The best 100 Mental Health books

Mental health is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of overall well-being, impacting our daily lives and relationships. Our handpicked book list delves into the complexities of mental health, offering insights and strategies for coping and thriving.

Dive into our collection to discover practical guidance, personal stories, and expert advice on navigating the intricate world of mental health. Ready to prioritize your mental well-being and embark on a journey towards self-understanding and resilience?

The best 100 Mental Health books
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Mental Health Books: Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman
4.4 (3,162 ratings)
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What's Emotional Intelligence about?

Emotional Intelligence (1995) outlines the nature of emotional intelligence and reveals its vast impact on many aspects of life. By presenting the ways emotional intelligence evolves and explaining how it can be improved, it offers an alternative to the overly cognition-centered approaches to the human mind that formerly prevailed in the psychological establishment.

Who should read Emotional Intelligence?

  • Anyone who is unsatisfied by more traditional measurements of intelligence
  • Anyone who wonders if IQ determines success
  • Anyone who is striving to live up to their own abilities

Mental Health Books: The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty by Dan Ariely

The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

Dan Ariely
How We Lie to Everyone – Especially Ourselves
4.1 (110 ratings)
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What's The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty about?

Using various experiments to uncover the hidden factors that drive us to cheat in everyday situations, author Dan Ariely finds that certain anticipated motivators – for example, money – actually don’t play a crucial role in our dishonesty. At the same time, other, quite unexpected forces influence us very strongly – for instance, the social acceptability of cheating, and even our altruistic tendencies.

Who should read The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty?

  • Anyone who considers themselves to be a good, honest and honorable person
  • Anyone interested in the psychology of irrationality
  • Anyone who wonders why people constantly cheat and lie

Mental Health Books: You Are Not Your Brain by Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Rebecca Gladding

You Are Not Your Brain

Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Rebecca Gladding
The Four-Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life
4.5 (329 ratings)
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What's You Are Not Your Brain about?

You Are Not Your Brain explores our deceptive brain messages which program us to have harmful thoughts such as “I’m not good enough.” And it tells us how we can change this detrimental wiring by challenging these brain messages and focusing our attention elsewhere. In doing so, we can rewire our brain to make it work for us, not against us.

Who should read You Are Not Your Brain?

  • Anyone who wants to deal with their negative thoughts effectively
  • Anyone whose brain could use some rewiring
  • Anyone who is interested in the practical implications of neuropsychology

Mental Health Books: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

The Gifts of Imperfection

Brené Brown
Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed To Be and Embrace Who You Are
4.6 (709 ratings)
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What's The Gifts of Imperfection about?

The Gifts of Imperfection offers an accessible and engaging walk through the ten principles that you can follow to live a more fulfilling life, defined by courage, connection and compassion towards others. Filled with relatable anecdotes and actionable advice, the book is a useful resource for readers both young and old.

Who should read The Gifts of Imperfection?

  • Anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life
  • Anyone who has a  great idea, but is afraid to share it with the world
  • Anyone troubled by feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability

Mental Health Books: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

Amy Morin
Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears and Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success
4.6 (4,965 ratings)
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What's 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do about?

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do (2014) explains how to develop great mental strength by taking control of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. With useful tips, inspiring examples, and practical solutions, this book will help you overcome your fears and start living life to the fullest.

Who should read 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do?

  • People struggling in the face of their own failures and peers’ success
  • Parents who can’t calmly communicate with their children
  • Anyone who needs extra encouragement to live out their dreams

Mental Health Books: Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Loving What Is

Byron Katie
Four Questions That Can Change Your Life
3.9 (147 ratings)
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What's Loving What Is about?

Loving What Is (2002) explains how you can conquer depression through a groundbreaking practice called “The Work” that helps you address, analyze and ultimately overcome problems to reach happiness and inner peace.

Who should read Loving What Is?

  • People who suffer from stress or feelings of unhappiness
  • Psychologists, therapists or alternative health practitioners
  • People who feel that depression keeps them from living to the fullest

Mental Health Books: The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo

The Lucifer Effect

Philip Zimbardo
Understanding How Good People Turn Evil
4.4 (140 ratings)
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What's The Lucifer Effect about?

In an attempt to reveal the source of humanity’s capacity for evil, The Lucifer Effect (2007) delves deep into the dark corners of the human mind. It shows how we walk a fine line between monstrosity and heroism daily – yet it isn’t our nature that determines on which side of the line we fall, but the numerous situational forces that permeate our lives.

Who should read The Lucifer Effect?

  • People interested in psychology and understanding human nature
  • Anyone who wants to know why good people sometimes turn evil

Mental Health Books: The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller

The Drama of the Gifted Child

Alice Miller
The Search for the True Self
4.1 (157 ratings)
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What's The Drama of the Gifted Child about?

International bestseller and classic The Drama of the Gifted Child (1979) is about the ways in which our unhappy, repressed childhood memories come back to haunt us as adults. Everyone deals with negativity in their childhood, and if adults don’t confront these memories, they risk living unfulfilled lives or even passing their problems on to their children. Overcoming these suppressed emotions will set you free.

Who should read The Drama of the Gifted Child?

  • Anyone who’s ever felt “empty”
  • People struggling with depression or addiction
  • Parents and parents-to-be

Mental Health Books: How to Stay Sane by Philippa Perry

How to Stay Sane

Philippa Perry
4.3 (204 ratings)
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What's How to Stay Sane about?

In How to Stay Sane (2012), British psychotherapist and author Philippa Perry shows you how to better nurture relationships while using self-observation, “positive” stress and the power of stories to achieve and maintain your mental health.

Who should read How to Stay Sane?

  • Anyone concerned about their mental health
  • People interested in psychology and counseling
  • Anyone looking for ways to cope amid tough times

Mental Health Books: Emotional Blackmail by Susan Forward with Donna Frazier

Emotional Blackmail

Susan Forward with Donna Frazier
When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You
4.5 (172 ratings)
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What's Emotional Blackmail about?

Emotional Blackmail (1997) helps us understand, identify, confront and remedy manipulation in our closest relationships. These blinks are filled with insightful explanations about the true nature of toxic relationships and provide you with the tools you need to break out of this vicious cycle.

Who should read Emotional Blackmail?

  • Anyone tired of fighting a losing battle with a loved one
  • People who suspect they let fear run their life
  • People who want to empower themselves in their relationships

Mental Health Books: Reclaim Your Brain by Joseph A. Annibali

Reclaim Your Brain

Joseph A. Annibali
How to Calm Your Thoughts, Heal Your Mind and Bring Your Life Back Under Control
4.3 (266 ratings)
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What's Reclaim Your Brain about?

Reclaim Your Brain (2015) is about how imbalances and quirks in the human brain can lead to serious problems such as anxiety, depression or addiction. These blinks explain the biological roots of these problems and what you can do to overcome them to get your brain back in check!

Who should read Reclaim Your Brain?

  • Students of psychology, psychiatry or general medicine
  • Anyone suffering from stress or anxiety
  • People in recovery or still struggling with addiction

Mental Health Books: The ADHD Advantage by Dale Archer

The ADHD Advantage

Dale Archer
What you Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength
3.2 (673 ratings)
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What's The ADHD Advantage about?

The ADHD Advantage (2015) provides new insights into ADHD, debunking false assumptions and unveiling the positive sides of this condition. These blinks explore how anyone with ADHD – children, young people and professionals alike – can be nurtured and supported to reach their full potential.

Who should read The ADHD Advantage?

  • Parents of children with ADHD seeking a different perspective on the condition
  • Teachers who want to support children with ADHD in the classroom
  • Anyone who’s struggled with ADHD

Mental Health Books: The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

The Sleep Revolution

Arianna Huffington
Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time
3.9 (326 ratings)
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What's The Sleep Revolution about?

These blinks are about the importance of a basic human necessity that we often brush aside: sleep. Getting enough sleep isn’t just about feeling better in the morning – it improves your work performance, health and even your personal relationships. Similarly, sleep deprivation isn’t a by-product of hard work; rather, it prevents you from reaching your full potential. The Sleep Revolution (2016) explains why sleep is so critical, and what you can do to get more of it.

