The best 19 Sleep books

Sleep is an essential component of our daily lives, affecting everything from our mental and physical health to our overall well-being. Given its integral role in our lives, understanding the intricacies of sleep can aid in optimizing its benefits. That's where our insightful book list comes in.

Our carefully curated list delves into various aspects of sleep, including its science, the impact it has on our lives, and effective sleep strategies. So, prepare to unravel the mysteries of sleep and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more rested you.
The best 19 Sleep books
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Sleep Books: The Twenty-four Hour Mind by Rosalind D. Cartwright

The Twenty-four Hour Mind

Rosalind D. Cartwright
The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in our Emotional Lives
3.9 (55 ratings)
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What's The Twenty-four Hour Mind about?

The Twenty-four Hour Mind illuminates the mysteries of sleep, dreams and sleep disorders. The author posits that the main purpose of sleep and dreaming is to help us cope with the negative emotions caused by new experiences by linking them to older memories.

Who should read The Twenty-four Hour Mind?

  • Anyone who’s ever wondered what their dreams mean
  • Anyone who suffers from poor sleep
  • Anyone interested in the human mind

Sleep Books: Anger Management for Dummies by Charles H. Elliott & Laura L. Smith

Anger Management for Dummies

Charles H. Elliott & Laura L. Smith
Your One-Stop Guide to Anger Management
4.0 (171 ratings)
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What's Anger Management for Dummies about?

Anger Management for Dummies (2015) is a guide to dealing with your inner irascibility. These blinks will give you the tools you need to understand and – more importantly – master your anger. You’ll learn methods for dissolving stress, dealing with provocations and even stopping temper tantrums in their tracks.

Who should read Anger Management for Dummies?

  • Anyone who feels chronically on edge
  • People who suffer from high blood pressure and wonder whether suppressed rage could be the cause
  • People searching for ways to control their anger

Sleep Books: The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

The Sleep Revolution

Arianna Huffington
Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time
3.9 (326 ratings)
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What's The Sleep Revolution about?

These blinks are about the importance of a basic human necessity that we often brush aside: sleep. Getting enough sleep isn’t just about feeling better in the morning – it improves your work performance, health and even your personal relationships. Similarly, sleep deprivation isn’t a by-product of hard work; rather, it prevents you from reaching your full potential. The Sleep Revolution (2016) explains why sleep is so critical, and what you can do to get more of it.

Who should read The Sleep Revolution?

  • Anyone who gets sleepy at work or school
  • Parents and teachers who aren’t getting enough rest
  • Athletes wanting to reach their peak performance

Sleep Books: Night School by Richard Wiseman

Night School

Richard Wiseman
The Life-Changing Science of Sleep
3.9 (91 ratings)
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What's Night School about?

Night School (2014) is about an often neglected yet essential ingredient for happiness and success in life: a good night’s sleep. People have been struggling with sleep for centuries, and while we’ve come up with some methods for alleviating insomnia, we’ve also gained a lot of insight into why sleep is so crucial.

Who should read Night School?

  • Insomniacs desperate for a good night’s sleep
  • Workaholics who think sleep is overrated
  • Readers wondering why they have nightmares

Sleep Books: The Sleep Solution by W. Chris Winter

The Sleep Solution

W. Chris Winter
Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It
4.2 (501 ratings)
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What's The Sleep Solution about?

The Sleep Solution (2017) discusses the fundamentals of sleeping. It explains why keeping a consistent rhythm and schedule is important, and how insomnia is not a lack of sleep, but rather a result of dealing poorly with substandard sleep. You’ll learn how to improve your sleeping patterns and, as a result, improve your quality of life.

Who should read The Sleep Solution?

  • People who suffer from insomnia
  • Stressed out workers who take sleeping pills to get some rest
  • Anyone who thinks getting a good night’s sleep isn’t that important

Sleep Books: End the Insomnia Struggle by Colleen Ehrnstrom and Alisha L. Brosse

End the Insomnia Struggle

Colleen Ehrnstrom and Alisha L. Brosse
A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep
4.0 (114 ratings)
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What's End the Insomnia Struggle about?

End the Insomnia Struggle (2016) is a guide to getting a good night’s sleep. These blinks are full of practical advice on how to handle sleeplessness. They explain, among other things, how to track your sleep problems, understand the science of insomnia and apply a variety of strategies that’ll help you get the rest you need.

