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Inspiration Bücher: Think and Grow Rich von Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill
4.4 (1.731 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Think and Grow Rich?

In Think and Grow Rich (1937), Napoleon Hill investigates the methods of the 500 most successful people of his time, including the world’s richest men, top politicians, famous inventors, writers and captains of industry. First published amidst the Great Depression, Think and Grow Rich has sold over 100 million copies.

A note to readers: this Blink was redone especially for audio. This is the reason why the text version might differ from the audio version. If you’re trying to decide whether to listen or to read, we highly recommend listening!

Wer Think and Grow Rich lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to learn the secrets of people who have made it big
  • Anyone who wants to be successful in life
  • Anyone who’s heard of this self-help classic and wants to see what it’s about 

Inspiration Bücher: Finding Your Element von Ken Robinson

Finding Your Element

Ken Robinson
How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life
4.3 (548 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Finding Your Element?

Finding Your Element (2013) offers engaging advice on ways you might discover your true passions and talents, and then reorient your life to incorporate more time for them. Written with a keen sense of wit, Finding Your Element offers entertaining and inspiring wisdoms that will help you not only to be more productive but also to improve your overall happiness and quality of life.

Wer Finding Your Element lesen sollte

  • Anyone who would like to focus on their passions more
  • Anyone who'd like advice on how to discover their passions
  • Anyone interested in improving the quality of their life in general

Inspiration Bücher: Flow von Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
The Psychology of Optimal Experience
4.4 (871 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Flow?

Flow (1990) explores how we can experience enjoyment in our lives by controlling our attention and strengthening our resolve. This is achieved by being immersed in an activity or subject that makes us neither anxious (if it’s too hard), nor bored (if it’s too easy). In this “flow state” we lose our self-consciousness, selfishness and sense of time. Using goal-setting and immediate feedback, we can achieve a state of flow that improves our relationship with work, increases our self-worth and gives our lives meaning.

Wer Flow lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to be more engaged with their relationships, their work or the world
  • Anyone aiming to rise out of mediocrity and gain mastery over something
  • Anyone who wants to know how their health can be improved by ancient wisdom and diverse cultures

Inspiration Bücher: How Will You Measure Your Life? von Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth and Karen Dillon

How Will You Measure Your Life?

Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth and Karen Dillon
Finding Fulfillment Using Lessons From Some of the World's Greatest Businesses
4.1 (248 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How Will You Measure Your Life??

As a leading business expert and cancer survivor, Clayton M. Christensen provides you with his unique insight on how to lead a life that brings both professional success and genuine happiness. In How Will You Measure Your Life?, Christensen touches on diverse topics such as motivation and how you can harness it, what career strategy is the best for you, how to strengthen relationships with loved ones, and how to build a strong family culture.

Wer How Will You Measure Your Life? lesen sollte

  • Anyone struggling to create a balance between work and life demands
  • Anyone curious about how to achieve long-term happiness and meaning in life
  • Fans of Christensen’s critically acclaimed book, The Innovator’s Dilemma

Inspiration Bücher: The War of Art von Steven Pressfield

The War of Art

Steven Pressfield
Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles
4.2 (328 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The War of Art?

In The War of Art, author Steven Pressfield helps you identify your inner creative battles against fear and self-doubt and offers advice on how to win those battles. An inspirational book for anyone who’s had trouble realizing their passion, it offers an examination of those negative forces that keep you from realizing your dreams, and shows how you can defeat your fears to achieve your creative goals.

Wer The War of Art lesen sollte

  • Anyone wanting to be an artist or a professional in a certain field
  • Anyone interested in starting their own business
  • Anyone wishing to conquer fear and self-doubt in their creative life

Inspiration Bücher: The Untethered Soul von Michael A. Singer

The Untethered Soul

Michael A. Singer
The Journey Beyond Yourself
4.4 (446 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Untethered Soul?

The Untethered Soul is all about you: your feelings, thoughts and consciousness. By drawing on different spiritual practices, this book explains how you can navigate your own mind, get in touch with yourself and become your own master, to ultimately achieve enlightenment.

Wer The Untethered Soul lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to lead a happier and healthier life
  • Anyone needing to let go of negative emotions
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the benefits of spiritualism

Inspiration Bücher: Willpower von Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney


Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney
Why Self-Control is the Secret of Success
3.9 (178 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Willpower?

Willpower brings the concept of self-control back into mainstream discussions on achievement. It takes contemporary scientific studies and breaks them down, demonstrating that, despite the previously held views of many experts, willpower can indeed be harnessed and strengthened to make the changes in your life you’ve always wanted to make.

Wer Willpower lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in behavioral science
  • Anyone whose fickleness gets in the way of their success
  • Anyone interested in how the brain works

Inspiration Bücher: You'll See It When You Believe It von Wayne W. Dyer

You'll See It When You Believe It

Wayne W. Dyer
The Way to Your Personal Transformation
4.5 (123 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in You'll See It When You Believe It?

You'll See It When You Believe It is your guide to finding your true self. It will show you how to achieve harmony with yourself, your fellow people, and the universe at large. When you learn to transform yourself, you'll find inner peace and the strength to realize your greatest dreams.

Wer You'll See It When You Believe It lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to better him- or herself
  • Anyone who wants to find inner peace
  • Anyone who wants to understand his or her place in the universe

Inspiration Bücher: The Motivation Manifesto von Brendon Burchard

The Motivation Manifesto

Brendon Burchard
Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power
3.9 (222 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Motivation Manifesto?

The Motivation Manifesto (2014) explains the fundamental driving forces of human nature and how these either help us realize or keep us from our life’s goals. In a few easy steps, you’ll learn how to inspire and increase your own levels of motivation to live a happier life.

Wer The Motivation Manifesto lesen sollte

  • Anyone looking for a motivation boost
  • Anyone feeling unsatisfied with how they’re living life
  • Anyone with a big idea they want to see realized

Inspiration Bücher: The Compound Effect von Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy
Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success
4.3 (418 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Compound Effect?

The Compound Effect shows us how to make lasting changes by paying attention to the smallest decisions we make – and their cumulative effect on us. It’s about the slow burn, not the big gesture. Author Darren Hardy teaches us that by accepting responsibility for our own lives, we can change our habits and carve out a life that is more successful, fulfilling and happy.

Wer The Compound Effect lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to improve their lives and transform their daily habits
  • Anyone who wants big, sustainable results
  • Anyone who’s tried quick fixes and gotten nowhere

Inspiration Bücher: Second Chance von Robert T. Kiyosaki

Second Chance

Robert T. Kiyosaki
For Your Money, Your Life and Our World
4.4 (215 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Second Chance?

Second Chance (2015) outlines the reasons for the growing wealth gap in the United States and offers advice on working your way up the economic ladder. It explains how you can leverage assets and debt to enjoy more financial success in your future, while lifting your nose from the daily grindstone.

Wer Second Chance lesen sollte

  • Hard workers who never seem to get ahead
  • Anyone interested in working less and earning more
  • People who want to beat the financial system

Inspiration Bücher: The Fifth Agreement von Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz

The Fifth Agreement

Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz
A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery
4.4 (186 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Fifth Agreement?

Our perceptions of our true selves are clouded by the society we live in and the people around us. The Fifth Agreement (2010) introduces five pacts that will help you strip away those misconceptions and uncover the truth about who you really are – without running off to a mountain top to be a hermit.

Wer The Fifth Agreement lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to feel freer.
  • People who feel discouraged about their life.
  • Anyone searching for a deeper understanding of themselves

Inspiration Bücher: The 8th Habit von Stephen R. Covey

The 8th Habit

Stephen R. Covey
From Effectiveness to Greatness
4.0 (489 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 8th Habit?

