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Overcoming addiction is a challenging yet crucial journey for those affected by it. Gaining knowledge and understanding about addiction can empower individuals to take control of their lives and find a path to recovery. Our curated list of books is designed to support you in this endeavor.

These books offer various perspectives and approaches to help you combat addiction and achieve lasting change. From understanding the root causes to learning coping strategies, this list has got you covered. So, are you ready to take that first step towards a healthier, addiction-free life?
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Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Affluenza von John de Graaf, David Wann and Thomas H. Naylor


John de Graaf, David Wann and Thomas H. Naylor
How Overconsumption is Killing Us – and How to Fight Back
4.6 (29 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Affluenza?

This book is about our serious addiction to consumption: affluenza. Since the Industrial Revolution, we’ve become addicted to shopping, believing we can buy happiness. Affluenza affects us and our society like a disease, and this book offers advice on how we can immunize ourselves against it.

Wer Affluenza lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in sociology
  • Anyone interested in media
  • Anyone interested in curing our addiction to consumption

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking von Allen Carr

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Allen Carr
Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr's Easyway Method
4.1 (201 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Easy Way to Stop Smoking?

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking (1985, 2011) isn’t just a book about giving up cigarettes; it aims to put smoking in a completely new light. Smoking is no habit and nicotine no hard drug; smoking is an addiction, but one that can be overcome with the right mindset. These blinks outline the necessary steps and address those questions that’ll arise on your journey to a life without cigarettes.

Wer The Easy Way to Stop Smoking lesen sollte

  • Smokers struggling to quit
  • People interested in the case for quitting
  • Those who want to learn why willpower alone won’t help you quit

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Beat Sugar Addiction Now! von Jacob Teitelbaum and Chrystle Fiedler

Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

Jacob Teitelbaum and Chrystle Fiedler
The Cutting-Edge Program That Cures Your Type of Sugar Addiction and Puts You on the Road to Feeling Great – and Losing Weight!
3.7 (138 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Beat Sugar Addiction Now!?

Sugar addiction is a very common affliction these days, and one that carries serious health risks – but it can be overcome. Beat Sugar Addiction Now! (2010) explains the four different kinds of sugar addiction, as well as their root causes, associated health implications and the steps you can take to beat them.

Wer Beat Sugar Addiction Now! lesen sollte

  • Anyone who feels powerless against their sweet tooth
  • People looking to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Women who get irritable and have sugar cravings during their periods

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Irresistible von Adam Alter


Adam Alter
The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked
4.2 (160 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Irresistible?

Irresistible (2017) shows how dangerously dependent we’ve become on the smartphones, tablets, video games and social platforms that we’ve surrounded ourselves with. Is our attachment to these devices strictly related to the convenience they provide? Or have we actually grown addicted to the psychological rewards they offer?

Wer Irresistible lesen sollte

  • Psychology students
  • Technology addicts
  • Anyone looking to be more productive

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: The Distraction Addiction von Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

The Distraction Addiction

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues and Destroying Your Soul.
4.0 (119 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Distraction Addiction?

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s The Distraction Addiction (2013) takes a look at attention in today’s distraction-riddled society and asks how we can stay connected and productive. Drawing on fascinating new research by neuroscientists and psychologists, as well as traditional Buddhist thought, Pang offers hands-on advice on how to stay focused and overcome our internet addictions in a new digital age.

Wer The Distraction Addiction lesen sollte

  • Parents with internet-addicted children
  • Anyone who feels they couldn’t do without the internet for a day
  • The seriously distracted looking for tips to boost their attention

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Digital Minimalism von Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism

Cal Newport
Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World
4.5 (837 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Digital Minimalism?

Digital Minimalism (2018) is a practical guide to navigating today’s media landscape, where multiple billion-dollar companies are out to keep your eyes as glued to their platforms as possible. Fortunately, there is growing skepticism surrounding new technology and digital media. People are eager to regain their autonomy and, while they’re at it, live more satisfying and healthy lives. With these tools and methods, you too can regain the focus and productivity that comes from stepping back from new technology.

