The best 70 Autobiographies books

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant

Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter
Guide to Financial Freedom
4.6 (615 ratings)

What's Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant about?

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant (1998) is a guide to financial freedom. In the second book of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, authors Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter describe how some people achieve financial success without working as hard as the rest of us. In this blend of instruction and autobiography, they explain how you might have the wrong idea about attaining financial freedom and set out ways in which you can turn that around.

Who should read Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant?

  • Anyone looking to escape the nine-to-five slog
  • Warren Buffet and Bill Gates wannabes
  • Those with dreams bigger than their wallets

Shoe Dog

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight
A Memoir by the Creator of Nike
4.2 (268 ratings)

What's Shoe Dog about?

Shoe Dog (2016) tells the story of the man behind the famous footwear company Nike. These blinks offer a peek into the mind of genius entrepreneur Phil Knight and detail the rollercoaster ride he went to through to build up his company.

Who should read Shoe Dog?

  • Budding entrepreneurs looking to start a business
  • Students of business and economics
  • Athletes and sports fans

Autobiography of a Yogi

Autobiography of a Yogi

Paramahansa Yogananda
The Life and Teachings of One of the Great Spiritual Figures
3.6 (50 ratings)

What's Autobiography of a Yogi about?

Autobiography of a Yogi (1946) is a deeply spiritual yet light-hearted account of the life of India’s preeminent yoga emissary to the West. In this epic, Paramahansa Yogananda narrates his encounters with legendary gurus, swamis, saints, and astral beings that guided him toward the fulfillment of his mission to unite East and West under one God through the personal and scientific practice of Kriya Yoga.

Who should read Autobiography of a Yogi?

  • Yoga devotees trying to learn more about the author’s personal journey
  • People curious about yoga and the enchanting world of astral beings and their interactions with humans
  • People of faith seeking points of contact and dialogue with different world religions

Losing My Virginity

Losing My Virginity

Richard Branson
How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way
4.4 (161 ratings)

What's Losing My Virginity about?

Losing My Virginity is the internationally best-selling autobiography of self-made businessman Richard Branson. He details his lucrative adventures, beginning with dropping out of school, founding a record label and crossing the Atlantic ocean on a speedboat. In essence, the book is about how cleverness, determination and an adventurous mindset played a role in the making of one of the richest men on earth.

Who should read Losing My Virginity?

  • Anyone interested in the life of Richard Branson
  • Anyone interested in how Branson founded one of the most influential music labels, a transatlantic airline, and set several world records for ballooning and boating across oceans
  • Anyone who wants to read an entertaining tale of how one man broke the rules of business but excelled at it nevertheless

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing

Matthew Perry
A Memoir
4.5 (417 ratings)

What's Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing about?

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing (2022) is the intimate memoir of critically acclaimed actor Matthew Perry. From his troubled childhood to his meteoric rise to fame in the hit sitcom Friends to his lifelong struggle with substance abuse and addiction, Perry holds nothing back as he reveals his life, thoughts, and soul.

Who should read Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing?

  • Friends fans looking for a deeper insight into one of the show's strongest comedic voices
  • People curious about the darker side of celebrity lives
  • Anyone struggling with addiction

Bedtime Biography: Margaret Thatcher

Bedtime Biography: Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher
The Autobiography
4.6 (196 ratings)

What's Bedtime Biography: Margaret Thatcher about?

Margaret Thatcher: The Autobiography (2013) is the definitive account of the Iron Lady. Covering everything from her upbringing to the political battles that defined her time in office, this memoir sheds light on the thinking and values of Britain’s most transformative twentieth-century leaders. 

Who should read Bedtime Biography: Margaret Thatcher?

  • History buffs
  • Anglophiles
  • Politicos

Wired for Love

Wired for Love

Stephanie Cacioppo
A Neuroscientist's Journey Through Romance, Loss, and the Essence of Human Connection
4.6 (503 ratings)

What's Wired for Love about?

Wired for Love (2022) combines fascinating neuroscientific research with a captivating personal story to reveal some of the secrets behind that great human mystery: love. Love is often thought of as a topic best left to poets and musicians –⁠ but it can and should be studied as a legitimate scientific question. In a world that is constantly throwing up new challenges to romance, from online dating to global pandemics, an understanding of and respect for love is more important than ever before.

Who should read Wired for Love?

  • Hopeless romantics
  • Neuroscience and psychology fanatics
  • Anyone who is, has been, or wants to be in love

The Innovators

The Innovators

Walter Isaacson
How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
4.3 (109 ratings)

What's The Innovators about?

The Innovators explores the social and cultural forces that inspired technological innovation through the history of computers and the internet. By weaving together the personal stories of technology’s greatest minds, The Innovators gives you an inside look at how the best and the brightest innovate and collaborate.

Who should read The Innovators?

  • Anyone who wants learn about the people behind the Digital Revolution
  • Anyone interested in discovering how technological innovations came to be
  • Anyone who thinks that singular geniuses are responsible for society’s greatest achievements

The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank
The famous story of a Jewish girl who went into hiding during the Second World War
4.9 (101 ratings)

What's The Diary of a Young Girl about?

