The best 65 Sports books

Smarter Not Harder

Smarter Not Harder

Dave Asprey
The Biohacker's Guide to Getting the Body and Mind You Want
3.5 (32 ratings)

What's Smarter Not Harder about?

Smarter Not Harder (2023) is a guide to biohacking your metabolic, neurological, and epigenetic systems. It will show you how to maximize your well-being by making your Meat Operating System, or MeatOS, do what you want it to do by doing less – by doing things smarter, not harder.

Who should read Smarter Not Harder?

  • Lazy people who want to make their laziness work for them
  • Anyone looking to improve their well-being
  • Tired people looking for more energy

The 4-Hour Body

The 4-Hour Body

Timothy Ferriss
An uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman
3.3 (1,073 ratings)

What's The 4-Hour Body about?

The 4-Hour Body (2010) is a collection of research and findings about unconventional body-regulating methods from doctors, scientists, professional sports trainers and the world’s top athletes. These methods are personally put to the test by the author, leading him to unearth life-changing shortcuts to improving his body and overall lifestyle.

Who should read The 4-Hour Body?

  • People who want to lose weight but not give up their favorite foods
  • Those who experience insomnia
  • People looking to improve their sex life



Peter Attia
The Science and Art of Longevity
4.4 (335 ratings)

What's Outlive about?

Outlive (2023) is a comprehensive guide to living a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Drawing on cutting-edge science and practical advice, it empowers you to optimize your exercise, nutrition, sleep, and emotional health for maximum longevity.

Who should read Outlive?

  • Individuals seeking a healthier, longer life
  • Fitness enthusiasts wanting well-rounded advice
  • Anyone interested in optimizing mental well-being

Built to Move

Built to Move

Kelly Starrett & Juliet Starrett
The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully
4.1 (47 ratings)

What's Built to Move about?

Built to Move (2023) is your ultimate guide to building a better, healthier, more functional body. The concept is simple – it provides a handful of simple tests to assess your movement, and a handful of easy-to-follow routines to improve it. Utilizing the latest insights of mobility, sleep, and nutrition science, you’ll learn to keep your body and mind as fit as possible with minimal effort – no matter if you’re a couch potato or a world class athlete. 

Who should read Built to Move?

  • Couch potatoes looking for a minimal movement practice to stay healthy
  • Professional athletes looking to keep their body as fit as possible 
  • Anyone who wants to move better and without pain 

Young Forever

Young Forever

Mark Hyman
The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life
4.6 (177 ratings)

What's Young Forever about?

Forever Young (2023) challenges the notion that poor health associated with aging is an inevitable part of life. Instead, it provides a roadmap to not only live longer but to enjoy good health until death.

Who should read Young Forever?

  • Young people wanting to set themselves up for a long, healthy life
  • Older people looking to reverse the aging process
  • Those suffering from disease who want to improve their well-being

Discipline Equals Freedom

Discipline Equals Freedom

Jocko Willink
Field Manual
4.1 (511 ratings)

What's Discipline Equals Freedom about?

Discipline Equals Freedom (2020) is your field manual to the art of self-discipline. It uncovers what you need to do to meet your full potential – and why being disciplined sets you free. 

Who should read Discipline Equals Freedom?

  • Fitness buffs looking for a new angle
  • Fans of straight-talking tough love
  • Anyone seeking inspiration to work harder

Widen the Window

Widen the Window

Elizabeth A. Stanley
Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma
4.8 (332 ratings)

What's Widen the Window about?

Widen the Window (2019) is your guide to healing trauma, relieving chronic stress, and living fully in the present. Drawing on her personal experience as a military leader and building on the latest science, Elizabeth A. Stanley examines how stress and trauma impact our mind and body; how our culture incentivizes work over health; and how mindfulness can bridge the gap between our thinking brains and our bodies’ ancient survival stress response.

Who should read Widen the Window?

  • Anyone who has suffered physical or psychological trauma 
  • People working in the military, first response, and other high stress professions
  • Overachievers, workaholics, and other “type A” personalities

Brain Wash

Brain Wash

David Perlmutter
Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness
4.5 (466 ratings)

What's Brain Wash about?

Brain Wash (2020) is a no-nonsense handbook for living a calm and content life in a world that’s designed to deliver the opposite. Medical doctors David and Austin Perlmutter unpack how our modern society manipulates our brains. Then they lay out a powerful 10-day bootcamp for breaking these bad patterns and building healthier habits.

Who should read Brain Wash?

