The best 80 Focus books

When it comes to honing our ability to focus, it's crucial to understand how concentration impacts our productivity and overall well-being. That's why our carefully selected list of books on focus is here to offer practical insights and strategies to help you sharpen your concentration skills.

Delve into our collection of books to discover effective techniques and valuable tips that will empower you to boost your focus and achieve your goals with clarity and purpose. Ready to elevate your productivity and transform the way you work? Start exploring now!

The best 80 Focus books
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Focus Books: The Da Vinci Curse by Leonardo Lospennato

The Da Vinci Curse

Leonardo Lospennato
Life Design for People With Too Many Interests and Talents
4.3 (131 ratings)
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What's The Da Vinci Curse about?

The Da Vinci Curse (2012) plagues people who have too many talents and interests: they are always learning, but never invest enough time and energy into one thing. They are always swapping their job, their hobbies or even home and never become fully engaged in the many domains to which they’re drawn. These blinks describe their particular problems, analyzes the causes and provides a powerful systematic approach to combat the curse.

Who should read The Da Vinci Curse?

  • Everyone who feels drawn to many fields but can’t choose one
  • Those who change their hobbies and jobs constantly and struggle to finish projects

Focus Books: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

The ONE Thing

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results
4.6 (737 ratings)
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What's The ONE Thing about?

The ONE Thing (2013) helps you to discover your most important goal, and gives you tools to ensure you can use your time productively to get there. The book reveals that many of the maxims we accept as good practice are actually myths that only hinder our progress. It also provides advice on how to live your life with priority, purpose and productivity without sending other aspects of life out of balance, because this is the way to perform the kind of focused work that leads to great success.

Who should read The ONE Thing?

  • Anyone looking to improve their productivity
  • Anyone who has trouble finding time to commit to their goal
  • Anyone looking for greater clarity and purpose in their daily life

Focus Books: Your Brain at Work by David Rock

Your Brain at Work

David Rock
Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long
4.6 (228 ratings)
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What's Your Brain at Work about?

Your Brain At Work (2009) explores the inner workings of our brains and provides many methods for us to optimize our thinking. Drawing upon thousands of neuropsychological studies conducted in the last 25 years, the book presents many strategies that will help us overcome distraction and become more focused.

Who should read Your Brain at Work?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to control their thinking
  • Anyone who is interested in regulating their emotions
  • Anyone curious to find out how their brain is related to those of others

Focus Books: Focus by Al Ries


Al Ries
The Future of Your Company Depends on It
4.0 (52 ratings)
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What's Focus about?

Focus (1996) describes how corporations in America lose profits by focusing on growth. It explains what the leading management strategies of corporations are and why they are wrong. Additionally, it elaborates on what strategies corporations should adopt instead, and how they can focus their company for greater success.

Who should read Focus?

  • Anyone managing a company that they want to perform better
  • Anyone interested in why certain companies succeed and others fail

Focus Books: Focus by Daniel Goleman


Daniel Goleman
The Hidden Driver of Excellence
4.3 (687 ratings)
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What's Focus about?

Focus (2013) is a guidebook for nurturing today’s scarcest resource: attention. Using cutting-edge research, the book reveals that sharpening our focus in a world of endless distractions is the key to professional success and personal fulfillment. What makes Goleman’s contribution special is that the book expands the definition of “focus” beyond mere concentration and calls for a mindful life in which attention is paid to the self, to others and to the planet.

Who should read Focus?

  • Workers and students who wish to improve their focus and productivity
  • Anyone who wants to learn the secret of living a focused, mindful life
  • Leaders who want to channel their vision effectively and improve their relationships with employees

Focus Books: First Things First by Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca R. Merrill

First Things First

Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca R. Merrill
To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy
4.6 (774 ratings)
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What's First Things First about?

This title provides you with valuable insights and guidelines that will help you focus your life on the things that are truly the most meaningful. You’ll learn how to set your priorities, make the best decisions, and develop a keen vision for the future. If you’re looking to create positive change in your life, this book is a great place to start!

Who should read First Things First?

  • Anyone who feels a lack of inner peace, balance or meaning in life
  • Anyone who wants to use his or her time more effectively
  • Anyone who has a hard time making big decisions
  • Anyone who wants to improve the quality of his or her life

Focus Books: Manage Your Day-To-Day by 99U and Jocelyn K. Glei

Manage Your Day-To-Day

99U and Jocelyn K. Glei
Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your Creative Mind
4.1 (218 ratings)
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What's Manage Your Day-To-Day about?

Manage Your Day-To-Day is a collection of ideas, wisdom and tips from well-known creative people. It offers readers valuable insights on how to develop effective work routines, stay focused and unleash their creativity.

Who should read Manage Your Day-To-Day?

  • Anyone who needs to be creative every day
  • Anyone who is interested in how to be more productive at work
  • Anyone who wants to get more enjoyment out of their creative work

Focus Books: Essentialism by Greg McKeown


Greg McKeown
4.5 (1,081 ratings)
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What's Essentialism about?

Essentialism (2014) teaches you how to do better by doing less. By offering practical solutions for how to get your priorities straight, Essentialism helps you to eliminate all of the junk in your routine that’s keeping you from being truly productive and fulfilled.

Who should read Essentialism?

  • Anyone who thinks that they are far too busy without being productive
  • Anyone who feels like there is never enough time
  • Anyone having a hard time identifying his or her priorities in life

Focus Books: Your Best Just Got Better by Jason W. Womack

Your Best Just Got Better

Jason W. Womack
Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More
4.1 (117 ratings)
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What's Your Best Just Got Better about?

Your Best Just Got Better (2012) outlines the most effective techniques for setting your goals and using your time to work toward them. These blinks reveal which parts of your life are draining your motivation, as well as what you can do to bring your ambition to the next level.

Who should read Your Best Just Got Better?

  • People interested in self improvement
  • Coaches and team managers
  • Anyone who wants to make the most of their time

Focus Books: Work Simply by Carson Tate

Work Simply

Carson Tate
Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style
3.6 (223 ratings)
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What's Work Simply about?

In Work Simply (2015), author Carson Tate draws from her own career experience to show you how to become more productive. By understanding your own productivity style, you can make lighter work of the ever-growing pile of tasks and achieve your life goals.