The Diary of a Young Girl (first published 1952; this edition 1977) tells the story of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who went into hiding with her family during the Second World War. It offers a remarkable portrait of a maturing young woman forced into an unbelievable situation but rising to the occasion. In her diary, Anne shares her thoughts and dreams, revealing a remarkable talent that was tragically taken from the world, along with millions of other lives during the Holocaust.

Who should read The Diary of a Young Girl?

  • People interested in stories of life during wartime
  • Anyone who likes true stories of resilience and survival
  • Young women looking for inspirational figures

Long Walk to Freedom

Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela
The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
4.4 (148 ratings)

What's Long Walk to Freedom about?

Nelson Mandela's A Long Walk to Freedom (1994) is one of the most famous autobiographies of recent times. It tells the story of his life, from his humble beginnings in the South African countryside to his work as an iconic anti-apartheid freedom fighter, and ends, after chronicling his twenty-year prison sentence, with his final victory and release.

Who should read Long Walk to Freedom?

  • People interested in Nelson Mandela
  • Anyone curious about South African history
  • Proponents of social justice

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Haruki Murakami
A memoir about running and writing
4.3 (122 ratings)

What's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running about?

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (2009) is a memoir about the intersection of two solitary passions: running and writing. In this personal work, author Haruki Murakami gives an intimate look into how these two practices inform his inner world. 

Who should read What I Talk About When I Talk About Running?

  • Fans of Murakami’s surreal prose style
  • Writers who run, or runners who write
  • Late bloomers looking for inspiration

The Mamba Mentality

The Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant
How I Play
4.5 (378 ratings)

What's The Mamba Mentality about?

The Mamba Mentality (2018) is Kobe Bryant’s personal take on basketball, his life, and his career. It provides details on how he physically and mentally prepared for the game, the depth with which he analyzed his opponents, and how basketball taught him to lead and grow.

Who should read The Mamba Mentality?

  • Lakers and Kobe Bryant fans
  • People seeking inspiration on and off the court
  • Anyone who wants to develop a Mamba Mentality

Outsider in the White House

Outsider in the White House

Bernie Sanders with Huck Gutman
The political autobiography of the insurgent presidential candidate
4.4 (20 ratings)

What's Outsider in the White House about?

Outsider in the White House (2015) tells the story of Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate and US senator. From marching for civil rights in the 1960s to campaigning against big money in politics as a 2016 presidential candidate, Sanders has always been at the forefront of US left-wing politics. First published in 1997 as Outsider in the House, this updated version of Bernie Sanders’s autobiography traces his lifelong fight for social justice and economic fairness.

Who should read Outsider in the White House?

  • Anyone interested in the 2016 US presidential election
  • Students of political science or political history
  • US voters looking for information on a presidential candidate

A Life Decoded

A Life Decoded

J. Craig Venter
My Genome: My Life
4.0 (24 ratings)

What's A Life Decoded about?

A Life Decoded (2007) is the autobiography of the prominent American biochemist and geneticist Craig Venter, who played a key role in one of the greatest scientific achievements of our time – the deciphering of the human genetic code. These blinks describe the personal experiences that drove his scientific research, even at times when his methods were attacked by the scientific community.

Who should read A Life Decoded?

  • Biologists, chemists, biochemists and geneticists
  • Anyone curious about scientific achievements and a life dedicated to science

Furious Hours

Furious Hours

Casey Cep
Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee
4.3 (50 ratings)

What's Furious Hours about?

Furious Hours (2019) shines a light on the twin mysteries of a 1970s serial killer and the career of the celebrated author Harper Lee. By exploring the shocking case of the alleged serial killer William Maxwell and his victims, these blinks retrace Harper Lee’s steps and finally tell the true crime story that Lee always wanted to write.

Who should read Furious Hours?

  • True crime addicts looking for their next scare
  • Bookworms who want to learn more about the life of a celebrated author
  • Law enthusiasts interested in courtroom dramas



Roxane Gay
A Memoir of (My) Body
4.2 (48 ratings)

What's Hunger about?

Hunger (2017) is a personal, open-hearted account of what it’s like to live with a body that’s frowned upon by society.

Who should read Hunger?

  • Victims of abuse and sexual violence
  • Students of psychology and social work
  • Anyone struggling with eating disorders

Born a Crime

Born a Crime

Trevor Noah
Stories from a South African Childhood
4.4 (84 ratings)

What's Born a Crime about?

Born a Crime (2016) is about Trevor Noah's childhood and adolescence in apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa. A child of mixed heritage, Noah details the challenges he faced and the peculiarities that existed when he was growing up.

Who should read Born a Crime?

  • Trevor Noah fans
  • Those interested in life during and after apartheid in South Africa
  • Anyone after an inspiring personal story

The Warmth of Other Suns

The Warmth of Other Suns

Isabel Wilkerson
The Epic Story of America's Great Migration
4.4 (66 ratings)

What's The Warmth of Other Suns about?

The Warmth of Other Suns (2010) tells the story of the Great Migration – the biggest inner-border mass migration in US history. From 1915 to 1970, millions of Black Americans left the Jim Crow South in search of a better life in Northern cities. Focusing on the lives of three of those migrants, these blinks paint a vivid picture of the fears, hopes, and dreams that shaped the movement.

Who should read The Warmth of Other Suns?