Wer Digital Minimalism lesen sollte

  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed with social media
  • People looking for tips to boost productivity
  • News junkies in need of a detox

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Love Warrior von Glennon Doyle

Love Warrior

Glennon Doyle
A Memoir
4.1 (89 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Love Warrior?

Love Warrior (2017) by Glennon Doyle is a memoir that recounts how one woman battled through addiction, disordered eating, and betrayal by confronting and ultimately owning her vulnerabilities. More than that, it’s a meditation on what pain has to teach us, and how, by embracing our own failings, we can live as our most authentic selves.

Wer Love Warrior lesen sollte

  • Women who try not to take up too much space
  • Mothers struggling to reconnect with their own identities
  • Anyone who’s ever hit rock bottom and wanted to get back up

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Hooked von Michael Moss


Michael Moss
Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions
4.2 (292 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Hooked?

Hooked (2021) explores our complex relationship with processed food. It explains why certain foods leave us wanting more, and reveals how our brain chemistry and our evolutionary biology are exploited by the fast-food industry.

Wer Hooked lesen sollte

  • Parents wanting to give their children a healthy start
  • Anyone struggling to lose weight
  • Psychology buffs looking for fresh insights

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: The Addiction Inoculation von Jessica Lahey

The Addiction Inoculation

Jessica Lahey
Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence
4.2 (148 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Addiction Inoculation?

The Addiction Inoculation (2021) is a parents’ guide to raising kids who have the knowledge, support, and self-confidence necessary to steer clear of the twin dangers of alcohol and drug use. From peer pressure to self-efficacy, it examines the risks kids need to avoid, and the defenses they need to acquire, in order to live happy, healthy, and substance-free lives.

Wer The Addiction Inoculation lesen sollte

  • Parents who want to raise drink- and drug-free kids
  • Teachers interested in the psychology of addiction

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Dopamine Nation von Anna Lembke

Dopamine Nation

Anna Lembke
Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence
4.5 (616 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Dopamine Nation?

Dopamine Nation (2021) explores the connection between pleasure and pain. Our modern world is filled with more dopamine-inducing stimuli than ever – including everything from drugs and sex to smartphones and shopping. Citing years of clinical experience and patients’ stories, this book helps to understand addiction and explains how to achieve a healthy balance in our lives. 

Wer Dopamine Nation lesen sollte

  • People struggling to break bad habits
  • Family members of loved ones struggling with addiction
  • Anyone who can’t seem to put down their phone

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Codependent No More von Melody Beattie

Codependent No More

Melody Beattie
How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself
4.5 (388 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Codependent No More?

Codependent No More (1986) is a modern classic that sheds light on codependent relationships. It’s filled with helpful insights into codependency and outlines some basic tools that people can use to recover.

Wer Codependent No More lesen sollte

  • People who are compulsive caretakers
  • Those attracted to dysfunctional relationships
  • Anyone affected by a loved one’s drinking or substance abuse

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Elizabeth Taylor von Kate Andersen Brower

Elizabeth Taylor

Kate Andersen Brower
The Grit and Glamour of an Icon
4.2 (166 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor (2022) is an enthralling authorized biography of one of Hollywood's most famous stars. This fascinating and complete portrait of the legend chronicles her life of fame, tragedy, love, and loss.

Wer Elizabeth Taylor lesen sollte

  • Elizabeth Taylor devotees
  • Classic Hollywood aficionados
  • Romance fans

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing von Matthew Perry

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing

Matthew Perry
A Memoir
4.5 (492 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing?

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing (2022) is the intimate memoir of critically acclaimed actor Matthew Perry. From his troubled childhood to his meteoric rise to fame in the hit sitcom Friends to his lifelong struggle with substance abuse and addiction, Perry holds nothing back as he reveals his life, thoughts, and soul.

