The best 44 Aging books



Peter Attia
The Science and Art of Longevity
4.4 (335 ratings)

What's Outlive about?

Outlive (2023) is a comprehensive guide to living a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Drawing on cutting-edge science and practical advice, it empowers you to optimize your exercise, nutrition, sleep, and emotional health for maximum longevity.

Who should read Outlive?

  • Individuals seeking a healthier, longer life
  • Fitness enthusiasts wanting well-rounded advice
  • Anyone interested in optimizing mental well-being

Young Forever

Young Forever

Mark Hyman
The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life
4.6 (177 ratings)

What's Young Forever about?

Forever Young (2023) challenges the notion that poor health associated with aging is an inevitable part of life. Instead, it provides a roadmap to not only live longer but to enjoy good health until death.

Who should read Young Forever?

  • Young people wanting to set themselves up for a long, healthy life
  • Older people looking to reverse the aging process
  • Those suffering from disease who want to improve their well-being

Super Human

Super Human

Dave Asprey
The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever
4.2 (653 ratings)

What's Super Human about?

“No supplement can replicate the full spectrum of light humans need from the sun.

Super Human (2019) is a guide to the latest research in longevity. By making basic changes in your diet and adopting cutting-edge anti-aging technology, you can bypass aging for decades to come while looking as good as you feel.

Who should read Super Human?

  • Middle-aged men and women who want to age backwards
  • Young adults suffering from obesity, fatigue, or health problems associated with aging
  • Bulletproof Diet devotees

Who Will Cry When You Die?

Who Will Cry When You Die?

Robin Sharma
Life Lessons from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
4.4 (415 ratings)

What's Who Will Cry When You Die? about?

Who Will Cry When You Die (1999) contains life wisdom that will help you lead a full and generous life. It provides advice and strategies for being the best version of yourself. This means that when you die, your loved ones will cry not simply because they miss you, but also because they are grateful for everything you contributed during your lifetime. 

Who should read Who Will Cry When You Die??

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches and psychologists
  • Slackers wanting to improve their lives and achieve personal success



David Eagleman
The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain
4.7 (249 ratings)

What's Livewired about?

Livewired (2020) is an exploration into how the brain is constantly reconfiguring itself. As it learns new information about the world around it, the brain changes shape. We’re always discovering more about its astonishing adaptability.

Who should read Livewired?

  • Fans of popular science 
  • Students of biology and human anatomy
  • People keen to expand their own brains



David A. Sinclair and Matthew D. LaPlante
Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To
4.5 (473 ratings)

What's Lifespan about?

Lifespan (2019) delves into cutting-edge genetic research and advances new theories on why we age and how we can prevent aging altogether. From high-tech lab research to simple nutritional strategies, it serves as a guide to the varied ways in which we can already, or might soon be able to live longer and better lives.

Who should read Lifespan ?

  • Young people who want to age better
  • Older people who want to feel young again
  • Anyone who wants to live a longer, healthier life

From Strength to Strength

From Strength to Strength

Arthur C. Brooks
Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life
4.5 (583 ratings)

What's From Strength to Strength about?

From Strength to Strength (2022) is a roadmap for thriving in the second half of life. Packed with practical advice, it helps readers stop dwelling on past successes and find fulfillment in the present.

Who should read From Strength to Strength?

  • Anyone facing the decline of their professional abilities
  • Professionals preparing to pivot from one career to another
  • Everyone who wants to lead a life full of purpose

The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project

Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin
Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study
3.9 (101 ratings)

What's The Longevity Project about?

The Longevity Project (2012) is about the impressive and revealing Terman Study, which followed a group of people for eight decades in order to find out what habits and practices helped them live long and healthy lives. These blinks explain why marriage might not be as healthy as you think, and what you can do to improve your chances of happiness and longevity.

Who should read The Longevity Project?

  • People who want to live longer
  • Anyone tired of standard health advice
  • Students of medicine and psychology

How Not to Die

How Not to Die

Michael Greger and Gene Stone
Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease
4.5 (331 ratings)

What's How Not to Die about?