Who should read End the Insomnia Struggle?

  • Sleepless souls
  • Psychologists and physicians
  • Students of human cognition

Sleep Books: The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body

Tim Ferriss
An uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman
3.3 (1,727 ratings)
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What's The 4-Hour Body about?

The 4-Hour Body (2010) is a collection of research and findings about unconventional body-regulating methods from doctors, scientists, professional sports trainers and the world’s top athletes. These methods are personally put to the test by the author, leading him to unearth life-changing shortcuts to improving his body and overall lifestyle.

Who should read The 4-Hour Body?

  • People who want to lose weight but not give up their favorite foods
  • Those who experience insomnia
  • People looking to improve their sex life

Sleep Books: Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

Sleep Smarter

Shawn Stevenson
21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success
4.5 (819 ratings)
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What's Sleep Smarter about?

Sleep Smarter (2014) is your quickstart manual for improving the quality of your sleep. Drawing from a host of scientific studies and punctuated with practical tips, this accessible guide promises to change the way you think about sleep and give you a better night’s rest, starting tonight.

Who should read Sleep Smarter?

  • Productivity enthusiasts who think sleep is a waste of time
  • Insomniacs who need help drifting off
  • Those waking up feeling exhausted

Sleep Books: Bounce Back by Susan Kahn

Bounce Back

Susan Kahn
How to Fail Fast and Be Resilient at Work
4.3 (133 ratings)
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What's Bounce Back about?

Bounce Back (2020) is an instruction manual for professionals faced by seemingly insurmountable workplace challenges. Drawing on business coach Susan Kahn’s insights into the psychology of resilience, these blinks explore strategies that will help you overcome setbacks and change your thinking. Along the way, you’ll find out what ancient Greek philosophy, Freudian psychoanalysis, and contemporary neuroscience can teach us about the art of resilience.  

Who should read Bounce Back?

  • Would-be risk-takers scared of failing 
  • Managers and team leaders 
  • Workers worried about disruptive changes

Sleep Books: Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert

Power Hour

Adrienne Herbert
How to Focus on Your Goals and Create a Life You Love
4.3 (286 ratings)
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What's Power Hour about?

Power Hour (2020) introduces a way to take charge of your life by devoting the first hour of each day to a goal or passion. In today’s busy world, it’s easy to procrastinate. Instead of waiting for the perfect time to pursue a goal, you have to make time to do it. One hour each day can change your attitude, habits, health, and social connections – and these changes can lead to a more fulfilling and productive life. 

Who should read Power Hour?

  • All those feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Productivity hackers
  • People looking for motivation

Sleep Books: The Art of Rest by Claudia Hammond

The Art of Rest

Claudia Hammond
How to Find Respite in the Modern Age
4.3 (207 ratings)
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What's The Art of Rest about?

The Art of Rest (2019) is a deep dive into the world of rest. It takes the results of the Rest Test, an online survey of over 18,000 people across 135 countries about rest, and uses those results as a starting point to examine which activities people find most restful, and why two-thirds of respondents felt they didn’t get enough rest. Drawing on scientific research, it investigates the ten most popular ways to rest, and the difficulties and proven benefits behind each restful activity.

Who should read The Art of Rest?

  • Anyone interested in wellness
  • Self-care enthusiasts
  • People who enjoy spending time alone

Sleep Books: I'm So Effing Tired by Amy Shah

I'm So Effing Tired

Amy Shah
A Proven Plan to Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy and Reclaim Your Life
3.9 (185 ratings)
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What's I'm So Effing Tired about?

I’m So Effing Tired (2021) shows how you can overcome chronic exhaustion by tapping into the interconnected relationship between your gut, your immune system, and your hormones – also known as “the energy trifecta.” It demonstrates how you can boost energy levels by making changes to your lifestyle, your diet, and how you manage stress. 

Who should read I'm So Effing Tired?

  • Women seeking to beat chronic fatigue
  • Anyone who wants to boost energy levels
  • People struggling to overcome burnout

Sleep Books: The Power of the Downstate by Sara C. Mednick

The Power of the Downstate

Sara C. Mednick
The New Science to Ignite Energy, Enhance Sharpness, and Reclaim Balance
4.7 (579 ratings)
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What's The Power of the Downstate about?

The Power of the Downstate (2022) provides a new way of looking at how you sleep, eat, exercise, and relax. Drawing on the author’s groundbreaking research from her sleep and cognition lab, it provides evidence-based tips on how to feel more energized, less stressed, and perform at your best.