Wer Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing lesen sollte

  • Friends fans looking for a deeper insight into one of the show's strongest comedic voices
  • People curious about the darker side of celebrity lives
  • Anyone struggling with addiction

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Your Brain on Porn von Gary Wilson

Your Brain on Porn

Gary Wilson
Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction
4.3 (249 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Your Brain on Porn?

Your Brain on Porn (2014) examines the explosion of internet pornography addiction. In the age of high-speed internet, porn is more widespread than ever. And although excessive porn consumption can negatively affect mental health and sexual function, the damage can be reversed. 

Wer Your Brain on Porn lesen sollte

  • Anyone who thinks they might be suffering from porn addiction
  • Students of psychology or medicine
  • Internet connoisseurs seeking to understand the effects of excessive porn consumption

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Kitchen Confidential von Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen Confidential

Anthony Bourdain
Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly
4.3 (138 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Kitchen Confidential?

Kitchen Confidential (2000) gives us an insight into life in the restaurant business. Full of larger-than-life tales about Anthony Bourdain’s life of sex and drugs and haute cuisine, it gives us a no-holds-barred taste of what goes on behind the kitchen door.

Wer Kitchen Confidential lesen sollte

  • Fans of Anthony Bourdain
  • Wannabe pro chefs
  • Home cooks looking for hints and tips from a professional

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: This Naked Mind von Annie Grace

This Naked Mind

Annie Grace
Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life
4.2 (165 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in This Naked Mind?

This Naked Mind (2015) challenges our culture's love affair with alcohol. It offers matter-of-fact, actionable insights that help free drinkers from its perceived hold.

Wer This Naked Mind lesen sollte

  • Party animals who want a permanent break
  • Mindful drinkers seeking balance
  • Curious cats who question cultural norms

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Drama Free von Nedra Glover Tawwab

Drama Free

Nedra Glover Tawwab
A Guide to Managing Unhealthy Family Relationships
4.4 (81 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Drama Free?

Drama Free (2023) is a concise and thoughtful guide to navigating the negatives of one of the most fundamental and unavoidable aspects of our lives: family. Covering a wide range of topics including emotionally absent parents, codependent siblings, substance abuse, and many more, it offers advice on recognizing the patterns of a dysfunctional family, healing from the past, and growing into the full human being you deserve to be.

Wer Drama Free lesen sollte

  • Adult children or siblings looking to untangle their current family relationships
  • Emotionally troubled individuals who are prepared to analyze their childhood
  • Anyone who tenses up when a family member calls

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Alcoholics Anonymous von AAWS

Alcoholics Anonymous

4.4 (161 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous (1939) or as it is often known, the Big Book, the Basic Text for Alcoholics Anonymous was first published in 1939 and is now on its fourth edition (2001) and its 31st printing. It’s the basic text for Alcoholics Anonymous and has helped countless alcoholics recover. It details a method to beat alcoholism and provides guidance to alcoholics, their families, and their employers. It also includes personal stories of former alcoholics to inspire those seeking recovery.

Wer Alcoholics Anonymous lesen sollte

  • Anyone who has problems controlling alcohol in their lives
  • Spouses and families of those who have an alcohol control problem
  • Employers who are concerned about an employee with an alcohol control problem

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts von Gabor Maté

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Gabor Maté
Close Encounters with Addiction
4.6 (67 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts?

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts (2008) is a heartful exploration of the complex condition known as addiction. It tells the real-life stories of addicts, who are so often denied the space to do so, alongside science-based analyses of why and how people get addicted. Importantly, it also challenges us to think of the ways, obvious or not, in which we too are addicts – and what we can do to heal ourselves.

Wer In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts lesen sollte

  • People with addiction, who know someone with addiction, or who work with addiction
  • Pop-science “junkies”
  • Social justice advocates and anyone opposed to the War on Drugs

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: The Porn Trap von Wendy Maltz & Larry Maltz

The Porn Trap

Wendy Maltz & Larry Maltz
The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems Caused by Pornography
4.1 (192 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Porn Trap?