  • Curious minds who want to learn about an underexplored chapter of US history
  • Fans of biographical and eyewitness accounts of the past
  • Anyone interested in the social and demographic forces that shaped America

Sam Walton: Made in America

Sam Walton: Made in America

Sam Walton with John Huey
My Story
4.4 (71 ratings)

What's Sam Walton: Made in America about?

Made in America (1992) tells the inspirational rags-to-riches story of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, one of the biggest companies in the world. Find out how Walton used a customer-first approach to turn a small variety store into a global business empire and how a poor boy from Oklahoma went on to become one of the richest people in the world.

Who should read Sam Walton: Made in America?

  • Executives interested in tips on successful business practices
  • Entrepreneurs looking for insight on how to grow a business
  • Anyone wanting an inspirational story of an American dream come true

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Alex Haley
As told to Alex Haley
4.6 (116 ratings)

What's The Autobiography of Malcolm X about?

The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965) is a profound and personal account of one man’s journey from dropping out of school and entering a life of crime and drug addiction to finding redemption through human rights activism. These blinks tell the story of a curious and evolving mind: a man who dedicated his life to helping African-Americans gain identity and freedom from oppression by any means necessary.

Who should read The Autobiography of Malcolm X?

  • Human rights activists
  • Historians
  • People interested in the civil rights movement

Bedtime Biography: Long Walk to Freedom

Bedtime Biography: Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela
The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
4.6 (75 ratings)

What's Bedtime Biography: Long Walk to Freedom about?

Read to you by Twaambo Kapilikisha

Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom (1994) is one of the most famous autobiographies of recent times. It tells the story of his life, from his humble beginnings in the South African countryside to his work as an iconic anti-apartheid freedom fighter, and ends, after chronicling his twenty-year prison sentence, with his final victory and release.

Who should read Bedtime Biography: Long Walk to Freedom?

  • People interested in Nelson Mandela
  • Anyone curious about South African history
  • Proponents of social justice



Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen
Born in the USA
4.1 (305 ratings)

What's Renegades about?

Renegades (2021) documents eight intimate and enlightening conversations between two living legends: the musician Bruce Springsteen and the former US president Barack Obama. These two friends delve into some of the issues that have defined both of their careers, including American identity, fatherhood, class and racial divides, wrestling with the past, and maintaining hope for the future.

Who should read Renegades?

  • American citizens concerned about the country’s future
  • Fans of “the Boss” and the forty-fourth president
  • Music buffs

All In

All In

Billie Jean King
An Autobiography
4.3 (26 ratings)

What's All In about?

All In (2021) tells the remarkable life story of Billie Jean King, the woman who led a call for equality in women’s sports that soon reverberated around the world. King’s activism and refusal to back down led to real changes in the US legislature, with results that spread far beyond the realm of sports. All the while, King grappled with personal issues that would only find resolution later in life.

Who should read All In?

  • Sports fans
  • Activists and equal rights crusaders
  • Anyone who loves a good inspirational story

The Man Who Fed the World

The Man Who Fed the World

Leon Hesser
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug and His Battle to End World Hunger
4.5 (23 ratings)

What's The Man Who Fed the World about?

The Man Who Fed the World tells the story of Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and his work in fighting world hunger. The past and future of world agriculture and hunger are examined.

Who should read The Man Who Fed the World?

  • Anyone curious about how one man saved a billion people from starvation
  • Anyone interested in how agriculture underwent its own “green revolution”

An Autobiography

An Autobiography

M. K. Gandhi
The Story of My Experiments with Truth
4.3 (69 ratings)

What's An Autobiography about?

An Autobiography (First published in two volumes; Volume 1, 1927, and Volume 2, 1929) is the autobiography of one of the world’s most famous political icons – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The book traverses his rebellious childhood, his early activism in South Africa and his work for the Indian Independence Movement up until 1920, and gives insight into Gandhi’s personal philosophy and his lifelong quest for Truth.

Who should read An Autobiography?

  • Anyone interested in Gandhi’s life and personal philosophy
  • Students of history and political science
  • People cultivating leadership skills

All About Me!

All About Me!

Mel Brooks
My Remarkable Life in Show Business
4.3 (12 ratings)

What's All About Me! about?

All About Me! (2021) recounts the show business career of iconic comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks. It’s infused with entertaining tales about his life behind the scenes, from his days as a young Broadway fan to his successful stint as an actor, director, and producer.

Who should read All About Me!?

  • Anyone who wants to know more about Mel Brook’s career in show business
  • Aspiring comedians and entertainers
  • Show business and comedy enthusiasts

Finding My Virginity

Finding My Virginity

Richard Branson
The New Autobiography
4.6 (66 ratings)

What's Finding My Virginity about?

Finding My Virginity (2017) is the long-awaited sequel to Richard Branson’s first autobiography, Losing My Virginity. It picks up right where the earlier book left off, at the start of a new century with the digital marketplace opening up and an array of new business possibilities presenting themselves, including the opportunity to launch a company to take people into space.

"This is a remarkable book-in-blinks with both insight and inspiration.” – Sophie, Blinkist user, Kenya

Who should read Finding My Virginity?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Activists
  • Readers interested in a remarkable life story

The Virgin Way

The Virgin Way

Richard Branson
Everything I Know About Leadership
4.4 (394 ratings)

What's The Virgin Way about?

