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Carol Roth

Your War with a New Financial World Order and How to Fight Back

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You Will Own Nothing by Carol Roth is a thought-provoking book that explores the impact of emerging technology on society, discussing topics like automation, artificial intelligence, and the changing workforce.


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    Social credit systems and government overreach are eroding individual rights

    As digital advancements reshape our world, we must stop and think: are we inching toward a future where personal rights are secondary to government control? The concerning dynamics of social credit systems have begun to show up in our society, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Imagine Jenny, a frontline worker with a lifetime of dedication to her job. When the pandemic hit, she held firm, aiding countless individuals. However, due to her religious beliefs, she couldn't get vaccinated. Despite years of service, she was denied an exemption and faced termination. Her story is emblematic of the broader issue at play, where government decisions control people’s access to economic opportunities and employment.

    Jenny wouldn’t have been alone. Across industries, employers faced pressure to let go of those not complying with vaccine mandates. This systematic sidelining of non-conformers feels eerily similar to China's Social Credit System, where everyday actions can dictate your societal standing. The system monitors personal behaviors, associating them with rewards or penalties, pushing individuals to adhere to a government-preferred narrative.

    So, why should you be concerned? Enter Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs. CBDCs are digital representations of a country's currency, centrally controlled by respective governments. Most people use digital currencies held by the private banks where they have their accounts. But with the introduction of CBDCs, governments are creating a system where they can directly control and monitor the flow of money, potentially giving them unprecedented power over individual financial transactions and, by extension, aspects of personal freedom. Your digital wallet might reveal more than just your spending habits – it could determine your societal worth.

    For instance, consider a future where your digital wallet restricts you from purchasing certain items because they're deemed “not green enough,” or because you voiced an unpopular opinion online. These examples aren't just science fiction – they're potential real-world implications of merging social credit ideals with CBDCs.

    But before we become overwhelmed with apprehension, let's think proactively. Firstly, it's crucial to remain informed about technological and governmental shifts, understanding their implications on personal rights. Stay engaged, ask questions, and encourage debates on these topics within your community. Secondly, advocate for transparency and policies that prioritize individual rights over unchecked government control. Only by shining a light on these emerging challenges can we hope to shape a future where technology serves us, rather than the other way around.

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    Worum geht es in You Will Own Nothing?

    You Will Own Nothing (2023) challenges you to confront a possible future where global elites dictate what you do and don’t have. Dive into an investigation of the forces striving to reshape our very notions of ownership, and discover strategies to ensure your autonomy and assets aren't just safe but thriving. Brace yourself: it's time to redefine your future.

    Wer You Will Own Nothing lesen sollte

    • Financial enthusiasts exploring global economic shifts.
    • Technological futurists keen on societal implications.
    • Advocates for personal rights and wealth autonomy.

    Über den Autor

    Carol Roth is a seasoned entrepreneur, TV host, and New York Times bestselling author known for her book The Entrepreneur Equation. With her sharp insights into the business world, she has contributed to networks like CNN, Fox Business, and MSNBC and has advised a range of Fortune 500 companies. 

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