  • Harried workers seeking a calmer life
  • Dieters looking for medically sound advice
  • Anyone aspiring to make big changes one day at a time



James Nestor
The New Science of a Lost Art
4.6 (651 ratings)

What's Breath about?

Breath (2020) is the fascinating and unexpected story of the power of breathing. Western science has overlooked the amazing effects that different methods of breathing can have on our health.

Who should read Breath?

  • Fans of popular science
  • People looking for simple ways to improve their health
  • Anyone keen to learn more about something we do unconsciously.



John J. Ratey & Eric Hagerman
The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
4.4 (246 ratings)

What's Spark about?

Spark (2008) reveals the ways in which exercise improves your health and even your ability to learn, think clearly and cope with stress. These blinks offer real-life examples plus scientific research to explain the innumerable benefits of physical activity and the fundamental connections between body and mind.

Who should read Spark?

  • Anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Students of medicine, health care or dietary science
  • People curious about the mind-body connection

Bulletproof Diet

Bulletproof Diet

Dave Asprey
Lose up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life
4.4 (314 ratings)

What's Bulletproof Diet about?

The Bulletproof Diet (2014) shows you how to hack your body to optimize your health, lose weight and increase your mental functioning. How? Maintain a diet filled with the right proteins and fats, and learn to exercise and sleep in the most effective way possible.

Who should read Bulletproof Diet?

  • Anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Dieters who like good food
  • Burned out people who want to have more energy and better focus

Super Brain

Super Brain

Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi
Unleash the Explosive Power of Your Mind
4.4 (300 ratings)

What's Super Brain about?

Super Brain (2012) offers a fascinating look at the amazing powers your brain has to change your life and even alter your perception of the world. “Mind over matter” is a rule; with the right set of tools, you can rise above the daily grind to live a healthier, longer life free from fear and disappointment.

"Loved this book-in-blinks! I'm very interested in learning about the brain, endocrinology and the biochemical processes of the body. As a personal trainer, massage therapist and yoga teacher, I'm somewhat of a body nerd.” – Lisa, Blinkist user, USA

Who should read Super Brain?

  • Neurologists interested in the brain’s holistic powers
  • Spiritualists curious about how the brain perceives reality
  • Readers looking for the secret to happiness

30 Ways to Reboot Your Body

30 Ways to Reboot Your Body

Ben Greenfield
A Complete User Manual for Getting the Most Out of the Human Body
3.5 (395 ratings)

What's 30 Ways to Reboot Your Body about?

30 Ways to Reboot Your Body (2015) gives you the keys to repairing and regenerating your body so you can take your health and fitness goals to the next level. These blinks explain the importance of digestive health, light exercise and solid routines. Get ready to have your ideas about diet and exercise challenged.

Who should read 30 Ways to Reboot Your Body?

  • People tired of struggling with inflammation, weight gain and fatigue
  • Anyone interested in a fitness plan backed by real science
  • Readers suspicious about crash diets and hard exercise fads



Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski
The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle
4.0 (208 ratings)

What's Burnout about?

Burnout (2019) offers women an honest and practical look at the causes of their everyday stress and anxiety and the different ways in which science can help. Since women continue to face a very different set of expectations to men, it stands to reason that women also deal with a different form of burnout. Authors Emily and Amelia Nagoski offer scientific, as well as personal, insight into what’s really going on and what women can do to not only persist but thrive in the modern world.

Who should read Burnout?

  • Women facing daily burnout
  • Anyone tired of living up to impossible expectations
  • People in need of stress management tips

Body by Science

Body by Science

Doug McGuff
A Research Based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week
4.6 (333 ratings)

What's Body by Science about?

Body by Science (2009) is a comprehensive guide to building muscle. This handbook is driven by data, and it offers a scientifically proven approach to sculpting a fitter, firmer body. All you’ll need is a few minutes a week.

Who should read Body by Science?

  • Fitness buffs looking to optimize their routine
  • Couch potatoes eager to amp up their physical activity
  • Anyone curious about the science of building up muscle



Caroline Williams
The New Science of Body Movement and How it Can Set Your Mind Free
4.6 (420 ratings)

What's Move! about?

Move! (2021) is a step-by-step guide to setting your body – and mind – in motion. Drawing on recent exercise science research, it shares actionable tips for boosting creativity, improving mental health, and future-proofing your brain against the many effects of aging.

Who should read Move!?

  • Aspiring exercisers who need some motivation to get moving
  • Workout junkies looking to make the most of their fitness routines
  • Anyone guilty of saying, “I’ll hit the gym . . . tomorrow

The Stress Code

The Stress Code

Richard Sutton
From Surviving to Thriving: A Scientific Model
4.5 (170 ratings)

What's The Stress Code about?

