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Marketing Above the Noise

Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters

By Linda J. Popky
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Marketing Above the Noise by Linda J. Popky

Marketing Above The Noise (2015) guides you through today’s marketing world, helping you separate useful advice from useless noise. Advising against jumping on the bandwagon and following all those hot new marketing trends, these blinks demonstrate that tried and true approaches to marketing are the best way to win over – and hold onto – customers.

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Marketing noise is everywhere, but you can cut through it and reach your customers.

These days, every organization gets sucked into the latest marketing trends. But all these flash-in-the-pan ideas have resulted in levels of marketing noise more deafening than ever before – noise that most consumers do their best to ignore. So how can you separate yourself from the pack and really get through to customers?

First, you must understand the two kinds of noise.

Marketplace noise is what customers get bombarded with. This includes messaging from your competitors – usually poorly written, confusing messages – and the ads that pop up on email and social media.

The other kind of noise is within your organization. It’s what you have to work against, even when you have a brilliant marketing plan with a strong message.

But how do you get above the noise? The best way to start is by creating a positive sound.

In conversation, you can only avoid noise in two ways: talk louder than the other person or be completely silent. In marketing, if you go for the former, customers will get annoyed with you, and if you opt for the latter, they’ll ignore you.

But in the marketing world, there’s also a third way: you can create something positive that people want to be around.

To do so, you need to understand your environment. What are people discussing, and why?

You also need to study the concepts that have endured over the years. Chuck out any short-lived trends and go for what has been proven to work.

Lastly, integrate these ideas within your organization.

The result of all this is what the author captures in her Dynamic Market Leverage model, which focuses on long-term strategies that get through to customers and go beyond fads and new technology. It encompasses everything, including strategy, products, customers, brand, communication, operations, sales channels and market analysis.

The Dynamic Market is not about the hottest marketing trends. It simply focuses on convincing people to trust your organization.

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