The 8th Habit (2004) helps you find your inner voice and thereby lead a more fulfilled life. Covey explains why we struggle to feel motivated and passionate (particularly in our working life) and how we can go about changing that.

Wer The 8th Habit lesen sollte

  • Business leaders
  • Anyone feeling lost or unfulfilled
  • People striving to work efficiently and with joy

Inspiration Bücher: Big Magic von Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert
Creative Living Beyond Fear
4.2 (238 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Big Magic?

Big Magic (2015) explores what both frightens and thrills us: turning our creative ideas into reality. These blinks provide helpful strategies that’ll enable you to manage the fears, frustrations and blocks of creating, allowing you to channel the playfulness you need to express yourself freely.

Wer Big Magic lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to explore their creative side
  • Writers struggling with half-finished projects and creative block
  • Students seeking advice on how to chase their creative dreams

Inspiration Bücher: As A Man Thinketh von James Allen

As A Man Thinketh

James Allen
4.3 (287 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in As A Man Thinketh?

As a Man Thinketh (1903) captures the philosophy of James Allen. These blinks reveal the power that thoughts have over our personalities, our circumstances and our well-being. We discover the benefits of learning to master our minds and direct our thoughts toward the goals we want to achieve.

Wer As A Man Thinketh lesen sollte

  • Readers interested in the beginnings of self-help literature
  • Individuals looking to improve their lives with advice that’s stood the test of time
  • Everyone who loves gleaning new insights from a classic

Inspiration Bücher: The ADHD Advantage von Dale Archer

The ADHD Advantage

Dale Archer
What you Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength
3.2 (576 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The ADHD Advantage?

The ADHD Advantage (2015) provides new insights into ADHD, debunking false assumptions and unveiling the positive sides of this condition. These blinks explore how anyone with ADHD – children, young people and professionals alike – can be nurtured and supported to reach their full potential.

Wer The ADHD Advantage lesen sollte

  • Parents of children with ADHD seeking a different perspective on the condition
  • Teachers who want to support children with ADHD in the classroom
  • Anyone who’s struggled with ADHD

Inspiration Bücher: Organize Tomorrow Today von Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy

Organize Tomorrow Today

Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy
Eight Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life
4.5 (271 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Organize Tomorrow Today?

Organize Tomorrow Today (2015) is the definitive guide to achieving a successful career and fulfilling life. These blinks offer you valuable information, giving you the tools to unlock the power of your mind, increase your self-confidence and become your most productive self.

Wer Organize Tomorrow Today lesen sollte

  • Artists and creatives looking to be more productive
  • Athletes who want to create positive new habits
  • Students and professionals who want to become better public speakers

Inspiration Bücher: On the Shortness of Life von Seneca

On the Shortness of Life

Life Is Long If You Know How To Use It
4.5 (410 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in On the Shortness of Life?

On the Shortness of Life (49 AD) is an essay on how to appreciate life – and how to use it. These blinks show you what is truly valuable in this world and how to avoid getting distracted by unimportant matters. They’ll show you where genuine happiness comes from and why working hard will not lead to a tranquil and satisfied mind.

Wer On the Shortness of Life lesen sollte

  • Workaholics who never have any time for anything
  • Thinkers trying to decide what it means to live a good life
  • Anyone who wants to be inspired to learn and read more

Inspiration Bücher: Tools of Titans von Tim Ferriss

Tools of Titans

Tim Ferriss
The Tactics, Routines and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers
3.8 (841 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Tools of Titans?

Tools of Titans (2016) details the stories, strategies and successes of some of the most inspirational achievers, thinkers and doers of modern times. These blinks will teach you how to strengthen your body and your mind, all while building your creative business.

“There’s a reason why Tim Ferriss has become such an influential voice when it comes to achieving top performance. He always manages to get the best advice out of such fascinating, impressive people. Even Seth Rogan is in here!” – Ben S. Head of Salad at Blinkist

Wer Tools of Titans lesen sollte

  • Fitness buffs who are in search of workout tips
  • Budding entrepreneurs in need of inspiration
  • Creative minds looking for words of wisdom

Inspiration Bücher: Get Momentum von Jason W. Womack and Jodi Womack

Get Momentum

Jason W. Womack and Jodi Womack
How to Start When You’re Stuck
3.9 (83 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Get Momentum?

Get Momentum (2016) guides you through simple yet effective strategies for you to work sustainably toward your personal and professional goals. From managing time in the short and long term, to monitoring progress, modifying your approach and celebrating little victories along the way, these blinks outline the keys to gaining and maintaining motivation.

Wer Get Momentum lesen sollte

  • Mid-career professionals lacking the motivation to tackle new challenges
  • Runners and hobbyists seeking strategies for more effective skill development
  • Small business owners interested in straightforward methods for productivity and planning

Inspiration Bücher: The Happy Kid Handbook von Katie Hurley

The Happy Kid Handbook

Katie Hurley
How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World
4.2 (116 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Happy Kid Handbook?

The Happy Kid Handbook (2015) explains the key components of a happy childhood that allows children to thrive as unique individuals. Whether your child is introverted or extroverted, these blinks will guide you through helping them understand stress, negative emotions, social relationships and the importance of finding calm in their lives.

Wer The Happy Kid Handbook lesen sollte

  • Parents-to-be who are anxious about raising their child right
  • Mothers and fathers struggling to understand their kid’s confusing behavior
  • Readers interested in the importance of parenting today

Inspiration Bücher: The Snowball von Alice Schroeder

The Snowball

Alice Schroeder
Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
4.6 (415 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Snowball?

"By age eleven he’d saved up $120, which was a whole lot of money in 1941. He used that money to make his first investment. He bought six shares of the company Cities Service Preferred – three for him and three for his sister Doris."

The Snowball (2008) offers a revealing look at the life and times of one of modern America’s most fascinating men: Warren Buffett. Find out how this shy and awkward man earned his first million dollars and how following a few fundamental rules enabled him to become the world’s wealthiest man.

This is a Blinkist staff pick

“Warren Buffet is one of those people who seems to have a magic touch. It’s almost as if he’s aware of certain universal secrets that nobody else is privy to! I love learning more about what made him so successful (he memorized textbooks?!) and trying to figure out what makes him tick.” – Ben S., Head of Audio at Blinkist

Wer The Snowball lesen sollte

  • Investors
  • Philanthropists
  • Anyone looking for an inspiring story

Inspiration Bücher: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind von Joseph Murphy (Ian McMahan revised)

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Joseph Murphy (Ian McMahan revised)
Unlock Your Master Key to Success
4.4 (397 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind?

The Power of the Subconscious Mind (1963) has helped millions of readers around the world harness their subconscious and find true happiness in the process. These blinks share inspiring true stories and effective techniques that will positively influence your career, love life and overall health.

Wer The Power of Your Subconscious Mind lesen sollte

  • Illness-prone people who want to improve their overall health
  • People who struggle to achieve the success they desire
  • Anyone with profound fears or obsessions

Inspiration Bücher: The Element von Ken Robinson, with Lou Aronica

The Element

Ken Robinson, with Lou Aronica
How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
4.1 (122 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Element?

The Element (2009) is about getting in the zone and unearthing exactly what drives you. That driver is your element and these blinks explain precisely what it is, how to identify it and what it will mean for your life.

