Why We Love lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to understand romantic love
  • Anyone interested in emotions and the brain
  • Anyone who wants to maintain the feeling of romantic love in their relationship

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Attached von Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller


Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller
The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find – and Keep – Love
4.3 (290 Rezensionen)

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Attached (2010) is all about how to make your relationships work. This book offers you valuable insight into the science of adult attachment and how to use this insight in everyday life, whether you’re in a committed relationship or are still looking for love. It also provides tips and tricks on how to find the perfect partner and reveals why some people just aren’t compatible.

Wer Attached lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to make a current relationship happier and more fulfilling
  • Anyone who is struggling to find “the one”
  • Anyone who just doesn’t understand why their relationships never work out

The Psychology of Love Bücher: A General Theory of Love von Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon

A General Theory of Love

Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon
4.4 (138 Rezensionen)

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In A General Theory of Love, three psychiatrists take a scientific look at the phenomenon of love. Arguing that our emotional experience in adulthood is profoundly influenced by our childhood relationships, the authors suggest ways to undo this emotional “programming” and establish healthier relationships with friends and romantic partners.

Wer A General Theory of Love lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in the psychology of love
  • Anyone interested in neuroscience
  • Anyone who wants to know what love is

The Psychology of Love Bücher: The 5 Love Languages von Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman
The Secret to Love That Lasts
4.5 (850 Rezensionen)

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The 5 Love Languages (2015) is a contemporary guide to developing a relationships of lifelong love that can easily overcome the hurdles that modern couples face. These blinks detail the five ways people give and feel love, and how any couple can use this knowledge to make their relationship more nurturing, affectionate and compassionate.

Wer The 5 Love Languages lesen sollte

  • Lovers wanting to know what to expect from marriage and how to make theirs work
  • Couples in crisis
  • People who want to meet their partner’s needs and have theirs met in return

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Getting The Love You Want von Harville Hendrix

Getting The Love You Want

Harville Hendrix
A Guide for Couples
4.3 (261 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Getting The Love You Want?

Getting The Love You Want (1988) offers practical advice on how to save a failing relationship and build a stronger one. It highlights a unique therapy program that offers a step-by-step guide to helping partners address repressed childhood desires and become more compassionate individuals.

Wer Getting The Love You Want lesen sollte

  • Couples looking to reboot a relationship
  • People curious about Freudian psychoanalysis

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Hold Me Tight von Sue Johnson

Hold Me Tight

Sue Johnson
Your Guide to the Most Successful Approach to Building Loving Relationships
4.3 (245 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Hold Me Tight?

Hold Me Tight (2008) focuses on one of life’s greatest challenges: building and sustaining an intimate relationship. Drawing on the author’s own highly successful couple therapy form EFT (Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy) – based on the idea that the quality of relationships are defined by key emotional moments, both positive and negative – these blinks show you how to form a deeper, and more enduring bond with your partner.

Wer Hold Me Tight lesen sollte

  • Recent singles who wonder what went wrong
  • Couples who want to sustain and nurture their relationship
  • Friends and family of people in rocky relationships

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Love Sense von Sue Johnson

Love Sense

Sue Johnson
The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships
4.4 (349 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Love Sense?

Love Sense (2013) is an exploration of the science of love. These blinks suggest that humans instinctively desire to connect with each other, and that relationship problems arise when lovers no longer feel secure. They also offer practical strategies for how to develop your love sense – that is, your ability to create fulfilling and long-lasting bonds with your loved ones.

Wer Love Sense lesen sollte

  • People aspiring to form long-lasting relationships
  • Those who have been in and out of fleeting romances
  • Lovers struggling with relationship difficulties

The Psychology of Love Bücher: The Relationship Cure von John M. Gottman and Joan DeClaire

The Relationship Cure

John M. Gottman and Joan DeClaire
A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships
4.6 (781 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Relationship Cure?

The Relationship Cure (2002) prescribes a surprisingly simple solution to the problems that ail many of our relationships. Drawing on psychologist John M. Gottman’s extensive research, its insights and tips are equally applicable to relationships between romantic partners, friends, family members, and coworkers. 

Wer The Relationship Cure lesen sollte

  • Couples experiencing relationship problems
  • People looking for ways to get closer to their friends, coworkers, or family members 
  • Anyone wanting to improve their communication and relationship-building skills

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Deeper Dating von Ken Page

Deeper Dating

Ken Page
How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy
4.3 (338 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Deeper Dating?

Deeper Dating (2014) is a roadmap to intimacy and loving relationships. It breaks down how looking inward can help us identify the kinds of people we’ll connect with most deeply, and shares tools for finding these people and fostering relationships that will inspire and fulfill us.

Wer Deeper Dating lesen sollte

  • Singles frustrated by popular dating advice
  • Couples looking to strengthen their bonds
  • Those who want to understand attraction and relationships

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Loving Bravely von Alexandra H. Solomon

Loving Bravely

Alexandra H. Solomon
Twenty Lessons of Self-discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want
4.4 (231 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Loving Bravely?