Who should read Work Simply?

  • Busy people who feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Business leaders tired of ineffective time management techniques
  • Stressed students looking for help in organizing school-life balance

Focus Books: Two Awesome Hours by Josh Davis

Two Awesome Hours

Josh Davis
Science-Based Strategies to Harness Your Best Time and Get Your Most Important Work Done
4.2 (144 ratings)
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What's Two Awesome Hours about?

Between open-plan offices, telecommuting jobs and freelancing in coffee shops, the modern workplace is a minefield of distractions. Time to reclaim your brain with a little lifehacking strategy! Two Awesome Hours (2015) reveals unexpected and insightful steps to a more productive you, from managing your mental energy to letting your mind wander. 120 minutes is all you need to make a difference.  

Who should read Two Awesome Hours?

  • Anyone feeling stressed about their workload
  • Anyone interested in finding out the best psychological and biological conditions for effectiveness
  • Freelancers looking to use their time more productively

Focus Books: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Do the Work

Steven Pressfield
Overcome Resistance and Get Out of Your Own Way
4.2 (223 ratings)
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What's Do the Work about?

Do the Work (2011) outlines ways to help you conquer your fears, stop procrastinating and accomplish the things you've long desired. Learn about the many ways you can fight resistance, the negative internal force that tries to stop all of us from reaching our goals.

Who should read Do the Work?

  • Anyone struggling to finish their masterpiece
  • Entrepreneurs unsure of how to put their ideas into practice
  • Artists and freelancers looking for ways to overcome distractions

Focus Books: Singletasking by Devora Zack


Devora Zack
Get More Done One Thing at a Time
4.4 (265 ratings)
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What's Singletasking about?

Singletasking (2015) tackles some of the common myths surrounding multitasking and productivity. Full of practical advice and tricks to help you get more from your day, Singletasking clearly demonstrates how immersive focus on a single task leads to a more efficient, and ultimately happier, life.

Who should read Singletasking?

  • Anyone who wants to become more productive
  • Anyone who wants to feel less stressed
  • People who have a hard time getting things done

Focus Books: Use Your Memory by Tony Buzan

Use Your Memory

Tony Buzan
4.1 (239 ratings)
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What's Use Your Memory about?

Use Your Memory (1986) reveals how to develop, train and employ a stellar memory. In a series of guided step-by-step mental exercises, this book will give you all the tools you need to memorize everything from short grocery lists to complex subject matter.

Who should read Use Your Memory?

  • Anyone in the midst of their studies at college or university
  • Anyone who thinks they might be suffering from memory problems
  • People who want to unlock the power of a remarkable memory

Focus Books: Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined by Scott Barry Kaufman

Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined

Scott Barry Kaufman
The Truth About Talent, Practice, Creativity and the Many Paths to Greatness
4.2 (108 ratings)
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What's Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined about?

Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined (2013) is about finding a new, more holistic approach to assessing human intelligence, rather than focusing solely on IQ. Scott Kaufman outlines the flaws in IQ tests and offers a more effective theory of what makes us smart.

Who should read Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined?

  • Psychology and education students
  • Parents and teachers
  • Anyone who’s ever been labelled “challenged” or “gifted”

Focus Books: Organize Tomorrow Today by Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy

Organize Tomorrow Today

Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy
Eight Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life
4.5 (312 ratings)
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What's Organize Tomorrow Today about?

Organize Tomorrow Today (2015) is the definitive guide to achieving a successful career and fulfilling life. These blinks offer you valuable information, giving you the tools to unlock the power of your mind, increase your self-confidence and become your most productive self.

Who should read Organize Tomorrow Today?

  • Artists and creatives looking to be more productive
  • Athletes who want to create positive new habits
  • Students and professionals who want to become better public speakers

Focus Books: Deep Work by Cal Newport

Deep Work

Cal Newport
Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
4.3 (2,356 ratings)
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What's Deep Work about?

Deep Work (2016) is all about how the rise of technology has wrecked our ability to concentrate deeply on tasks – and how to overcome this blockade. These blinks illustrate different strategies that can help you improve the output of your work and get the most out of your free time.

Who should read Deep Work?

  • Anyone trying to concentrate on cognitively demanding tasks
  • People whose days are consumed by email, social media and technology
  • Workers interested in learning tools to enhance their productivity

Focus Books: 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman

18 Minutes

Peter Bregman
Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done
3.7 (353 ratings)
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What's 18 Minutes about?

18 Minutes (2011) is a helpful guide to getting things done by focusing on meaningful work, reaching goals and preventing distractions. These blinks will show how to identify the kind of work that is right for you and how to stay on track and hit your targets.

Who should read 18 Minutes?

  • People who want to get things done
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed with work
  • Anyone searching for happiness and meaning in their lives

Focus Books: Unsubscribe by Jocelyn K. Glei


Jocelyn K. Glei
How to Kill Email Anxiety, Avoid Distractions, and Get Real Work Done
4.0 (89 ratings)
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What's Unsubscribe about?

Unsubscribe (2016) puts our unhealthy relationship with email under the magnifying glass. Our lives are busy enough as it is, so it’s high time to stop wasting precious hours catching up on emails and responding to unimportant messages. With the help of this practical guide, you can organize your inbox and your life.

Who should read Unsubscribe?

  • Readers who feel overwhelmed by work
  • Business executives
  • Freelancers who need help with time management

Focus Books: Changing the Subject by Sven Birkerts

Changing the Subject

Sven Birkerts
Art and Attention in the Internet Age
4.1 (49 ratings)
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What's Changing the Subject about?

Changing the Subject (2015) takes a critical and concerned look at how the internet is affecting our lives. In these blinks, you’ll find out how our constant connection to the digital world is causing us to lose our individuality, our attention span and our intellect. Are we headed for one giant hive mind, or can we put down our phones for a moment and reconnect with our own emotions?

Who should read Changing the Subject?

  • Tech junkies addicted to their smartphones
  • Readers who are easily distracted
  • Luddites who oppose the internet revolution

Focus Books: The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute

The Outward Mindset

The Arbinger Institute
Seeing Beyond Ourselves: How to Change Lives & Transform Organizations
4.0 (74 ratings)
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What's The Outward Mindset about?