How Not to Die (2015) explains how a plant-based diet can extend your life while transforming your quality of living. These blinks offer a wealth of health-boosting nutritional information and hands-on dietary advice that you won’t get from your doctor.

Who should read How Not to Die?

  • Patients diagnosed with life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Those with a family history of such conditions
  • Anyone who is overweight, tired or generally feels unwell



Kieran Setiya
A Philosophical Guide
4.5 (238 ratings)

What's Midlife about?

Midlife (2017) is a philosophical guide to navigating the troubles that middle age can present. Drawing on thinkers from ancient Rome to nineteenth-century England, it offers gentle solace in the face of midlife’s woes.

Who should read Midlife?

  • Middle-aged people on the cusp of a midlife crisis
  • Those with relatives or friends past their mid-thirties
  • Anyone interested in applying philosophy to life

The Longevity Paradox

The Longevity Paradox

Steven Gundry
How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age
4.6 (250 ratings)

What's The Longevity Paradox about?

The Longevity Paradox (2019) looks at three of the most crucial factors behind aging well: our gut bacteria, our gut walls and our mitochondria. By helping us to understand the roles these factors play in our health, and by showing us some powerful strategies we can adopt to support them, the author points us toward long and healthy lives.

Who should read The Longevity Paradox?

  • Young people wanting to avoid the problems that often accompany aging  
  • Older people wanting to escape those problems
  • Anyone interested in alternative medical views

Genius Foods

Genius Foods

Max Lugavere
Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life
4.6 (402 ratings)

What's Genius Foods about?

Genius Foods (2018) makes a simple but compelling point: what we eat today is starving our brains. Drawing on the most up-to-date scientific research, it connects the dots and shows just how our diets can affect our cognitive health. But this isn’t just an academic treatise – it’s an actionable plan that’ll put you on the path to greater mental agility, balance and a happier life while safeguarding yourself against dementia.

Who should read Genius Foods?

  • Healthy eaters looking for data-driven nutritional advice
  • Dieticians, nutritionists and food scientists
  • Anyone looking to fine-tune their gray cells

The Inflamed Mind

The Inflamed Mind

Edward Bullmore
A Radical New Approach to Depression
4.5 (236 ratings)

What's The Inflamed Mind about?

The Inflamed Mind (2018) explains the latest science behind a new theory linking depression to inflammation of the body and brain. Bringing together insights from medicine, psychology and evolutionary theory, psychiatrist Edward Bullmore reveals the complex connections between our immune system and our mental health – and shows how a new holistic understanding of body, mind and brain could revolutionize the way we see and treat depression.

Who should read The Inflamed Mind?

  • Med students, physicians and scientists interested in the mind and brain
  • Psychologists and therapists interested in how physical illness affects mental health
  • Anyone who has dealt with depression

The Diet Compass

The Diet Compass

Bas Kast
The 12-step Guide to Science-based Nutrition for a Healthier and Longer Life
4.7 (162 ratings)

What's The Diet Compass about?

The Diet Compass (2018) boils down the latest research on health, aging, and nutrition into one scientifically-backed program that anyone can apply to their own diet. When the author, Bas Kast, collapsed while jogging at the young age of 40, he decided to radically change his diet and live a healthier lifestyle. The book is a result of years pursuing the question: What really is healthy?

Who should read The Diet Compass?

  • Vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike
  • Health-news skeptics
  • Anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle based on the latest peer-reviewed research



Darin Olien
The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome
4.2 (163 ratings)

What's SuperLife about?

SuperLife (2015) is the missing manual for your body. By outlining the five life forces fundamental to human well-being, it explains how you can harness these forces to optimize your health, feel amazing, and live long into the future.

Who should read SuperLife?

  • Future-minded people concerned about their long-term health and longevity
  • Young and middle-aged people who are suffering from premature aches and pains
  • People who want to feel their best every day

The Telomere Effect

The Telomere Effect

Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel
A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer
4.4 (142 ratings)

What's The Telomere Effect about?

