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Blinkist's own User Research Lead digs into how you can take the principles for planning projects at work and apply them to the project that is your life.
We’ve teamed up with Clue, the menstrual cycle tracking app, to bring you a list of the best books for understanding more about women’s health.
If your partner interprets love in terms of time together, here’s how you can effectively respond to their needs.
Today’s Simplify episode features Sebastian Klein, co-author of The Loop Approach, sharing his guide for behavior and mindset changes in organizations.
Read the transcript from Caitlin's conversation with Sebastian Klein about creating improved work structures and environments through shifts in mindset.
Sonya Renee Taylor shares her message of how Radical Self-Love can be an answer to a range of global issues in today’s Simplify Episode.
Read Caitlin's interview with Sonya Renee Taylor about the benefits—to yourself and the world—of practicing a radical form of self-acceptance.
From intimate expressions to long-distance relationships, here’s your guide to communicating in the love language of physical touch.
This episode of Simplify features Randolph Nesse explaining how the science of evolution and psychiatry can help us understand anxiety, depression and more.
Read Caitlin's conversation with evolutionary psychiatrist Randolph Nesse about the ancient roots of depression and anxiety.