The Outward Mindset (2016) explains how changing your perspective can transform the world. These blinks discuss how a focus on personal needs obscures the needs of others and how, by identifying collective goals, people can make powerful collective changes in society.

Who should read The Outward Mindset?

  • Anyone working in or managing a team
  • People who seek greater collaboration
  • Soldiers for social change

Focus Books: The Myth of Multitasking by Dave Crenshaw

The Myth of Multitasking

Dave Crenshaw
How “Doing-It-All” Gets Nothing Done
4.3 (81 ratings)
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What's The Myth of Multitasking about?

The Myth of Multitasking (2009) reveals an important truth: that the concept of multitasking is a lie that we’ve been buying into for far too long. The truth is that the human mind is not built to divide its focus, and if you want quality work done in an efficient, timely manner, you need to take things on one at a time.

Who should read The Myth of Multitasking?

  • Overworked entrepreneurs and company owners
  • Parents and spouses who want to spend more time with their families
  • Stressed-out readers

Focus Books: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Kevin Kruse
The Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 29 Straight-A Students, and 239 Entrepreneurs.
4.5 (1,037 ratings)
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What's 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management about?

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management (2015) reveals the secrets of time management used by billionaires, Olympic athletes, honor students and entrepreneurs. These blinks are a guide to extreme productivity that won’t wear you out.

Who should read 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management?

  • High achievers who want to spend more time to exercising, reading or with their family
  • Procrastinators everywhere
  • Employees who feel overworked or overwhelmed at the end of each day

Focus Books: Finish by Jon Acuff


Jon Acuff
Give Yourself the Gift of Done
4.4 (251 ratings)
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What's Finish about?

Finish (2017) is a guidebook for anyone who loves starting new projects but always struggles to complete them. You’ll discover how the real enemy to getting things done isn’t laziness, but rather the voice of the disgruntled perfectionist we all have inside us. This valuable advice can help you reduce needless, self-imposed pressure, giving you the opportunity to finish what you’ve started and be more productive.

Who should read Finish?

  • Creative types struggling to finish projects
  • Anyone who wants to build their self-esteem
  • Ambitious people looking for new avenues of self-improvement

Focus Books: The Distraction Addiction by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

The Distraction Addiction

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues and Destroying Your Soul.
4.0 (122 ratings)
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What's The Distraction Addiction about?

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s The Distraction Addiction (2013) takes a look at attention in today’s distraction-riddled society and asks how we can stay connected and productive. Drawing on fascinating new research by neuroscientists and psychologists, as well as traditional Buddhist thought, Pang offers hands-on advice on how to stay focused and overcome our internet addictions in a new digital age.

Who should read The Distraction Addiction?

  • Parents with internet-addicted children
  • Anyone who feels they couldn’t do without the internet for a day
  • The seriously distracted looking for tips to boost their attention

Focus Books: Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

Make Time

Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky
How to Focus on What Matters Every Day
4.4 (329 ratings)
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What's Make Time about?

Make Time (2018) promises the seemingly impossible, then actually delivers the goods. These blinks will help you do exactly what the title suggests: make more time. Of course, there are only so many hours in the day, and you can’t generate more of them. What they do provide, though, is an insightful diagnosis of how and why you lose your time to busyness and distractions along with a highly personalizable strategy and a generous buffet of practical tactics for reclaiming it, allowing you to do the things you really want to do in life.

Who should read Make Time?

  • Professionals who feel frazzled by the busyness of modern life
  • Social media and smartphone users who feel like their devices and apps own them, rather than the other way around
  • Quarter, mid and late-life crisis sufferers who sense their lives are slipping by in a busy, distracted blur

Focus Books: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism

Cal Newport
Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World
4.5 (879 ratings)
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What's Digital Minimalism about?

Digital Minimalism (2018) is a practical guide to navigating today’s media landscape, where multiple billion-dollar companies are out to keep your eyes as glued to their platforms as possible. Fortunately, there is growing skepticism surrounding new technology and digital media. People are eager to regain their autonomy and, while they’re at it, live more satisfying and healthy lives. With these tools and methods, you too can regain the focus and productivity that comes from stepping back from new technology.

Who should read Digital Minimalism?

  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed with social media
  • People looking for tips to boost productivity
  • News junkies in need of a detox

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What's Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now about?

Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now (2018) is a modern-day cri de coeur. It offers, with ten distinct arguments, an all but irrefutable case for deleting your social media accounts. From their ethically dubious data-selling practices to the way they manipulate users, current social media companies are doing society a major disservice. Your best option right now is to delete your accounts until better options emerge.

Who should read Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now?

  • Social media users
  • Smartphone owners
  • Sociologists

Focus Books: Overworked and Overwhelmed by Scott Eblin

Overworked and Overwhelmed

Scott Eblin
The Mindfulness Alternative
4.3 (183 ratings)
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What's Overworked and Overwhelmed about?

Overworked and Overwhelmed (2014) shines a light on work-related stress and outlines what you can do to fight it. Packed full of simple yet effective stress-relieving strategies that you can start putting into practice today, this is a survival guide tailor-made to today’s fast-paced corporate world.

Who should read Overworked and Overwhelmed?

  • Executives and managers
  • Anyone feeling stressed and overworked
  • Coaches and work psychologists

Focus Books: Create Space by Derek Draper

Create Space

Derek Draper
How to Manage Time, and Find Focus, Productivity and Success
4.5 (149 ratings)
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What's Create Space about?

Create Space (2018) is a collection of the many tools and methods used by Derek Draper in his role as a coach for business leaders around the world. As a practicing psychologist and sought-after consultant, Draper honed his knowledge and is generous in sharing what he’s learned and observed over the years. Whether you’re a CEO or an intern, or somewhere in between, Draper’s valuable insights help you establish a balanced and successful career.

Who should read Create Space?

  • Managers and executives who want to improve their leadership skills
  • Anyone interested in self-help and productivity
  • People who want to improve their relationships

Focus Books: The Distracted Mind by Adam Gazzaley and Larry D. Rosen

The Distracted Mind

Adam Gazzaley and Larry D. Rosen
Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World
4.1 (123 ratings)
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What's The Distracted Mind about?

