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Swish Goswami & Quinn Underwood

How to Start a Business While You're Still a Student

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The Young Entrepreneur by Swish Goswami and Quinn Underwood is an inspiring guide that shares real-life stories and practical tips to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. It promotes a growth mindset and emphasizes the importance of perseverance and determination.


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    The world of entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is more than just business – it's a lifestyle, a mindset, and often a misunderstood passion. As we peel back its layers, we'll discover that entrepreneurship is a tapestry woven with audacity, initiative, critical thinking, and a vision to change the world.

    Imagine attending a summit like One Young World. Your heart races with each passionate speaker urging the world to confront global injustices. This boldness to challenge and change is a cornerstone of entrepreneurship. But it doesn't end there. It’s one thing to have an audacious thought; it’s another to act on it. So if you find yourself in school, a community center, or anywhere you feel empowered, seize the moment. Start that business venture, that club, or even that social movement. No step is too small. 

    As you act, you’ll face challenges – some clear and others more enigmatic. To tackle the latter category, consider the three whys technique. 

    Take, for instance, a hypothetical young entrepreneur named Mia. She notices that despite having a groundbreaking product, her online sales have been stagnating. Instead of just ramping up her marketing budget, Mia decides to employ the three whys technique. Her first “why” leads her to recognize that her website has lower than average traffic. Digging deeper with her second “why,” she discovers that her website's loading speed is subpar, causing potential customers to bounce. The final “why” reveals that high-resolution images, although visually appealing, are slowing down the site. With this newfound clarity, Mia can now address the true cause of the problem – optimizing her website for speed without compromising on quality, which will improve user experience and potentially boost sales.

    As you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, it’s also important to keep the larger canvas in mind. Entrepreneurship isn’t an isolated endeavor, after all – it's inextricably linked to global challenges. Be it climate change, inequality, or a looming pandemic, these aren’t just headlines. For the astute entrepreneur, they're a call to action – a beckoning to weave a business tapestry rooted in solutions and change. So the next time you're brainstorming, turn your gaze to the world’s challenges. Your groundbreaking idea might just be the solution the world’s waiting for.

    A word of caution, though: in an era shaped by social media, the entrepreneurial narrative can sometimes feel skewed. We’re fed images of luxury, success, and glamour, which often mask the grittier realities. Coauthor Swish Goswami’s startup, Surf, is the perfect example. While onlookers saw success, its founders navigated a maze of legal battles and setbacks. But here's the magic: they pressed on, anchored by their passion rather than the promise of superficial success. 

    As you forge your path, remember: entrepreneurship isn't about the glitz or immediate acclaim. It's about unwavering dedication, resilience, and a relentless commitment to your vision.

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    Worum geht es in The Young Entrepreneur?

    The Young Entrepreneur (2022) unveils the heart of the entrepreneurial journey for the next generation. Merging audacity with actionable insights and world-shaping vision, it invites young minds to navigate the business maze, tap into resilience, and become the force of change our world craves.

    Wer The Young Entrepreneur lesen sollte

    • Aspiring young business visionaries
    • Students exploring entrepreneurial pathways
    • Innovators seeking impactful change

    Über den Autor

    Quinn Underwood spearheads Autumn, a startup dedicated to preventative mental health care. He was also a cofounder of ADVIN, which provided health-care solutions for hard-to-reach communities.

    Swish Goswami, an entrepreneur and author, is the CEO of Surf, a platform revolutionizing the data economy. Beyond steering Surf's growth, acquisitions, and investor roster, Swish is a sought-after speaker and investor.

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