The Stress Code (2018) explores the role that stress plays in our everyday lives. It examines why stress is deadly to our health, and what effects it has on the global economy. Sutton offers science-backed strategies for stress management to help you improve your mental and physical health and to achieve your potential on a personal and professional level.

Who should read The Stress Code?

  • Stressed-out people needing to press pause on their busy lives
  • Professionals seeking a better work-life balance
  • People recovering from chronic stress



Cameron Hanes
How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering
3.9 (356 ratings)

What's Endure about?

Endure (2022) is Cameron Hanes’ inspirational story of strength, perseverance, and becoming the greatest bowhunter in the world. Drawing on the author’s anecdotes and life philosophies, it shows that anyone has the capacity to push their limits and be the best that they can be.

Who should read Endure?

  • Extreme sports enthusiasts looking for inspiration from the greatest in the field
  • Adrenaline junkies who need that motivational push to take things just a little bit further
  • The lost or directionless who want to get more out of life and themselves

The Joy of Movement

The Joy of Movement

Kelly McGonigal
How Exercise helps us find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage
4.7 (221 ratings)

What's The Joy of Movement about?

The Joy of Movement (2019) makes an inspired and highly original case for exercise. Drawing on the latest insights from biology, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology, author Kelly McGonigal sets out to show us that the benefits of exercise go far beyond improving our physical health. With hard science and real-life anecdotes, she illustrates how movement brings us hope, meaning, and connection – and explains how everyone can harness its positive powers.

Who should read The Joy of Movement?

  • Couch potatoes looking for motivation to get moving
  • Gym rats, compulsive runners, and other exercise enthusiasts 
  • Philanthropists interested in human evolution, biology, and psychology



Thich Nhat Hanh and Lilian Cheung
Mindful Eating, Mindful Life
4.3 (104 ratings)

What's Savor about?

Savor (2010) provides advice and inspiration on how to find inner peace, joy and strength – especially for those trying to sustainably lose weight – with Buddhist teachings and techniques for appreciating the richness of life in the present moment. It also draws on the latest nutritional science research on the best ways to eat and exercise, presenting readers with a holistic method for improving their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, and thereby transforming their lives.

Who should read Savor?

  • Anyone wanting to sustainably lose weight
  • Anyone wanting more peace and happiness in everyday life

In Praise of Walking

In Praise of Walking

Shane O'Mara
The new science of how we walk and why it’s good for us
4.5 (437 ratings)

What's In Praise of Walking about?

In Praise of Walking (2019) examines the science behind one of the basic skills that defines us as human beings. By walking more, you can boost your physical and mental health – and become more creative and social.

Who should read In Praise of Walking?

  • Science fans keen to learn about the body and the mind
  • Walking enthusiasts
  • People looking for a reason to do more exercise

Why Diets Make Us Fat

Why Diets Make Us Fat

Sandra Aamodt
The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession With Weight Loss
4.3 (108 ratings)

What's Why Diets Make Us Fat about?

Why Diets Make Us Fat (2016) demolishes many popular myths about diets and the relationship between weight and health. These blinks explore the science behind claims that dieting just doesn’t work and offer alternatives for people seeking to shed a few pounds and live more healthily.

Who should read Why Diets Make Us Fat?

  • Anyone struggling to lose weight
  • People interested in the science behind eating healthily
  • Individuals wanting to develop better eating habits

The Comfort Crisis

The Comfort Crisis

Michael Easter
Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self
4.5 (186 ratings)

What's The Comfort Crisis about?

The Comfort Crisis (2021) offers a cure for the physical and mental health problems of modern-day life. It’s all about getting comfortable with discomfort, which can mean anything from roughing it in the wilderness to contemplating death.

Who should read The Comfort Crisis?

  • People feeling disillusioned with modern life
  • Restless spirits craving an Into the Wild experience
  • Anyone interested in improving their physical or mental health



Alex Hutchinson
Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance
4.4 (154 ratings)

What's Endure about?

Endure (2018) takes an in-depth look at what enables certain boundary-pushing athletes to hit the wall of pain and effort – and still keep going. Alex Hutchinson examines the multiple and complex factors that allow marathon runners and cyclists to keep breaking records and reaching new heights in human endurance.

Who should read Endure?

  • Athletes and coaches
  • Students of psychology and sports medicine
  • Anyone training for a marathon

The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof
Activate Your Full Human Potential
4.6 (213 ratings)

What's The Wim Hof Method about?