The Distracted Mind (2016) explains the basic structures of the brain and questions how well it can function in a world stuffed full of high-tech gadgets and constant distractions. Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience, it offers practical solutions for how to resist all these distractions and regain focus.

Who should read The Distracted Mind?

  • Anyone struggling to keep focused at work
  • Psychology students
  • People who are afraid of missing out

Focus Books: Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

Free to Focus

Michael Hyatt
A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less
4.4 (437 ratings)
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What's Free to Focus about?

In Free to Focus (2019), Michael Hyatt challenges some common myths surrounding productivity and proposes a new way to approach our workday. In a distraction-laden and attention-sapping world, these blinks offer a reality check packed with practical tips.

Who should read Free to Focus?

  • Perfectionists who want to increase their efficiency
  • Professionals craving a better work-life balance
  • Time-wasters hoping to change their ways

Focus Books: The Free-Time Formula by Jeff Sanders

The Free-Time Formula

Jeff Sanders
Finding Happiness, Focus, and Productivity No Matter How Busy You Are
4.4 (272 ratings)
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What's The Free-Time Formula about?

The Free-Time Formula (2018) is a practical guide to better time management, addressing a problem we’ve all grappled with: the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do the things we value most. These blinks show that the problem usually isn’t time itself but perception. Once we reframe our concept of time, Jeff Sanders argues, we can start setting realistic priorities and getting the most out of our days.

Who should read The Free-Time Formula?

  • Busy professionals
  • Workaholics
  • Self-development aficionados

Focus Books: The Science of Intelligent Achievement by Isaiah Hankel

The Science of Intelligent Achievement

Isaiah Hankel
How Smart People Focus, Create and Grow Their Way to Success
4.4 (419 ratings)
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What's The Science of Intelligent Achievement about?

The Science of Intelligent Achievement (2018) is about how to become more productive and creative, so that you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. The book shows you how to think the right thoughts, and surround yourself with the right people to sustain your motivation.

Who should read The Science of Intelligent Achievement?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to harness their energy
  • Self-employed people who want to boost their productivity
  • Psychologists and coaches

Focus Books: Do Breathe by Michael Townsend Williams

Do Breathe

Michael Townsend Williams
Calm Your Mind. Find Focus. Get Stuff Done.
4.5 (699 ratings)
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What's Do Breathe about?

Do/Breathe (2015) is a calming antidote to the stressors of contemporary life, offering a simple guide to cultivating balance, honing focus, and learning to be present. Do/Breathe takes you right back to life’s basics – like breathing, eating, and sleeping – to show how adjusting fundamental practices, habits, and mindsets can produce positive, lasting change in your life. 

Who should read Do Breathe?

  • Busy professionals who never seem to reach the end of their to-do lists
  • Dreamers whose fear holds them back from chasing their goals
  • Multitaskers who want to juggle their roles and responsibilities without losing equilibrium

Focus Books: Indistractable by Nir Eyal


Nir Eyal
How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
4.4 (1,162 ratings)
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What's Indistractable about?

Indistractable (2019) addresses one of modern life’s most common problems – distraction, often blamed on contemporary technology. Nir Eyal, however, claims that while smartphones and apps might get in the way of more meaningful work, they are not the root cause of the issue. So what is? In these blinks, Eyal provides an actionable four-part framework that breaks down how distraction really works and what you can do to overcome it. 

Who should read Indistractable?

  • Anyone who has ever given-in to procrastination and distraction at one time or another
  • Self-starters set on cultivating better habits 
  • Parents worried about their kids’ relationship with tech

Focus Books: Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden

Procrastinate on Purpose

Rory Vaden
5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time
4.3 (399 ratings)
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What's Procrastinate on Purpose about?

Procrastinate on Purpose (2019) provides powerful yet simple techniques for saving time and money. Packed with straight-forward advice, these blinks shed light on how to escape constant busyness. They reveal how to boost productivity by lightening your schedule and focusing solely on your priorities.

Who should read Procrastinate on Purpose?

  • Anyone seeking time management tips
  • Workaholics feeling overburdened
  • Managers hoping to boost productivity

Focus Books: How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell

How to Do Nothing

Jenny Odell
Resisting the Attention Economy
4.3 (247 ratings)
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What's How to Do Nothing about?

How to Do Nothing (2019) is a study of what’s gone wrong in contemporary society and what we can do to fix it – and ourselves. Ironically, the most effective tactic against our 24/7 culture of productivity might just be doing nothing. When we stop, step back, and refocus our attention, Jenny Odell argues, we can begin to see the contours of a better, more meaningful existence.

Who should read How to Do Nothing?

  • Social media addicts
  • Creatives and artists
  • Blue-sky thinkers

Focus Books: F#ck Content Marketing by Randy Frisch

F#ck Content Marketing

Randy Frisch
Focus on Content Experience to Drive Demand, Revenue & Relationships
3.9 (91 ratings)
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What's F#ck Content Marketing about?

Despite what the title says, F#ck Content Marketing (2019) isn’t against content marketing. Rather, it’s about clearing up the confusion and refocusing our attention on how to get the most from our content marketing efforts. To this end, author Randy Frisch is out to take the emphasis off of content creation and put it where it belongs: on how to get your content noticed and use it to create a meaningful customer experience.

Who should read F#ck Content Marketing?

  • Content marketers
  • Anyone who wants their content to reach more people
  • Managers who want to find new ways to increase sales

Focus Books: Willpower Doesn't Work by Benjamin Hardy

Willpower Doesn't Work

Benjamin Hardy
Discover the Hidden Keys to Success
4.3 (374 ratings)
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What's Willpower Doesn't Work about?

Willpower Doesn't Work (2018) sets itself firmly against orthodox opinion in the fields of productivity and self-help. Drawing on a wide range of psychological theories, as well as the stories of successful entrepreneurs, these blinks argue that when it comes to changing your life, willpower simply isn’t the answer.

Who should read Willpower Doesn't Work?

  • Master procrastinators trying to turn over a new leaf
  • Entrepreneurs trying to reach their full potential
  • Organizational leaders interested in the psychology of productivity

Focus Books: Limitless by Jim Kwik


Jim Kwik
Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life
4.6 (2,588 ratings)
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What's Limitless about?