The Telomere Effect (2017) explains why some people look and feel younger than others. These blinks walk you through the science of telomeres, which are at the cellular root of the aging process. You’ll learn how it’s possible to do right by your telomeres and live a longer life.

Who should read The Telomere Effect?

  • Anyone who wants to look and feel younger as they age.
  • Health buffs looking for new tips.
  • Couples thinking about having children or those who have just had one.

The Story of the Human Body

The Story of the Human Body

Daniel Lieberman
Evolution, Health, and Disease
4.6 (125 ratings)

What's The Story of the Human Body about?

The Story of the Human Body (2013) is a fascinating exploration of a story over a million years in the making: the evolution of the human body. Departing from the moment our ancestors first distinguished themselves from their hominid brethren, Daniel Lieberman traces the biological history of humans right down to our office-bound present.

Who should read The Story of the Human Body?

  • Anyone who’s ever wondered how we got from cave- to city-dwelling
  • Fans of big-picture science
  • Anyone interested in nutrition and fitness

Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year

Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge with Allan J. Hamilton
Live Strong, Fit, Sexy, and Smart – Until You’re 80 and Beyond
4.0 (125 ratings)

What's Younger Next Year about?

Younger Next Year (2019) is an actionable guide to delaying the onset of 70 percent of normal aging signs until well into your final years. It focuses on seven rules for achieving a stronger, healthier, and younger body and mind. 

Who should read Younger Next Year?

  • Retirees who want to regain their youth
  • People close to retirement
  • Anyone craving a healthier lifestyle



Alejandro Junger and Amely Greeven
The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself
3.7 (94 ratings)

What's Clean about?

Clean (2009) puts our bodies and environment under the microscope. It reveals just how many toxins we’re constantly exposing ourselves to, which include dangerous toxins in our food and harmful emissions, coming from both indoors and out. Fortunately, we can detoxify. So find out what steps you need to take to rid your body of the unhealthy residue that is currently increasing your chances for all sorts of cancers and diseases.

Who should read Clean?

  • Tired and rundown people who need a boost
  • Health nuts who are always on the lookout for advice
  • People interested in alternative medicine

Being Mortal

Being Mortal

Atul Gawande
Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End
4.5 (126 ratings)

What's Being Mortal about?

Being Mortal (2014) helps the reader navigate and understand one of life’s most sobering inevitabilities: death. In this book, you will learn about the successes and failures of modern society’s approach to death and dying. You’ll also learn how to confront death and, by doing so, how to make the most out of life.

Who should read Being Mortal?

  • Anyone who has wondered how to improve the lives of the elderly and terminally ill
  • Anyone with elderly or terminally ill loved ones
  • Anyone who wants to improve their life by improving their death

Self-Help That Works

Self-Help That Works

John C. Norcross et al.
Resources to Improve Emotional Health and Strengthen Relationships
4.2 (58 ratings)

What's Self-Help That Works about?

Self-Help That Works (2013, Fourth Edition) offers the valuable service of taking the top recommendations from mental health professionals in the US and compiling the results in one handy volume. You’ll find which self-help resources the experts recommend on over 40 of the most popular topics.

Who should read Self-Help That Works?

  • Anyone wondering what the best self-help books are
  • People looking for tips on better living
  • Couples and parents seeking advice

The XX Brain

The XX Brain

Lisa Mosconi
The Groundbreaking Science Empowering Women to Maximize Cognitive Health and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
4.6 (342 ratings)

What's The XX Brain about?

The XX Brain (2020) is a practical guide to improving women’s brain health and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Women are suffering from an Alzheimer’s epidemic, but so far the medical industry isn’t doing much about it. The XX Brain shows you how to take your health into your own hands, demand the medical treatment you deserve, and take concrete steps to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. 

Who should read The XX Brain?

  • Women looking to proactively protect their brains from disease
  • Women who are forgetful and would like more mental clarity
  • Health professionals wanting to improve their approach to women’s healthcare

The Science and Technology of Growing Young

The Science and Technology of Growing Young

Sergey Young
An Insider's Guide to the Breakthroughs That Will Dramatically Extend Our Lifespan . . . and What You Can Do Right Now
4.4 (352 ratings)

What's The Science and Technology of Growing Young about?