The Wim Hof Method (2020) posits that we can overcome almost anything, from illness and depression to extreme climate conditions, by employing Wim Hof’s methods. Based on three pillars – cold, breathing, and mindset – The Wim Hof Method seeks to help you activate your full potential.

Who should read The Wim Hof Method?

  • Anyone looking to improve their general health and well-being
  • Endurance athletes and winter sport fanatics
  • Those looking for alternative remedies to illness and depression

Anger Management for Dummies

Anger Management for Dummies

Charles H. Elliott and Laura L. Smith
Your one-stop guide to anger management
4.0 (117 ratings)

What's Anger Management for Dummies about?

Anger Management for Dummies (2015) is a guide to dealing with your inner irascibility. These blinks will give you the tools you need to understand and – more importantly – master your anger. You’ll learn methods for dissolving stress, dealing with provocations and even stopping temper tantrums in their tracks.

Who should read Anger Management for Dummies?

  • Anyone who feels chronically on edge
  • People who suffer from high blood pressure and wonder whether suppressed rage could be the cause
  • People searching for ways to control their anger

Body Kindness

Body Kindness

Rebecca Scritchfield
Transform Your Health From the Inside Out – and Never Say Diet Again
4.3 (216 ratings)

What's Body Kindness about?

Body Kindness (2016) offers a refreshing approach to your overall physical and emotional health – one that allows you to tune into your own unique body and discover what is best for your well-being. This approach does away with one-size-fits-all dietary and exercise rules that often introduce a lot of added stress and anxiety into our daily lives. With small, easy-to-implement steps, you can learn how to boost their health and happiness, without the rules and rigidity.

Who should read Body Kindness?

  • Anyone tired of the latest fad diets
  • People looking for tips on living a healthier lifestyle
  • Nutritionists, coaches and psychologists

The Rise of Superman

The Rise of Superman

Steven Kotler
Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance
4.3 (144 ratings)

What's The Rise of Superman about?

The Rise of Superman examines the top performers in extreme sports in order to gain insight into how they use flow, i.e., the transcendental experience of being in “the zone,” to accomplish their amazing feats and connects the dots between the experience of flow and the neurology behind it.

Who should read The Rise of Superman?

  • Anyone interested in achieving optimal performance
  • Anyone involved in extreme sports
  • Anyone interested in neuroscience and the mind

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Robert M. Sapolsky
The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping
4.5 (119 ratings)

What's Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers about?

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (1994) vividly explains the biology behind stress and its impact on our lives, functioning as an effective way to deal with immediate problems, while also posing serious health risks in the long run. The author also offers plenty of practical tips on how to keep stress under control.

Who should read Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers?

  • Anyone who feels stressed
  • People interested in the ways society impacts our stress levels
  • Anyone curious about how the mind and the body are interconnected

The Inner Game of Tennis

The Inner Game of Tennis

W. Timothy Gallwey
The Ultimate Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance
4.4 (124 ratings)

What's The Inner Game of Tennis about?

The Inner Game of Tennis (1972) explains the tension between your conscious and unconscious minds, and how this conflict relates to performance, specifically through the lens of tennis. These blinks offer concrete advice on how to harness your natural ability and excel both on the court and off.

Who should read The Inner Game of Tennis?

  • Athletes who want to improve their game
  • Entrepreneurs seeking a performance boost
  • All readers who want to live a more fulfilling life

Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year

Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge with Allan J. Hamilton
Live Strong, Fit, Sexy, and Smart – Until You’re 80 and Beyond
4.0 (125 ratings)

What's Younger Next Year about?

Younger Next Year (2019) is an actionable guide to delaying the onset of 70 percent of normal aging signs until well into your final years. It focuses on seven rules for achieving a stronger, healthier, and younger body and mind. 

Who should read Younger Next Year?

  • Retirees who want to regain their youth
  • People close to retirement
  • Anyone craving a healthier lifestyle

The Upward Spiral

The Upward Spiral

Alex Korb
Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time
4.3 (99 ratings)

What's The Upward Spiral about?

The Upward Spiral (2015) details the ways your brain can fall into a progressively worsening depression and what you can do to reverse the process. These blinks explain the material conditions that cause your mood to slump and offer concrete steps for overcoming depression, anxiety and worry.

Who should read The Upward Spiral?

  • Those who struggle with depression or anxiety
  • Laypeople who are interested in neuroscience
  • Students who are overwhelmed with their course load

Spartan Up!