Who should read The Sleep Revolution?

  • Anyone who gets sleepy at work or school
  • Parents and teachers who aren’t getting enough rest
  • Athletes wanting to reach their peak performance

Mental Health Books: It Didn't Start With You by Mark Wolynn

It Didn't Start With You

Mark Wolynn
How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End The Cycle
4.2 (415 ratings)
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What's It Didn't Start With You about?

It Didn’t Start With You (2016) sheds light on a common thread in family relationships. These blinks explain how the source of your emotional or mental problems isn’t necessarily you but instead, your family history. You’ll learn how trauma can be passed from generation to generation, and what you can do to break the cycle.

Who should read It Didn't Start With You?

  • Anyone struggling with depression, anxiety or phobias
  • Parents and children seeking to mend relationships
  • Psychology students

Mental Health Books: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass

Jen Sincero
How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life
4.2 (687 ratings)
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What's You Are a Badass about?

You Are a Badass (2013) is your guide to living life to the fullest. Sincero provides an analysis of exactly what’s holding you back and provides powerful strategies geared toward breaking bad habits so that you can truly live out your dreams.

Become the badass you always wanted to be.

Who should read You Are a Badass?

  • People stuck in jobs that they hate
  • Readers looking for new strategies to tackle self-doubt
  • Anyone seeking motivation to make a serious life change

Mental Health Books: Mindsight by Daniel Siegel


Daniel Siegel
Transform Your Brain With the New Science of Kindness
4.1 (528 ratings)
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What's Mindsight about?

Mindsight (2010) introduces the reader to the many factors that shape the way we react to life’s challenges. Emotional responses are tied to our bodies, brains and childhood experiences. With mindsight, we can learn to manage our emotions in order to improve our relationships and well-being.

Who should read Mindsight?

  • Readers interested in the relationships between the human body, brain and behavior
  • Anyone interested in contemporary approaches to psychotherapy
  • Individuals looking for guidance in dealing with uncontrollable emotions

Mental Health Books: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

The Body Keeps the Score

Bessel van der Kolk
Mind, Brain and the Body in the Transformation of Trauma
4.5 (1,135 ratings)
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What's The Body Keeps the Score about?

The Body Keeps the Score (2014) explains what trauma is and how it can change our lives for the worse. These blinks investigate the wide-ranging effects experienced not only by traumatized people, but also those around them. Nevertheless, while trauma presents a number of challenges, there are ways to heal.

Who should read The Body Keeps the Score?

  • People struggling with chronic pain, anxiety or depression
  • Family and friends of PTSD sufferers
  • Students of psychology and medicine

Mental Health Books: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

Ego is the Enemy

Ryan Holiday
The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent
4.4 (841 ratings)
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What's Ego is the Enemy about?

Ego is the Enemy (2016) outlines the dangers of egotism and the strategies we can use to rein in our pride, using historical and cultural examples. From finding a mentor to learning how to delegate tasks, these blinks show us why staying grounded can secure future success.

Who should read Ego is the Enemy?

  • Anyone who has been told that they’re arrogant or proud
  • Successful business people feeling uneasy about their newfound fame
  • Managers interested in how the ego impacts our work lives

Mental Health Books: Hardcore Self Help by Robert Duff

Hardcore Self Help

Robert Duff
F**K Anxiety
3.8 (192 ratings)
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What's Hardcore Self Help about?

Hardcore Self Help (2014) is your guide to overcoming anxiety and living a peaceful life. These blinks examine some of the different forms that anxiety disorders take and offer some techniques to help ease anxiety.

Who should read Hardcore Self Help?

  • Patients struggling with anxiety disorders
  • Anyone with a friend or loved one who suffers from anxiety
  • Stressed-out executives and entrepreneurs

Mental Health Books: Lying by Sam Harris


Sam Harris
3.8 (579 ratings)
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What's Lying about?

Lying (2011) explains why the act of telling lies is so dangerous. And that means all lies, from the tiny lies that people tell on a daily basis to the massive lies sometimes told on the world stage. All in all, it’s always better to tell the truth.

Who should read Lying?

  • Anyone who’s ever told a lie
  • Psychology students  
  • People interested in politics

Mental Health Books: How Not to Worry by Paul McGee

How Not to Worry

Paul McGee
The Remarkable Truth of How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More
4.2 (214 ratings)
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What's How Not to Worry about?

How Not to Worry (2012) is a practical and accessible roadmap to defeating anxiety, stress and worry. Logical and clearly laid out, life coach Paul McGee’s approach is all about small changes that make a big difference. He shows that by thinking analytically, you can start dealing with worries rationally and free up valuable headspace for more pleasurable pursuits.

Who should read How Not to Worry?

  • Serial worriers and the terminally stressed out
  • Life and performance coaches
  • Psychology buffs

Mental Health Books: Lost Connections by Johann Hari

Lost Connections

Johann Hari
Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions
4.6 (344 ratings)
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What's Lost Connections about?

Lost Connections (2018) takes you on a historical and scientific journey that dispels many of the lingering myths surrounding depression and the reasons it touches so many of us. Along the way, author Johann Hari introduces readers to the cutting-edge advancements being made by those looking into new solutions for depression and anxiety.

Who should read Lost Connections?

  • Students of psychology, mental health and social work
  • Readers experiencing depression and eager for solutions
  • Friends and loved ones of those with depression or anxiety

Mental Health Books: A Really Good Day by Ayelet Waldman

A Really Good Day

Ayelet Waldman
How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life
4.2 (109 ratings)
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What's A Really Good Day about?

A Really Good Day (2018) is the true story of one writer’s attempt to tackle her struggles with depression and mood disorder through a novel – and illegal – remedy: microdoses of LSD. Charting her experiment with the drug over 30 days, Ayelet Waldman explores her reactions and discovers a newfound sense of serenity in her everyday life. At the same time, A Really Good Day is a broader exploration of the history of LSD, the myths that surround it and society’s attitudes toward legal and illegal drugs.

Who should read A Really Good Day?

  • People interested in new ways to treat depression and mood-disorder
  • Readers skeptical about traditional medication for depression
  • Those interested in drug policy and legalization

Mental Health Books: Overworked and Overwhelmed by Scott Eblin

Overworked and Overwhelmed

Scott Eblin
The Mindfulness Alternative
4.3 (181 ratings)
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What's Overworked and Overwhelmed about?

Overworked and Overwhelmed (2014) shines a light on work-related stress and outlines what you can do to fight it. Packed full of simple yet effective stress-relieving strategies that you can start putting into practice today, this is a survival guide tailor-made to today’s fast-paced corporate world.

Who should read Overworked and Overwhelmed?

  • Executives and managers
  • Anyone feeling stressed and overworked
  • Coaches and work psychologists

Mental Health Books: Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

Can’t Hurt Me

David Goggins
Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
4.2 (999 ratings)
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What's Can’t Hurt Me about?

Can’t Hurt Me (2018) is the inspirational true-life story of David Goggins, one of the world’s fittest men. The blinks explore the key life events of this inspirational athlete and military man and provide a fascinating insight into a truly focused and unbreakable mind.

Who should read Can’t Hurt Me?

  • Fitness freaks looking for fresh insights
  • Those wanting tips on how to triumph over adversity
  • Anyone interested in inspirational life stories

Mental Health Books: Burnout by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski


Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski
The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle
4.0 (269 ratings)
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What's Burnout about?

Burnout (2019) offers women an honest and practical look at the causes of their everyday stress and anxiety and the different ways in which science can help. Since women continue to face a very different set of expectations to men, it stands to reason that women also deal with a different form of burnout. Authors Emily and Amelia Nagoski offer scientific, as well as personal, insight into what’s really going on and what women can do to not only persist but thrive in the modern world.

Who should read Burnout?

  • Women facing daily burnout
  • Anyone tired of living up to impossible expectations
  • People in need of stress management tips

Mental Health Books: Widen the Window by Elizabeth A. Stanley

Widen the Window

Elizabeth A. Stanley
Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma
4.7 (409 ratings)
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What's Widen the Window about?