The Virgin Way (2015) explores Richard Branson’s secrets of leadership. Drawing on real-world anecdotes from the author’s decades of experience and eccentric way of doing business, these blinks are an insight into one of the world’s most innovative minds.

Who should read The Virgin Way?

  • Budding entrepreneurs looking for inspiration
  • Business enthusiasts wanting a fresh perspective
  • Fans of uplifting true stories

Bedtime Biography: An Autobiography

Bedtime Biography: An Autobiography

M.K. Gandhi
The Story of My Experiments With Truth
4.4 (230 ratings)

What's Bedtime Biography: An Autobiography about?

Narrated by Marston York

An Autobiography
(First published in two volumes; Volume 1, 1927, and Volume 2, 1929) is the autobiography of one of the world’s most famous political icons – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The book traverses his rebellious childhood, his early activism in South Africa and his work for the Indian Independence Movement up until 1920, and gives insight into Gandhi’s personal philosophy and his lifelong quest for Truth.

Who should read Bedtime Biography: An Autobiography?

  • Anyone interested in Gandhi’s life and personal philosophy
  • Students of history and political science
  • People cultivating leadership skills



40 Songs, One Story
4.5 (33 ratings)

What's Surrender about?

Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story (2022) is a poetic tour through four decades of the life of Bono, lead singer of U2 –  one of the world’s biggest and longest-lasting bands. With each chapter headed by a song and illustrations throughout, the book is a memoir sprinkled with self-deprecating humor, wit, and poignancy.

Who should read Surrender?

  • Fans of U2
  • Music lovers who are interested in hearing about musical history
  • Anyone interested in pop culture

The Story of My Life

The Story of My Life

Helen Keller
The inspiring story of Helen Keller’s triumph over blindness and deafness
4.6 (31 ratings)

What's The Story of My Life about?

The Story of My Life (1903) chronicles the early years of Helen Keller, a young woman who became both deaf and blind at a young age. The book explores the challenges she faced growing up as a child with disabilities, and introduces the amazing people who helped her along the way.

Who should read The Story of My Life?

  • People looking to be inspired
  • Students with disabilities
  • People who interact with anyone with special needs

Disrupting the Game

Disrupting the Game

Reggie Fils-Aimé
From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo
4.4 (183 ratings)

What's Disrupting the Game about?

Disrupting the Game (2022) tells the inspiring story of Reggie Fils-Aimé’s unlikely rise to the top of the video game industry – charting his journey from growing up as a kid in the Bronx to becoming president and COO of Nintendo of America. Along the way, it shares the lessons he learned about leadership and charting a career path.

Who should read Disrupting the Game?

  • Leaders and professionals feeling stuck in the wrong roles
  • Business students and recent graduates
  • Anyone wanting inspiration to level up their career

We Are Displaced

We Are Displaced

Malala Yousafzai
My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World
4.5 (78 ratings)

What's We Are Displaced about?

In We Are Displaced (2018), international activist Malala Yousafzai shares her story of becoming displaced from her homeland of Pakistan. She also shares the stories of some of the women and girls she has met while visiting refugee camps across the globe. With over 68.5 million people currently displaced from their homes worldwide, these stories are a vivid and important reminder of the individuality and humanity of each and every displaced person.

Who should read We Are Displaced?

  • Anyone interested in the stories of refugees
  • People inspired by the resilience of women and girls
  • Those looking to dig deeper into the causes of displacement

Total Recall

Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger
My Unbelievably True Life Story
4.4 (65 ratings)

What's Total Recall about?

Total Recall (2013) tells the incredible story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rise to global fame from his humble beginnings in rural Austria. Starting with his difficult childhood, these blinks trace Schwarzenegger’s struggles and triumphs in the bodybuilding profession, Hollywood and US politics, and shine a light on his unrelenting positivity and can-do attitude.

Who should read Total Recall?

  • Those looking for top tips on self-improvement
  • Schwarzenegger fans who want to know more about his life
  • Lovers of inspiring true stories

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

Margot Lee Shetterly
The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians who Helped Win the Space Race
4.5 (44 ratings)

What's Hidden Figures about?

Hidden Figures (2016) reveals the untold story of the black female mathematicians who helped send John Glenn on his first orbit around the Earth and Neil Armstrong to the moon. These courageous, trailblazing women answered the call of duty by leaving their teaching jobs in segregated Southern schools behind and helping to shape the modern space program.

Who should read Hidden Figures?

  • Women in engineering
  • Those interested in the true history of the space program
  • Students of politics, science and history

Poverty Safari

Poverty Safari

Darren McGarvey
Understanding the Anger of Britain’s Underclass
4.4 (17 ratings)

What's Poverty Safari about?

Poverty Safari (2017) is an unflinching and intimate account of life within Britain’s most marginalized communities. Scottish rapper Darren McGarvey draws on his own difficult personal history growing up poor in Glasgow to present an impassioned polemic on the causes, effects, and lived experiences of social and economic deprivation.

Who should read Poverty Safari?

  • Budding activists interested in mixing theory with personal history
  • Middle-class readers seeking informed insight on the working class
  • Anyone concerned about the pernicious effects of social inequality

Bedtime Biography: Me

Bedtime Biography: Me

Elton John
The Autobiography
4.6 (53 ratings)

What's Bedtime Biography: Me about?

