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Bedtime Biography: Florence Nightingale


By Cecil Woodham Smith
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Bedtime Biography: Florence Nightingale by Cecil Woodham Smith

Narrated by Marston York

Florence Nightingale (1951) tells the legendary story of the “Lady with the Lamp,” the famed nurse who arrived to soothe the souls of those wounded in the Crimean War. It chronicles her journey to the conflict’s horrific medical barracks, and how she used her experiences to forever change the way hospitals are run and how the sick are treated. 

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It’s hard to overstate the central role that Florence Nightingale played in the development of modern nursing. Her influence is so profound that nurses in the United States begin their careers by taking the Nightingale Pledge, International Nurses Day is celebrated on her birthday, and the highest honor for nurses, the Nightingale Medal, bears her name.

Nightingale first rose to prominence for her tireless service tending to British soldiers during the Crimean War. Yet, her talents went beyond mere compassion and care. She was also a brilliant thinker and avid reformer who helped revolutionize the fields of sanitation, medical statistics, and epidemiology.

So, how did just one woman accomplish so much? Well, it’s an amazing story. So, let’s sit back, settle in, and hear the tale of Florence Nightingale.

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