Widen the Window (2019) is your guide to healing trauma, relieving chronic stress, and living fully in the present. Drawing on her personal experience as a military leader and building on the latest science, Elizabeth A. Stanley examines how stress and trauma impact our mind and body; how our culture incentivizes work over health; and how mindfulness can bridge the gap between our thinking brains and our bodies’ ancient survival stress response.

Who should read Widen the Window?

  • Anyone who has suffered physical or psychological trauma 
  • People working in the military, first response, and other high stress professions
  • Overachievers, workaholics, and other “type A” personalities

Mental Health Books: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

John Mark Comer
How to Stay Emotionally Healthy and Spiritually Alive in the Chaos of the Modern World
4.4 (320 ratings)
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What's The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry about?

In The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (2019), Pastor John Mark Comer tells us how being too busy destroyed his mental health, affected his relationships, and weakened his connection to his faith. By slowing down and limiting his commitments, he gained happiness and wellbeing in every area of his life. Here he shares four simple practices that will allow you to experience the delights of a hurry-free life. 

Who should read The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry?

  • People who feel much too busy but don’t know how to get off the hamster wheel 
  • Christians who are interested in an insightful, modern interpretation of the Bible
  • Anyone interested in how technology has changed our lives

Mental Health Books: When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté

When the Body Says No

Gabor Maté
The Cost of Hidden Stress
4.6 (627 ratings)
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What's When the Body Says No about?

When the Body Says No (2003) probes the hidden connections between mental health and physical illness. Modern medical science often tries to reassure us that our minds and bodies are totally separate – when, in reality, they’re deeply interconnected. Mental stresses often play out in the body as physiological diseases, disorders, and chronic conditions that endanger our health and well-being.

Who should read When the Body Says No?

  • People who have chronic health conditions or who know others who have them
  • The eternally stressed
  • Those interested in the connections between mind and body

Mental Health Books: The Molecule of More by Daniel Z. Lieberman and Michael E. Long

The Molecule of More

Daniel Z. Lieberman and Michael E. Long
How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity – and Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race
4.8 (459 ratings)
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What's The Molecule of More about?

The Molecule of More (2020) reveals how one brain chemical kindles our desires, fuels our creativity, and makes us fall in love. Using the latest insights from psychology, neuroscience, and social studies to investigate the role of this powerful brain chemical in our thoughts and behavior, it explains what science can teach us about drug addiction, mental illness, and political disagreements.

Who should read The Molecule of More?

  • Science enthusiasts interested in the mysteries of the human brain
  • Mind-wanderers, achievement addicts, and other restless souls 
  • Anyone looking for neurochemical balance in their lives

Mental Health Books: In Praise of Walking by Shane O'Mara

In Praise of Walking

Shane O'Mara
The new science of how we walk and why it’s good for us
4.5 (553 ratings)
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What's In Praise of Walking about?

In Praise of Walking (2019) examines the science behind one of the basic skills that defines us as human beings. By walking more, you can boost your physical and mental health – and become more creative and social.

Who should read In Praise of Walking?

  • Science fans keen to learn about the body and the mind
  • Walking enthusiasts
  • People looking for a reason to do more exercise

Mental Health Books: Mind Over Clutter by Nicola Lewis

Mind Over Clutter

Nicola Lewis
Cleaning Your Way to a Calm and Happy Home
3.7 (253 ratings)
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What's Mind Over Clutter about?

Mind Over Clutter (2019) explores simple tips and techniques for keeping any home free from clutter. These blinks also reveal the impact of mess on your mental health and explain how you can approach housework in a more eco-friendly way, without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Who should read Mind Over Clutter?

  • Minimalists looking for a fresh angle
  • Messy people hoping to change their ways
  • Neat freaks seeking inspiration

Mental Health Books: Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve by Stanley Rosenberg

Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve

Stanley Rosenberg
Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism
4.4 (421 ratings)
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What's Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve about?

Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve (2017) is a best-selling guide to understanding the role the cranial nerves – and in particular the vagus nerve – play in our physical and psychological well-being. In addition to explaining the function of the cranial nerves, it offers simple techniques for treating common medical symptoms without pharmacological or surgical intervention.

Who should read Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve?

  • Anyone who hates taking medicine
  • People struggling with depression and anxiety
  • Those who like coming up with their own solutions to problems

Mental Health Books: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

The Bullet Journal Method

Ryder Carroll
Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future
4.2 (287 ratings)
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What's The Bullet Journal Method about?

The Bullet Journal Method (2018) by Ryder Carroll breaks down bullet journaling: the planning and productivity system your most organized friend is definitely already using. Use bullet journaling to clarify, prioritize, schedule, and reflect on your tasks and goals. You’ll never miss an appointment or lose track of a great idea again. 

Who should read The Bullet Journal Method?

  • People who write to-do lists but never seem to finish them
  • Productivity pros keen to try the system that’s revolutionized personal planning
  • Dreamers who want to turn vague plans into a reality

Mental Health Books: Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety by Drew Ramsey

Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety

Drew Ramsey
Nourish Your Way to Better Mental Health in Six Weeks
4.3 (445 ratings)
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What's Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety about?

Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety (2021) is a groundbreaking look at how nutrition can influence mental health. Based on the latest scientific information, it gives the lowdown on the mind-gut connection, inflammation, and keeping your microbiome healthy. 

Who should read Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety?

  • Those seeking a brain-boosting eating strategy
  • People craving a healthier relationship with food
  • Anyone suffering from depression or anxiety

Mental Health Books: The Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof

The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof
Activate Your Full Human Potential
4.6 (294 ratings)
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What's The Wim Hof Method about?

The Wim Hof Method (2020) posits that we can overcome almost anything, from illness and depression to extreme climate conditions, by employing Wim Hof’s methods. Based on three pillars – cold, breathing, and mindset – The Wim Hof Method seeks to help you activate your full potential.

Who should read The Wim Hof Method?

  • Anyone looking to improve their general health and well-being
  • Endurance athletes and winter sport fanatics
  • Those looking for alternative remedies to illness and depression

Mental Health Books: The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter

The Comfort Crisis

Michael Easter
Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self
4.4 (286 ratings)
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What's The Comfort Crisis about?

The Comfort Crisis (2021) offers a cure for the physical and mental health problems of modern-day life. It’s all about getting comfortable with discomfort, which can mean anything from roughing it in the wilderness to contemplating death.

Who should read The Comfort Crisis?

  • People feeling disillusioned with modern life
  • Restless spirits craving an Into the Wild experience
  • Anyone interested in improving their physical or mental health

Mental Health Books: Your Brain Is Always Listening by Daniel G. Amen

Your Brain Is Always Listening

Daniel G. Amen
Tame the Hidden Dragons That Control Your Happiness, Habits, and Hang-Ups
4.2 (294 ratings)
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What's Your Brain Is Always Listening about?

Your Brain Is Always Listening (2021) is a self-help guide for readers looking to lead happier, healthier lives. Drawing on Dr. Daniel Amen’s extensive experience as a psychiatrist, it shares science-backed tips for slaying the fire-breathing dragons that dwell inside your brain and spark destructive behaviors. 

Who should read Your Brain Is Always Listening?

  • Anyone struggling with mental health – or supporting someone who is 
  • People who want to understand how their brain impacts behavior
  • Those seeking new tools to add to their self-care routine

Mental Health Books: What Happened to You? by Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey

What Happened to You?

Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey
Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing
4.4 (723 ratings)
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What's What Happened to You? about?

What Happened to You? (2021) is an in-depth exploration of trauma and how it affects the brain. Long before we can make rational sense of traumatic experiences, they become etched into our neural circuits. They influence how we respond to stress, form relationships, and make meaning. Unfortunately, trauma is often misunderstood. By understanding trauma as both a brain issue and a societal issue, we can start to support trauma survivors with the tools they need to heal. 

Who should read What Happened to You??

  • Survivors of trauma 
  • Teachers, caregivers, and medical practitioners
  • Psychology buffs interested in trauma’s effects on the brain

Mental Health Books: Unwinding Anxiety by Judson Brewer

Unwinding Anxiety

Judson Brewer
New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind
4.7 (1,553 ratings)
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What's Unwinding Anxiety about?