The Science and Technology of Growing Young (2021) reveals that the Longevity Revolution is just around the corner. Thanks to developments in AI, quantum computing, and genome sequencing, we’re able to engage in genetic engineering, manufacture new body parts, and treat diseases before they’ve even begun to affect us. These developments will soon allow us to live longer and healthier lives than we ever thought possible.

Who should read The Science and Technology of Growing Young?

  • Tech geeks curious about how AI has impacted health care
  • Middle-aged people wanting to reverse the effects of aging
  • People who want to find out how to optimize their health to live longer, fuller lives

Ending Aging

Ending Aging

Aubrey de Grey
The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime
3.3 (112 ratings)

What's Ending Aging about?

Ending Aging (2007) puts forward a fascinating theory about how science may allow human beings to slow the hands of time and, therefore, the process of aging. Learn what happens in our bodies that leads to aging, disease and cancer – and how modern science might be able to put an end to these problems once and for all.

Who should read Ending Aging?

  • Students of gerontology
  • Anyone hoping to prolong their life
  • Biologists interested in the experimental science of aging

And Finally

And Finally

Henry Marsh
Matters of Life and Death
4.6 (18 ratings)

What's And Finally about?

And Finally (2022) is about a doctor becoming a patient. The process is painful for neurosurgeon and author Dr. Henry Marsh but in the end, he finds acceptance and understands what truly matters.

Who should read And Finally?

  • Anyone transitioning to a new stage of life
  • People with questions about aging
  • Those whose lives have been touched by cancer

Successful Aging

Successful Aging

Daniel J. Levitin
A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of Our Lives.
4.5 (166 ratings)

What's Successful Aging about?

Successful Aging (2020) turns the idea that old age is a time of inevitable decline and discomfort on its head. Daniel J. Levitin gives us insight into the neuroscience of aging and, along the way, a bunch of tips about how we can not only cope with aging, but actually appreciate it as a unique life phase.

Who should read Successful Aging?

  • Anyone who plans on aging
  • Friends, partners, and family of an aging loved one
  • Neuroscience buffs

The Blue Zones

The Blue Zones

Dan Buettner
9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived Longest
4.3 (110 ratings)

What's The Blue Zones about?

The Blue Zones (2012, first published in 2008) whisks you through the regions of the world with the highest concentrations of healthy centenarians. By examining how people in these regions live and interact, we gain insight into how to extend our own lifespans.

This is a Blinkist staff pick

“If you’re eager to learn about far-flung spots around the world, and, on top of that, are curious to listen to what the oldest among us have to say about living a long and healthy life, I recommend The Blue Zones. The communities featured in these blinks have one unique thing in common: the longevity of their residents. Read on to find out what sets them apart from the rest of the planet.”

– Emily, User Engagement Lead at Blinkist

Who should read The Blue Zones?

  • People who want to live longer
  • Health enthusiasts



Daniel E. Lieberman
Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding
4.3 (217 ratings)

What's Exercised about?

Exercised (2020) is a cutting-edge account of physical activity, rest, and human health. Drawing on groundbreaking research in the fields of exercise science, evolutionary theory, and anthropology, it presents a unique account of the human body’s needs and abilities.

Who should read Exercised?

  • Fitness fanatics interested in a broader view of health and exercise
  • Exercise-avoiders seeking to change their ways for good
  • Amateur anthropologists and armchair doctors



Louise Aronson
Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, Reimagining Life
4.4 (76 ratings)

What's Elderhood about?

Elderhood (2019) is an exploration of aging in America. Mixing personal anecdotes with sociological insights, author Louise Aronson illuminates what it means to grow old in a society fixated on youth, speed and efficiency. By challenging our stereotypes about old age, we can start paving the path to a better elderhood.

Who should read Elderhood?

  • Children with aging parents
  • Students considering the field of geriatrics
  • The elderly and the aging

The Emperor of All Maladies

The Emperor of All Maladies

Siddhartha Mukherjee
A Biography of Cancer
4.5 (94 ratings)

What's The Emperor of All Maladies about?