Spartan Up!

Joe de Sena
A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life
3.8 (108 ratings)

What's Spartan Up! about?

Spartan Up! (2014) is an in-depth guide to living life to its fullest by challenging yourself and being the best person you can be. The “Spartan” way of life draws inspiration from the Spartans of ancient Greece; implement their philosophies in a modern context to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Who should read Spartan Up!?

  • Anyone interested in extreme sports
  • Anyone looking to challenge themselves and try something new
  • Anyone fed up with the boredom and mediocrity of modern life

The Mindful Athlete

The Mindful Athlete

George Mumford
Secrets to Pure Performance
4.3 (125 ratings)

What's The Mindful Athlete about?

The Mindful Athlete (2015) explains how to unlock your hidden “superpowers” by practicing mindfulness. When you learn how to channel your own inner divinity, you’ll reach your peak performance – in sports or in any other field.

Who should read The Mindful Athlete?

  • Athletes who want to improve their mental focus
  • Anyone interested in mindfulness and meditation
  • People who want to achieve top performance at work



Michael Bar-Eli
How the Psychology of Sports Can Enhance your Performance in Management and Work
4.2 (48 ratings)

What's Boost! about?

In his book Boost! (2017), author Michael Bar-Eli uses decades of experience with world-class athletes, and the many hard-won lessons he’s learned along the way, to explain the dynamic power of sports psychology. The author not only shows how athletes can use psychology to their advantage, but how this element can be used to improve the performance of any team player, whether on the court or in the office.

Who should read Boost!?

  • Leaders and aspiring leaders
  • Readers interested in how psychology can improve performance
  • Athletes and former athletes

I'm So Effing Tired

I'm So Effing Tired

Amy Shah
A Proven Plan to Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy and Reclaim Your Life
4.0 (126 ratings)

What's I'm So Effing Tired about?

I’m So Effing Tired (2021) shows how you can overcome chronic exhaustion by tapping into the interconnected relationship between your gut, your immune system, and your hormones – also known as “the energy trifecta.” It demonstrates how you can boost energy levels by making changes to your lifestyle, your diet, and how you manage stress. 

Who should read I'm So Effing Tired?

  • Women seeking to beat chronic fatigue
  • Anyone who wants to boost energy levels
  • People struggling to overcome burnout

This Is Your Brain on Sports

This Is Your Brain on Sports

L. Jon Wertheim and Sam Sommers
The Science of Underdogs, the Value of Rivalry, and What We Can Learn From the T-Shirt Cannon
4.1 (50 ratings)

What's This Is Your Brain on Sports about?

This Is Your Brain on Sports (2016) is a fascinating journey into the human brain and an examination of what exactly happens to it when we play sports. Far more than mere games people play, sports provide a great deal of insight into our psyche and what makes us tick, observations that ring true for players and fans alike.

Who should read This Is Your Brain on Sports?

  • Die-hard fans who take sports and their favorite teams very seriously
  • Students of psychology
  • Readers looking for a new perspective on the wide world of sports

Successful Aging

Successful Aging

Daniel J. Levitin
A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of Our Lives.
4.5 (166 ratings)

What's Successful Aging about?

Successful Aging (2020) turns the idea that old age is a time of inevitable decline and discomfort on its head. Daniel J. Levitin gives us insight into the neuroscience of aging and, along the way, a bunch of tips about how we can not only cope with aging, but actually appreciate it as a unique life phase.

Who should read Successful Aging?

  • Anyone who plans on aging
  • Friends, partners, and family of an aging loved one
  • Neuroscience buffs

The Mamba Mentality

The Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant
How I Play
4.5 (378 ratings)

What's The Mamba Mentality about?

The Mamba Mentality (2018) is Kobe Bryant’s personal take on basketball, his life, and his career. It provides details on how he physically and mentally prepared for the game, the depth with which he analyzed his opponents, and how basketball taught him to lead and grow.

Who should read The Mamba Mentality?

  • Lakers and Kobe Bryant fans
  • People seeking inspiration on and off the court
  • Anyone who wants to develop a Mamba Mentality

The Sports Gene

The Sports Gene

David Epstein
Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance
4.3 (80 ratings)

What's The Sports Gene about?

The Sports Gene takes a look at the physiological traits that are beneficial in various sports, and at their hereditary background. It also examines why people in certain parts of the world have evolved in their particular way, and how this is beneficial in the realm of certain sports.

Who should read The Sports Gene?