Unwinding Anxiety (2021) breaks down the brain science behind the bad habits that keep us stuck. Have you ever tried to reason yourself out of binge eating, or procrastinating? Then you’ll know that it just doesn’t work. That’s because addiction and obsessive thought patterns are controlled by our instinctive survival brains, not our rational brains. Learning how to retrain our brains using mindfulness techniques will allow us to free ourselves from chronic worry, anxiety, and other obsessive habits. 

Who should read Unwinding Anxiety?

  • Chronic worriers who want a way to calm their racing thoughts 
  • People who want to interrupt addictive behaviors
  • Health professionals looking for new tools to curb the anxiety epidemic

Mental Health Books: Attention Span by Gloria Mark

Attention Span

Gloria Mark
A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity
4.5 (905 ratings)
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What's Attention Span about?

Attention Span (2023) examines the connection between the digital age and our capacity for attention. As digital devices have become inextricable from our lives, our attention spans have shortened and our stress levels have risen. Drawing on scientific research, it debunks modern myths about attention and explains how we can reclaim it for better well-being. 

Who should read Attention Span?

  • Anyone worried about their decreasing attention span
  • Those who have trouble disconnecting from their phone
  • People who feel stressed, exhausted, and burned out

Mental Health Books: Stop Overthinking by Nick Trenton

Stop Overthinking

Nick Trenton
23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present
4.2 (666 ratings)
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What's Stop Overthinking about?

Stop Overthinking (2021) is an indispensable guide to breaking free from the negative thought patterns holding you back. Learn how to recognize your negative spiral triggers, overcome anxiety attacks, and declutter your mind to live a stress-free life.

Who should read Stop Overthinking?

  • Nervous Nellies
  • Persistent procrastinators
  • Anybody struggling with doubt and indecision

Mental Health Books: Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers by Stephanie M. Kriesberg

Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Stephanie M. Kriesberg
Quiet the Critical Voice in Your Head, Heal Self-Doubt, and Live the Life You Deserve
4.6 (90 ratings)
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What's Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers about?

Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers (2022) explores the ramifications of having a narcissistic parent, and what you as an adult can do to release yourself from your mother’s toxic hold. Its toolkit will help you manage the difficult feelings that come with being raised by a narcissist – like self-doubt, shame, and anxiety – so that you can start living on your own terms. 

Who should read Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers?

  • Adults with controlling, manipulative, or domineering mothers
  • Those who have struggled with anxiety and insecurity since they were young
  • Anyone who has felt fundamentally flawed since they were a child

Mental Health Books: Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson

Your Brain on Porn

Gary Wilson
Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction
4.3 (273 ratings)
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What's Your Brain on Porn about?

Your Brain on Porn (2014) examines the explosion of internet pornography addiction. In the age of high-speed internet, porn is more widespread than ever. And although excessive porn consumption can negatively affect mental health and sexual function, the damage can be reversed. 

Who should read Your Brain on Porn?

  • Anyone who thinks they might be suffering from porn addiction
  • Students of psychology or medicine
  • Internet connoisseurs seeking to understand the effects of excessive porn consumption

Mental Health Books: Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Julie Smith

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

Julie Smith
4.2 (1,070 ratings)
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What's Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? about?

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? (2022) is an empathetic and practical guide to improving and maintaining mental well-being. It offers bite-sized, actionable advice and coping strategies for anxiety, depression, unexpected setbacks, a lack of self-confidence, and more.

Who should read Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before??

  • People seeking relief from anxiety and depression
  • Those looking to support a loved one going through a hard time
  • Self-help fans eager for science-based perspectives

Mental Health Books: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

The Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger
4.3 (210 ratings)
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What's The Catcher in the Rye about?

The Catcher in the Rye (1951) is J. D. Salinger’s classic coming-of-age novel, telling the story of the troubled young Holden Caulfield. Holden has just been expelled from school, and spends several days traversing New York City, sharing his opinions of the world around him.

Who should read The Catcher in the Rye?

  • Lovers of coming-of-age stories
  • Classic literature fans
  • People who dislike phonies

Mental Health Books: The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté with Daniel Maté

The Myth of Normal

Gabor Maté with Daniel Maté
Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture
4.6 (1,068 ratings)
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What's The Myth of Normal about?

The Myth of Normal (2022) unpacks why chronic disease and mental illness are on the rise. Western medicine focuses on individual pathologies, but what if the key actually lies in our culture? Things we consider normal – like stress, adversity, and trauma – are often toxic and breed disease. The pathway back to health rests in identifying and addressing these underlying conditions.

Who should read The Myth of Normal?

  • Health professionals who want the bigger picture
  • Lovers of a good social critique
  • Anyone working through health challenges

Mental Health Books: 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

Brianna Wiest
4.4 (714 ratings)
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What's 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think about?

101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think (2016) is an antidote to anxiety, but not in the way you think. Instead of mounting roadblocks against your darkest feelings, it encourages you to use them as agents of personal growth. Managing your thoughts will lead you toward the daily habits that will bring you fulfillment.

Who should read 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think?

  • People in their twenties trying to find purpose and meaning, and manage their anxiety
  • Thirtysomethings who want to understand how their past has shaped their present and how they can still salvage the future
  • Those who want to find joy and fulfillment in being themselves

Mental Health Books: Rewire Your Anxious Brain by Catherine M. Pittman & Elizabeth M. Karle

Rewire Your Anxious Brain

Catherine M. Pittman & Elizabeth M. Karle
How to Use the Neuroscience of Fear to End Anxiety, Panic, and Worry
4.6 (605 ratings)
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What's Rewire Your Anxious Brain about?

Rewire Your Anxious Brain (2015) is a powerful guide to overcoming anxiety. Based on the latest research in neuroscience, it explains how two separate regions of the brain are responsible for producing anxiety – and how each requires different strategies and approaches.

Who should read Rewire Your Anxious Brain?

  • Anxiety sufferers
  • Therapists looking for new strategies
  • Brain science enthusiasts

Mental Health Books: The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control by Katherine Morgan Schafler

The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control

Katherine Morgan Schafler
A Path to Peace and Power
4.5 (410 ratings)
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What's The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control about?

The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control is about understanding your perfectionist traits and making them work for you, not against you. It details different types of perfectionists and explains how all of them can adapt to their perfectionism.

Who should read The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control?

  • Those who identify as perfectionists in any area of their lives
  • People interested in understanding perfectionist traits and tendencies
  • Readers who are interested in the mental health field

Mental Health Books: The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer

The Mind-Gut Connection

Emeran Mayer
How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health
4.5 (587 ratings)
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What's The Mind-Gut Connection about?

The Mind-Gut Connection (2016) explores the complex relationship between the gut and brain, highlighting the crucial role this connection plays in both physical and mental health. The book delves into key insights, such as the brain-gut axis, the impact of stress on gut health, and the connection between food and mental well-being, emphasizing the need for holistic care to improve overall health.

Who should read The Mind-Gut Connection?

  • Anyone interested in dietary lifestyles
  • People struggling with emotional and mental health issues
  • Those curious about how the body works

Mental Health Books: Real Self-Care by Pooja Lakshmin

Real Self-Care

Pooja Lakshmin
A Transformative Program for Redefining Wellness (Crystals, Cleanses, and Bubble Baths Not Included)
4.2 (334 ratings)
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What's Real Self-Care about?

Real Self-Care (2023) exposes the dark side of the global self-care industry by connecting the systemic inequality faced by marginalized groups like women and people of color, and the stress, burnout and chronic illness faced by so many. It offers a science-based alternative and cognitive strategies for living with ease and purpose. 

Who should read Real Self-Care?

  • Frustrated self-carers who feel they’re somehow doing it wrong
  • Tired life-optimizers who wonder why they still feel behind
  • Those looking for kinder, gentler transformation from the inside-out

Mental Health Books: How We Heal by Alexandra Elle

How We Heal

Alexandra Elle
Uncover Your Power and Set Yourself Free
4.4 (342 ratings)
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What's How We Heal about?