Limitless (2020) is an empowering how-to guide for making full use of your brain’s incredible capabilities. It goes out to anyone who’s ever felt too dumb, too slow, or too unskilled to succeed. Learn how to unlimit your brain – and gain the power to achieve anything at all.

Who should read Limitless?

  • Lifelong learners and people with big aspirations
  • Self-criticizers who fear that they just can’t learn as fast as everyone else
  • Businesspeople, students, and employees who want to fit learning into their busy schedules

Focus Books: 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

168 Hours

Laura Vanderkam
You Have More Time Than You Think
4.2 (593 ratings)
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What's 168 Hours about?

168 Hours (2010) provides a revolutionary strategy to manage your time. Author Laura Vanderkam has discovered that successful people have a unique mindset, one that helps them fit everything they value into their week. By learning to time-manage like they do, you can free yourself from the daily grind and focus on what really matters. 

Who should read 168 Hours?

  • Employees trapped in demanding and unfulfilling jobs
  • Parents who want more quality time with their kids
  • Creatives struggling to pursue their dreams

Focus Books: Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey


Chris Bailey
How to Work Less to Achieve More
4.4 (703 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Hyperfocus about?

Hyperfocus (2018) is a straightforward guide to reclaiming your attention that lays out how you can boost both your productivity and creativity by learning to redirect your focus. Combining periods of intense concentration with spells of creative thinking sets the foundation for a brighter, more efficient version of you.

Who should read Hyperfocus?

  • Highfliers trying to become even more efficient
  • Procrastinators with shrinking attention spans
  • Creatives looking to discover exciting new ideas

Focus Books: Noise by Joseph McCormack


Joseph McCormack
Living and Leading When Nobody Can Focus
4.4 (125 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Noise about?

Noise (2019) is an antidote to our distracted times. In an age of shrinking attention spans and divided focus, it shows us how to reclaim our natural powers of concentration.

Who should read Noise?

  • Tech addicts trying to break their bad habits
  • Procrastinators who need to rediscover their ability to focus
  • Leaders interested in distraction-proof communication

Focus Books: Kaizen by Sarah Harvey


Sarah Harvey
The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time
4.6 (715 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Kaizen about?

Kaizen (2019) is a guide to the improvement philosophy known as kaizen, which encourages taking small steps to complete ambitious goals. Already well established in the world of business and sports, this method can also be applied to personal development. Using practical examples, this guide explains how to take a kaizen approach to setting goals that’ll improve health, relationships, money, and work.

Who should read Kaizen?

  • Anyone trying to overcome a habit or take up a new challenge
  • Anybody wishing to improve an aspect of their life
  • Anyone interested in Japanese culture and philosophies

Focus Books: Lifescale by Brian Solis


Brian Solis
How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life
4.5 (108 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Lifescale about?

Lifescale (2019) addresses the modern struggle to stay focused in a world designed to distract you. It offers practical solutions for increasing your productivity while contending with a shortened attention span. It also outlines ways of identifying meaning, values, and goals that will propel you forward.

Who should read Lifescale?

  • Technophiles looking to better control their use of social media and technology
  • Employees striving for improved focus and productivity
  • Ambitious professionals interested in redefining their goals and purpose

Focus Books: High-Impact Tools for Teams by Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alexander Osterwalder

High-Impact Tools for Teams

Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alexander Osterwalder
5 Tools to Align Team Members, Build Trust, and Get Results Fast
4.2 (169 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's High-Impact Tools for Teams about?

High Impact Tools for Teams (2021) offers flexible tools for project planning, assessment, and creating an empowering environment for your team members. At the center is the Team Alignment Map, a simple chart that will transform the way you conduct meetings, track progress, and identify problems before they occur.

Who should read High-Impact Tools for Teams?

  • Leaders and project managers looking for better results
  • Anyone trying to get an ambitious project off the ground
  • Team members who long for a better work environment

Focus Books: Start Finishing by Charlie Gilkey

Start Finishing

Charlie Gilkey
How to Go from Idea to Done
4.6 (115 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Start Finishing about?

Start Finishing (2019) is a guide for turning your ideas into projects that you can push all the way to completion. It shares easy-to-follow steps and tips for selecting the right idea, making it feasible, and overcoming any challenges that you may encounter along the way. 

Who should read Start Finishing?

  • Would-be entrepreneurs sitting on great ideas
  • Frustrated creatives who want to be more productive
  • People interested in improving their project management skills

Focus Books: The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

The Power of Full Engagement

Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the key to High Performance and Personal Renewal
4.4 (101 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's The Power of Full Engagement about?

The Power of Full Engagement (2005) investigates the formula for peak performance by examining the causes and qualities of our many energy sources of energy. The authors offer tricks and methods on how to nurture those sources of energy in a way that helps us live fulfilling lives that adhere to our deepest values.

Who should read The Power of Full Engagement?

  • Anyone who wants to get more out of life, be it in their performance or happiness level
  • Anyone who believes there just isn’t enough time to get everything done
  • Anyone looking for a new and creative approach to time management

Focus Books: Urgent! by Dermot Crowley


Dermot Crowley
Strategies to Control Urgency, Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity
4.3 (229 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Urgent! about?

Urgent! (2021) is your guide to getting the right things done at the right time. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to fall into the urgency trap – and keeping up with the constant demands often feels impossible. But by learning to consciously replace reactive behaviors with proactive ones, you can reduce stress and do deeper, more effective work.

Who should read Urgent!?

  • Savvy leaders who want to increase team productivity
  • Frazzled workers craving less stress – and less time at the desk
  • Optimizers seeking efficiency hacks for a better work-life balance

Focus Books: How to Fix Meetings by Graham Allcott and Hayley Watts

How to Fix Meetings

Graham Allcott and Hayley Watts
Meet Less, Focus on Outcomes and Get Stuff Done
4.4 (217 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's How to Fix Meetings about?

How to Fix Meetings (2021) is a guide for turning long and ineffective meetings into well-designed sessions that encourage collaboration and produce results. From defining a meeting’s purpose to helping people get started on their tasks, How to Fix Meetings outlines the best ways to get the most out of any meeting.

Who should read How to Fix Meetings?

