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Poke the Box

When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

By Seth Godin
10-minute read
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Poke the Box: When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? by Seth Godin

Poke the Box (2015) dives deep into today’s connected economy, where initiative and innovation are more important than financial capital or prestige. If you want to embrace innovation and be the first to stick your neck out with a new idea, you must overcome your fear of failure and keep bouncing back when you get knocked down. This is a handbook for those who need a push to take their ideas off the drawing board and into the real world.

  • Creative types and marketing executives
  • Entrepreneurs and advertisers
  • Anyone with a great idea or dream project that they wish to pursue

Seth Godin is the former vice president of direct marketing at Yahoo! and the current CEO and founder of He is also the author of the world’s most popular marketing blog, as well as over a dozen internationally bestselling books, many of which have shifted the way people think about marketing. These books include Unleashing the Ideavirus, Tribes and Linchpin.

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