How We Heal (2022) provides a detailed look at the complex and life-changing process of self-healing. Techniques are separated into a 4-step framework which provides encouragement, practical strategies, and journaling exercises to help you rediscover your inner power and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Who should read How We Heal?

  • Fans of self-help books
  • Anyone who wants to learn about self-healing
  • People interested in mental health and wellness

Mental Health Books: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Dr. Daniel G. Amen

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Dr. Daniel G. Amen
The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness
4.0 (449 ratings)
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What's Change Your Brain, Change Your Life about?

Unlock your brain's full potential with cutting-edge techniques and personalized brain health approaches detailed in this revised and updated version of the original Change Your Brain, Change Your Life (1999) by Dr. Daniel G. Amen.

Who should read Change Your Brain, Change Your Life?

  • All brain owners
  • Brainiacs seeking to enhance their mind powers
  • Health-conscious people wanting better knowledge of brain health

Mental Health Books: Let That Sh*t Go by Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw

Let That Sh*t Go

Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw
Find Peace of Mind and Happiness in Your Everyday
4.2 (372 ratings)
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What's Let That Sh*t Go about?

Let That Sh*t Go: Find Peace of Mind and Happiness in Your Everyday (2018) offers a trove of tools and tips to declutter your mind of all the crap that gets in the way of inner peace and joyful living. Its approach to mindfulness helps you to connect to what’s going on in your head and then use that awareness to build self love, authenticity, acceptance, perspective, and forgiveness. 

Who should read Let That Sh*t Go?

  • People interested in what mindfulness is and how to practice it
  • Busy people who feel too stressed or overwhelmed to enjoy life 
  • Anyone who wants to improve their daily happiness

Mental Health Books: Retrain Your Brain by Seth J. Gillihan

Retrain Your Brain

Seth J. Gillihan
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks
4.3 (635 ratings)
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What's Retrain Your Brain about?

Retrain Your Brain (2016) is all about learning practical strategies to break free from negative thought patterns and cultivate a more positive, fulfilling life. Whether you're struggling with anxiety or depression, or just want to improve your overall mental well-being, this guide is a valuable resource for retraining your brain and becoming your best self.

Who should read Retrain Your Brain?

  • Anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, or low mood
  • Life hackers looking for tools to enhance emotional well-being
  • Curious minds interested in the science behind cognitive behavioral therapy

Mental Health Books: The Emotional Lives of Teenagers by Lisa Damour

The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Lisa Damour
Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents
4.6 (82 ratings)
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What's The Emotional Lives of Teenagers about?

The Emotional Lives of Teenagers (2023) is a best-selling guide to navigating the highs and lows of parenting your child through adolescence. It dispenses honest, practical, research-informed advice aimed at helping parents understand, support, and connect with their teens in a way that honors the huge transition they’re experiencing.

Who should read The Emotional Lives of Teenagers?

  • Parents looking for effective strategies to support their teen’s mental health
  • Educators and youth workers seeking clinically informed advice about the adolescent years
  • Anyone who wants to help the teenagers in their lives feel loved, supported, and heard as they transition into adulthood

Mental Health Books: The Answer to Anxiety by Joyce Meyer

The Answer to Anxiety

Joyce Meyer
How to Break Free from the Tyranny of Anxious Thoughts and Worry
2.8 (136 ratings)
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What's The Answer to Anxiety about?

The Answer to Anxiety (2023) lays out the steps to overcoming anxiety with the help of God’s Word. It walks you through four specific actions, all derived from a single Bible passage.

Who should read The Answer to Anxiety?

  • Christians looking to solve their anxiety problems
  • Anxious people seeking spiritual support
  • Anyone interested in Christian-based self-help work

Mental Health Books: The Source by Dr. Tara Swart

The Source

Dr. Tara Swart
The Secrets of the Universe, the Science of the Brain
4.4 (83 ratings)
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What's The Source about?

The Source (2019) reveals the secret to mastering your mind. It draws on cognitive science and the author’s coaching experience to provide a four-step plan to fire up your brain and get what you want from life by becoming a new, confident you.

Who should read The Source?

  • Personal Development seekers
  • Stressed individuals looking to improve their mental health and well-being
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders

Mental Health Books: How to Be Your Own Therapist by Owen O'Kane

How to Be Your Own Therapist

Owen O'Kane
Boost Your Mood and Reduce Your Anxiety in 10 Minutes a Day
4.4 (223 ratings)
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What's How to Be Your Own Therapist about?

How to Be Your Own Therapist presents highly-effective techniques from evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. Funny and humane, it outlines a simple self-therapy program to free you from unhelpful habits and tendencies, as well as daily check-in sessions that can be completed in as little as ten minutes.  

Who should read How to Be Your Own Therapist?

  • People wishing to learn essential therapeutic techniques to improve their lives
  • Anyone curious about initiating a daily self-therapy practice
  • Those eager to overcome negative thought patterns and adopt healthier perspectives

Mental Health Books: The Worry Trick by David A. Carbonell

The Worry Trick

David A. Carbonell
How Your Brain Tricks You Into Expecting the Worst and What You Can Do about It
4.3 (374 ratings)
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What's The Worry Trick about?

The Worry Trick (2016) is a no-nonsense guide to dealing with worry and anxiety. Drawing from acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, it breaks down where worry comes from and offers concrete steps on how to face and ultimately overcome it.  

Who should read The Worry Trick?

  • Anyone who deals with chronic worry
  • Psychologists looking to deepen their knowledge of anxiety
  • Students of the human condition

Mental Health Books: The Teenage Brain by Frances E. Jensen & Amy Ellis Nutt

The Teenage Brain

Frances E. Jensen & Amy Ellis Nutt
A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults
4.0 (100 ratings)
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What's The Teenage Brain about?

The Teenage Brain (2014) delves into the labyrinth of teenage neuroscience, offering a captivating exploration of why teens think and act the way they do. With a blend of science and real-world anecdotes, it illuminates the complexities and wonders of a brain in flux.

Who should read The Teenage Brain?

  • Concerned, proactive parents of teenagers
  • Educators seeking insight into students
  • Advocates of teenage mental health

Mental Health Books: Gaslighting by Stephanie Moulton Sarkis


Stephanie Moulton Sarkis
Recognize Manipulative and Emotionally Abusive People - and Break Free
4.3 (331 ratings)
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What's Gaslighting about?

Gaslighting (2018) is an illuminating guide in the obscure world of emotional manipulation. It reveals how to identify and break free from the devastating impact of gaslighting, so you can regain control of your life and restore your sense of self.

Who should read Gaslighting?

  • Emotional abuse victims searching for coping strategies
  • Friends and relatives hoping to understand their loved ones' gaslighting experiences
  • Mental health professionals seeking deeper insights into gaslighting and its effects

Mental Health Books: Unbroken by MaryCatherine McDonald


MaryCatherine McDonald
The Trauma Response Is Never Wrong And Other Things You Need to Know to Take Back Your Life
3.5 (31 ratings)
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What's Unbroken about?

Unbroken (2023) offers a transformative exploration into the complex world of trauma, blending modern neurobiology with deeply personal narratives. It uncovers the profound ways in which trauma isn’t merely about events but significantly impacts both mind and body. This enlightening journey reshapes perceptions, dismantles misconceptions, and guides you toward a path of resilience and healing.

Who should read Unbroken?

  • Mental health professionals seeking trauma knowledge
  • Veterans and individuals with personal trauma experiences
  • Psychology and neuroscience students

Mental Health Books: The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe

The Black Cat

Edgar Allen Poe
3.9 (15 ratings)
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What's The Black Cat about?

The Black Cat (1843) explores the dark themes of guilt, perversity, and violence. It's a tale of a man driven to self-destruction by his own malevolent actions and the haunting presence of a vengeful black cat.

Who should read The Black Cat?

  • Fans of Gothic fiction  
  • Psychology enthusiasts  
  • Horror literature aficionados

Mental Health Books: The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell

The Conquest of Happiness

Bertrand Russell
4.5 (103 ratings)
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What's The Conquest of Happiness about?