  • Leaders who want to change their organizations’ meeting culture 
  • Facilitators who want to run better meetings
  • Anyone fed up with ineffective meetings

Focus Books: The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt

The Power of Focus

Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt
How to Hit Your Business, Personal, and Financial Targets with Absolute Certainty
4.1 (323 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's The Power of Focus about?

The Power of Focus (2001) provides readers with the tools to focus their lives and work in a direction that fulfills their life purpose and brings financial success to their business ventures. Packed with practical exercises, the authors demonstrate the importance of successful habits, overcoming setbacks, maintaining win-win relationships, and asking the right questions.

Who should read The Power of Focus?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to revamp their game
  • Life optimizers seeking practical guidance to reach their potential
  • Anyone trying to become more proactive

Focus Books: Goals by Zig Ziglar


Zig Ziglar
How to Get the Most Out of Your Life
4.5 (531 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Goals about?

Goals (2019) provides a comprehensive guide to setting goals and achieving them. By learning how to plan, hold yourself accountable, and foster the personal qualities you need to pursue your dreams, you’re more likely to succeed.

Who should read Goals?

  • Ambitious dreamers
  • Unconventional individuals trying to reach a breakthrough
  • The chronically busy who still can’t seem to achieve their goals

Focus Books: Not Today by Erica Schultz and Mike Schultz

Not Today

Erica Schultz and Mike Schultz
The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity
4.3 (375 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Not Today about?

Not Today (2021) explains how you can become extremely productive through nine simple steps. The authors learned many of these lessons while running their business at the same time as caring for their gravely ill young son.

Who should read Not Today?

  • Entrepreneurs and ambitious workers who want to up their productivity
  • Business leaders with an eye on efficiency
  • Lovers of inspiring personal stories

Focus Books: Strategic Kaizen™ by Masaaki Imai

Strategic Kaizen™

Masaaki Imai
Using Flow, Synchronization, and Leveling Assessment to Measure and Strengthen Operational Performance
4.5 (92 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Strategic Kaizen™ about?

Strategic Kaizen (2021) examines the principles and practices of corporations that have embraced lean thinking – a paired-down, customer-oriented production process pioneered in postwar Japan. Also known as the Toyota Production System, this managerial philosophy is all about maximizing efficiency and reducing waste by making many small changes. 

Who should read Strategic Kaizen™?

  • Managers and leaders
  • Technophiles and car lovers
  • Strategists and planners

Focus Books: A Minute to Think by Juliet Funt

A Minute to Think

Juliet Funt
Reclaim Creativity, Conquer Busyness, and Do Your Best Work
4.4 (771 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's A Minute to Think about?

A Minute to Think (2021) explores how busyness is harming our productivity – and why it's so important to take regular pauses. It reveals the mental and economic costs associated with our hectic modern working environments and explains how we can reclaim our time. 

Who should read A Minute to Think?

  • Busy professionals hoping to claw back some me-time
  • Leaders seeking to build a more creative working environment
  • Managers wanting to improve their team’s well-being

Focus Books: At Your Best by Carey Nieuwhof

At Your Best

Carey Nieuwhof
How to Get Time, Energy, and Priorities Working in Your Favor
4.5 (514 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's At Your Best about?

At Your Best (2021) is a practical guide to moving beyond time management. Drawing on Carey Nieuwhof’s decades of leadership, it shows how to sync your time, energy, and priorities so that you can reach your goals, have more energy for what you love, and begin to thrive both at work and at home.

Who should read At Your Best?

  • Busy people struggling with burnout
  • Leaders looking for a reboot
  • Anyone trying to reach their potential

Focus Books: Meetings That Get Results by Terrence Metz

Meetings That Get Results

Terrence Metz
A Facilitator's Guide to Building Better Meetings
4.2 (195 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Meetings That Get Results about?

Meetings That Get Results (2021) is a practical guide to the art of running more effective and efficient meetings. Designed for leaders tasked with facilitating meetings and group discussions, it emphasizes collaborative approaches to decision-making and problem-solving. 

Who should read Meetings That Get Results?

  • Leaders and organizers 
  • Tinkerers and optimizers 
  • Team players

Focus Books: How to Begin by Michael Bungay Stanier

How to Begin

Michael Bungay Stanier
A Proven Plan to Start Something That Matters
4.4 (724 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's How to Begin about?

How to Begin (2022) argues that you unlock your greatness by working on the hard things. The things that matter. Not to your partner, friends, or family – but to you. The hardest part isn’t the work itself, though. It’s identifying the kinds of projects that are worth investing your time in. Projects which give your life meaning. And that’s what this book is really about: helping you discover worthy goals.

Who should read How to Begin?

  • Self-improvers stuck in a rut
  • Thinkers and doers
  • Anyone who wants to live their best life

Focus Books: Attention Span by Gloria Mark

Attention Span

Gloria Mark
A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity
4.5 (906 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Attention Span about?

Attention Span (2023) examines the connection between the digital age and our capacity for attention. As digital devices have become inextricable from our lives, our attention spans have shortened and our stress levels have risen. Drawing on scientific research, it debunks modern myths about attention and explains how we can reclaim it for better well-being. 

Who should read Attention Span?

  • Anyone worried about their decreasing attention span
  • Those who have trouble disconnecting from their phone
  • People who feel stressed, exhausted, and burned out

Focus Books: How to Be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

How to Be a Productivity Ninja

Graham Allcott
Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do
4.4 (653 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's How to Be a Productivity Ninja about?

How to Be a Productivity Ninja (2014) transforms old-school time-management techniques and productivity advice into a twenty-first century handbook on how to work smarter – not harder. Adapted to the realities of contemporary work and life, it’s filled with practical guidance and exercises for boosting productivity.

Who should read How to Be a Productivity Ninja?

  • Chronic procrastinators who’d like to get more done
  • Habitual multitaskers who can’t seem to follow through
  • Anyone who’s scared of their overflowing inbox or novel-length to-do list

Focus Books: The Power of Unwavering Focus by Dandapani

The Power of Unwavering Focus

4.6 (888 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's The Power of Unwavering Focus about?

The Power of Unwavering Focus (2022) is a practical and personal guide that offers clear steps toward ending the distractions, fears, and worries that keep us stressed out and anxious, while carving a clear path toward more mental clarity and focus. Packed with concrete steps and personal reflections, it offers a deep look into the awesome power of the mind and how focus can help everyone live a more purposeful and joyful life.

