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Zusammenfassung von The Enneagram at Work

Jim McPartlin with Anna Akbari

Unlocking the Power of Type to Lead and Succeed

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    The Enneagram can help you capitalize on your strengths and chuck your weaknesses.

    The Enneagram isn’t a new concept. It first appeared 2,500 years ago and has been linked to mystical and religious practices like Sufism and Christianity throughout the ages. In the twentieth century, the enigmatic model was updated with modern psychological terms – and it shot into public consciousness. 

    What was once considered “woo-woo” by some is now firmly embedded in mainstream practice. The Enneagram is often used to resolve workplace conflicts and marital troubles. And companies like Chanel, Geico, and Best Buy have integrated the Enneagram into their corporate culture to strengthen employees’ personal performance and interpersonal dynamics.

    The key message here is: The Enneagram can help you capitalize on your strengths and chuck your weaknesses.

    As a leader, possessing an awareness of assets and blind spots – both in terms of yourself and your colleagues – is invaluable. Knowing what makes you and the people around you tick and, conversely, stall is an invisible superpower that can boost trust, morale, productivity, and profit.

    The Enneagram provides a springboard for cultivating that awareness. A geometric model of the human psyche, it outlines patterns in how people understand and navigate the world. What it won’t do is try to fix you. In fact, the Enneagram’s underlying message is that you’re fine just as you are. 

    But being doesn’t equal knowing. While the Enneagram won’t try to alter your core, it’ll reveal your behavioral patterns and help you build on the strengths that benefit you while demonstrating how to release those patterns that don’t. 

    That said, change won’t come easy. If you’re like most people, you’re probably very attached to your behavioral patterns. They’re comfortable and familiar, even when they’re hurting you. Because of this, trying to break free of them is difficult. 

    As you work on shedding ingrained habits and behaviors to reveal your true core, you may be met with resistance – both internal and external. But by gaining a comprehensive understanding of who you truly are, what motivates you, and how you connect with your peers, you will grow and evolve.

    Self-acceptance is key – acknowledging that this is where I am and committing to this is what I’m working toward. Practicing patience is also essential. By taking things slow and being open about your process with yourself and those around you, you’ll have a better chance at achieving the behavioral metamorphosis you’re striving toward.

    These blinks are just the starting point!

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    Worum geht es in The Enneagram at Work?

    The Enneagram at Work (2021) reveals how applying the Enneagram – an emotional intelligence metric – can elevate leadership in the modern workplace. It explores the different Enneagram types and shows how tapping into self-awareness can make teams stronger and spark innovative solutions. From managing conflict and building mentorships to giving and receiving criticism, it provides the tools to foster personal growth and long-lasting success in the office.

    Wer The Enneagram at Work lesen sollte

    • Would-be collaborators who want to better understand themselves and others
    • Individuals seeking awareness of their strengths and blindspots in the workplace
    • Go-getters who want to build stronger teams and become more effective leaders

    Über den Autor

    Jim McPartlin is a hospitality consultant with 30-plus years of experience in the luxury hotel industry. He’s also an expert on employing the Enneagram to better understand interpersonal workplace dynamics. McPartlin coaches clients including Chanel, American Express, and Geico, and has traveled the world to deliver seminars and keynote speeches on the Enneagram and emotional intelligence.

    Anna Akbari, PhD is a sociologist, writer, speaker, and advisor to industry leaders. She’s the author of Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way To Happiness. She also has contributed to the New York Times, Forbes, the Atlantic, TIME, and the Economist, among others.

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