Wer The Element lesen sollte

  • Dreamers who want to become doers
  • People who want to follow their calling
  • Bewildered parents of talented children

Inspiration Bücher: Make Your Bed von William H. McRaven

Make Your Bed

William H. McRaven
Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe The World
4.1 (546 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Make Your Bed?

Make Your Bed (2017) is a collection of the author’s ten most valuable personal experiences during his many years of service with the US Navy SEALs. Each is a simple yet priceless piece of advice that will have a positive influence on your life.

Wer Make Your Bed lesen sollte

  • Team leaders looking for inspiration
  • Anyone struggling to cope with life
  • Motivational speakers

Inspiration Bücher: You Are a Badass at Making Money von Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass at Making Money

Jen Sincero
Master the Mindset of Wealth
3.7 (241 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in You Are a Badass at Making Money?

You Are a Badass at Making Money (2017) offers a fresh and exciting perspective on what it takes to bring home the big bucks. Yes, you too can be a money-making maestro once you improve your mind-set and understand the energy of money. So stop making excuses and fooling yourself that only evil people are rich. Unlock your inner badass and open the door to success!

Wer You Are a Badass at Making Money lesen sollte

  • The unemployed and underpaid
  • Readers who want more badassery in their lives
  • Anyone looking for motivation and inspiration

Inspiration Bücher: Peak Performance von Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness

Peak Performance

Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness
Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, And Thrive With The New Science of Success
4.3 (197 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Peak Performance?

Peak Performance (2017) employs success stories, case studies and various examples of athletes, artists and intellectuals to give you a crash course in performance. These blinks explain why performance became so integral to society in the first place and how you can be your best.

Wer Peak Performance lesen sollte

  • Athletes who want to take their game to the next level
  • Artists who want to become experts in their field
  • Anyone interested in self-improvement or boosting their success

Inspiration Bücher: The Big Leap von Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap

Gay Hendricks
Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level
4.3 (144 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Big Leap?

The Big Leap (2009) is a treasure trove of valuable insights on how to overcome the fears and tendencies that stand in the way of lasting success. Hendricks shows us the many ways we can self-sabotage our own dreams and offers practical ways of avoiding these all-too-common pitfalls.

Wer The Big Leap lesen sollte

  • Husbands and wives struggling to balance their lives
  • Students of psychology and behavioral science
  • Ambitious people from all walks of life

Inspiration Bücher: Designing Your Life von Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Designing Your Life

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans
How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life
4.1 (211 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Designing Your Life?

Designing Your Life (2016) is about taking control of your life by creating a plan that’ll do away with an uninspired nine-to-five routine and usher in a career that you really love. You’ll find advice and exercises that will point you toward your true calling, along with progressive ideas that challenge the limitations of traditional career counseling.

“I love this practical, no-nonsense approach to the often nebulous topic of identifying the life you want to lead.” – Ben H, Head of Content at Blinkist

Wer Designing Your Life lesen sollte

  • Students and recent graduates plotting their way forward
  • Adults both young and old who feel adrift in life
  • Career counselors

Inspiration Bücher: 12 Rules For Life von Jordan B. Peterson

12 Rules For Life

Jordan B. Peterson
An Antidote to Chaos
4.3 (3.112 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in 12 Rules For Life?

12 Rules For Life (2018) provides readers with an inventory of life’s most pressing concerns and the issues that have been present in the human psyche since ancient times. Author Jordan B. Peterson has collected some of the most enduring philosophical and religious assertions, as well as the lessons from our most cherished tales, to provide us with 12 guidelines to ensure a life of meaning. Drawing on philosophy, psychology, history and myth, these are clear and consistent principles that everyone can live by.

Wer 12 Rules For Life lesen sollte

  • Students of psychology
  • Readers seeking meaning in their lives
  • People interested in the lessons of mythology

Inspiration Bücher: Inner Engineering von Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Inner Engineering

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
A Yogi’s Guide to Joy
4.3 (274 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Inner Engineering?

Inner Engineering (2016) explains how happiness can only be found within yourself. These blinks introduce spiritual wisdom that will make you happier, more fulfilled and at peace with the life you are living.

Wer Inner Engineering lesen sollte

  • Those in search of deeper meaning in their lives
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs who are dissatisfied despite their success
  • Atheists who want to give spirituality a chance

Inspiration Bücher: What I Know for Sure von Oprah Winfrey

What I Know for Sure

Oprah Winfrey
4.3 (150 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in What I Know for Sure?

What I Know for Sure (2014) outlines the moments that shaped Oprah Winfrey into the phenomenally successful person she is today. Oprah shares her experiences and insights on overcoming hardship and how she used that strength to forge a path toward reaching her full potential.

Wer What I Know for Sure lesen sollte

  • People who want to improve their self-esteem
  • Anyone looking for tips to overcome childhood trauma
  • Oprah fans who are interested in her backstory

Inspiration Bücher: A Return to Love von Marianne Williamson

A Return to Love

Marianne Williamson
Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles
4.3 (146 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in A Return to Love?

A Return to Love (1992) is a powerful call to surrender yourself to a higher power in the universe by rejecting your ego and embracing love. Marianne Williamson’s thought-provoking message shows us how to let go of the fears and resentments that suppress the love we all carry within us. Her practical steps will help you improve your relationships, career and overall happiness.

Wer A Return to Love lesen sollte

  • Spiritual people looking for guidance
  • Troubled minds seeking ways to let go and forgive
  • People looking for a meaningful career path

Inspiration Bücher: Tribe of Mentors von Tim Ferriss

Tribe of Mentors

Tim Ferriss
Short Life Advice from the Best in the World
4.2 (478 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Tribe of Mentors?

Tribe of Mentors (2017) is an insightful collection of interviews with mentors – highly regarded professionals who are widely considered to be leaders in their respective fields. To understand the secrets of their success, Tim Ferriss asks these mentors a variety of questions, from “What are your favorite books?” to “What are your daily habits?” The answers add up to a trove of useful tips for getting to the top.

Wer Tribe of Mentors lesen sollte

  • Those seeking life advice from highly successful individuals
  • Readers who love self-help books
  • Anyone craving insight into the lives of famous people

Inspiration Bücher: Stories for Work von Gabrielle Dolan

Stories for Work

Gabrielle Dolan
The Essential Guide to Business Storytelling
4.4 (161 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Stories for Work?

In Stories for Work (2017), Gabrielle Dolan explains the effectiveness of a powerful story, and how business professionals can harness this tool to communicate ideas, motivate employees, persuade clients and achieve goals. Dolan walks you through practical advice on coming up with your own stories, and how to apply them to a range of business scenarios.

Wer Stories for Work lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to sharpen their communication skills
  • People curious about the power of storytelling
  • Professionals in “people-facing” roles

Inspiration Bücher: Best Self von Mike Bayer

Best Self

Mike Bayer
Be You, Only Better
4.3 (159 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Best Self?

Best Self (2019) is a self-help manual for everyone who’s sick of simply surviving and is ready to start thriving. Life coach Mike Bayer argues that it’s essential to dump your toxic anti-self and put your best self in the driver’s seat. It’s not easy, but it’s possible – just ask the thousands of clients whose lives have been changed by Bayer’s insistence that they start being honest with themselves and learn to face down their deepest fears. Packed full of actionable tips and insights, these blinks will help you do just that.

Wer Best Self lesen sollte

  • Self-helpers
  • Innovators
  • Those struggling to find deeper meaning in their lives

Inspiration Bücher: The More of Less von Joshua Becker

The More of Less

Joshua Becker
Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own
4.5 (468 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The More of Less?

