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Deepak Chopra, MD., Jack Tuszynski, PhD & Brian Fertig, MD

The New Science of Living a Longer, Healthier, More Vital Life

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    Quantum insights into lifelong well-being

    Forget grueling workouts or classic self-help strategies – what if the key to lifelong well-being instead lies in a realm you rarely, if ever, think about – the quantum realm? Think about it this way: In your everyday life, you face challenges like aging, sickness, and stress. We all do. It's a universal human experience. Now, here's something fascinating – in the quantum realm, these issues don't exist. There's a perfect state where aging, sickness, and death are absent. This idea might seem far-fetched, but it's worth exploring. Understanding this perfect quantum state could offer valuable insights into achieving well-being in your own life.

    Let's start by defining the different dimensions of well-being. Physical well-being is about living a long, healthy life; mental well-being focuses on maintaining clear, sharp thinking; psychological well-being is rooted in happiness, particularly being free from anxiety and depression; and spiritual well-being revolves around finding higher purpose and meaning in life. Interestingly, few of the experts in these areas – doctors, psychotherapists, life coaches, and spiritual leaders – are physicists, yet the quantum revolution might hold the key to understanding well-being in each of their domains.

    The connection between the quantum body and your physical body really is something to think about. It's a flow of creative intelligence that sustains everything. But if everything is so perfect at the quantum level, why do you encounter imperfections like sickness and aging in your daily life? This question touches all aspects of your well-being: physical, mental, and psychological.

    If we’re being brutally honest, we have to admit that the solutions to life’s problems we've tried so far, like technological advancements or societal achievements, haven't fundamentally improved our well-being. Buying the latest gadgets or achieving social prestige, for example,  don't lead to meaningful happiness. This is where the quantum model comes into play. It represents the “real” reality, offering a perspective that moves us from the level of problems to solutions. In fact, the perfect state of the quantum body is your starting point for a journey toward lifelong well-being.

    This quantum perspective suggests that the root of our well-being problem is that we're stuck addressing symptoms rather than underlying causes. For instance, our fast-paced, modern lifestyle with its myriad stresses – like overwork, lack of sleep, and constant distractions – overloads our nervous systems. But this overload isn't just a physical issue; it stems from a disconnection at the quantum level.

    To understand this better, think about how even small discomforts in your body can have widespread effects. Stress, both acute and low-level, has been shown to cause significant damage. Inflammation, for example, is a response to stress and can trigger a cascade of additional health issues. Addressing this requires a quantum solution, one that restores the flow of creative intelligence to your body.

    Interestingly, some of the most effective methods to improve your well-being are simple and natural, involving everyday processes like breathing, feeling, and seeing. Take breathing as an example. Your breath reflects your state of mind and health. Stressful situations lead to rapid, shallow breathing, while a calm, relaxed state is marked by slow, deep breaths. Practices like yogic breathing or vagal breathing can help restore balance and are a testament to the mind-body connection.

    This leads us to an essential aspect of well-being: the concept of Dharma in Vedic tradition. Dharma is about being in alignment with your purpose, and it's reflected in the wisdom of our cells. Cells communicate and cooperate, living in the moment without fear or anticipation. They embody self-acceptance and fulfillment. By aligning with this natural wisdom, we can approach a state of well-being that resonates with our deepest selves.

    So, when you think about it, lifelong well-being isn't just about addressing physical symptoms or achieving societal milestones. It's about connecting with a deeper, more fundamental level of existence where perfection is the norm. It's about understanding and aligning with the wisdom of your body and the universe at a quantum level. This alignment can guide you toward a life of fulfillment, purpose, and well-being that transcends the ups and downs of everyday life.

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    What is Quantum Body about?

    Quantum Body (2023) presents a groundbreaking exploration of health and well-being, delving into the intricate relationship between quantum science and our physical existence. It introduces the concept of the quantum body, an infinite, subatomic entity that profoundly influences your physical and mental state and health, yet frequently goes unrecognized.

    Quantum Body Review

    Quantum Body (2021) explores the intersection of quantum physics and biology, offering a fresh perspective on holistic well-being. Here's why this book stands out:

    • By delving into the interconnectedness between consciousness and the body, it sheds light on the profound impact of our thoughts on our health.
    • Featuring insights from renowned experts in the field, the book presents cutting-edge research that challenges traditional views on healing.
    • With its accessible explanations and practical takeaways, this book makes complex topics engaging and enlightening, ensuring a captivating read.

    Who should read Quantum Body?

    • Health enthusiasts interested in quantum science
    • Anyone exploring nontraditional health approaches
    • Fans of Deepak Chopra's work

    About the Author

    Deepak Chopra, MD, a global leader in mind-body medicine, is the founder of the Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global. He’s an acclaimed author of over 90 books, many of which are New York Times best sellers. He’s also been recognized by TIME magazine as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.

    Jack Tuszynski, PhD, is a quantum physicist at the University of Alberta and the Polytechnic University of Turin, specializing in biomedical engineering. He’s contributed significantly to the field with over 500 published journal papers and contributions to various scientific journals as an editorial board member.

    Brian Fertig, MD, serves as an academic associate professor at Hackensack Meridian Health Medical School and a clinical associate professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. His work focuses on diabetes and endocrinology. He authored the influential two-volume series Metabolism and Medicine.

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    Quantum Body FAQs 

    What is the main message of Quantum Body?

    Understanding the link between quantum physics and the human body's interconnectedness.

    How long does it take to read Quantum Body?

    Reading time varies, but the Blinkist summary takes around 15 minutes.

    Is Quantum Body a good book? Is it worth reading?

    Quantum Body is worth reading for its insightful exploration of quantum principles in the body.

    Who is the author of Quantum Body?

    Deepak Chopra, MD., Jack Tuszynski, PhD & Brian Fertig, MD.

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