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This week's episode of Simplify sees Caitlin discussing female empowerment and this moment in our culture with author and activist Jaclyn Friedman.
Get a better understanding of the complex nature of sexual power, and learn to navigate your own sexual identity with these books.
They give us directions and order our groceries and compete with us in computer games. With artificial intelligences in our lives, where does that leave us?
In this episode of Simplify, Michael Bungay Stanier tells leaders to get quiet, get curious, and get asking a few simple questions.
This week's episode of Simplify sees Caitlin dive into the secrets of great coaching with Michael Bungay Stanier. Read the transcript here!
Coaching guru Michael Bungay Stanier shares a list of books that have had a major impact on his life and career.
Elon Musk’s recent interview with Rolling Stone offers us a rare and intimate insight into his life, his goals, and his methods.
Being able to walk in someone else's shoes can carry you a lot further than you think.
One writer's quest to understand the mental mechanisms driving his Slack habit uncovers just what brings us back to check for new messages.
In this episode of Simplify, Ryan Holiday explains how having a personal philosophy can act as an operating system for your life.