Narrated by Marston York

Music by Federico Coderoni

Me (2019) is Elton John’s autobiography. It takes a deeper look into the singer’s troubled childhood, his struggles with addiction, and the roles they played in shaping who he is. They also explore his path to stardom, and the celebrity drama he’s encountered along the way.

Who should read Bedtime Biography: Me?

  • Music buffs looking for fresh insights
  • Fans of inspiring true stories
  • Lovers of autobiographies

No Red Lights

No Red Lights

Alan Patricof
Reflections on Life, 50 Years in Venture Capital, and Never Driving Alone
4.1 (115 ratings)

What's No Red Lights about?

No Red Lights (2022) is part-autobiography, part-guidebook to assembling the core fundamentals of your career. Geared primarily toward aspiring venture capitalists but helpful for anyone interested in business, it’s packed with instructive lessons and useful advice. Simultaneously, it is a glimpse into the life of man who’s spent 50 years learning –⁠ and living –⁠ the tricks of the trade.

Who should read No Red Lights?

  • Aspiring venture capitalists and other businesspeople
  • Business students in search of tried-and-true advice
  • Memoir and autobiography fans

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

John Wood
An Entrepreneur's Odyssey to Educate the World's Children
4.0 (115 ratings)

What's Leaving Microsoft to Change the World about?

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World (2006) is the story of John Wood, a former top-level Microsoft employee who left his career to found Room to Read, a non-profit charity organization. Room to Read aims to help stamp out global illiteracy by focusing on children's education and gender-equality.

Who should read Leaving Microsoft to Change the World?

  • People interested in global education
  • Those who want to learn about nonprofit organizations
  • Philanthropists and charity workers

Across That Bridge

Across That Bridge

John Lewis
A Vision for Change and the Future of America
4.5 (52 ratings)

What's Across That Bridge about?

Across That Bridge (2017) is a poignant account from one of America’s most powerful activists on the qualities that protestors need to embody to bring about lasting change. Activists in the US and all over the world look to the American civil rights movement of the 1960s for inspiration on how to challenge injustice. Here, Lewis uses personal recollections – from freedom rides to bus boycotts to the March on Washington – to impart lessons about nonviolent protest to the next generation of dreamers.

Who should read Across That Bridge?

  • Anyone who wants to speak truth to power
  • People inspired by the historic victories of the civil rights movement
  • Those interested in nonviolent communication

Faith, Hope and Carnage

Faith, Hope and Carnage

Nick Cave
A Meditation on Faith, Art, Music, Freedom, Grief, and Love
4.2 (133 ratings)

What's Faith, Hope and Carnage about?

Faith, Hope and Carnage (2022) collects a series of interviews between legendary musician Nick Cave, whose primal, goth-tinged music has captivated and challenged audiences for nearly half a century, and the journalist Sean O’Hagan. The pair touch on writer’s block, romance, addiction, and the internet – but always circle back to the topic of grief, specifically how Cave has dealt with the death of his 15-year-old son Arthur in 2015.

Who should read Faith, Hope and Carnage?

  • Die-hard Cave fans, who’ve been following along since The Birthday Party years
  • New Cave fans who’ve fallen in love with Ghosteen or the Red Hand Files
  • Anyone dealing with grief in any form



Maria Sharapova
My Life So Far
4.6 (35 ratings)

What's Unstoppable about?

Unstoppable (2017) tells the personal story of Maria Sharapova, the internationally renowned and respected tennis star. It chronicles her life, from when her family fled Belarus after the Chernobyl disaster, through to her relocation to the United States and her incredible career achievements. Sharapova’s autobiography offers a testimony to the power of strong will and unwavering determination.

Who should read Unstoppable?

  • Aspiring young athletes
  • Tennis fans and players
  • Dreamers and lovers of inspirational stories

The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King
King's journey to becoming the leading figure in the American civil rights movement
4.7 (56 ratings)

What's The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr. about?

The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1998) is a firsthand account of the life and work of one of the most important figures in recent American history: Martin Luther King Jr. Assembled from his writings, letters, interviews, and speeches, this autobiography tells of King’s journey from Christian minister in the segregated South to leading figure of the civil rights movement. 

Who should read The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

  • History and political buffs
  • Citizens concerned with issues of racial, social, and economic justice
  • Anyone looking to educate themselves on Black American history



Andre Agassi
An Autobiography
4.5 (46 ratings)

What's Open about?

Open (2009) is a revealing account of the turbulent life of one of America’s all-time best tennis players. More than anything else, it’s a story of Agassi’s battle for balance and self-understanding, all while dealing with the constant stream of complications that arose from fame and public scrutiny.

Who should read Open?

  • Sports fans
  • People raised by an overbearing parent
  • Anyone looking for an inspirational life story

Personal History

Personal History

Katharine Graham
Uncover the remarkable story of America’s leading lady of letters
4.6 (15 ratings)

What's Personal History about?

Katharine Graham’s autobiography Personal History (1997) is the illuminating inside story of one of the United States’ most powerful media moguls. Beginning with her at times difficult childhood, which was shaped by her demanding and brilliant mother, this Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir sheds light on Graham’s rise through the ranks of the journalistic profession, all the way to the top of the Washington Post’s hierarchy.

