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Get Momentum

How to Start When You’re Stuck

By Jason W. Womack & Jodi Womack
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Get Momentum by Jason W. Womack & Jodi Womack

Get Momentum (2016) guides you through simple yet effective strategies for you to work sustainably toward your personal and professional goals. From managing time in the short and long term, to monitoring progress, modifying your approach and celebrating little victories along the way, these blinks outline the keys to gaining and maintaining motivation.

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Decide what you want to be known for and start tracking your progress.

Motivation is what makes great achievements possible. So what do you do if you have lofty goals but lack the motivation to see them through?

While most motivational writers tell you not to care about what others think, striving for a certain reputation can be a powerful motivator. This was the case for one of the authors, business leader Jodi, who would often meet up with other female executives in her industry. Unfortunately, these meetings were far from empowering, as the women tended to discourage, rather than support, one another.

Soon enough, Jodi realized that she wanted to be known not just as a successful businesswoman, but as a woman who empowered her female peers. This motivated Jodi to found No More Nylons, a social and professional network where women could connect, collaborate and encourage each other to thrive in a business world still dominated by men.

Discovering the kind of person she wanted to be gave Jodi the motivation she needed to kickstart a new project. But to stay determined and focused, she made use of another motivating tool: progress tracking.

Signs that we’re getting closer to achieving our goals are what keep us from giving up. In Jodi’s case, her goal was to help as many women as possible help each other. Each meeting, she tracked her progress by recording the number of women attending, which gave her an idea of how quickly her project was growing. Seeing in real, tangible numbers how more and more women were coming together through No More Nylons kept Jodi motivated.

Even so, she had to consciously take a moment to stop and observe her progress – otherwise, it would pass by unnoticed. Pausing to reflect upon and celebrate your milestones along the way is essential to keeping your morale high.

So, if your goal is to launch a new product, take the time to celebrate every step that brings you closer to achieving that goal, from coming up with a winning design, to finalizing your prototype, to finding your first loyal customers. Keep a bottle of champagne at the ready for these occasions – hard work is impossible without a little fun once in a while!

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