Die besten 15 Bücher zu Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a powerful approach to problem-solving and innovation, widely used in various industries and disciplines. By understanding and applying its principles, you can unlock creative solutions and drive impactful change. That's where our carefully curated book list comes in.

This list offers a comprehensive exploration of design thinking-related topics, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to think and act like a design thinker. So, why not embark on this transformative journey and unleash the power of design thinking?
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Design Thinking Bücher: Creative Confidence von Tom and David Kelley

Creative Confidence

Tom and David Kelley
Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All
4.2 (188 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Creative Confidence?

Creative Confidence shows us the amazing value and impact that creativity has in our everyday lives. In fact, being able to think creatively can increase your happiness and success in both your professional and personal spheres. Luckily, artists and musicians don’t have a monopoly on creativity. With the right techniques and mind-set, anyone can think creatively.

Wer Creative Confidence lesen sollte

  • Anybody interested in the process of innovation
  • Anybody who wants to rekindle their own creative energy
  • Anybody who wants to change the world for the better

Design Thinking Bücher: Change by Design von Tim Brown

Change by Design

Tim Brown
How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation
4.2 (159 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Change by Design?

Change by Design (2009) presents a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to designing solutions to address any sort of innovation challenge. In following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to more creatively develop the stories and inspirations that will lead to tomorrow’s innovations.

Wer Change by Design lesen sollte

  • Anyone whose job requires creativity and innovative thinking
  • Anyone interested in finding a better way to address problems in society
  • Business leaders who want to inspire creativity and innovative thinking

Design Thinking Bücher: Lean UX von Jeff Gothelf

Lean UX

Jeff Gothelf
Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience
4.3 (134 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Lean UX?

Lean UX (2013) is a guide to applying lean principles to interactive design workspaces. These blinks explain the techniques of Lean UX and outline how you can best integrate them into your company’s design process. You’ll learn the importance of close collaboration and customer feedback, as well as how to constantly improve your designs.

Wer Lean UX lesen sollte

  • Anyone interested in how lean startup tactics apply to a design environment
  • People who want to design successful user experience more efficiently
  • Managers of design-based projects, or any professionals involved in one

Design Thinking Bücher: Sensemaking von Christian Madsbjerg


Christian Madsbjerg
What Makes Human Intelligence Essential in the Age of the Algorithm
4.0 (26 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Sensemaking?

In a world where data, numbers and statistics are treated like holy relics, Sensemaking (2017) powerfully advocates a return to humanities-based thinking. These blinks explain the process and principles of sensemaking, a way to make sense of the world through the interpretation of human culture. Being able to look beyond the immediate focus and understand the context surrounding the issues at hand is a critical tool for anyone looking to develop great, one-of-a-kind ideas.

Wer Sensemaking lesen sollte

  • Devotees of the human sciences, philosophers, linguists and historians
  • Students of STEM looking to expand their potential
  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs

Design Thinking Bücher: This is Service Design Thinking von Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider

This is Service Design Thinking

Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider
Basics, Tools, Cases
4.3 (123 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in This is Service Design Thinking?

This is Service Design Thinking (2011) presents the core principles of service design. By providing tools and real-life examples, it’s a great introduction to this evolving and interdisciplinary approach to designing services. These blinks present the most salient information on the subject.

Wer This is Service Design Thinking lesen sollte

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Students and professionals of design
  • Marketers and consultants

Design Thinking Bücher: Better Together von Lydia Dobyns and Tom Vander Ark

Better Together

Lydia Dobyns and Tom Vander Ark
How to Leverage School Networks for Smarter Personalized and Project Based Learning
4.4 (16 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Better Together?

Better Together (2018) is an examination of how school networks are transforming students’ education experiences across the United States to make them college and career ready. It illuminates how networks provide new learning models, foster ongoing professional development, and facilitate personalized education to help each child reach their full potential.

Wer Better Together lesen sollte

  • Educators establishing new schools with nontraditional learning models
  • School leaders wanting to increase student engagement levels and performance
  • District superintendents looking to innovate learning

Design Thinking Bücher: ROI in Marketing von Jack Phillips

ROI in Marketing

Jack Phillips
The Design Thinking Approach to Measure, Prove, and Improve the Value of Marketing
4.0 (62 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in ROI in Marketing?

ROI in Marketing (2020) lays out a framework for planning and running effective marketing initiatives that deliver good financial results. Using design thinking principles, ROI in Marketing breaks down how to create chains of impact in marketing campaigns and monitor their effectiveness to ensure positive returns on investment.

Wer ROI in Marketing lesen sollte

  • Marketing professionals who want to up their game
  • Executives looking for a financially viable marketing blueprint
  • Students and teachers in the field of marketing

Design Thinking Bücher: UX for Lean Startups von Laura Klein

UX for Lean Startups

Laura Klein
Faster, Smarter User Experience Research and Design
4.6 (143 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in UX for Lean Startups?