The Porn Trap (2010) is your guide to understanding the powerful grasp that porn can have on people’s lives, and how to escape it. Drawing from real cases, it outlines what porn addiction is and the real consequences it has had. Then it provides six steps for those suffering from addiction to take back control of their lives.

Wer The Porn Trap lesen sollte

  • People struggling with their relationship with porn
  • Anyone who suspects their partner has a porn addiction
  • Councilors, therapists and supporters for people with porn addictions

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Breaking the Cycle von George N. Collins with Andrew Adleman

Breaking the Cycle

George N. Collins with Andrew Adleman
Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame
4.3 (37 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Breaking the Cycle?

Breaking the Cycle (2011) outlines a series of tried and tested exercises that widen the gap between sex addicts and their compulsive sexual behaviors. Sticking to these techniques builds confidence in sex addicts to move on from their obsession toward a richer life that prioritizes their wellbeing and relationships.

Wer Breaking the Cycle lesen sollte

  • People trying to overcome sex and porn addiction
  • People trying to understand the nature of sex addiction
  • Counselors or anyone trying to help a sex addict

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating von Allen Carr

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating

Allen Carr
Set Yourself Free from Binge-Eating and Comfort-Eating
4.2 (215 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating?

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating (2019) guides compulsive eaters past the mental traps that lead to overindulgence. It applies the "Easyway" method which has already helped millions quit smoking and expands on it to uncover the psychological roots of our unhealthy impulses, freeing us to rediscover balanced eating habits.

Wer Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating lesen sollte

  • Emotional eaters looking to quit
  • Individuals skeptical about willpower-based methods
  • Anyone looking to adopt healthier eating habits

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Worthy of Her Trust von Stephen Arterburn & Jason B. Martinkus

Worthy of Her Trust

Stephen Arterburn & Jason B. Martinkus
What You Need to Do to Rebuild Sexual Integrity and Win Her Back
3.2 (148 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Worthy of Her Trust?

Worth of Her Trust (2014) is a guide for men looking to restore trust in a marriage damaged by infidelity. With exercises and tools based on counseling techniques, it offers practical advice for rebuilding connection and intimacy – and hope that, with sincere effort, even the most difficult challenges can be overcome.

Wer Worthy of Her Trust lesen sollte

  • Men whose relationships with their wives have broken down
  • Men seeking to understand how they can rebuild trust after infidelity
  • Men looking to proactively sidestep marital problems

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Quit Like a Woman von Holly Whitaker

Quit Like a Woman

Holly Whitaker
The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol
3.8 (25 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Quit Like a Woman?

Quit Like a Woman (2019) encourages women to reconsider their relationship with alcohol, uncovering the misogynist underpinnings of how alcohol is packaged and marketed to women and proposing a new, feminist road map to sobriety. Through personal anecdotes, insights, and research, the narrative provides a road map for individuals seeking a path to sobriety that aligns more closely with their own experiences and identities.

Wer Quit Like a Woman lesen sollte

  • Women who feel increasingly dependent on alcohol to wind down and relax 
  • Newly sober women eager for guidance on this exciting journey
  • Women in recovery who are tired of patriarchal programme-speak

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Treating Pornography Addiction von Kevin B. Skinner

Treating Pornography Addiction

Kevin B. Skinner
The Essential Tools for Recovery
3.9 (114 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Treating Pornography Addiction?

Treating Pornography Addiction (2005) explores why pornography is so addictive and what individuals can do to break the cycle. Its practical tools offer addicts a roadmap to recovery and systems to safeguard against relapse. 