Who should read The Power of Unwavering Focus?

  • Exhausted multitaskers feeling lost in the grind
  • Goal-seekers looking for a clearer path to success
  • Anyone wanting to live with more purpose in daily life

Focus Books: Peak Mind by Amishi Jha

Peak Mind

Amishi Jha
Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, 12 Minutes a Day
4.6 (734 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Peak Mind about?

Peak Mind (2021) provides a cutting-edge overview of the science of attention – looking at the various ways your mind focuses and pays attention, as well as the factors that cause our mental vigilance to lapse and weaken over time. What’s more, it lays out a simple, easy-to-follow regimen to keep your mind in tip-top shape – even as you deal with the ups and downs of life.

Who should read Peak Mind?

  • Science enthusiasts interested in the frontiers of neuroscience
  • Distractible procrastinators trying to find their focus
  • Mindfulness skeptics interested in the science underpinning the practice

Focus Books: Stolen Focus by Johann Hari

Stolen Focus

Johann Hari
Why You Can't Pay Attention – and How to Think Deeply Again
4.5 (1,934 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Stolen Focus about?

Stolen Focus (2022) begins with author Johann Hari experiencing a common problem: his attention span is diminishing. He can’t seem to focus on much outside of Twitter and online news. Over three years, Hari tries to identify the root causes of this problem. He uncovers a collective attention crisis that’s affecting the entire globe. From social media to the culture of productivity, Hari identifies the culprits behind our stolen focus – and wonders if, and how, we can claim it back.

Who should read Stolen Focus?

  • Anyone who feels like they just can’t concentrate the way they used to
  • Multitaskers with brimming to-do lists who still feel like they don’t get much done
  • Anyone scrolling through social media while they’re reading this!

Focus Books: Coming Alive by Barry Michels and Phil Stutz

Coming Alive

Barry Michels and Phil Stutz
4 Tools to Defeat Your Inner Enemy, Ignite Creative Expression & Unleash Your Soul's Potential
3.2 (54 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Coming Alive about?

Coming Alive (2017) offers readers a practical approach to overcoming their inner demons and realizing their full potential. Using four psychological tools, this groundbreaking self-help book provides a roadmap to happiness, fulfillment, and a life free of negative thoughts and influences.

Who should read Coming Alive?

  • Negative self-talkers
  • Demoralized adults seeking personal growth
  • Impulsive, overwhelmed, burned-out professionals

Focus Books: You Can Fix Your Brain by Tom O’Bryan

You Can Fix Your Brain

Tom O’Bryan
Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best Memory, Productivity, and Sleep You've Ever Had
4.1 (716 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's You Can Fix Your Brain about?

You Can Fix Your Brain (2018) is a step-by-step guide to improving cognitive function and overall brain health. Through dietary choices, environmental adjustments, and other health practices, you can reduce brain fog, enhance your memory, and increase your mental clarity.

Who should read You Can Fix Your Brain?

  • People who are experiencing brain fog or are having trouble concentrating
  • Those who wish to reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Anyone who wants to feel sharper and improve their mental function

Focus Books: Awaken Your Genius by Ozan Varol

Awaken Your Genius

Ozan Varol
Escape Conformity, Ignite Creativity, and Become Extraordinary
4.5 (493 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Awaken Your Genius about?

Awaken Your Genius (2023) is a straightforward yet philosophical guide to releasing the aspects of yourself that don’t suit your growth. Through a five-step process, it shows readers how they can find their way back to their unique and authentic genius selves.

Who should read Awaken Your Genius?

  • Anyone who feels stuck in a rut
  • People contemplating a major life change
  • Those looking to live more creative lives

Focus Books: The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes
A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy
4.4 (114 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's The School of Greatness about?

The School of Greatness (2015) draws on the author’s own journey and his extensive research into what it takes to lead an inspiring and meaningful life. This includes his many interviews and conversations on the topic with leading figures including entrepreneurs, artists and athletes on his podcast of the same name. 

Who should read The School of Greatness?

  • Personal developers looking for practical, actionable advice
  • Aspiring leaders seeking daily habits to achieve their goals
  • Anyone looking to live a more meaningful, inspiring life

Focus Books: This Is How We Do It by Kevin Hart

This Is How We Do It

Kevin Hart
A Pep Talk
4.5 (314 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's This Is How We Do It about?

This Is How We Do It (2022) is the inspirational pep talk you never knew you needed. Entertainment icon Kevin Hart leads readers through his mental bootcamp of fifteen essential tools for living your best life. Drawing from his own personal experiences – and adding a good dose of his signature humor – Hart suggests a new mindset based on positivity and personal growth.

Who should read This Is How We Do It?

  • Kevin Hart fans
  • Anyone stuck in a rut
  • People looking for a new strategy to transform their lives

Focus Books: The 40-Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake

The 40-Day Sugar Fast

Wendy Speake
Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation
2.3 (391 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's The 40-Day Sugar Fast about?

The 40-Day Sugar Fast (2019) is a spiritual journey to having a healthier relationship with food. With Biblical stories, personal anecdotes, and mini-sermons, it shows how putting a distance between yourself and sugar can lead you closer to God.

Who should read The 40-Day Sugar Fast?

  • People looking to eat healthier and feel better
  • Those who follow a Bible-centered lifestyle
  • Individuals searching for a spiritual focus

Focus Books: The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham

The Road Less Stupid

Keith J. Cunningham
Advice from the Chairman of the Board
4.5 (74 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's The Road Less Stupid about?

The Road Less Stupid: Advice from the Chairman of the Board (2018) is about avoiding the dumb mistakes that can sabotage businesses. The way to avoid these mistakes, which is usually more valuable than having smart ideas, is to think more and with more focus. Cunningham shows readers how to do this with his Thinking Time practice.

Who should read The Road Less Stupid?

  • Business leaders interested in minimizing risk and maximizing output
  • Small business owners who are looking to take the next step
  • Anyone struggling to find a solution to a recurring business problem

Focus Books: Essentially Less by Dirk von Gehlen

Essentially Less

Dirk von Gehlen
Minifesto for a Conscious Approach to Attention
4.6 (346 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Essentially Less about?