The Emperor of All Maladies is an informative look at the deadly disease that has affected millions. Cancer is one of the greatest challenges facing medical science today, and this book gives us a rare opportunity to learn about every aspect of it – its causes, its astonishing biological processes and our ever-changing fight against it, from the past to the present day.

Who should read The Emperor of All Maladies?

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and wants a fuller picture of the illness
  • Anyone interested in the history of cancer therapy
  • Anyone interested in the biology of cancer

Death’s Summer Coat

Death’s Summer Coat

Brandy Schillace
What the History of Death and Dying Teaches Us About Life and Living
4.0 (23 ratings)

What's Death’s Summer Coat about?

Death’s Summer Coat (2016) is a peculiar and sometimes gruesome look at the history of a subject we don’t like to think about: death. Learn about how death rituals and the medical profession affect our relationship with the deceased – and that defining death isn’t as easy as one might think.

Who should read Death’s Summer Coat?

  • Anyone mourning the loss of a loved one
  • Historians interested in rituals of death and funerals
  • Morticians and medical professionals who have to deal with death on a daily basis

The End of Illness

The End of Illness

David B. Agus
How the body works and what "health really means"
3.4 (42 ratings)

What's The End of Illness about?

The End of Illness (2012) is all about health, how we view it, where the misconceptions around it lie and how we can feel our best. These blinks present a different model for what health really is, along with practical advice on how to be your healthiest self.

Who should read The End of Illness?

  • Medical students and patients
  • Researchers and doctors of medicine
  • Anyone who wishes they felt a little better

Natural Causes

Natural Causes

Barbara Ehrenreich
An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer
2.7 (81 ratings)

What's Natural Causes about?

Natural Causes (2018) reveals the truth behind the medical world’s encouragement of common procedures, treatments and screenings. It scrutinizes why Western society is averse to aging and obsessed with exercising, and, along the way, explores the effects of modernity on our mental capabilities.

Who should read Natural Causes?

  • People over the age of 60
  • Those interested in the social influence of modern medicine
  • People who spend a lot of time concerned about their health

Deep Nutrition

Deep Nutrition

Catherine Shanahan and Luke Shanahan
Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food
4.1 (114 ratings)

What's Deep Nutrition about?

Deep Nutrition (2008) is about modern diets and how they’re making people sick. These blinks explain the danger of industrially produced food, what it’s doing to our bodies and how we can return to an earlier way of eating that will keep us healthier for years to come.

Who should read Deep Nutrition?

  • Couples who want to have kids
  • Sick people who can’t seem to get better
  • Health enthusiasts

The Lucky Years

The Lucky Years

Dr. David B. Agus
How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health
4.3 (19 ratings)

What's The Lucky Years about?

The Lucky Years (2016) is your guide to understanding the cutting-edge developments in medical science which are addressing society’s most pressing health problems. While advances in genetics may seem to be the key to curing cancer, infertility and aging, these blinks show that simple, sensible health strategies may more effectively improve the health and happiness of the world’s population.

Who should read The Lucky Years?

  • Medical students and practitioners interested in recent medical developments
  • Patients looking to manage chronic ailments
  • Health nuts eager for new methods to optimize daily well-being

The 100-Year Life

The 100-Year Life

Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott
Living and Working in an Age of Longevity
4.1 (62 ratings)

What's The 100-Year Life about?

The 100-Year Life (2016) is your guide to thriving in a world in which people are living longer. These blinks explain how the working world has changed, what it means for your retirement and which adjustments you need to make to enjoy life into the triple digits.

Who should read The 100-Year Life?

  • Anyone born in the 1990s or early 2000s
  • Employees who feel stuck in a thankless job
  • Parents worried about the future in which their children will live

Man Overboard!

Man Overboard!

Craig L. Bowron
A Medical Lifeline for the Aging Male
4.0 (30 ratings)

What's Man Overboard! about?