The More of Less (2016) is the ultimate guide to getting more out of life by owning less. Written by a leading light in America’s growing movement against excessive consumerism and cluttered living, this is a practical book designed to help you free up headspace, resources and time so that you can pursue the things that really matter.

Wer The More of Less lesen sollte

  • Hoarders and shopaholics
  • Would-be nomads tied down by too many possessions
  • People who have had enough of overflowing closets and cluttered garages

Inspiration Bücher: The Path Made Clear von Oprah Winfrey

The Path Made Clear

Oprah Winfrey
Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose
4.4 (172 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Path Made Clear?

Finding the path we’re meant to take in life, and figuring out how to take it, are some of the greatest personal challenges we must all face. Oprah Winfrey addresses this in her new book, The Path Made Clear (2019), offering insight into this spiritual journey and sharing the wisdom she has learned throughout her career.

Wer The Path Made Clear lesen sollte

  • Lost souls looking for spiritual guidance
  • Self-reflective people seeking to better themselves
  • Oprah superfans who crave more of the great woman’s wisdom

Inspiration Bücher: Outer Order, Inner Calm von Gretchen Rubin

Outer Order, Inner Calm

Gretchen Rubin
Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness
4.2 (186 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Outer Order, Inner Calm?

Outer Order, Inner Calm (2019) explains how you can declutter your home and keep it neat and beautiful. Exploring the reasons why orderly surroundings are so important for our wellbeing, these blinks offer practical tips and advice on how to overcome messiness for good.

Wer Outer Order, Inner Calm lesen sollte

  • Anyone wanting to take back control of their life
  • Neat freaks looking for new tips
  • Homeowners hoping to organize their homes better

Inspiration Bücher: Getting COMFY von Jordan Gross

Getting COMFY

Jordan Gross
Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness
4.1 (166 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Getting COMFY?

Getting COMFY (2018) is a how-to manual for starting the day right. From work to school to our own social circles, modern life is full of external pressures that demand our attention and energy. With this guide, Jordan Gross offers a five-step method for tweaking your morning routine so you can face each day on your own terms. 

Wer Getting COMFY lesen sollte

  • Night owls interested in becoming early birds
  • Busy people seeking to start each day on the right footing
  • Ambitious individuals interested in self-improvement strategies and techniques

Inspiration Bücher: Radical Compassion von Tara Brach

Radical Compassion

Tara Brach
Learning to Love Yourself and Your World with the Practice of RAIN
4.6 (243 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Radical Compassion?

Radical Compassion (2019) is a practical guide to letting go of painful emotions and embracing the world with more love, forgiveness, and compassion. Mindfulness expert Tara Brach presents RAIN, a simple four-step meditation system that helps practitioners cultivate inner strength to overcome life’s many obstacles.

Wer Radical Compassion lesen sollte

  • Mindfulness practitioners eager for additional advice
  • Troubled souls looking to shake negative thoughts
  • Anyone seeking tools to overcome life’s challenges

Inspiration Bücher: Mind Over Clutter von Nicola Lewis

Mind Over Clutter

Nicola Lewis
Cleaning Your Way to a Calm and Happy Home
3.7 (225 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Mind Over Clutter?

Mind Over Clutter (2019) explores simple tips and techniques for keeping any home free from clutter. These blinks also reveal the impact of mess on your mental health and explain how you can approach housework in a more eco-friendly way, without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Wer Mind Over Clutter lesen sollte

  • Minimalists looking for a fresh angle
  • Messy people hoping to change their ways
  • Neat freaks seeking inspiration

Inspiration Bücher: Greenlights von Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey
4.3 (241 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Greenlights?

Greenlights (2020) is a guided tour into the life and mind of award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. These blinks tell his story as only he could tell it, full of “outlaw logic” that has informed a wildly original personal philosophy for how to live life to its utmost.

Wer Greenlights lesen sollte

  • Fans of the McConaissance
  • Anyone eager to generate their own greenlights
  • People interested in the inner workings of a creative mind

Inspiration Bücher: Beyond Order von Jordan B. Peterson

Beyond Order

Jordan B. Peterson
12 More Rules for Life
4.5 (559 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Beyond Order?

Beyond Order (2021) is a prescription for how to navigate the complexities of modern life. While Peterson’s previous work warned of the danger of excessive chaos, this new guide to living details the perils of too much rigid order.

Wer Beyond Order lesen sollte

  • Disorganized thinkers looking to clean up their mental room
  • Inactive dreamers in need of some motivation
  • Anyone looking for a little direction in life

Inspiration Bücher: Soundtracks von Jon Acuff


Jon Acuff
The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
4.3 (365 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Soundtracks?

Soundtracks (2021) is a simple guide to ending self-doubt, hesitation, and overthinking. Instead of being at the mercy of your fickle and often unhelpful thoughts, you’ll discover patterns of thinking that can strengthen you, make you happier, and bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Wer Soundtracks lesen sollte

  • Lifelong overthinkers who finally want to start taking action
  • Negative Nancies who need to inject some optimism into their lives
  • Anyone who lets self-doubt interfere with work, life goals, or relationships

Inspiration Bücher: Courage is Calling von Ryan Holiday

Courage is Calling

Ryan Holiday
Fortune Favors the Brave
4.3 (278 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Courage is Calling?

Courage is Calling (2021) is both a meditation on bravery and a guide to courageousness. From how to dispel your fears to the benefits of taking small steps first, it gives concrete advice for building courage, and lays out, in writing rich with anecdotes, the simple ways that each of us can become a little bit braver.

Wer Courage is Calling lesen sollte

  • Scaredy-cats in need of a strong dose of daring
  • The already-courageous who want to become even braver
  • Anyone interested in how courage has shaped history

Inspiration Bücher: The Almanack of Naval Ravikant von Eric Jorgenson

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Eric Jorgenson
A Guide to Wealth and Happiness
4.6 (706 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Almanack of Naval Ravikant?

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant (2020) condenses the wisdom of philosopher and entrepreneur Naval Ravikant into actionable, bite-sized chunks. Although he covers many topics, this collection of insights circles around two profound questions – how do you build wealth, and how do you find happiness? Ravikant’s answer? Both are skills that need to be practiced.

Wer The Almanack of Naval Ravikant lesen sollte

  • Entrepreneurs and self-starters
  • Practical philosophers
  • Hard workers tired of the rat race

Inspiration Bücher: The Last Lecture von Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch
4.4 (215 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Last Lecture?

The Last Lecture (2008) is a heartfelt and insightful rumination on life, death, and the value of pursuing your dreams. In this unique text, computer scientist Randy Pausch reflects on mortality after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis. 

Wer The Last Lecture lesen sollte

  • New parents looking for sage advice
  • Friends and family of terminally ill individuals
  • Anyone seeking a little inspiration

Inspiration Bücher: The Hidden Habits of Genius von Craig Wright

The Hidden Habits of Genius

Craig Wright
Beyond Talent, IQ, and Grit – Unlocking the Secrets of Greatness
4.4 (318 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Hidden Habits of Genius?

The Hidden Habits of Genius (2020) is a guide to the traits that set geniuses apart from the rest of us. Drawing on the lives of extraordinary creatives, thinkers, and disruptors from ancient Greece to modern Japan, it traces the factors that make up the complex and fascinating phenomenon that we call “genius.”

Wer The Hidden Habits of Genius lesen sollte

  • Embryonic geniuses who want to reach their full potential
  • Students of human nature wondering what makes a genius tick
  • All those looking to boost their creative abilities

Inspiration Bücher: Love People, Use Things von Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

Love People, Use Things

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus
Because the Opposite Never Works
4.4 (430 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Love People, Use Things?

