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Jon Levy

The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence

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'You're Invited' by Jon Levy is a guide to creating meaningful connections with others by breaking out of our comfort zones. Levy shares his insights on community building, networking, and the power of shared experiences to forge lasting relationships.


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    Human connection is the key ingredient in any successful business or social movement.

    Have you ever desperately wanted to change your behavior . . . but just couldn’t get yourself to do it? That’s what happened to Jean Nidetech, a woman desperate to lose weight. She knew she should change her diet and exercise habits. But she didn’t know how to make herself commit. 

    Whenever she went to the doctor, he’d just give her a new diet plan. Full of motivation, she’d stick to the diet religiously for a few weeks or months. But eventually she’d get tired, revert to her old eating patterns, and gain back all the weight she’d lost. Jean’s breakthrough came when she realized that thousands of women around her were having the same problems – they just weren’t talking about it. 

    The key message here is: Human connection is the key ingredient in any successful business or social movement. 

    Jean decided to break the silence. She invited a group of women to her home to discuss their experiences with weight loss and dieting. The women were thrilled to finally have the chance to talk openly and get support. In fact, the event was so successful that more and more people started coming each week. And people who had struggled for years were finally able to lose weight. That group became a little multimillion-dollar business called Weight Watchers. 

    Why was it so successful? Because it tapped into our deep need for connection. Humans evolved in tribes; we’ve always needed each other for survival. But today many people feel isolated and alienated, which has terrible effects on their well-being. In fact, research by social psychologist Matt Lieberman and his team has shown that social isolation lights up the same areas of the brain that react to physical pain. What’s more, loneliness has serious consequences for our physical health – being socially isolated has the same health risks as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. 

    Successful companies, community movements, and activist protests all have something in common: they give people the chance to connect with others. They also give them the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves. By creating these engaged, trust-filled communities, people and organizations can have real and lasting influence.

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    Worum geht es in You're Invited?

    You’re Invited (2021) is your guide to creating connections and building communities around what personally matters most. It reveals the key things you need to know about behavioral psychology in order to design events that best fit your business and values – and shows how you can make a real difference in the world.

    Bewertung von You're Invited

    You're Invited by Jon Levy (2021) is a captivating book that explores the power of connection and the impact of shared experiences. Here's why this book is definitely worth a read:

    • With intriguing stories and insights, the book provides a fresh perspective on the importance of building meaningful relationships.
    • It offers a practical roadmap for creating memorable events and fostering genuine connections, making it a valuable resource for both personal and professional growth.
    • Through Levy's unique blend of science and personal experiences, the book unravels the secrets behind unforgettable experiences, making it a fascinating and enlightening read.

    Wer You're Invited lesen sollte

    • Business leaders looking to create a more supportive company culture
    • Introverts craving connection without the social pressure
    • Social justice activists looking to increase engagement

    Über den Autor

    Jon Levy is a behavioral scientist who works with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Google to develop strategies for meaningful consumer engagement. He’s also the founder of the Influencers Dinner, an initiative that brings industry leaders, celebrities, and activists together. 

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    You're Invited FAQs 

    What is the main message of You're Invited?

    The main message of You're Invited is to create lasting memories and meaningful connections through intentional experiences.

    How long does it take to read You're Invited?

    The estimated reading time for You're Invited varies, but it typically takes a few hours. The Blinkist summary can be read in just 15 minutes.

    Is You're Invited a good book? Is it worth reading?

    You're Invited is worth reading for its insightful perspective on cultivating connections and making the most out of experiences.

    Who is the author of You're Invited?

    The author of You're Invited is Jon Levy.