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Head Strong

The Bulletproof Plan to Boost Brainpower, Increase Focus, and Maximize Performance – in Just Two Weeks

By Dave Asprey
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Head Strong by Dave Asprey

What’s it about?

Head Strong (2017) is a cutting-edge guide to strengthening and fine-tuning your cognitive powers. From what toxic foods to avoid to the importance of healthy lighting, it leaves no stone unturned in its advice on reaching optimal mental performance.

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Healthy mitochondria are the key to a sharp and efficient brain.

In today’s increasingly dynamic and competitive world, it can be hard to get an edge. Most of us work extremely hard, pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into our endeavors. But that’s not enough. In order to stand out from the crowd, we need to do more than just persevere – we also need to be able to think smart.

That, of course, is easier said than done. Having the mental energy, alertness, and agility to cope with life’s challenges can often be a tall order. So are we simply stuck with the mental hardware nature has given us?

Well, the short answer is no – there’s actually a lot we can do to make life easier for our brains!

The key message here is: Healthy mitochondria are the key to a sharp and efficient brain.

Of all the organs, your brain makes the greatest drain on your body’s energy reserves. Using up to 20 percent of your energy resources at any one time, it requires more fuel than your lungs, heart, or even your legs.

So what powers this energy-hungry system? Well, tiny cellular structures called mitochondria, which exist inside every cell in your body, play a pivotal role in getting your brain the energy it needs.

In fact, the health of your mitochondria directly dictates the brainpower you have at your disposal right now. That’s because your brain’s prefrontal cortex, responsible for advanced cognitive function, has the greatest concentration of mitochondria anywhere in the body – except for the ovaries.

Mitochondria produce energy by breaking down a substance called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. This reaction provides us with the fuel our bodies and brains require – meaning that healthy mitochondria make for sharper, more energetic minds.

Too often, though, we overtax our mitochondria, making our minds sluggish and dull. This isn’t done deliberately, of course – who wants a drowsy mind? Instead, we unwittingly exhaust our mitochondria by exposing ourselves to environmental toxins.

When we do this, our bodies need extra energy to get rid of the toxic food, light, or air we’ve encountered. And with all our energy going to detoxification, we end up with little left when we actually need to perform.

The results? Fatigue, brain fog, and a lack of focus. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! The following blinks lay out some accessible advice for avoiding harmful toxins and keeping your brain healthy and well-fueled.

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