Love People, Use Things (2021) is a manifesto extolling the pleasures of minimalism. This primer explains why living with fewer things can lead to less clutter and more fulfilling relationships.

Wer Love People, Use Things lesen sollte

  • Budding hoarders looking to cut back
  • Thrifty savers seeking tips on light living
  • Anyone interested in the practice of minimalism

Inspiration Bücher: The Art of Living von Epictetus

The Art of Living

The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness – A New Interpretation by Sharon Lebell
4.7 (612 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Art of Living?

The Art of Living (1995) is a clear and concise introduction to Stoic philosophy. This modern interpretation of Epictetus’s teachings gives timeless insight into living a stable and satisfying life.

Wer The Art of Living lesen sollte

  • Modern thinkers curious about ancient philosophy
  • Hectic go-getters needing advice on slowing down
  • Anyone seeking a more Stoic lifestyle

Inspiration Bücher: You Are What You Risk von Michele Wucker

You Are What You Risk

Michele Wucker
The New Art and Science of Navigating an Uncertain World
3.9 (220 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in You Are What You Risk?

You Are What You Risk (2021) explains how your relationship with risk defines your life in a unique way. Countless factors influence both how you perceive risk and how you respond to it.

Wer You Are What You Risk lesen sollte

  • People searching for new ways to make decisions
  • Economists looking to better understand risk
  • Thrill-seekers and scaredy-cats wondering why they are how they are

Inspiration Bücher: The Daily Laws von Robert Greene

The Daily Laws

Robert Greene
366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy, and Human Nature
4.5 (597 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Daily Laws?

The Daily Laws (2021) is a compendium of 366 rules for life, covering everything from seduction and power to the discovery of your life’s great task. It distills the insights author Robert Greene has uncovered in a series of best-selling books spanning 22 years of word.

Wer The Daily Laws lesen sollte

  • Fans of Robert Greene’s best-selling work
  • People who’ve lost touch with their sense of purpose and drive
  • Anyone in need of a strong dose of wisdom

Inspiration Bücher: The Comfort Book von Matt Haig

The Comfort Book

Matt Haig
4.7 (656 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Comfort Book?

The Comfort Book (2021) is a compendium of practices, philosophies, stories, and encouragements to help you get through tough times. Matt Haig shares the insights he gained while experiencing years of severe anxiety and depression, as well as his own unconventional strategies for developing a sense of self-worth and looking after your mental health. 

Wer The Comfort Book lesen sollte

  • Fans of Matt Haig’s honest and unconventional approach to discussing mental health
  • Anyone looking for strategies to build emotional resilience 
  • People grappling with pandemic-related uncertainty

Inspiration Bücher: Discipline Equals Freedom von Jocko Willink

Discipline Equals Freedom

Jocko Willink
Field Manual
4.1 (649 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Discipline Equals Freedom?

Discipline Equals Freedom (2020) is your field manual to the art of self-discipline. It uncovers what you need to do to meet your full potential – and why being disciplined sets you free. 

Wer Discipline Equals Freedom lesen sollte

  • Fitness buffs looking for a new angle
  • Fans of straight-talking tough love
  • Anyone seeking inspiration to work harder

Inspiration Bücher: Things No One Else Can Teach Us von Humble the Poet

Things No One Else Can Teach Us

Humble the Poet
Turning Losses Into Lessons
4.6 (667 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Things No One Else Can Teach Us?

Things No One Else Can Teach Us (2019) is a part-memoir, part-unconventional self-help book. Full of revealing personal stories and philosophical musings, it will inspire you to question your beliefs about failure, success, and what really makes life meaningful.

Wer Things No One Else Can Teach Us lesen sollte

  • Would-be creatives looking for encouragement to follow the life of their dreams
  • Self-development and personal growth seekers
  • Fans of Humble the Poet who want to learn more about his life

Inspiration Bücher: Welcome Home von Najwa Zebian

Welcome Home

Najwa Zebian
A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul
4.6 (520 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Welcome Home?

Welcome Home (2021) uses the metaphor of a house to provide a personalized blueprint for achieving self-worth, belonging, and happiness. Through personal stories, practical advice, and poetry, it lays out tools you can use to build a place where you’re at peace with yourself.

Wer Welcome Home lesen sollte

  • Young adults embarking on a journey of self-discovery
  • Lost or directionless individuals who want to take control of their lives
  • Anyone who wants to be stronger, happier, and emotionally healthier

Inspiration Bücher: How to Begin von Michael Bungay Stanier

How to Begin

Michael Bungay Stanier
A Proven Plan to Start Something That Matters
4.4 (698 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Begin?

How to Begin (2022) argues that you unlock your greatness by working on the hard things. The things that matter. Not to your partner, friends, or family – but to you. The hardest part isn’t the work itself, though. It’s identifying the kinds of projects that are worth investing your time in. Projects which give your life meaning. And that’s what this book is really about: helping you discover worthy goals.

Wer How to Begin lesen sollte

  • Self-improvers stuck in a rut
  • Thinkers and doers
  • Anyone who wants to live their best life

Inspiration Bücher: The Alchemist von Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho
4.6 (595 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Alchemist?

The Alchemist (1988) follows the story of a young Andalusian shepherd, who travels to the pyramids of Egypt to find a treasure he has recurrently dreamed about. On his journey, he has to overcome multiple obstacles – through which he learns valuable life lessons. Based on a thirteenth-century folktale, it explores topics such as following your dreams, finding your destiny, and the nature of love.

Wer The Alchemist lesen sollte

  • People who want to become more resilient
  • Anyone with a dream or passion
  • Those who wish to find their own purpose in life 

Inspiration Bücher: Autobiography of a Yogi von Paramahansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi

Paramahansa Yogananda
3.6 (68 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Autobiography of a Yogi?

Autobiography of a Yogi (1946) is a deeply spiritual yet light-hearted account of the life of India’s preeminent yoga emissary to the West. In this epic, Paramahansa Yogananda narrates his encounters with legendary gurus, swamis, saints, and astral beings that guided him toward the fulfillment of his mission to unite East and West under one God through the personal and scientific practice of Kriya Yoga.

Wer Autobiography of a Yogi lesen sollte

  • Yoga devotees trying to learn more about the author’s personal journey
  • People curious about yoga and the enchanting world of astral beings and their interactions with humans
  • People of faith seeking points of contact and dialogue with different world religions

Inspiration Bücher: The Light We Carry von Michelle Obama

The Light We Carry

Michelle Obama
Overcoming in Uncertain Times
4.3 (435 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Light We Carry?

In The Light We Carry (2022), former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, tackles complex questions about community, identity, and relationships with trademark warmth and honesty. Obama believes we all carry a light inside us – in this book, she tells us how to shine that light so it illuminates the potential for hope and healing, and pathways toward a better world.

Wer The Light We Carry lesen sollte

  • Anyone whose fear is holding them back from living authentically
  • Those who wants to trade disconnection for community and friendship
  • People who need encouragement to keep doing the work in challenging times

Inspiration Bücher: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It von Kamal Ravikant

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

Kamal Ravikant
4.4 (738 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It?

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It (2020) is an uplifting and enlightening account of one man's journey to reclaim his life and destiny. It shares hard-won wisdom and unwavering commitment to self-love through a powerful combination of personal stories, practical advice, and an accessible meditation practice.

Wer Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It lesen sollte

  • Negative self-talkers
  • Anxious self-haters
  • Busy self-improvers

Inspiration Bücher: Tao Te Ching von Lao Tzu

Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu
4.3 (184 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Tao Te Ching?