  • Anyone who follows sports
  • Anyone who wants to understand what sport they might be naturally good at
  • Anyone who is interested in the physiology behind top athletic performance



Daniel E. Lieberman
Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding
4.3 (217 ratings)

What's Exercised about?

Exercised (2020) is a cutting-edge account of physical activity, rest, and human health. Drawing on groundbreaking research in the fields of exercise science, evolutionary theory, and anthropology, it presents a unique account of the human body’s needs and abilities.

Who should read Exercised?

  • Fitness fanatics interested in a broader view of health and exercise
  • Exercise-avoiders seeking to change their ways for good
  • Amateur anthropologists and armchair doctors

Jog On

Jog On

Bella Mackie
How running saved my life
4.1 (117 ratings)

What's Jog On about?

Jog on (2019) examines the devastating effects of anxiety disorders and reveals how exercise can help to treat them. These blinks also explore author Bella Mackie’s own mental health struggles and chart her journey to recovery. 

Who should read Jog On?

  • Anyone struggling with anxiety or depression
  • Psychology buffs looking for fresh insights
  • Fans of inspirational true stories

Chasing Excellence

Chasing Excellence

Ben Bergeron
A Story About Building the World’s Fittest Athletes
4.2 (51 ratings)

What's Chasing Excellence about?

Chasing Excellence (2017) provides a revealing look at the mental toughness that is required of athletes who hope to be among the world’s best. Ben Bergeron takes readers behind the scenes to see what it takes to train for world-class competitions, and just how important mental fitness is to an athlete’s overall strength.

Who should read Chasing Excellence?

  • Anyone who aspires to excellence
  • Athletes who want to strengthen their mental muscle
  • Trainers and coaches

Beautiful Game Theory

Beautiful Game Theory

Ignacio Palacios-Huerta
How Soccer Can Help Economics
4.0 (61 ratings)

What's Beautiful Game Theory about?

Beautiful Game Theory (2014) shows us how applicable economics is to our daily lives by looking at the fascinating world of professional soccer. By examining compelling statistics and studies on shoot-outs, referee calls, and ticket sales, Beautiful Game Theory offers some interesting insights into the psychology of behavioral economics.

Who should read Beautiful Game Theory?

  • Soccer fans all over the world
  • Anyone who is interested in economics
  • Anyone who has ever felt like the referee was biased against his or her team

The Mosquito Bowl

The Mosquito Bowl

Buzz Bissinger
A Game of Life and Death in World War II

What's The Mosquito Bowl about?

The Mosquito Bowl (2022) tells the story of American football stars going to war and playing one more game when they get there. It details a nation divided by bigotry but united by sport and a common enemy.

Who should read The Mosquito Bowl?

  • History buffs
  • World War II aficionados
  • College football fans

Master Your Core

Master Your Core

Bohdanna Zazulak
A Science-Based Guide to Achieve Peak Performance and Resilience to Injury
4.3 (412 ratings)

What's Master Your Core about?

Master Your Core (2021) provides a holistic overview of how strengthening your core can directly boost your athletic performance and mood while reducing injuries. It offers a scientific explanation of “core stability” and includes breathing, stretching, and dynamic exercises to train your core muscles and improve your overall health.

Who should read Master Your Core?

  • Desk workers who want to improve their posture and mood
  • Injury-adverse athletes looking to boost strength and power
  • Anyone craving sculpted abs with a side of mental well-being

Let My People Go Surfing

Let My People Go Surfing

Yvon Chouinard
The Education of a Reluctant Businessman
4.5 (41 ratings)

What's Let My People Go Surfing about?

Let My People Go Surfing (2005) is an inspiring look at the popular outdoor gear company Patagonia, an organization that has shown the world that there is more than one way to operate a successful business. In these blinks, you’ll not only get to know the company’s history and its unique philosophy, you’ll also find out about why Patagonia has some of the happiest employees around and why people feel so good about buying its products.

Who should read Let My People Go Surfing?

  • Fans of Patagonia and its products
  • Readers interested in eco-friendly brands
  • Climbers, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts

Undo It!

Undo It!

Anne Ornish and Dean Ornish
How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases
4.2 (96 ratings)

What's Undo It! about?

Undo It! (2019) reveals the astonishing power of making simple lifestyle changes that can not just prevent, but even reverse a wide range of chronic diseases. That might sound like wishful thinking, but it’s backed by a rich array of research that has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and reflects a growing consensus within the mainstream medical community.

Who should read Undo It!?