Man Overboard! (2022) is a comprehensive guide to the most common health challenges men are likely to encounter as they get older. It not only explains the difference between low testosterone and erectile dysfunction and what to watch out for with obesity and deadly types of cancer but also provides tools for men to take control of their health to keep living an active life without too many unpleasant surprises.

Who should read Man Overboard!?

  • Men over 40 looking to build on their knowledge of common health problems
  • Anyone interested in healthcare communication
  • People wondering if Viagra is all it professes to be

100 Million Years Of Food

100 Million Years Of Food

Stephen Le
What Our Ancestors Ate and Why It Matters Today
3.9 (128 ratings)

What's 100 Million Years Of Food about?

100 Million Years of Food (2016) is about the foods our ancestors ate and how that diet relates to our eating habits today. These blinks will take you way back in time to explore the evolution of eating. They’ll explain that, while there’s no one-size-fits-all diet, there are a few general rules to abide by.

Who should read 100 Million Years Of Food?

  • Anyone who is dissatisfied with their weight or health
  • Readers who are on the lookout for reliable dietary recommendations
  • History and food lovers

Falling Upward

Falling Upward

Richard Rohr
A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life
4.6 (42 ratings)

What's Falling Upward about?

Falling Upward (2011) explores the “tasks” of the two halves of life. It explains that the second half of life isn’t about getting old; it’s about filling the “container” that we create during the first half and finding our purpose. 

Who should read Falling Upward?

  • First-half lifers looking for insights
  • People who’ve “fallen” and need comfort
  • Second-half lifers seeking reassurance 

Women Rowing North

Women Rowing North

Mary Pipher
Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age
4.2 (18 ratings)

What's Women Rowing North about?

Women Rowing North (2019) explores how women can continue to flourish as they enter their sixties and seventies. Through poignant stories from real women’s lives, these blinks examine the possibilities for happiness, friendship and community engagement in the later stages of life.

Who should read Women Rowing North?

  • Older women looking for inspiration
  • Self-help enthusiasts seeking fresh insights
  • Those interested in gender politics

The Paleo Manifesto

The Paleo Manifesto

John Durant
Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health
4.2 (26 ratings)

What's The Paleo Manifesto about?

The Paleo Manifesto (2013) is the go-to guide to going paleo. It explains why the Paleo diet is in sync with our ancestors’ diet, and how you can use humanity’s anthropological and evolutionary history to get fit, feel great and lead the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted to.

Who should read The Paleo Manifesto?

  • Anybody looking for a sustainable, intelligent diet
  • People tired of calorie-counting methods to lose weight
  • Anyone interested in the history and development of the human diet



Sonia Arrison
How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, from Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith
3.6 (30 ratings)

What's 100+ about?

100+ explains the science and technology that will help us lead longer and healthier lives, and considers how society will handle a rapidly aging population. The implications of the forthcoming demographic shift are massive, and big changes lie ahead. 100+ became a best seller and one of the Financial Times’ best books of 2012.

Who should read 100+?

  • Anyone interested in what the future will look like
  • Anyone wondering how long they might potentially live
  • Anyone wanting to know how we will survive with a large, aging population



Dilip Jeste with Scott LaFee
The Scientific Roots of Wisdom, Compassion, and What Makes Us Good
4.8 (89 ratings)

What's Wiser about?

Wiser (2020) combines a scientific approach to wisdom with practical tips on how to grow wiser today. Drawing on decades of research and cutting-edge studies, it pairs explanation and advice in its investigation of compassion, aging, decision-making, and more.

Who should read Wiser?

  • Busy twenty-first-century folk hungry for old-fashioned wisdom
  • Amateur scientists interested in discovering more about the brain
  • People who want to get wise before they get old



Stephen Cave
The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization
3.4 (15 ratings)

What's Immortality about?

Immortality explores humanity’s drive to live forever and the constructive and destructive forces that accompany it. The book elaborates on the various ways that we try to achieve eternal life, and ultimately offers us some advice on how to cope with our mortality.

Who should read Immortality?

  • Anyone interested in the question of the meaning of life (and death)
  • Anyone who wants to know about what drives our civilization’s development
  • Anyone who laments their the short time they have left to spend on Earth

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