Tao Te Ching (circa 400 BC) is one of the foundational texts of Taoism, the enduring philosophical and religious movement that can be traced back to around the fourth century BC. Throughout the ages, its poetic wisdom continues to be relevant, inspirational, and timeless.

Wer Tao Te Ching lesen sollte

  • Spiritual or philosophical guidance seekers
  • People interested in living a more virtuous life
  • Admirers of Eastern schools of thought

Inspiration Bücher: Lighter von Yung Pueblo


Yung Pueblo
Let Go of the Past, Connect with the Present, and Expand the Future
4.6 (468 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Lighter?

Lighter (2022) guides anyone seeking self-improvement through the process of releasing the past and taking power over the future. It’s a combination of wisdom and proverbs as well as a practical guide for doing the inner work of self-healing.

Wer Lighter lesen sollte

  • Self-improvement seekers
  • Buddhism buffs
  • Anyone who needs to heal from the past

Inspiration Bücher: The Art of Worldly Wisdom von Baltasar Gracián y Morales

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracián y Morales
A Pocket Oracle
4.2 (451 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Art of Worldly Wisdom?

The Art of Worldly Wisdom (1647) is a timeless self-help classic. Comprising 300 short but brilliant maxims, it sheds light on how to live your life, achieve success, and win respect. It has remained consistently relevant throughout its nearly 400-year publication history, inspiring the likes of Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Wer The Art of Worldly Wisdom lesen sollte

  • Anyone looking for time-tested wisdom on how to live a better life;
  • Curious minds interested in the subtle art of giving and receiving favors; and
  • Self-help fans wanting to see how little the genre has changed over the centuries.

Inspiration Bücher: Lessons in Chemistry von Bonnie Garmus

Lessons in Chemistry

Bonnie Garmus
A Novel
4.3 (234 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Lessons in Chemistry?

Lessons in Chemistry (2022) is the story of Elizabeth Zott, a brilliant scientist who has the misfortune of being a woman in 1950s America. After a frustrating failed academic career, Zott finds success in an unlikely place: as the host of a television cooking show.

Wer Lessons in Chemistry lesen sollte

  • Foodies interested in the science behind cooking
  • Feminists looking for a window into the history of women in STEM
  • Anyone who appreciates stories that are sharp and warm-hearted

Inspiration Bücher: Blue Ocean Strategy von W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne

Blue Ocean Strategy

W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne
How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant
4.2 (435 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Blue Ocean Strategy?

Blue Ocean Strategy (2004) is a business classic that revolutionized the way companies think about market competition. It explains why some businesses can grow uncontested, while the rest tear each other to bits in a hypercompetitive environment.

Wer Blue Ocean Strategy lesen sollte

  • entrepreneurs eager to get ahead of their competition
  • investors deciding which companies to back
  • business students who want to better understand market forces

Inspiration Bücher: The Everyday Hero Manifesto von Robin Sharma

The Everyday Hero Manifesto

Robin Sharma
Activate Your Positivity, Maximize Your Productivity, Serve The World
4.2 (822 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Everyday Hero Manifesto?

The Everyday Hero Manifesto (2021) is a how-to primer for becoming the hero of your own life. It’s full of detailed plans interspersed with short essays, anecdotes, and even poetry to help you become happier, more productive, and more successful.

Wer The Everyday Hero Manifesto lesen sollte

  • Anyone stuck in a rut
  • Go-getters looking to improve their career trajectory
  • Self-improvement seekers searching for practical guides and techniques

Inspiration Bücher: Discipline Is Destiny von Ryan Holiday

Discipline Is Destiny

Ryan Holiday
The Power of Self-Control
4.7 (1.502 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Discipline Is Destiny?

Discipline Is Destiny (2022) draws on Stoic virtues to make a case for a life guided by self-discipline. It shows how being in control of your body, thoughts, and emotions is a prerequisite to mastering anything else – and uses historical figures to illustrate how things like sleep, discomfort, and kindness tie into greatness. 

Wer Discipline Is Destiny lesen sollte

  • Frazzled folks looking for more structure in their lives
  • Go-getters who want to optimize their time and energy
  • Anyone seeking actionable steps to improve their happiness and well-being

Inspiration Bücher: Never Finished von David Goggins

Never Finished

David Goggins
Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within
4.5 (1.078 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Never Finished?

Never Finished (2022) is your guide to transforming into the person you never imagined you could be. It shares stories of setbacks and lessons learned that you can use to power through life's unending challenges.

Wer Never Finished lesen sollte

  • Injured athletes looking for motivation
  • Midlifers seeking a challenge
  • Anyone seeking to maximize their potential

Inspiration Bücher: A Year of Positive Thinking von Cyndie Spiegel

A Year of Positive Thinking

Cyndie Spiegel
Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage
3.9 (57 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in A Year of Positive Thinking?

A Year of Positive Thinking (2018) provides you with a dose of positive thinking for every day of the year. By using its daily affirmations, inspirational quotes, and exercises you’ll learn to live your best life.

Wer A Year of Positive Thinking lesen sollte

  • Pessimists (and optimists) looking for uplifting advice
  • Individuals currently experiencing hardship
  • Anyone who wants to transform into a better version of themselves

Inspiration Bücher: The Hero with a Thousand Faces von Joseph Campbell

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Joseph Campbell
4.5 (426 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Hero with a Thousand Faces?

The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1948) is a seminal work of comparative mythology. It reveals that foundational myths from around the world share similar structures and themes, which trace back to some of our earliest stories and continue to hold a strong power over us today. 

Wer The Hero with a Thousand Faces lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in storytelling
  • Fans of myths and fables
  • Writers looking for inspiration

Inspiration Bücher: The Power of One More von Ed Mylett

The Power of One More

Ed Mylett
The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success
4.0 (149 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Power of One More?

The Power of One More (2022) follows the idea that doing “one more” in any situation can bring you greatness and open up more opportunities.

Wer The Power of One More lesen sollte

  • High achievers
  • Self-improvement seekers
  • Anyone willing to welcome a lifestyle change

Inspiration Bücher: Becoming Supernatural von Joe Dispenza

Becoming Supernatural

Joe Dispenza
How Common People are Doing the Uncommon
4.2 (562 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Becoming Supernatural?

Becoming Supernatural (2017) explores how everyday people can become supernatural. It references breakthrough studies, ongoing research, and incredible stories from regular people that show how anyone can create incredible mental and physical changes within themselves and others by connecting to the unseen energies of the world.

Wer Becoming Supernatural lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in intentionally improving their life
  • People searching for greater connection with the world
  • Those curious about how humans can directly access the quantum realm

Inspiration Bücher: The Creative Act von Rick Rubin

The Creative Act

Rick Rubin
A Way of Being
4.6 (257 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Creative Act?

The Creative Act (2023) is a meditative manifesto about what it really means to be an artist. It contends that artists don’t have a monopoly on creativity – everyone is inherently creative. To access that creativity you just need to commit to a creative practice. By cultivating an awareness of the world around you and allowing yourself to make lots of mistakes, you’ll be able to revel in the creative process, instead of fearing it.

Wer The Creative Act lesen sollte

  • Music lovers looking for inspiration from a world-famous producer
  • Blocked creatives who want to get over their fears and start making cool stuff
  • Spiritual seekers who want to learn how to delight in the world around them

Inspiration Bücher: Burn the Boats von Matt Higgins

Burn the Boats

Matt Higgins
Toss Plan B Overboard and Unleash Your Full Potential
4.3 (275 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Burn the Boats?