The Conquest of Happiness (1930) explores the pursuit of human happiness. It dissects common obstacles to happiness, such as competition and fatigue, as well as the various factors that contribute to it. Equal parts philosophical and practical, you’ll come away with a deepened understanding of, and preparedness for, a fulfilling life. 

Who should read The Conquest of Happiness?

  • Anyone wanting to increase their sense of fulfillment
  • Individuals interested in the development of the personal happiness movement
  • Philosophy enthusiasts seeking an understanding of Russell’s perspective

Mental Health Books: Don't Overthink It by Anne Bogel

Don't Overthink It

Anne Bogel
Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life
4.5 (866 ratings)
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What's Don't Overthink It about?

Don't Overthink It (2020) unveils the mental entanglements that come with constant rumination, highlighting how overthinking can rob us of time and precious moments. Drawing on her own experience as an overthinker, Anne Bogel provides readers with tangible solutions to break free from the chains of repetitive, negative thought patterns. 

Who should read Don't Overthink It?

  • Individuals seeking personal growth
  • Avid readers of self-help and personal development
  • Admirers of Anne Bogel's work

Mental Health Books: Never Enough by Jennifer Breheny Wallace

Never Enough

Jennifer Breheny Wallace
When Achievement Culture Becomes Toxic-and What We Can Do About It
4.3 (127 ratings)
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What's Never Enough about?

Never Enough (2023) delves into the harmful nature of achievement culture, exploring its origins and implications for society. Through extensive interviews and a comprehensive survey, discover how societal structures have instilled in children the corrosive belief that their worth is solely tied to their achievements – and what we can do about it. 

Who should read Never Enough?

  • Parents navigating modern achievement pressures
  • Educators seeking understanding on student stress
  • Readers exploring societal influence on success

Mental Health Books: Scarcity Brain by Michael Easter

Scarcity Brain

Michael Easter
Fix Your Craving Mindset and Rewire Your Habits to Thrive with Enough
4.1 (281 ratings)
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What's Scarcity Brain about?

Scarcity Brain (2023) reveals how our ancient scarcity mindset now backfires in a world of abundance. Michael Easter traveled the world consulting innovators on tactics to counter scarcity cues – from a Las Vegas slot machine designer detecting triggers to coffee-making monks finding happiness in alone time. By understanding our cravings, we can shake the worst habits and use what we have better for a more satisfying life.

Who should read Scarcity Brain?

  • People looking to break bad habits and addictions
  • Those interested in the science behind human behavior
  • Anyone seeking to take control of their life and live more fully

Mental Health Books: The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen W. Porges

The Polyvagal Theory

Stephen W. Porges
Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation
3.3 (388 ratings)
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What's The Polyvagal Theory about?

The Polyvagal Theory (2011) introduces a groundbreaking understanding of the autonomic nervous system, emphasizing its role in social behavior, emotional regulation, and mental health. The theory posits the existence of three neural circuits within the autonomic nervous system, each of which plays a crucial role in shaping our psychological and physiological responses. Through this lens, it explores the neurobiological foundations of emotions, social connections, and health – offering new insights and implications for therapy, research, and interpersonal relationships.

Who should read The Polyvagal Theory?

  • Therapists seeking to understand the autonomic nervous system's role in mental health
  • Parents looking to comprehend and support their children's emotional development
  • Anyone interested in the brain-body connection and enhancing their overall well-being

Mental Health Books: 100 Ways to Change Your Life by Liz Moody

100 Ways to Change Your Life

Liz Moody
The Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships and Success
4.3 (555 ratings)
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What's 100 Ways to Change Your Life about?

100 Ways to Change Your Life (2023) is a guide that offers you a wide range of practical tips and strategies for making impactful changes in various aspects of your life. Covering topics from health and wellness to personal growth and happiness, it’s designed to inspire and motivate you to implement small but significant adjustments to suit your individual needs and goals.

Who should read 100 Ways to Change Your Life?

  • Wellness devotees and productivity fanatics who’ve lost sight of simple happiness
  • Dreamers who’d love to start doing, if they could only stick to their goals
  • Anyone who feels there could be more to life than the status quo

Mental Health Books: How to Know a Person by David Brooks

How to Know a Person

David Brooks
The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen
4.4 (567 ratings)
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What's How to Know a Person about?

How to Know a Person (2023) challenges us to set aside our egos and look beyond people’s superficial traits to really get to know them: their stories, their passions, their motivations, and more. It acknowledges that being able to see someone and make them feel seen is hard –⁠ and yet it’s essential for cultivating healthy relationships. Fortunately, with some dedication, we can all learn how to have healthier, deeper conversations; give people quality attention; and see people in all their delightful complexity.

Who should read How to Know a Person?

  • Personal growth-seekers
  • Those starving for human connection and companionship
  • Coaches, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and HR professionals

Mental Health Books: The Art of Positive Thinking by Elizabeth R. Brown

The Art of Positive Thinking

Elizabeth R. Brown
Eliminate Negative Thinking I Emotional Intelligence I Stop Overthinking
4.3 (292 ratings)
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What's The Art of Positive Thinking about?

The Art of Positive Thinking (2023) is a guide to positivity as a practice. Through regular, simple exercises, we can all learn to change our mindsets, and improve the quality of our lives.

Who should read The Art of Positive Thinking?

  • Pessimists
  • People who struggle with anxiety or negative thought patterns
  • Anyone who wants to experience a greater sense of well-being

Mental Health Books: Building a Non-Anxious Life by John Delony

Building a Non-Anxious Life

John Delony
3.9 (160 ratings)
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What's Building a Non-Anxious Life about?

Building a Non-Anxious Life (2023) is a straight-talking manual for regaining peace and joy. It offers a six-step roadmap to navigating the stress-inducing modern world with intention and perspective – reminding us that while we might not be able to eliminate anxiety completely, we can reduce it significantly. 

Who should read Building a Non-Anxious Life?

  • Anyone for whom “stressed” has become the default mode 
  • Individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, or trauma 
  • People who want to improve their health and relationships 

Mental Health Books: The Burnout Society by Byung-Chul Han

The Burnout Society

Byung-Chul Han
4.0 (156 ratings)
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What's The Burnout Society about?

The Burnout Society (2010) delves into the contemporary epidemic of exhaustion and mental overload, revealing how your pursuit of success and productivity in a hyper-connected world might be leading to a state of collective burnout. It challenges you to rethink societal norms and personal values, offering insights into navigating the pressures of modern life. 

Who should read The Burnout Society?

  • Professionals seeking work-life balance
  • Students studying societal trends and psychology
  • Advocates for mental health and wellness

Mental Health Books: Don't Believe Everything You Think by Joseph Nguyen

Don't Believe Everything You Think

Joseph Nguyen
Why Your Thinking is the Beginning & End of Suffering
4.5 (293 ratings)
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What's Don't Believe Everything You Think about?

Don’t Believe Everything You Think (2022) is a guide to overcoming anxiety, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. Rejecting feel-good clichés about motivation and willpower, it draws on timeless Buddhist wisdom to demonstrate how thinking entangles us in a life of suffering – and how we can free ourselves from that trap. 

Who should read Don't Believe Everything You Think?

  • Overthinkers and self-sabotagers
  • Anyone interested in Buddhist perspectives on pain and suffering
  • Spiritual seekers and explorers  

Mental Health Books: ADHD an A-Z by Leanne Maskell


Leanne Maskell
Figuring It Out Step by Step
4.2 (169 ratings)
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What's ADHD an A-Z about?

ADHD an A–Z tackles the daily challenges of ADHD with an empowering guide drawn from personal insights. From time management to budgeting to managing emotions and stress, these bite-sized tips help readers harness their unique strengths and gain confidence to thrive in their own unique way.

Who should read ADHD an A-Z?

  • Individuals with ADHD
  • Their family and friends
  • Health professionals and educators

Mental Health Books: How to Eat to Change How You Drink by Brooke Scheller

How to Eat to Change How You Drink

Brooke Scheller
Heal Your Gut, Mend Your Mind, and Improve Nutrition to Change Your Relationship with Alcohol
4.0 (136 ratings)
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What's How to Eat to Change How You Drink about?