Loving Bravely (2017) is a primer on finding love through introspection and self-discovery. This guide to love teaches invaluable lessons about how to build relationships that actually last.

Wer Loving Bravely lesen sollte

  • Lonely hearts looking for love
  • True romantics seeking lasting relationships
  • Anyone curious about the psychology of attachment

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Wired for Love von Stan Tatkin

Wired for Love

Stan Tatkin
How Understanding Your Partner's Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship
4.6 (522 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Wired for Love?

Wired for Love (2012) is a guide to maintaining closeness and emotional security within romantic partnerships. It uses research from neurobiology and psychology to show why long-term couples come into conflict, and it offers practical tips on how to use knowledge about brain functions to promote peace and mutual security in your relationship.

Wer Wired for Love lesen sollte

  • Partners in committed relationships
  • Couples seeking to manage conflict 
  • Those interested in social psychology

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Wired for Love von Stephanie Cacioppo

Wired for Love

Stephanie Cacioppo
A Neuroscientist's Journey Through Romance, Loss, and the Essence of Human Connection
4.6 (532 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Wired for Love?

Wired for Love (2022) combines fascinating neuroscientific research with a captivating personal story to reveal some of the secrets behind that great human mystery: love. Love is often thought of as a topic best left to poets and musicians –⁠ but it can and should be studied as a legitimate scientific question. In a world that is constantly throwing up new challenges to romance, from online dating to global pandemics, an understanding of and respect for love is more important than ever before.

Wer Wired for Love lesen sollte

  • Hopeless romantics
  • Neuroscience and psychology fanatics
  • Anyone who is, has been, or wants to be in love

The Psychology of Love Bücher: How to Be a 3% Man von Corey Wayne

How to Be a 3% Man

Corey Wayne
Winning the Heart of the Woman of Your Dreams
3.9 (200 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Be a 3% Man?

How to Be a 3% Man (2013) provides straightforward practice methods, tips and guidelines for meeting and dating women. It teaches you what to say to women, when to say it, and what her responses mean.

Wer How to Be a 3% Man lesen sollte

  • Men who have a hard time approaching women.
  • Anyone looking for dating advice.
  • People hoping to improve their relationship.

The Psychology of Love Bücher: We Over Me von Khadeen & Devile Ellis

We Over Me

Khadeen & Devile Ellis
The Counterintuitive Approach to Getting Everything You Want from Your Relationship
3.8 (175 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in We Over Me?

We Over Me (2023) is the story of the podcasting-and-influencing power couple Devale and Khadeen Ellis – in their own words. With trademark disarming honesty, the Ellises lay bare the struggles and successes that have shaped them as a couple, and share the strategies that allow them to thrive as a partnership. 

Wer We Over Me lesen sollte

  • Single people looking for love that lasts
  • Couples who’ve lost sight of each other’s needs
  • Anyone who could do with a dose of unfiltered relationship advice

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Polysecure von Jessica Fern


Jessica Fern
Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy
3.4 (221 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Polysecure?

Polysecure (2020) unites attachment theory, which explains the different types of attachment people form with each other, with consensual nonmonogamy – the increasingly popular practice of having multiple romantic partners. By learning more about your attachment style, you can develop healthy relationship habits, even in nonmonogamy.

Wer Polysecure lesen sollte

  • Relationship geeks looking to learn about attachment theory
  • Couples considering opening up their relationships
  • Nonmonogamous folks who want to do it right

The Psychology of Love Bücher: The Honeymoon Effect von Bruce H. Lipton

The Honeymoon Effect

Bruce H. Lipton
The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth
2.9 (48 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Honeymoon Effect?

The Honeymoon Effect (2023) explores the possibility of maintaining the euphoric state typically experienced during the honeymoon phase of a relationship. By delving into diverse fields such as biology, quantum physics, and psychology, it sheds light on the nature of love, the role of hormones, and the power of the subconscious mind in shaping our relationships.

Wer The Honeymoon Effect lesen sollte

  • Relationship strugglers hoping to turn around negative patterns through understanding biological and psychological influences
  • Newlyweds seeking wisdom on extending their initial happiness throughout marriage
  • Psychology enthusiasts interested in exploring the intersection of psychology, biology, and quantum physics

The Psychology of Love Bücher: Plays Well with Others von Eric Barker

Plays Well with Others

Eric Barker
The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know about Relationships Is (Mostly) Wrong
4.1 (31 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Plays Well with Others?

Plays Well with Others (2022) debunks relationship myths and offers advice on how to form and maintain strong bonds. Improve your friendships and romantic relationships, as well as your ability to resolve conflicts, forgive others, and deal with difficult people.

Wer Plays Well with Others lesen sollte

  • Professionals seeking better workplace relationships
  • Team leaders aiming for harmony and collaboration
  • All those interested in interpersonal dynamics

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