Essentially Less (2023) isn’t a Blink based on a book, it is the book. In a time when our attention is becoming a crucial and contested resource, it makes a case for the importance of focusing on what’s essential. It’s a joint production by journalist Dirk von Gehlen and Blinkist’s editors.

Who should read Essentially Less?

  • Anyone who believes that less is more
  • Fans of short culture
  • Those interested in the future of reading and writing

Focus Books: Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine

Positive Intelligence

Shirzad Chamine
Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and how You Can Achieve Yours
4.6 (357 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Positive Intelligence about?

Positive Intelligence (2012) provides a way to unlock your true potential by helping you identify and conquer common mental blocks. It also shows you how to tap into your deeper wisdom to live a more balanced, productive, and happy life. 

Who should read Positive Intelligence?

  • Anyone who wants to unlock their true potential 
  • People looking for a motivation boost 
  • Self-explorers who want to learn more about their mind

Focus Books: Faster Than Normal by Peter Shankman

Faster Than Normal

Peter Shankman
Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity, and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain
4.4 (178 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Faster Than Normal about?

Faster Than Normal (2017) explains that ADHD isn’t a disease to be diagnosed but a power to be nurtured and harnessed. If you follow certain rituals and avoid the triggers that lead to self-destructive behavior, you can utilize the full power of your brain to create an extremely productive and deeply fulfilling life.

Who should read Faster Than Normal?

  • Anyone who wants to supercharge their brain and their life
  • People with ADHD who want to understand ADHD better
  • Anyone who loves or works with someone with ADHD

Focus Books: Successful Time Management by Patrick Forsyth

Successful Time Management

Patrick Forsyth
How to be Organized, Productive and Get Things Done
4.5 (415 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Successful Time Management about?

Successful Time Management (2003) is a practical guide containing tools and techniques to improve workflow productivity. It offers time-saving and actionable advice that will help you organize projects, delegate tasks, and select priorities in the workplace.

Who should read Successful Time Management?

  • Office workers looking to get ahead
  • Managers who want to increase employee productivity
  • Those struggling with their own time management

Focus Books: Mindful Self-Discipline by Giovanni Dienstmann

Mindful Self-Discipline

Giovanni Dienstmann
Living with Purpose and Achieving Your Goals in a World of Distractions
4.5 (625 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Mindful Self-Discipline about?

Mindful Self-Discipline (2022) presents a new perspective on self-discipline as a tool for personal empowerment, rather than a set of rigid constraints. It guides us through a transformational journey of harnessing self-discipline, underlining the significance of integrating self-discipline into daily routines to control base instincts, chase higher goals, and design a life that mirrors one’s deepest values and dreams.

Who should read Mindful Self-Discipline?

  • Mindfulness practitioners who want to enhance discipline
  • Those interested in practical self-improvement strategies
  • Individuals seeking personal growth and improved self-control

Focus Books: Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander

Rhinoceros Success

Scott Alexander
The Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity
3.3 (139 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Rhinoceros Success about?

Rhinoceros Success (2003) is a motivational and humorous guide to achieving your goals through sheer determination. It urges readers to embrace their inner rhinoceros and charge full speed ahead towards their ambitions.

Who should read Rhinoceros Success?

  • People with imagination seeking unconventional paths to success
  • Those interested in cultivating their persistence and motivation
  • Anyone feeling stuck in a rut who wants inspiration for change

Focus Books: Level Up by Rob Dial

Level Up

Rob Dial
Get Focused, Stop Procrastinating and Upgrade Your Life
4.2 (878 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Level Up about?

Level Up (2023) is a practical guide to help you move from inaction to taking focused steps to achieve your goals and dreams. It reveals the reasons behind inaction and offers strategies to stop spinning your wheels and start taking meaningful action.  

Who should read Level Up?

  • Individuals seeking practical strategies to overcome inaction.
  • People aspiring to improve focus and productivity.
  • Anyone interested in personal development and self-improvement.

Focus Books: Dopamine Detox by Thibaut Meurisse

Dopamine Detox

Thibaut Meurisse
A Short Guide to Remove Distractions and Get Your Brain to Do Hard Things
4.4 (535 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Dopamine Detox about?

Dopamine Detox (2020) is a concise guide that addresses a prevalent issue in today's distraction-filled world, offering you practical strategies to overcome procrastination and enhance focus. It reveals the impact of excessive dopamine stimulation on your ability to concentrate and tackle demanding tasks. Through a step-by-step approach, it empowers you to implement a dopamine detox in just 48 hours, enabling you to regain control over your attention and pursue your goals with renewed clarity.

Who should read Dopamine Detox?

  • Chronic procrastinators
  • Goal-setters struggling to find motivation
  • Professionals seeking enhanced productivity methods

Focus Books: Speed Reading by Kam Knight

Speed Reading

Kam Knight
Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour
4.4 (41 ratings)
Listen to the Intro

What's Speed Reading about?

Speed Reading (2018) reveals how to dramatically increase your reading speed without sacrificing comprehension or retention. It delves into your brain’s and eyes’ natural capabilities to process more words in less time and offers practical strategies and exercises beyond mere skimming and scanning. Through innovative techniques, it promises to enhance your reading speed and improve your focus, memory, and understanding.

Who should read Speed Reading?

  • Curious minds eager to devour more books
  • Busy professionals aiming to boost their productivity
  • Students looking for a way to improve comprehension and retention

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What's the best Focus book to read?

While choosing just one book about a topic is always tough, many people regard The Da Vinci Curse as the ultimate read on Focus.

What are the Top 10 Focus books?

Blinkist curators have picked the following:
  • The Da Vinci Curse by Leonardo Lospennato
  • The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
  • Your Brain at Work by David Rock
  • Focus by Al Ries
  • Focus by Daniel Goleman
  • First Things First by Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca R. Merrill
  • Manage Your Day-To-Day by 99U and Jocelyn K. Glei
  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown
  • Your Best Just Got Better by Jason W. Womack
  • Work Simply by Carson Tate

Who are the top Focus book authors?

When it comes to Focus, these are the authors who stand out as some of the most influential:
  • Leonardo Lospennato
  • Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
  • David Rock
  • Al Ries
  • Daniel Goleman