Who should read The Power of the Downstate?

  • Those who feel chronically exhausted or stressed
  • People interested in sleep science
  • Anyone interested in deepening their understanding of health and wellness

Sleep Books: Outlive by Peter Attia, with Bill Gifford


Peter Attia, with Bill Gifford
The Science and Art of Longevity
4.3 (1,045 ratings)
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What's Outlive about?

Outlive (2023) is a comprehensive guide to living a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Drawing on cutting-edge science and practical advice, it empowers you to optimize your exercise, nutrition, sleep, and emotional health for maximum longevity.

Who should read Outlive?

  • Individuals seeking a healthier, longer life
  • Fitness enthusiasts wanting well-rounded advice
  • Anyone interested in optimizing mental well-being

Sleep Books: Built to Move by Kelly Starrett & Juliet Starrett

Built to Move

Kelly Starrett & Juliet Starrett
The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully
4.6 (336 ratings)
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What's Built to Move about?

Built to Move (2023) is your ultimate guide to building a better, healthier, more functional body. The concept is simple – it provides a handful of simple tests to assess your movement, and a handful of easy-to-follow routines to improve it. Utilizing the latest insights of mobility, sleep, and nutrition science, you’ll learn to keep your body and mind as fit as possible with minimal effort – no matter if you’re a couch potato or a world class athlete. 

Who should read Built to Move?

  • Couch potatoes looking for a minimal movement practice to stay healthy
  • Professional athletes looking to keep their body as fit as possible 
  • Anyone who wants to move better and without pain 

Sleep Books: The Sleep Prescription by Aric Prather

The Sleep Prescription

Aric Prather
Seven Days to Unlocking Your Best Rest
4.3 (190 ratings)
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What's The Sleep Prescription about?

The Sleep Prescription (2022) is a practical guide to getting out of your own way and changing your behaviors to set yourself up for a better night’s sleep. It features seven days of clinical psychologist and sleep expert Dr. Aric Prather’s best tools and practices for finally achieving the healthy, restorative sleep we all need to feel our best.

Who should read The Sleep Prescription?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their sleep
  • Those suffering from insomnia
  • People who want to learn about the science behind sleep

Sleep Books: The Circadian Code by Satchin Panda

The Circadian Code

Satchin Panda
Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Sleep Well Every Night
4.5 (153 ratings)
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What's The Circadian Code about?

The Circadian Code (2018) presents a fascinating look at the science of circadian rhythms – how human biology is timed in daily cycles. It reveals how small tweaks in things like the timing of meals, exercise, or light exposure can have an outsized impact on health and well-being.

Who should read The Circadian Code?

  • Frustrated dieters looking for a breakthrough
  • Anyone looking for better sleep or more energy when they’re awake
  • Health optimizers looking for simple daily habits than can maximize well-being

Sleep Books: Yoga Nidra Made Easy by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli

Yoga Nidra Made Easy

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli
Deep Relaxation Practices to Improve Sleep, Relieve Stress and Boost Energy and Creativity
4.2 (31 ratings)
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What's Yoga Nidra Made Easy about?

Yoga Nidra Made Easy (2022) explores the roots and techniques of the practice of Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep. This practice of meditation exploring the hypnagogic state between wakefulness and sleep boasts an impressive list of verified benefits, from stress relief and better sleep to boosting critical thinking, self-reflection, and creativity.

Who should read Yoga Nidra Made Easy?

  • Anyone who is looking for an easy meditation practice – no guru required
  • Those looking for better sleep, stress relief, or personal insight
  • Yoga or fitness fans looking for more mind-body connection  

Sleep Books: Hello Sleep by Jade Wu

Hello Sleep

Jade Wu
The Science and Art of Overcoming Insomnia Without Medications
3.5 (38 ratings)
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What's Hello Sleep about?

Hello Sleep (2023) delves into the often-misunderstood nature of insomnia, emphasizing that the key to overcoming sleepless nights lies not in exerting more effort but in mending your relationship with sleep. It offers a wealth of concrete, science-backed strategies, aimed at helping you to rediscover a sense of wonder and appreciation for your sleep.

Who should read Hello Sleep?

  • Anyone battling chronic insomnia
  • Readers seeking science-backed sleep improvement strategies
  • Fans of compassionate health and wellness guidance

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