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Matt Watkinson

The Decision-Making Tool for Every Business (Including Yours)

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'The Grid' by Matt Watkinson is a business strategy book that challenges conventional thinking on decision-making. It presents a framework for understanding and prioritizing the needs of multiple stakeholders and creating successful solutions.


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    Businesses are like human bodies – they thrive when you treat them holistically. 

    If you’re open-minded and pay attention to what’s happening around you, you can discover important truths in the most unlikely situations. Take it from the author. One of the most impactful lessons about business he’s had in his life came from something deeply personal: his chronic knee pain. 

    He visited specialist after specialist, but none of them seemed able to cure his pain. There was a good reason for that – they were focused on treating his symptoms, not the underlying cause. Finally, after months of pain, the author agreed to surgery on both knees. But even this drastic measure brought no relief. His knees continued to make his life hell. 

    Six months after this surgery, he decided to try a different approach. He talked to physiotherapists and osteopaths and spent hours on foam rollers, but that didn’t help either. Then, just as he was about to call it quits and resign himself to a life of chronic pain, he met a sports rehabilitation expert called Nicole Parsons. 

    Unlike other specialists, Parsons didn’t just look at the author’s knees – she examined his whole body. It was this holistic approach that revealed the true cause of the problem: a muscle imbalance between his shoulders and his toes that knocked his hips out of alignment and placed extra pressure on his knees. 

    Having found the true cause of the author’s issues, Parsons was able to prescribe an effective remedy. After the author put in a couple of months’ work strengthening the rest of his body, his knees were no longer causing him pain, and he was able to start jogging again. 

    Now, these blinks aren’t about holistic medicine, but this example is deeply relevant when it comes to business. For a long time, there just weren’t any coaches specializing in the business equivalent of Parson’s holistic approach to sports injuries. Sure, there were plenty of experts who could tell you how to fix individual parts of a struggling business, but hardly anyone looked at the whole picture. 

    That’s a shame, because, just like human bodies, businesses thrive when you solve problems by looking at how different parts fit together and interact. That means it’s time to take a different approach to struggling businesses. In the following blinks, we’ll give you a tool to help you do just that. 

    Ready? Great, let’s find out about what the author calls the Grid – a holistic business analysis that sets out three goals, three factors, and nine elements applicable to all companies. 

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    Worum geht es in The Grid?

    The Grid (2017) identifies a set of factors that can make or break businesses. Rooted in a holistic approach, these blinks will help you evaluate business ideas, anticipate the impact of your decisions, and take advantage of changes in the market. Apply these principles in your own company, and you’ll be able to identify the true causes of problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. 

    Bestes Zitat aus The Grid

    People do not build their beliefs on a foundation of reason. They begin with certain beliefs, then find reasons to justify them. – Hungarian physicist Eugene P. Wigner.

    —Matt Watkinson
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    Wer The Grid lesen sollte

    • Entrepreneurs going through a sticky patch
    • Managers looking for a new approach to problem-solving
    • Business and economics students

    Über den Autor

    Matt Watkinson is an internationally renowned business consultant. His first book, The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences, won the 2014 Chartered Management Institute’s Management Book of the Year Award. 

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