Wer Treating Pornography Addiction lesen sollte

  • People struggling to resist the urge to access explicit material
  • Individuals wondering if pornography is negatively impacting their life
  • Those concerned about a loved one’s use of pornography

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide von James Fadiman

The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide

James Fadiman
Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys
4.6 (27 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide?

The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide (2011) is the definitive manual for psychedelic voyagers and those who guide them. Combining original research, personal reports, and shamanistic tradition, it teaches how to create safe and successful psychedelic experiences that facilitate healing, self-discovery, and creativity. 

Wer The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide lesen sollte

  • Psychedelic voyagers or those curious about psychedelic experiences
  • Therapists and psychology professionals interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • Anyone seeking healing from trauma, addiction, anxiety, or depression

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: The Porn Myth von Matt Fradd

The Porn Myth

Matt Fradd
Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography
4.0 (141 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in The Porn Myth?

The Porn Myth (2017) offers a secular rebuttal to pro-pornography advocacy, drawing on research in neuroscience, sociology, and psychology. With insightful analysis of the latest scientific findings on addiction and harm, the book dispels myths, exposes porn's negative impacts, and provides advice on overcoming porn addiction. 

Wer The Porn Myth lesen sollte

  • People struggling with porn addiction who want to break free
  • Activists and advocates against the harms of the porn industry
  • Religious people looking for secular arguments against porn

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: How to Eat to Change How You Drink von Brooke Scheller

How to Eat to Change How You Drink

Brooke Scheller
Heal Your Gut, Mend Your Mind, and Improve Nutrition to Change Your Relationship with Alcohol
4.2 (15 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in How to Eat to Change How You Drink?

How to Eat to Change What You Drink (2023) draws on cutting-edge science to reveal how food can help change your relationship with alcohol. With a comprehensive 30-day plan to optimize meal timing, food, and lifestyle changes, this guide teaches you how to eat yourself sober.

Wer How to Eat to Change How You Drink lesen sollte

  • Sober and sober-curious people
  • Anyone looking to develop a healthier relationship with alcohol 
  • Anyone searching for an alternative, holistic approach to sobriety and self-improvement

Overcoming Addiction Bücher: Dopamine Detox von Thibaut Meurisse

Dopamine Detox

Thibaut Meurisse
A Short Guide to Remove Distractions and Get Your Brain to Do Hard Things
4.1 (49 Rezensionen)
Einleitung anhören

Worum geht's in Dopamine Detox?

Dopamine Detox (2020) is a concise guide that addresses a prevalent issue in today's distraction-filled world, offering you practical strategies to overcome procrastination and enhance focus. It reveals the impact of excessive dopamine stimulation on your ability to concentrate and tackle demanding tasks. Through a step-by-step approach, it empowers you to implement a dopamine detox in just 48 hours, enabling you to regain control over your attention and pursue your goals with renewed clarity.

Wer Dopamine Detox lesen sollte

  • Chronic procrastinators
  • Goal-setters struggling to find motivation
  • Professionals seeking enhanced productivity methods

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What's the best Overcoming Addiction book to read?

While choosing just one book about a topic is always tough, many people regard Affluenza as the ultimate read on Overcoming Addiction.

What are the Top 10 Overcoming Addiction books?

Blinkist curators have picked the following:
  • Affluenza by John de Graaf, David Wann and Thomas H. Naylor
  • The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
  • Beat Sugar Addiction Now! by Jacob Teitelbaum and Chrystle Fiedler
  • Irresistible by Adam Alter
  • The Distraction Addiction by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
  • Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
  • Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle
  • Hooked by Michael Moss
  • The Addiction Inoculation by Jessica Lahey
  • Dopamine Nation by Anna Lembke

Who are the top Overcoming Addiction book authors?

When it comes to Overcoming Addiction, these are the authors who stand out as some of the most influential:
  • John de Graaf, David Wann and Thomas H. Naylor
  • Allen Carr
  • Jacob Teitelbaum and Chrystle Fiedler
  • Adam Alter
  • Alex Soojung-Kim Pang