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Sergey Young

An Insider's Guide to the Breakthroughs That Will Dramatically Extend Our Lifespan . . . and What You Can Do Right Now

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    We’re on the cusp of a Longevity Revolution.

    Picture this: you wake up, feeling refreshed. You’ve had a good night’s sleep – and you’re looking forward to the party. Today’s your 200th birthday. 

    You’ve spent the night in a temperature-controlled bedroom, with the ventilation controlled by AI. And that means your body has received just the right amount of oxygen. 

    Your bed monitored your sleeping patterns; and while you slept, microscopic robots toiled away inside your body, doing little repairs. Diagnostic devices both inside and outside your body did a whole scan of your vital signs, and fed the data into a computer for analysis. 

    You get up and go to the bathroom. Your toilet scans your urine and fecal matter and analyzes the health of your microbiome. You look in the mirror appreciatively. Even though you’ve lived for two centuries, you don’t look a day over 25! 

    And all of that, because you’ve actively reversed your physical age. 

    The key message here is: We’re on the cusp of a Longevity Revolution. 

    In the premodern world, people could expect to live until the age of 30 – if they were lucky. Over the last few decades, that number has increased to around 75. Why the big jump? 

    Well, progress in agriculture has improved what, and how, we eat. And inventions like antibiotics have saved billions of lives. Health-care in general has become much better, especially for mothers and babies. 

    Living an extra 45 years is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s just the beginning. In the near future, people are going to be able to live for 115, 150 or even 200 years. 

    If your brain is telling you that’s not possible, just think about how quickly science is evolving. It took 200 years to develop the first smallpox vaccine. When polio broke out in 1895, scientists took 50 years to develop a jab against it. But when COVID-19 spread like wildfire in 2020, it took only one year to create effective vaccines which have already saved millions of lives. 

    In the years to come, developments like the Human Genome Project, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing will fuel inventions that we could never have believed possible. People will live longer, chronologically – and they’ll also become younger, biologically. 

    So put your skepticism aside and learn all about the Longevity Revolution. One thing’s for sure: it’s going to change your life. 

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    Worum geht es in The Science and Technology of Growing Young?

    The Science and Technology of Growing Young (2021) reveals that the Longevity Revolution is just around the corner. Thanks to developments in AI, quantum computing, and genome sequencing, we’re able to engage in genetic engineering, manufacture new body parts, and treat diseases before they’ve even begun to affect us. These developments will soon allow us to live longer and healthier lives than we ever thought possible.

    Wer The Science and Technology of Growing Young lesen sollte

    • Tech geeks curious about how AI has impacted health care
    • Middle-aged people wanting to reverse the effects of aging
    • People who want to find out how to optimize their health to live longer, fuller lives

    Über den Autor

    Sergey Young is the founder of the Longevity Vision Fund that provides funding for startups creating technological innovations to increase longevity. He is on the board of the American Federation for Aging Research, and runs the nonprofit Longevity@Work, whose aim is to improve health in the workplace. 

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