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This is a free online publication from the creators of Blinkist. It explores perspectives and ideas from nonfiction titles to help you get book smart, stat.
Blinkist’s hit podcast Simplify is back on January 31st!
It's becoming more difficult to decide when being a grown-up truly begins. Whenever that is, you may wish that you had discovered these seven books sooner!
We speak to the author of Company of One about why when it comes to business, growth doesn't always mean great.
If the thought of continuing to improve in 2019 excites you, start the New Year off on the right foot by mulling over some of life’s larger questions.
Why is it so hard to become who we want to be? Why do we struggle to make big personal changes? We’ve got some questions that can help.
Learn how to simplify, organize and store your belongings to live a more mindful, clear-headed life.
Moments that truly change how you think are rare and special, but by exposing yourself to a broad range of ideas you heighten the chances of having your perspective changed. Try these 10 books for starters.
Building a productive office space is a breeze with a few cleaning tips from Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo.
Throw out, fold, neatly put away. Organizational consultant Marie Kondo has a simple tidying technique that can “spark joy” and create a calm mindset.