Who should read Personal History?

  • History buffs
  • Journalists
  • Anyone who loves inspiring true stories

Ghost in the Wires

Ghost in the Wires

Kevin Mitnick
My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker
4.4 (46 ratings)

What's Ghost in the Wires about?

Ghost in the Wires (2011) is the wild story of one of the greatest hackers and social engineers of all time: Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick started by making phony phone calls in the 1970s, but quickly graduated to computers, hacking some of the largest companies in the world. Along the way, he got his hands on vast amounts of information, just to prove to himself that it could be done. This is a tale of technical brilliance and expert escape artistry so unbelievable that it must be true.

Who should read Ghost in the Wires?

  • Computer enthusiasts interested in the story of one of the world’s greatest hackers
  • Anyone interested in the arts of social engineering
  • Law enforcement or cybercrime professionals

Trick Mirror

Trick Mirror

Jia Tolentino
Reflections on Self-Delusion
4.0 (56 ratings)

What's Trick Mirror about?

Trick Mirror (2019) is the long-awaited first collection of writer and essayist Jia Tolentino. In nine intertwined stories, she tells of the trends and ideas – as well as the personal and collective delusions – that have shaped her life, our country, and the culture. Examining everything from the internet to workout crazes to modern marriage, Tolentino interweaves the personal and political, calling to mind great feminist writers like Susan Sontag and Joan Didion.

Who should read Trick Mirror?

  • Critical thinkers with an affinity for dissecting cultural trends
  • Lefties and liberals – and those who want to understand them better
  • Anyone who claims the label “feminist”

Make Trouble

Make Trouble

Cecile Richards (with Lauren Peterson)
Standing Up, Speaking Out and Finding the Courage to Lead
3.7 (16 ratings)

What's Make Trouble about?

Make Trouble (2018) is the inspiring memoir of maverick and activist Cecile Richards – a woman who’s spent her life standing up for what she believes in. Never one to shy away from a fight, Richard’s mantra is simple: if you want to make change, you have to make trouble. An instant bestseller praised by Hillary Clinton and Vogue, this fascinating story follows Cecile’s path from her precocious school days during the Vietnam War to her battles with the religious right as president of Planned Parenthood.

Who should read Make Trouble?

  • Would-be world changers
  • Politics buffs
  • Women in the trenches of the battle against misogyny

The Run of His Life

The Run of His Life

Jeffrey Toobin
The People Versus O. J. Simpson

What's The Run of His Life about?

The Run of His Life (1997) examines the essentials of the O. J. Simpson murder case: the personalities involved and the social forces that led to the shocking acquittal of this football superstar. These blinks don’t just chronicle the story of one man but also explore how American society turned Simpson’s story of triumph into one of tragedy.

Who should read The Run of His Life?

  • True crime fans
  • Pop culture junkies
  • People interested in understanding race relations in America

The Office BFFs

The Office BFFs

Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey
Tales of the Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There

What's The Office BFFs about?

The Office BFFs (2022) peels back the curtain on the close-knit friendship of Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer from the American hit TV series The Office. It comes complete, not only with their candid time together on and off camera but also with never-before-seen photos featuring the cast and crew of the show.

Who should read The Office BFFs?

  • The Office fans
  • People curious about the behind-the-scenes friendship of Angela and Jenna
  • Celebrity enthusiasts

Wise Guy

Wise Guy

Guy Kawasaki
Lessons from a Life
4.2 (38 ratings)

What's Wise Guy about?

Wise Guy (2019) tells the story of entrepreneur and best-selling author Guy Kawasaki’s life. Born into an ambitious Japanese family living in Hawaii, he went on to shine as one of Apple’s leading lights after dropping out of law school. Kawasaki has seen it all. In these blinks, he guides readers through his ups and downs and the lessons he’s picked up along the way as a student, tech guru, parent and sixty-something surfer.

Who should read Wise Guy?

  • Self-starters and the entrepreneurially minded
  • Digital pioneers
  • Anyone who loves inspiring true stories

Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy

J.D. Vance
A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
4.2 (50 ratings)

What's Hillbilly Elegy about?

Hillbilly Elegy (2016) is an autobiographical walk through the life of a man who grew up in an impoverished neighborhood of Middletown, Ohio. These blinks tell the story of a boy who, despite a turbulent childhood, beat the odds and pulled himself out of poverty.

Who should read Hillbilly Elegy?

  • “Hillbillies” and people from Appalachia
  • Sociologists and scholars of the white American working class
  • Believers in the American dream



Elton John
Elton John's Official Autobiography
4.3 (51 ratings)

What's Me about?

Me (2019) is Elton John’s autobiography. These blinks reveal the singer’s troubled childhood and his struggles with addiction. They also explore his path to stardom, and the celebrity drama he’s encountered on the way.

Who should read Me?

  • Music buffs looking for fresh insights
  • Fans of inspiring true stories
  • Lovers of autobiographies

A Higher Loyalty

A Higher Loyalty

James Comey
Truth, Lies and Leadership
3.9 (26 ratings)

What's A Higher Loyalty about?

