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2021 started fast! Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is still very strong. We know that to make Blinkist inclusive, we need to do the work. It has been very important for us, and personally to me, to hear from Blinkist’s team members what Blinkist can do as a company to achieve that inclusiveness, as well as taking affirmative action to make sure the change and development is happening on a continuous basis.
In 2017, we published this article about Blinkist’s way of work and organizational structure, including our adaptations of holacracy. Since then, the world has experienced a solar eclipse, Brexit, a global pandemic and so many other events. One thing is certain: things have changed, non-stop.
Die Wissens-App Blinkist vermittelt ein ganzes Sachbuch in nur 15 Minuten und bringt mehr Allgemeinbildung in Ihren Alltag. 18 Millionen Menschen nutzen die App bereits, die meisten von ihnen sind Akademiker. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Blinkist funktioniert.
Shortcasts liefern Nutzern die Kernaussagen wichtiger Podcasts in 15 Minuten und mit der Original-Tonspur. Das steckt hinter dem Format und so kam es zu der Idee.
Internal successes should be celebrated by the whole organization. Today, we have compiled five amazing stories not only to shine light on these empowering victories but also to underline how one can achieve great outcomes even when there’s a challenge ahead.
The world’s highest achievers have one thing in common: an appreciation for reading. Books were their most profitable investment.
As technology makes knowledge increasingly accessible, fewer people need to fork out for expensive schools. Start learning now with the Blinkist app.
Implementing small, incremental changes every day is the true key to becoming a better person. Let the Blinkist app help you to become your best self.
The reality is – everyone loves reading, but no one has the time. Blinkist will solve this problem for you.
Diese App sieht man gerade überall: Blinkist bringt die Kernaussagen der besten Sachbücher auf den Punkt und erklärt sie in 15-minütigen Kurztexten.
So far, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a banner year but at least great nonfiction books just keep on coming. Here are a few of our favorites.