How to Eat to Change What You Drink (2023) draws on cutting-edge science to reveal how food can help change your relationship with alcohol. With a comprehensive 30-day plan to optimize meal timing, food, and lifestyle changes, this guide teaches you how to eat yourself sober.

Who should read How to Eat to Change How You Drink?

  • Sober and sober-curious people
  • Anyone looking to develop a healthier relationship with alcohol 
  • Anyone searching for an alternative, holistic approach to sobriety and self-improvement

Mental Health Books: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Olivia Telford

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Olivia Telford
Simple Techniques to Instantly Be Happier, Find Inner Peace, and Improve Your Life
4.5 (262 ratings)
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What's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy about?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2020) explores a range of mental health topics, including managing anxiety, overcoming guilt, handling addiction, and integrating mindfulness into your daily life. Filled with practical tips, exercises, and real-world examples, it offers a user-friendly approach to enhancing mental well-being.

Who should read Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

  • Anyone who has experienced depression or anxiety
  • People interested in mental health disorders and solutions
  • Psychology students exploring therapeutic techniques

Mental Health Books: ADHD for Smart Ass Women by Tracy Otsuka

ADHD for Smart Ass Women

Tracy Otsuka
4.0 (228 ratings)
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What's ADHD for Smart Ass Women about?

ADHD for Smart Ass Women (2023) aims to help neurodivergent women understand themselves. By learning about the condition and using specific strategies, women with ADHD – or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – can improve their lives.

Who should read ADHD for Smart Ass Women?

  • Women with ADHD who struggle with some aspects of daily life
  • People who suspect they might have ADHD
  • Those who want to understand and support a loved one with ADHD

Mental Health Books: Younger for Life by Anthony Youn

Younger for Life

Anthony Youn
Feel Great and Look Your Best with the New Science of Autojuvenation
3.8 (62 ratings)
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What's Younger for Life about?

Younger for Life (2024) provides a roadmap to preventing and reversing visible signs of aging holistically. It introduces the multifactorial process of autojuvenation and offers a step-by-step guide to tapping into your body’s natural ability to renew and repair itself through foods, supplements, skincare, stress management, and in-office procedures.

Who should read Younger for Life?

  • Young adults wanting to guard against unnecessary aging
  • Older adults seeking to treat and slow signs of aging
  • Medical professionals and students interested in holistic approaches

Mental Health Books: The Art of Letting Go by Nick Trenton

The Art of Letting Go

Nick Trenton
Stop Overthinking, Stop Negative Spirals, and Find Emotional Freedom
4.3 (113 ratings)
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What's The Art of Letting Go about?

The Art of Letting Go (2023) invites you on a transformative journey toward emotional freedom. It’s a guide to shedding the burdens of the past, embracing self-compassion, and cultivating a growth mindset for a purposeful and liberated existence. Dive into this exploration and emerge more resilient, insightful, and equipped to navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Who should read The Art of Letting Go?

  • Self-help enthusiasts seeking emotional freedom
  • Individuals interested in personal growth and resilience
  • Readers looking for guidance on self-compassion

Mental Health Books: Zero Sugar / One Month by Becky Gillaspy

Zero Sugar / One Month

Becky Gillaspy
Reduce Cravings - Reset Metabolism - Lose Weight - Lower Blood Sugar
3.5 (223 ratings)
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What's Zero Sugar / One Month about?

Zero Sugar / One Month (2024) is a roadmap aimed at helping individuals eliminate sugar from their diet to achieve long-term health. It provides actionable advice, including guides on what to eat, how to resist temptation, and a day-by-day timeline of what to expect – along with motivational anecdotes and tips to navigate emotional challenges and build confidence throughout the 30-day journey. 

Who should read Zero Sugar / One Month?

  • Individuals looking to reduce their sugar intake for weight loss or health reasons 
  • Health-conscious folks seeking a structured, time-bound nutrition challenge 
  • Anyone curious about sugar’s impact on their health and well-being

Mental Health Books: The Lost Art of Silence by Sarah Anderson

The Lost Art of Silence

Sarah Anderson
Reconnecting to the Power and Beauty of Quiet
4.5 (237 ratings)
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What's The Lost Art of Silence about?

The Lost Art of Silence (2023) is a captivating exploration of the often-overlooked power of silence in art, literature, nature, and spirituality. Drawing on wisdom from some of the world's greatest minds, it invites us to rediscover the profound quiet found both within ourselves and outside in the world. It explains that when we find silence, we find inspiration, insight, and an antidote to the cacophony of modern life.

Who should read The Lost Art of Silence?

  • Stressed workers who want to learn the art of quietly being
  • Over-thinkers who want to calm their minds
  • Anxious people seeking stillness

Mental Health Books: Beyond the Pleasure Principle by Sigmund Freud

Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Sigmund Freud
4.1 (35 ratings)
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What's Beyond the Pleasure Principle about?

Beyond the Pleasure Principle (1920 marks a pivotal turn in Sigmund Freud’s theoretical approach to psychology and psychoanalysis. In this work, Freud introduces the concept of the “death drive,” a fundamental tension between the life instincts that aim for survival, sexual reproduction, and pleasure, and the death instincts, which strive towards inanimate rest and a return to a state of non-existence.

Who should read Beyond the Pleasure Principle?

  • Students of psychology
  • Those intrigued by human behavior
  • Readers interested in Freud’s theories

Mental Health Books: The 5 Resets by Aditi Nerurkar

The 5 Resets

Aditi Nerurkar
Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience
4.5 (202 ratings)
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What's The 5 Resets about?

The 5 Resets (2024), is a comprehensive guide to how we can better manage stress with the help of five key life-enhancing strategies. Brought to life by the stories of a Harvard doctor and her patients, it focuses on making manageable lifestyle adjustments to improve mental and physical health, fostering resilience and balance in the process.

Who should read The 5 Resets?

  • Professionals facing workplace stress and burnout
  • Busy parents and caregivers seeking a better work-life balance
  • Entrepreneurs managing stress and growth

Mental Health Books: Little Treatments, Big Effects by Jessica Schleider

Little Treatments, Big Effects

Jessica Schleider
How to Build Meaningful Moments That Can Transform Your Mental Health
3.2 (26 ratings)
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What's Little Treatments, Big Effects about?

Little Treatments, Big Effects (2023) addresses the widespread issue of unmet psychological needs and introduces single-session interventions as a novel complement to traditional approaches. It argues for systemic changes in mental health care and demonstrates how these brief interventions can create significant impacts.

Who should read Little Treatments, Big Effects?

  • Individuals seeking accessible mental health care solutions
  • Mental health professionals interested in brief intervention strategies
  • Caregivers looking for quick, effective ways to psychologically support youth

Mental Health Books: Break the Cycle by Dr. Mariel Buqué

Break the Cycle

Dr. Mariel Buqué
A Guide to Healing Intergenerational Trauma
3.0 (204 ratings)
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What's Break the Cycle about?

Break the Cycle (2021) delves into the deep-seated generational trauma and challenges implicating many families. It emphasizes breaking free from cycles of pain and encourages readers to embrace change, healing, and emotional growth for a promising future.

Who should read Break the Cycle?

  • Individuals facing generational trauma
  • Seekers of emotional healing
  • Advocates of change and personal growth

Mental Health Books: Gut Check by Steven R. Gundry

Gut Check

Steven R. Gundry
Unleash the Power of Your Microbiome to Reverse Disease and Transform Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health
3.1 (219 ratings)
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What's Gut Check about?

Gut Check (2023) explores the critical role that our gut bacteria play in determining our overall health. It argues that nurturing a healthy microbiome can lead to a longer, more vibrant life, against the backdrop of conventional dietary beliefs.

Who should read Gut Check?

  • Health enthusiasts
  • Longevity seekers
  • Diet skeptics

Mental Health Books: Why We Remember by Charan Ranganath

Why We Remember

Charan Ranganath
Unlocking Memory's Power to Hold on to What Matters
4.3 (168 ratings)
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What's Why We Remember about?