UX for Lean Startups (2013) provides an innovative, cost-effective approach to researching and designing products and services. Geared toward start-ups and companies that want to act like them, it shows that you can provide your customers with an excellent user experience while keeping your time and money expenditures as lean as possible.

Wer UX for Lean Startups lesen sollte

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Product designers, managers, and engineers
  • Start-up workers and founders

Design Thinking Bücher: Radical Product Thinking von R. Dutt

Radical Product Thinking

R. Dutt
The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter
4.1 (344 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Radical Product Thinking?

Radical Product Thinking (2021) lays out a step-by-step approach to developing game-changing products. Taking aim at the iteration-led approaches to product development that have become popular in recent years, it provides an inspiring, vision-driven alternative. 

Wer Radical Product Thinking lesen sollte

  • Product developers 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Change-makers

Design Thinking Bücher: Continuous Discovery Habits  von Teresa Torres

Continuous Discovery Habits

Teresa Torres
Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value
4.2 (282 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Continuous Discovery Habits ?

Continuous Discovery Habits (2021) explores how product managers and designers can keep making a positive impact on their customers’ lives. It explores an optimal decision-making process for product teams, so that they can continue to improve their offerings. 

Wer Continuous Discovery Habits lesen sollte

  • Product managers looking for a new way of working
  • Entrepreneurs seeking a fresh perspective on creativity
  • Product designers

Design Thinking Bücher: Creative Acts for Curious People von Sarah Stein Greenberg

Creative Acts for Curious People

Sarah Stein Greenberg
How to Think, Create, and Lead in Unconventional Ways
4.4 (239 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Creative Acts for Curious People?

Creative Acts for Curious People (2021) collects insights about creativity and design taught in the classrooms of Stanford’s renowned Hasso Plattner School of Design, also known as the d.school. In addition to essays about the mindset and skills required for creative action, it offers over 80 practical exercises used by instructors from dozens of fields including medicine, education, and nonprofit to help improve your ability to solve problems, whether personal or on a global scale.

Wer Creative Acts for Curious People lesen sollte

  • Anyone who wants to boost problem-solving skills
  • Leaders seeking to improve teamwork
  • Creative practitioners from any field

Design Thinking Bücher: The Things We Make von Bill Hammack

The Things We Make

Bill Hammack
The Unknown History of Invention from Cathedrals to Soda Cans
4.4 (197 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Things We Make?

The Things We Make (2023) dispels the myth around some of the greatest and most ordinary inventions. It retells their making as a creative application of the engineering method, a principle that explains how people in ancient times built some of the marvels that still capture our imagination today.

Wer The Things We Make lesen sollte

  • Anyone fascinated about how things of beauty and utility are made
  • Engineering history buffs
  • Curious minds trying to apply the engineering method to their own lives

Design Thinking Bücher: The Design Thinking Workbook von CJ Meadows, Charvi Parikh

The Design Thinking Workbook

CJ Meadows, Charvi Parikh
Essential Skills for Creativity and Business Growth
4.5 (259 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Design Thinking Workbook?

The Design Thinking Workbook (2022) provides a guide and template for problem-solving in creative, innovative ways. Meadows and Parikh share foundational skills, tools, and techniques essential to effectively addressing challenges and increasing productivity in any field of work. Their advice will help practitioners of design thinking – from beginners to experts – upgrade their creativity and increase their effectiveness when pursuing goals.

Wer The Design Thinking Workbook lesen sollte

  • Leaders looking to improve their team’s problem-solving abilities
  • Anyone interested in boosting individual and team productivity
  • People looking to boost their creativity

Design Thinking Bücher: Laws of UX von Jon Yablonski

Laws of UX

Jon Yablonski
Design Principles for Persuasive and Ethical Products
4.6 (48 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in Laws of UX?

Laws of UX (2020) is a handy guidebook for anyone interested in user experience, or UX – especially as it applies to web or app design. It lays out some of the fundamental rules that inform superior product design and shows how these rules are tied to human psychology. 

Wer Laws of UX lesen sollte

  • Web designers and developers
  • People curious about technology and human behavior
  • Anyone who’d like to create a better website

Design Thinking Bücher: The Poetry and Music of Science von Tom McLeish

The Poetry and Music of Science

Tom McLeish
Comparing Creativity in Science and Art
4.2 (13 Rezensionen)
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Worum geht's in The Poetry and Music of Science?

The Poetry and Music of Science (2019) delves into the creative parallels between scientific inquiry and artistic expression. It explores how scientific pursuits, much like poetry and music, are deeply rooted in human creativity and storytelling, and how both domains are united in their quest to understand and interpret the world.

Wer The Poetry and Music of Science lesen sollte

  • Those wanting to know about the creative process behind discoveries
  • Artists, musicians, writers interested in the parallels between their work and scientific breakthroughs
  • Lifelong learners fascinated by topics like human creativity, innovation, and problem-solving

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