  • People with chronic diseases
  • People looking for motivation to change their diets or exercise habits
  • People who suffer from stress or loneliness

The Plant-Based Athlete

The Plant-Based Athlete

Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke
A Game-Changing Approach to Peak Performance
4.5 (278 ratings)

What's The Plant-Based Athlete about?

The Plant-Based Athlete (2021) debunks the myth that our bodies need meat, eggs, and dairy to achieve peak athletic success. Drawing on extensive research and interviews with professional athletes, it shows that a plant-based diet actually results in better performance, recovery time, and overall health.

Who should read The Plant-Based Athlete?

  • Athletes looking to increase energy levels, speed, and recovery times
  • People who want to improve their digestion or lose weight
  • Anyone seeking long-term health for themselves and the planet

All In

All In

Billie Jean King
An Autobiography
4.3 (26 ratings)

What's All In about?

All In (2021) tells the remarkable life story of Billie Jean King, the woman who led a call for equality in women’s sports that soon reverberated around the world. King’s activism and refusal to back down led to real changes in the US legislature, with results that spread far beyond the realm of sports. All the while, King grappled with personal issues that would only find resolution later in life.

Who should read All In?

  • Sports fans
  • Activists and equal rights crusaders
  • Anyone who loves a good inspirational story

String Theory

String Theory

David Foster Wallace
On Tennis
3.7 (56 ratings)

What's String Theory about?

String Theory (2016) is a collection of essays about tennis by David Foster Wallace. The best players in the world sacrifice their lives so that they can entertain us, but their sacrifice elevates them to a level of greatness that the rest of us lowly mortals will never achieve.

Who should read String Theory?

  • Tennis players who wonder if there is really such a gap between them and the best players
  • Sports enthusiasts who are looking for an incisive analysis of what makes a great athlete
  • David Foster Wallace fans who want to see another side of his brilliant mind

The Captain Class

The Captain Class

Sam Walker
The Hidden Force That Creates the World’s Greatest Teams
4.0 (30 ratings)

What's The Captain Class about?

The Captain Class (2017) gets to the bottom of what it truly means to be the captain of a winning sports team. You might think all it takes to make a great team is to bring together the best possible players. This is just one of the many misperceptions people have about team sports. Walker points out that the best teams have captains who possess specific characteristics that enable them to lead their teams to victory.

Who should read The Captain Class?

  • Athletes involved in team sports
  • Coaches, captains and team leaders of any kind
  • Sports fanatics

Letters to a Young Athlete

Letters to a Young Athlete

Chris Bosh
An NBA Champion's Hard-Earned Wisdom on the Road to Self-Mastery
4.6 (179 ratings)

What's Letters to a Young Athlete about?

In Letters to a Young Athlete (2021), basketball legend Chris Bosh shares the wisdom he earned through his remarkable career. Bosh shows us that true excellence requires deep motivation, mastery of self, and a commitment to something far greater than money or fame.

Who should read Letters to a Young Athlete?

  • Young athletes
  • Their teachers, coaches, and parents
  • Anyone who wants to know what it takes to be a champion

Good for a Girl

Good for a Girl

Lauren Fleshman
A Woman Running in a Man's World
4.9 (13 ratings)

What's Good for a Girl about?

Good for a Girl (2023) chronicles the career of pro runner Lauren Fleshman, and the issues with the sports system she encountered along the way. It’s both a memoir detailing her life and a manifesto crying for change.

Who should read Good for a Girl?

  • Aspiring female athletes and coaches
  • Advocates of sports industry change
  • Fans of Lauren Fleshman

Go Wild

Go Wild

John J. Ratey & Richard Manning
Eat Fat, Run Free, Be Social, and Follow Evolution’s Other Rules for Total Health and Well-Being
4.2 (30 ratings)

What's Go Wild about?

Go Wild (2014) provides a timely look at why human beings shouldn’t be sitting in front of a computer all day. Evolution did not craft our bodies and minds for today’s sedentary lifestyle and diet. Our move from wilderness to cubicle is likely responsible for our increasing susceptibility to a number of new diseases.    

Who should read Go Wild?

  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • People looking to change their lives
  • Nature lovers

The Last Folk Hero

The Last Folk Hero

Jeff Pearlman
The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson

What's The Last Folk Hero about?

The Last Folk Hero (2022) dives into Bo Jackson's life and career as a multi-sport phenomenon. It details his early childhood days in Bessemer, Alabama, and the feats he accomplished as an amateur and professional player.

Who should read The Last Folk Hero?

  • People curious about Bo Jackson’s life
  • Football and baseball fans
  • Biography geeks



Andre Agassi
An Autobiography
4.5 (46 ratings)

What's Open about?