Why We Remember (2024) is an exploration of the fascinating mechanisms that underlie human memory. Challenging conventional perceptions, it presents memory as a dynamic force that not only records the past, but influences our present and future. Through engaging case studies and current scientific research, it reveals the processes that shape our ability to form lasting memories, and the factors that influence forgetting. Ultimately, it shows us how we can harness our memory for learning, healing, and growth.

Who should read Why We Remember?

  • Anyone fascinated by the inner workings of the human brain
  • Individuals experiencing memory loss, and their caregivers
  • Students of psychology and neuroscience

Mental Health Books: Untangle Your Emotions by Jennie Allen

Untangle Your Emotions

Jennie Allen
Naming What You Feel and Knowing What to Do About It
3.6 (194 ratings)
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What's Untangle Your Emotions about?

Untangle Your Emotions (2024) is a spiritual guide to understanding and managing your feelings. Rather than something to be fixed, it views emotions as an avenue for deeper connection with God and the people around you. Drawing on scientific research and biblical wisdom, it guides you on your path to emotional maturity as a divinely created being.

Who should read Untangle Your Emotions?

  • Christians seeking a faith-based approach to improving their emotional health
  • People who want to strengthen their connections with God and others through developing emotional awareness
  • Anyone who feels they tend to suppress or ignore their emotions rather than dealing with them

Mental Health Books: Hello Sleep by Jade Wu

Hello Sleep

Jade Wu
The Science and Art of Overcoming Insomnia Without Medications
3.5 (40 ratings)
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What's Hello Sleep about?

Hello Sleep (2023) delves into the often-misunderstood nature of insomnia, emphasizing that the key to overcoming sleepless nights lies not in exerting more effort but in mending your relationship with sleep. It offers a wealth of concrete, science-backed strategies, aimed at helping you to rediscover a sense of wonder and appreciation for your sleep.

Who should read Hello Sleep?

  • Anyone battling chronic insomnia
  • Readers seeking science-backed sleep improvement strategies
  • Fans of compassionate health and wellness guidance

Mental Health Books: Languishing by Corey Keyes


Corey Keyes
How to Feel Alive Again in a World That Wears Us Down
4.4 (149 ratings)
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What's Languishing about?

Languishing (2024) delves into the often-overlooked state between mental well-being and mental illness: languishing. It offers a comprehensive analysis of how individuals can find themselves stuck in this state of stagnation and emptiness and presents a compelling guide for recognizing and addressing this state. Through an exploration of strategies for enhancing well-being, it empowers readers to transform their mental health landscape, advocating for a proactive approach to emotional and psychological resilience.

Who should read Languishing?

  • Individuals experiencing burnout or feeling overwhelmed by life
  • Wellness and life coaches
  • Anyone curious about or looking to improve their mental well-being

Mental Health Books: Practical Optimism by Sue Varma, M.D.

Practical Optimism

Sue Varma, M.D.
The Art, Science, and Practice of Exceptional Well-Being
4.3 (117 ratings)
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What's Practical Optimism about?

Practical Optimism (2024) offers actionable strategies for fostering well-being and resilience in everyday life. Through nurturing relationships, forming positive habits, and cultivating self-compassion, individuals can enhance their mental and physical health while thriving amidst life's challenges.

Who should read Practical Optimism?

  • Anyone looking for a boost of positivity in their lives
  • People coping with depression or anxiety
  • Those eager for more confidence and resilience

Mental Health Books: Beyond the Pill by Jolene Brighten

Beyond the Pill

Jolene Brighten
A 30 Day Program to Balance Your Hormones, Reclaim Your Body, and Reverse the Dangerous Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill
3.9 (36 ratings)
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What's Beyond the Pill about?

Beyond the Pill (2019) is a guide to navigating the variety of health issues caused by the birth control pill. Whether or not women continue to take the pill, they can gain insight into their mental and physical health, and take active steps to feel better.

Who should read Beyond the Pill?

  • Women currently taking the birth control pill
  • Women who have recently stopped taking the pill, or who are thinking of stopping
  • Anyone interested in the effects of hormonal contraception

Mental Health Books: The Mindful Body by Ellen J. Langer

The Mindful Body

Ellen J. Langer
Thinking Our Way to Chronic Health
4.5 (130 ratings)
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What's The Mindful Body about?

The Mindful Body (2023) delves into the intricate connection between the mind and the body, presenting the idea that they aren’t separate entities but rather one unified system. Backed by cutting-edge research, it explores how changing our thoughts and perceptions can profoundly impact our physical well-being.

Who should read The Mindful Body?

  • Psychology enthusiasts exploring mind-body connection theories
  • Individuals seeking holistic approaches to health and wellness
  • Anyone interested in mindfulness insights

Mental Health Books: Uptime by Laura Mae Martin


Laura Mae Martin
A Practical Guide to Personal Productivity and Wellbeing
4.4 (49 ratings)
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What's Uptime about?

Uptime (2024) is your roadmap to mastering productivity and achieving a harmonious work-life balance. It guides you through establishing a system for managing priorities, whether in a work environment or your personal life, so you’ll never again feel overwhelmed by your to-do list. Find more time for yourself, make technology work for you, and experience a sense of calm accomplishment in all facets of your existence.

Who should read Uptime?

  • Busy professionals seeking work-life balance
  • Entrepreneurs looking to align their actions with their goals
  • Overwhelmed individuals craving intentional living

Mental Health Books: Stress Resets by Jennifer L. Taitz

Stress Resets

Jennifer L. Taitz
How to Soothe Your Body and Mind in Minutes
4.3 (25 ratings)
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What's Stress Resets about?

Stress Resets (2024) offers a plethora of quick and scientifically validated methods for managing stress. It introduces you to effective exercises that promise to ease your stress quickly without intensive meditation, medications, or alcohol. Through practical tips and exercises, it teaches you to regulate your emotions and build resilience, fundamentally changing how you perceive and handle stress.

Who should read Stress Resets?

  • Busy professionals looking to enhance their stress management skills
  • Stressed students needing focus and anxiety relief
  • Overwhelmed parents seeking emotional balance

Mental Health Books: Raising Mentally Strong Kids by Amen MD Daniel G. & Charles Fay

Raising Mentally Strong Kids

Amen MD Daniel G. & Charles Fay
How to Combine the Power of Neuroscience with Love and Logic to Grow Confident, Kind, Responsible, and Resilient Children and Young Adults
4.4 (28 ratings)
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What's Raising Mentally Strong Kids about?

Raising Mentally Strong Kids (2024) explores the fascinating intersection of neuroscience and parenting, revealing how everyday interactions shape a child's developing brain.

Who should read Raising Mentally Strong Kids?

  • Parents of children of all ages who are looking for evidence-based strategies to help their kids develop
  • Teachers, school counselors, and administrators eager to learn how to support student’s mental health and well-being
  • Anyone interested in the latest research on neuroscience and its applications on child development and parenting

Mental Health Books: The Anxious Generation by Jonathan Haidt

The Anxious Generation

Jonathan Haidt
How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness
4.2 (38 ratings)
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What's The Anxious Generation about?

The Anxious Generation (2024) argues that the decline of play in childhood and the rise of smartphone usage among adolescents are the twin sources of increased mental distress in Generation Z. Grounded in psychological and biological research, this eye-opening text explores how the profound shift from play-based to phone-based childhoods has disrupted adolescent development – and offers practical advice to address this crisis.

Who should read The Anxious Generation?

  • Parents and carers concerned about their children’s smartphone use
  • Educators and psychologists perturbed by increased rates of mental illness among Gen Zers
  • Anyone addicted to their smartphone

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What's the best Mental Health book to read?

While choosing just one book about a topic is always tough, many people regard Emotional Intelligence as the ultimate read on Mental Health.

What are the Top 10 Mental Health books?

Blinkist curators have picked the following:
  • Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
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Who are the top Mental Health book authors?

When it comes to Mental Health, these are the authors who stand out as some of the most influential:
  • Daniel Goleman
  • Dan Ariely
  • Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Rebecca Gladding
  • Brené Brown
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