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The breakthrough approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing

By Marie F. Mongan
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HypnoBirthing by Marie F. Mongan

HypnoBirthing (1992) explores how expectant mothers can enjoy a more comfortable, joyful childbirth. These blinks provide simple hypnotherapy techniques that pregnant women can practice at home. They also uncover the guiding philosophy of HypnoBirthing and reveal how it can help women to have a natural, less painful birthing experience.

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Childbirth should be a cause for joy, not trauma. 

The author, Marie Mongan, was five years old when she overheard a conversation she would never forget. Marie’s mother and her friends were talking about childbirth, but they didn’t realize that Marie was listening. One woman described a long and painful labor, in which the doctors had used forceps to pull her baby out. These forceps had badly damaged her pelvis, and she had been told afterward that she might not be able to have another child. Sadly, the woman Marie overheard that day was her own mother, and Marie was the baby she was talking about.

Learning about her mother’s traumatic experience gave Marie the determination to change the status quo. As she grew up, she set out to prove to the world that there was a better way of giving birth – a natural, more gentle way. 

The key message here is: Childbirth should be a cause for joy, not trauma. 

Finally, after years of research, Marie Mongan developed HypnoBirthing, a new philosophy and approach to childbirth. 

The cornerstone of this approach is that the mother’s body, and the unborn baby she carries, already know how to give birth. If the woman is healthy and the pregnancy is without complications, then it’s not necessary for medical staff to interfere with her labor. The human reproductive system is perfect and should be respected and left alone as much as possible. The expectant mother doesn’t need to be told to push, and she doesn’t need drugs or help from medical instruments to bring her baby into the world. 

The HypnoBirthing philosophy believes that childbirth is a natural human experience, with its own flow and its own rhythm. Each unnecessary medical procedure and interruption risks undermining this natural process and setting it off-kilter. To avoid this, it’s crucial that each birth happens according to the mother and baby’s own pace. The birthing process might slow down, or it might speed up, but this is normal and natural. If there are no complications, then those outside the birth shouldn’t try to manage its time frame. 

Finally, the HypnoBirthing approach regards the female body as sacrosanct. Nobody has the right to interfere with your body – especially when you’re going through childbirth. 

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