Open (2009) is a revealing account of the turbulent life of one of America’s all-time best tennis players. More than anything else, it’s a story of Agassi’s battle for balance and self-understanding, all while dealing with the constant stream of complications that arose from fame and public scrutiny.

Who should read Open?

  • Sports fans
  • People raised by an overbearing parent
  • Anyone looking for an inspirational life story

The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat

Daniel James Brown
An Epic Journey to the Heart of Hitler’s Berlin
4.3 (19 ratings)

What's The Boys in the Boat about?

The Boys in the Boat (2013) tells the story of how a group of unassuming college boys from the University of Washington went from struggling through the Great Depression to securing a victory in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Who should read The Boys in the Boat?

  • Rowers and other athletes
  • Anyone interested in history, World War Two or the Olympics
  • Readers who like an underdog story



Abby Wambach
How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game
4.1 (44 ratings)

What's WOLFPACK about?

WOLFPACK (2019) is a rallying cry for women to join together, empower each other and celebrate one another’s achievements. Drawing on her incredible career as a professional athlete, author Abby Wambach explores how women everywhere can gain strength in numbers and achieve equality, fulfillment and joy.

Who should read WOLFPACK?

  • Feminists looking for their next champion
  • Sports enthusiasts seeking fresh insights
  • Fans of inspirational memoirs

Talking to GOATs

Talking to GOATs

Jim Gray
The Moments You Remember and the Stories You Never Heard
4.4 (37 ratings)

What's Talking to GOATs about?

Talking to GOATs (2020) recounts the inside stories and memorable moments from some of the greatest athletes and sporting events the world has ever seen. These insights have been culled from the from the four-decade-long career of the renowned sports interviewer, Jim Gray.

Who should read Talking to GOATs?

  • Sports fans
  • Aspiring sports champions
  • Aspiring sports journalists

Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?

Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?

Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet Beveridge
Olympic-Winning Strategies for Everyday Success
4.1 (23 ratings)

What's Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? about?

Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? (2011) shares with you the inspiration and strategies you need to succeed every day, as told through the emotionally charged experiences of a member of the gold medal-winning British rowing team at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Who should read Will It Make the Boat Go Faster??

  • Anyone needing a powerful strategy to achieve their goals
  • Anyone interested in how Olympic champions are made

A Bigger Prize

A Bigger Prize

Margaret Heffernan
How We Can Do Better Than the Competition

What's A Bigger Prize about?

A Bigger Prize (2014) explains how competition is holding us back. These blinks demonstrate how our competitive schools, economy and society – believed to produce higher grades, lower prices and better results – are actually stifling collaboration and preventing us from realizing our full potential.

Who should read A Bigger Prize?

  • Professionals who work with colleagues
  • Anyone who is into sports
  • People interested in the downside of competition

The Professor in the Cage

The Professor in the Cage

Jonathan Gottschall
Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch
4.5 (15 ratings)

What's The Professor in the Cage about?

In The Professor in the Cage (2015), professor Jonathan Gottschall enters the world of mixed martial arts to discover the sources of our fascination with violence. Through the power of modern science and by applying the weight of human history, these blinks reveal how our love of fighting is grounded in our deepest human instincts.

Who should read The Professor in the Cage?

  • Anyone interested in the origins of violence
  • People fascinated by martial arts
  • Anyone hoping to learn more about humanity’s fascination with fighting



Jonathan Eig
A Life
4.0 (22 ratings)

What's Ali about?

Ali (2017) takes you through the the life of Muhammad Ali, a man whose complex story reveals him to be much more than just one of history’s greatest heavyweight boxers. Author Jonathan Eig takes readers through the humble beginnings of a young Cassius Clay, his transformation into Muhammad Ali and the many triumphs and scandals that followed.

Who should read Ali?

  • Sports fans
  • Students of history
  • Readers who love an inspirational biography



Ben Reiter
The New Way to Win it All
4.2 (25 ratings)

What's Astroball about?

Astroball (2018) charts the managerial revolution that propelled the Houston Astros baseball team from mid-league mediocrity to winning the 2017 World Series. The secret? Ditching old-fashioned scouting and recruiting policies that relied on “gut instinct” and embracing the power of big data. Full of fascinating insights into the world of American baseball, with all its traditions and mores, this is a must-read book for both those who love the sport, as well as anyone fascinated by the way tech is reshaping our world.

Who should read Astroball?

  • Baseball fanatics
  • Tech-heads
  • Lateral thinkers

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