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Brian Tracy

How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field

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    The first step to unlocking your brain’s potential is to change your perspective.

    Let’s imagine you have a bank account with a balance of one million dollars. Now imagine you can only access $20,000 of that million. That’d be a pretty frustrating situation, right? But, incredibly, that’s pretty much how little access you have to the wealth of brainpower inside your head. Recent studies have discovered that the average person only uses around 2 percent of their mental powers. 

    In other words, 98 percent of our potential power lies idle. But how much potential is this? Well, we all have around 100 billion brain cells, and each one of these cells is connected to about 20,000 other cells. 

    According to Tony Buzan, an expert on the brain, if everyone could use all of their brain cells, each person could generate more ideas than there are molecules in the universe!

    Luckily, each of us is capable of tapping into this unused brainpower. To start, all we have to do is shift our perspective.

    How we look at and interpret life is incredibly important to getting the most out of it. For example, someone with an optimistic perspective will see a world full of potential and good, while a pessimist will only see problems and negativity. Faced with constructive feedback, a pessimist may become overwhelmed with his failure, while an optimist will probably see it as a chance to learn and grow. 

    Unfortunately, our perspectives tend to be narrow and limited, as the following famous Buddhist anecdote demonstrates.

    Six wise blind men are trying to describe an elephant. The first man touches the elephant’s ear and says that an elephant is like a thick blanket. The second touches a tusk and decides that the animal is sharp and pointy. The third touches the leg and concludes that an elephant is like a tree trunk. The fourth touches the side and believes it’s like a wall. The fifth feels the tail and imagines a rope. And the sixth man puts his hands on the elephant’s head, which reminds him of a rock. 

    They all have different perspectives, and though none of them is exactly wrong, each misses the full picture by focusing only on particular parts. We must broaden our own perspectives if we wish to avoid the same fate.

    In the blinks ahead, we’ll look at the ways you can shift your perspective to start thinking and living successfully.

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    Worum geht es in Get Smart!?

    Get Smart! (2016) offers a variety of tips on how to tap into your unused brainpower and live a happier, more successful life. With a change in your perspective, and an outlook based on long-term positivity, you can discover how to get great results out of life and turn any challenge into an opportunity.

    Bestes Zitat aus Get Smart!

    Michael Kami:Those who do not plan for the future cannot have one.

    —Brian Tracy
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    • Autodidacts looking for a learning opportunity
    • Unhappy people hoping to improve their lives
    • Creative and ambitious people hoping to be more productive

    Über den Autor

    Brian Tracy is the best-selling author of over a dozen books on business, philosophy and economics, as well as the CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company that helps individuals and organizations improve their well-being. His other books include No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline and The Psychology of Selling

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