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In this episode of Simplify, neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Levitin unlocks the secret functions of the human brain and explains how to keep your mind healthy.
Read the transcript of Caitlin’s interview with cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist and music producer, Dr. Daniel Levitin.
Our culture has become enamored with the idea of the lone genius. The reality of successful creative endeavors is actually quite different.
In this episode of Simplify, sex educator Emily Nagoski tells Caitlin about ways to improve sexual wellbeing and sustain a sexual connection long-term.
This week's episode of Simplify sees Caitlin dive into the secrets of great sex with award-winning author Emily Nagoski. Read the transcript here!
Is it time to overhaul how you read and learn? Use the Blinkist app to absorb the key insights from bestselling nonfiction books.
In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, cries rang out to #deleteFacebook. Here are some less drastic steps to protect your data across a range of apps.
In the first episode of Season 3, Caitlin talks to Pulitzer-winning columnist and bestselling author, Charles Duhigg.
Read the transcript to the first episode of Season 3 of Simplify where Caitlin talks to Pulitzer winning productivity researcher, Charles Duhigg.
Recycling is important, but not always straightforward. So we assembled this guide to recycling, with a list of confusing items and how to recycle them.