Burn the Boats (2023) tells the story of how Matt Higgins went from abject poverty to wealth and success using one simple approach: tossing Plan B and going all-in. Through both guidance and inspiration, it will help you apply this strategy to achieving your own goals and dreams.

Wer Burn the Boats lesen sollte

  • Visionaries with big ambitions
  • Self-doubting entrepreneurs 
  • Anyone holding back on their dreams

Inspiration Bücher: Awaken Your Genius von Ozan Varol

Awaken Your Genius

Ozan Varol
Escape Conformity, Ignite Creativity, and Become Extraordinary
4.5 (450 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Awaken Your Genius?

Awaken Your Genius (2023) is a straightforward yet philosophical guide to releasing the aspects of yourself that don’t suit your growth. Through a five-step process, it shows readers how they can find their way back to their unique and authentic genius selves.

Wer Awaken Your Genius lesen sollte

  • Anyone who feels stuck in a rut
  • People contemplating a major life change
  • Those looking to live more creative lives

Inspiration Bücher: The School of Greatness von Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes
A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy
4.5 (99 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The School of Greatness?

The School of Greatness (2015) draws on the author’s own journey and his extensive research into what it takes to lead an inspiring and meaningful life. This includes his many interviews and conversations on the topic with leading figures including entrepreneurs, artists and athletes on his podcast of the same name. 

Wer The School of Greatness lesen sollte

  • Personal developers looking for practical, actionable advice
  • Aspiring leaders seeking daily habits to achieve their goals
  • Anyone looking to live a more meaningful, inspiring life

Inspiration Bücher: The Power of Discipline von Daniel Walter

The Power of Discipline

Daniel Walter
How to Use Self Control and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals
4.4 (871 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Power of Discipline?

The Power of Discipline (2020) explores the biological tendencies within our brains that determine our ability to control our self-discipline. It shows us how we can refine these tendencies in order to develop improved self-disciplinary habits and reach our goals.

Wer The Power of Discipline lesen sollte

  • Anyone lacking some self-discipline in their lives
  • Those who need to ditch their bad habits
  • Goal-setters looking for advice on how to be an achiever

Inspiration Bücher: Living in Flow von Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Living in Flow

Sky Nelson-Isaacs
The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World
4.2 (264 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Living in Flow?

Living in Flow (2019) invites you on a transformative journey to discover the power of synchronicity – and, through it, to create a life filled with ease, joy, and fulfillment. Unveiling the science behind meaningful coincidences, it provides practical guidance for aligning yourself with life's natural rhythms and unlocking your full potential.

Wer Living in Flow lesen sollte

  • Personal development enthusiasts
  • Science-minded individuals
  • Fans of Carl Jung

Inspiration Bücher: Unlearn von Humble the Poet


Humble the Poet
101 Simple Truths for a Better Life
4.2 (439 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Unlearn?

Unlearn (2014) is a collection of 101 short essays on how to live a better life. These succinct yet profound essays prompt you to challenge your own beliefs as well as the commonly held assumptions of wider society. The truths revealed about happiness, love, success, and truth itself aren’t always easy to hear, but they’re crucial insights into the nature of empowerment and freedom.

Wer Unlearn lesen sollte

  • Anyone feeling lost or stuck in life
  • Those looking to improve their relationships with others and themselves
  • Artists seeking inspiration

Inspiration Bücher: The Law of Attraction von Esther and Jerry Hicks

The Law of Attraction

Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham
4.2 (353 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction (2006) shows how you can use a fundamental law of the universe – the law of attraction – to manifest the life you always wanted. It explains what laws govern the world around us and how, once we understand them, we can use them to our own advantage.

Wer The Law of Attraction lesen sollte

  • People who want to bring their ideal life to reality
  • Lovers of alternative theories about the universe
  • Positive thinkers in need of a little boost

Inspiration Bücher: Excellent Advice for Living von Kevin Kelly

Excellent Advice for Living

Kevin Kelly
Wisdom I Wish I'd Known Earlier
4.2 (595 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Excellent Advice for Living?

Excellent Advice for Living (2023) is a collection of 450 aphorisms that will help you start living a better life. Covering everything from parenting and travel to survival and success, it invites you to pick and choose from a plentiful feast of bite-size wisdom. 

Wer Excellent Advice for Living lesen sollte

  • Young people entering college or the workforce
  • Individuals starting – or looking to start – a family
  • Older folks seeking a shot of inspiration

Inspiration Bücher: How to Think Like a Philosopher von Peter Cave

How to Think Like a Philosopher

Peter Cave
Scholars, Dreamers and Sages Who Can Teach Us How to Live
4.3 (228 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in How to Think Like a Philosopher?

How to Think Like a Philosopher (2023) draws from the lives and work of thinkers through history to reveal unique perspectives on beauty, truth, and the nature of reality. It presents philosophy as an all-too-human search for meaning, and encourages everyone to do the same.

Wer How to Think Like a Philosopher lesen sollte

  • Deep thinkers looking for inspiration and wisdom from the past
  • Those curious about the ideas that have shaped the ways we approach life 
  • Anyone craving new ways to think about things

Inspiration Bücher: Single On Purpose von John Kim

Single On Purpose

John Kim
Redefine Everything. Find Yourself First
4.2 (46 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Single On Purpose?

Single on Purpose (2020) is a candid exploration of love, closure, and the human quest for genuine happiness. Get ready to renew your relationship with yourself, redefine your perspectives on love, and ignite the engines of self-confidence and joy within you.

Wer Single On Purpose lesen sollte

  • Anyone going through a breakup
  • Personal growth explorers 
  • Life coaches or self-coaches seeking a better way to frame relationships

Inspiration Bücher: Be Water, My Friend von Shannon Lee

Be Water, My Friend

Shannon Lee
The True Teachings of Bruce Lee
4.6 (374 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Be Water, My Friend?

Be Water, My Friend (2020) is part inspirational guide, part intimate memoir, centered on Bruce Lee’s “Be water” philosophy. Drawing on Lee’s deep relationship with the element and his lifelong martial arts practice, it offers simple yet profound teachings on self-actualization. 

Wer Be Water, My Friend lesen sollte

  • Die-hard Bruce Lee fans 
  • Those pursuing personal growth and self-actualization 
  • Anyone interested in Eastern philosophies

Inspiration Bücher: The Bold Ones von Shawn Kanungo

The Bold Ones

Shawn Kanungo
Innovate and Disrupt to Become Truly Indispensable
4.4 (109 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Bold Ones?

The Bold Ones (2023) is an exploration of how individuals and organizations can thrive in an era of rapid change and disruption. With anecdotes and actionable insights, it shares strategies for embracing boldness, adaptability, and innovation in the evolving landscape of business and technology.

Wer The Bold Ones lesen sollte

  • Executives trying to establish a culture of disruption
  • People in creative or artistic fields seeking inspiration
  • Innovation managers and strategists

Inspiration Bücher: The 50th Law von 50 Cent and Robert Greene

The 50th Law

50 Cent and Robert Greene
4.0 (129 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The 50th Law?

The 50th Law (2009) focuses on fear philosophy as a catalyst for success. Drawing inspiration from corporate strategies, historical figures, and hip-hop artist 50 Cent – or Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent is his professional name – it encourages brutal realism and a bold mindset to succeed everywhere, from back alleys to the boardroom.