A Higher Loyalty (2018) is the revealing account of James Comey’s history as a respected public servant across multiple presidential administrations. Comey guides readers through many years of experience, including his fight against unlawful torture and surveillance policies during the second Bush administration, and his experience with the Trump presidency.

Who should read A Higher Loyalty?

  • News and political junkies
  • Students of law and ethics
  • Readers eager for a peek at Washington’s inner workings

Imagine It Forward

Imagine It Forward

Beth Comstock with Thal Raz
Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change
4.1 (37 ratings)

What's Imagine It Forward about?

Imagine it Forward (2018) charts the successes and setbacks of one of America’s most prolific businesswomen, Beth Comstock. Combining anecdotes from her tenure at General Electric with surprising insights and indispensable practical advice, these blinks explore the life and times of this remarkable change-maker and innovator.

Who should read Imagine It Forward?

  • Anyone looking for tips to instigate effective change
  • Those interested in the lives and careers of extraordinary women
  • Managers looking for fresh leadership insights

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley

Anna Wiener
A Memoir
3.9 (49 ratings)

What's Uncanny Valley about?

At the peak of the tech boom, Anna Wiener left a dismal professional life in New York for the modern Californian gold rush in Silicon Valley. Looking for money, stability, and social affirmation, she found an industry running on inflated valuations, gargantuan egos, toxic masculinity, and a whole lot of jargon. In Uncanny Valley (2020), you’ll follow her journey through three start-up jobs toward a more realistic valuation of herself.

Who should read Uncanny Valley?

  • Anyone terrified by big tech’s takeover of our lives
  • Those disappointed by the inaction following Snowden's revelations
  • Start-up employees wondering if they've made the right career choice

Mighty Be Our Powers

Mighty Be Our Powers

Leymah Gbowee with Carol Mithers
How Sisterhood, Prayer, and Sex Changed a Nation at War
4.8 (10 ratings)

What's Mighty Be Our Powers about?

Mighty Be Our Powers (2011) tells the inspirational story of Leymah Gbowee, a woman who fought for peace after years of civil war had devastated her country, Liberia. As a mother who believed her bright future had been snatched away from her, Gbowee brought together a powerful group of women who were fed up with the violence. Their peaceful protests changed the course of history, and their story deserves to be heard by anyone who’s ever lost hope.

Who should read Mighty Be Our Powers?

  • Peace workers and activists
  • Women, mothers and feminists
  • Anyone who loves an inspirational story of peace

Things a Little Bird Told Me

Things a Little Bird Told Me

Biz Stone
Confessions of a Creative Mind
4.1 (19 ratings)

What's Things a Little Bird Told Me about?

Things a Little Bird Told Me is the story of how Biz Stone came to co-found Twitter, and explores the invaluable insights that led him there. Encouraging others to be daringly self-confident and focused, and simultaneously aware of how they can help others, Stone proposes a new capitalism for the web age.

Who should read Things a Little Bird Told Me?

  • Anyone interested in peeking behind the scenes of a major tech company
  • Anyone looking for ways to maximize their creativity
  • Anyone interested in starting their own company and making it a success

Make Change

Make Change

Shaun King
How to Fight Injustice, Dismantle Systemic Oppression, and Own Our Future
3.8 (177 ratings)

What's Make Change about?

Informed by the life and work of successful social justice activist Shaun King, Make Change (2020) is your guide on how to join the fight for a better world. King is a leading figure in the fight against police brutality and mass incarceration in America, and his wins and losses along the way have taught him vital lessons on how to create real, lasting social change. No matter the cause you’re invested in, these blinks will show you how to use your skills and resources to make a real difference. 

Who should read Make Change?

  • Budding activists and future organizers
  • Shaun King admirers who want to know more about his life and work
  • Anyone looking to make a real difference in the world

I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here

Austin Channing Brown
Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness
4.0 (34 ratings)

What's I'm Still Here about?

I’m Still Here (2018) is a memoir about racial justice in modern America. Racism is still all around us – even in Christian organizations that claim to champion diversity and understanding.

Who should read I'm Still Here?

  • People looking to understand what it’s like to be Black in America
  • Christians eager to learn how to be truly progressive
  • Fans of powerful memoirs



Mikkel Svane
How Three Guys Risked Everything to Turn an Idea into a Global Business
3.9 (24 ratings)

What's Startupland about?

In Startupland (2015), Mikkel Svane tells the origin story of his own company, Zendesk. He explains how he went from working on a small website in Denmark to becoming the CEO of a million-dollar trading company in the United States, and shares the insights he gained along the way.

Who should read Startupland?

  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders
  • Anyone who wants to bring their business idea to life
  • People who aren’t afraid to take risks

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Katherine Boo
Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Slum
4.1 (21 ratings)

What's Behind the Beautiful Forevers about?

Behind the Beautiful Forevers describes life in the Annawadi slum in India, close to Mumbai’s international airport. These blinks tell the story of families who live in squalid conditions but still dream of a better life, even though the odds are overwhelmingly against them.

Who should read Behind the Beautiful Forevers?

  • Anyone who wants to know about life in the slums of Mumbai
  • Anyone who liked the movie Slumdog Millionaire
  • Anyone who wants to understand the damage caused by corruption

Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas

Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas

Adam Kay
Festive hospital diaries
4.4 (88 ratings)

What's Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas about?

Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas (2019) details the bizarre and tragic experiences of a doctor working for the British National Health Service, known as the NHS, during the dreaded Christmas shifts. Providing a hilarious and eye-opening behind-the-scenes glimpse into the pandemonium that envelops hospital wards around the United Kingdom during the festive period, it also pays tribute to all the NHS staff who sacrifice their holidays each year to save lives, deliver babies, and remove Christmas paraphernalia from places it doesn't belong.

Who should read Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas?

  • Christmas celebrators searching for some light-hearted antics
  • Britons who commiserate with the hard-working people keeping the NHS afloat
  • Anyone curious to take a glimpse into the tumultuous life of the average hospital ward



Aja Raden
Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World
3.6 (11 ratings)

What's Stoned about?

Stoned (2015) is a collection of historical stories told through the lens of human desire – and the lengths to which we’ll go in pursuit of that desire. These blinks take you around the world and through time, showing how our desire for beautiful objects can move mountains and why our valuation of those objects can change so easily.  

Who should read Stoned?

  • History students looking for a fresh perspective
  • Psychology students interested in the influence of beauty and desire
  • Jewelry aficionados

Guantánamo Diary

Guantánamo Diary

Mohamedou Ould Slahi
Guantanamo from the Inside

What's Guantánamo Diary about?

Guantánamo Diary (2015) is the edited testimony of a detainee at the Guantánamo Bay detention center in Cuba. These blinks will walk the reader through the story of one man’s interrogation, incarceration and torture at the hands of the US government.

Who should read Guantánamo Diary?

  • People who want an inside look at the notorious US prison on Guantánamo Bay
  • Anyone hoping to learn more about the treatment of American political prisoners
  • Anyone interested in the testimonies and struggles of individuals detained by US authorities

The Promise of a Pencil

The Promise of a Pencil

Adam Braun
How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change
3.9 (17 ratings)

What's The Promise of a Pencil about?

This book tells the inspiring story of Adam Braun and Pencils of Promise, a charity he founded on just $25, and which has built more than 500 schools in developing countries all over the world. The book is divided into simple lessons that show how everybody can find their passion, make the best use of their potential and live a life full of meaning, joy and inspiration.

Who should read The Promise of a Pencil?

  • Anyone with a dream that they’re afraid to pursue
  • Anyone who wants to contribute to making the world a better place
  • Anyone who wants to make the most of their lives and fulfill their true potential

Mandela’s Way

Mandela’s Way

Richard Stengel
Lessons on Life
4.5 (20 ratings)

What's Mandela’s Way about?

This book is about the inspiring personality traits of Nelson Mandela. It shows us how to develop a similar strength of character, so that, no matter what obstacles life throws in our path, we can overcome the challenges, forgive our oppressors, understand the complexity of human nature, fight for our core principles and thereby succeed in changing society for the better.

Who should read Mandela’s Way?

  • Anyone in a leadership position who wishes to learn about great leadership 
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to face the trials of life
  • Anyone who wants to know how Nelson Mandela became one of the most inspirational figures of the twentieth century

Life, on the Line

Life, on the Line

Grant Achatz & Nick Kokonas
A Chef’s Story of Chasing Greatness, Facing Death, and Redefining the Way We Eat

What's Life, on the Line about?

Life, on the Line (2011) tells the remarkable story of Grant Achatz, a fiercely determined chef whose drive to become the best found him redefining American cuisine before he was even 30 years old. His dreams came true when he opened his own restaurant, Alinea, in Chicago, but just as the awards and accolades came pouring in, a bigger challenge presented itself: he was diagnosed with advanced mouth cancer and faced the possibility of either dying or losing his tongue.

Who should read Life, on the Line?

  • Aspiring restaurateurs
  • Anyone looking for inspiration in the face of adversity
  • Foodies who want a behind-the-scenes look at the best restaurants

Without You There Is No Us

Without You There Is No Us

Suki Kim
My Time With the Sons of North Korea’s Elite
4.5 (11 ratings)

What's Without You There Is No Us about?

North Korea is a closed society into which very few people are able to peek. This book is the story of an American journalist who got into the country by posing as an English teacher. She recounts her astonishing experiences and paints a very human picture of the country that so few are privileged to see. The phrase “Without You There Is No Us” comes from a chilling patriotic hymn sung twice a day, every day by the author’s students, expressing their devotion to their Great Leader,  Kim Jong-il.

Who should read Without You There Is No Us?

  • Anyone intrigued by this enigmatic country
  • Anyone interested in a first-hand account by a person who actually lived in North Korea
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about North Korea’s cruel and unusual treatment of its citizens

The Blue Sweater

The Blue Sweater

Jacqueline Novogratz
Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World
4.6 (12 ratings)

What's The Blue Sweater about?

The Blue Sweater is an autobiographical look at the author’s travels in Africa and how they helped her understand the failures of traditional charity. These blinks also outline why a new type of philanthropic investing, called “patient capital,” developed by the author, may be part of the answer.

Who should read The Blue Sweater?

  • Anyone interested in social entrepreneurship   
  • Anyone who wants to work in developing countries and is wondering what to expect
  • Anyone interested in helping developing countries rise out of poverty

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