Wer The 50th Law lesen sollte

  • Creative Mavericks
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs
  • Urban culture enthusiasts

Inspiration Bücher: Do the Work von Gary John Bishop

Do the Work

Gary John Bishop
The Official Unrepentant, Ass-Kicking, No-Kidding, Change-Your-Life Sidekick to Unfu*k Yourself
4.4 (353 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Do the Work?

Do the Work (2019) is a guide that urges people to confront and overcome their self-imposed limitations in order to achieve personal transformation. Through actionable insights and transformative exercises, you can take control of your career and get on track for a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

Wer Do the Work lesen sollte

  • Anyone looking for a nudge forward in life
  • People tired of the usual self-help platitudes
  • Procrastinators eager for a wake-up call

Inspiration Bücher: The Kybalion von Three Initiates

The Kybalion

Three Initiates
A Study of Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
4.3 (165 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Kybalion?

Kybalion (1908) is an occult classic of the New Thought movement that claims that mind and thought are the ultimate powers of the universe, and human beings can harness those primal forces – like thought, rhythm, and polarities – for health, wealth, and influence. 

Wer The Kybalion lesen sollte

  • History buffs curious about the foundations of the New Age and self-help movements
  • Esoteric thinkers seeking out the texts that shaped modern occultism
  • Anyone wanting to expand their perspective on metaphysics and consciousness

Inspiration Bücher: The Warren Buffett Way von Robert G. Hagstrom

The Warren Buffett Way

Robert G. Hagstrom
Investment Strategies of the World's Greatest Investor
4.5 (221 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Warren Buffett Way?

The Warren Buffett Way (2013) chronicles the unprecedented success of one of the world’s greatest investors. From his first $120 investment to his ultimate $120 billion net worth, it focuses on the history and strategies of the man who seemed to do the impossible: beat the market.

Wer The Warren Buffett Way lesen sollte

  • Amateur and advanced economists and investors
  • People interested in success stories
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Warren Buffett’s life

Inspiration Bücher: Becoming Myself von Irvin D. Yalom

Becoming Myself

Irvin D. Yalom
A Psychiatrist's Memoir
3.8 (96 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Becoming Myself?

Becoming Myself (2017) is a rare peek behind the curtain at the personal and professional life of one of the world’s most prominent psychotherapists. Weaving intimate anecdotes with therapeutic insights, it offers a unique, strikingly candid perspective on the human condition and the transformative power of psychotherapy. 

Wer Becoming Myself lesen sollte

  • Practicing psychotherapists and psychiatrists 
  • Individuals curious about a therapist’s personal and professional experience
  • Those interested in existential psychotherapy and self-discovery

Inspiration Bücher: Awakening Your Ikigai von Ken Mogi

Awakening Your Ikigai

Ken Mogi
How the Japanese Wake Up to Joy and Purpose Every Day
4.5 (652 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Awakening Your Ikigai?

Awakening Your Ikigai (2018) introduces the Japanese concept of ikigai or “life’s purpose,” and explains how uncovering and nurturing ikigai can catalyze a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Wer Awakening Your Ikigai lesen sollte

  • Serial snooze-button users who want to wake up feeling inspired
  • Workers who feel they’re just going through the motions
  • Anyone interested in uncovering their higher calling

Inspiration Bücher: Get Off Your "But" von Sean Stephenson

Get Off Your "But"

Sean Stephenson
How to End Self–Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself
4.5 (89 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Get Off Your "But"?

Get Off Your “But” (2009) offers a thorough look into the methods and mindset of the popular therapist and motivational speaker Sean Stephenson. You’ll learn his six lessons for getting past your excuses, becoming more confident, and taking control over your life. 

Wer Get Off Your "But" lesen sollte

  • People eager for a motivational kick in the butt
  • Those struggling with unrealized dreams
  • Fans of uplifting stories

Inspiration Bücher: Rhinoceros Success von Scott Alexander

Rhinoceros Success

Scott Alexander
The Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity
3.2 (110 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Rhinoceros Success?

Rhinoceros Success (2003) is a motivational and humorous guide to achieving your goals through sheer determination. It urges readers to embrace their inner rhinoceros and charge full speed ahead towards their ambitions.

Wer Rhinoceros Success lesen sollte

  • People with imagination seeking unconventional paths to success
  • Those interested in cultivating their persistence and motivation
  • Anyone feeling stuck in a rut who wants inspiration for change

Inspiration Bücher: Happy Sexy Millionaire von Steven Bartlett

Happy Sexy Millionaire

Steven Bartlett
Unexpected Truths about Fulfillment, Love, and Success
4.4 (308 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Happy Sexy Millionaire?

Happy Sexy Millionaire (2021) is part unfiltered memoir, part practical guide, and part desperate plea to today’s connected generation. Challenging pervasive narratives around what we “should” be chasing, it posits that fulfillment, genuine relationships, and intrinsic success are the true markers of a life well lived, and offers a range of strategies to get you on your way. 

Wer Happy Sexy Millionaire lesen sollte

  • Those feeling they may be chasing the wrong things 
  • Entrepreneurs carving out their own definition of “success” 
  • Individuals interested in self-discovery and personal development

Inspiration Bücher: The Conquest of Happiness von Bertrand Russell

The Conquest of Happiness

Bertrand Russell
4.6 (36 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in The Conquest of Happiness?

The Conquest of Happiness (1930) explores the pursuit of human happiness. It dissects common obstacles to happiness, such as competition and fatigue, as well as the various factors that contribute to it. Equal parts philosophical and practical, you’ll come away with a deepened understanding of, and preparedness for, a fulfilling life. 

Wer The Conquest of Happiness lesen sollte

  • Anyone wanting to increase their sense of fulfillment
  • Individuals interested in the development of the personal happiness movement
  • Philosophy enthusiasts seeking an understanding of Russell’s perspective

Inspiration Bücher: Visual Thinking von Temple Grandin

Visual Thinking

Temple Grandin
The Hidden Gifts of People Who Think in Pictures, Patterns, and Abstractions
3.9 (53 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Visual Thinking?

Visual Thinking (2022) offers an authoritative view on different ways of thinking, and how those differences have been crucial to many of our biggest creative advancements. It shows how society tends to be biased toward verbal thinkers – and how visual thinkers, albeit typically underserved in society, bring an array of crucial skills to various domains.

Wer Visual Thinking lesen sollte

  • Anyone curious about autism
  • Artists and creative minds
  • People interested in team-building

Inspiration Bücher: Damaged but Not Destroyed von Michael Todd

Damaged but Not Destroyed

Michael Todd
From Trauma to Triumph
3.9 (17 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in Damaged but Not Destroyed?

Damaged but Not Destroyed (2023) unveils the complex maze of life's struggles, scars, and setbacks. Journey through the transformative power of facing past pain, embracing raw honesty, and welcoming God's grace. While you might feel damaged, your divine destiny remains brilliantly within reach.

Wer Damaged but Not Destroyed lesen sollte

  • Seekers of spiritual growth and personal transformation
  • Followers of contemporary Christian leadership
  • Readers navigating life's emotional challenges

Inspiration Bücher: It's On Me von Sara Kuburic

It's On Me

Sara Kuburic
Accept Hard Truths, Discover Your Self, and Change Your Life
4.2 (38 Rezensionen)

Worum geht's in It's On Me?

It's On Me (2023) unpacks the experience of “self-loss.” It provides a revelatory process of self-reflection and acceptance to help you stop sleepwalking through life – and step into a vibrant, authentic, and purposeful you.

Wer It's On Me lesen sollte

  • People going through major life transitions
  • Those feeling unfulfilled, lost, or disconnected
  • Anyone seeking tools for self-reflection and personal growth

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