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Cathy Moore

The Hands-On Guide to Strategic Training Design

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    So, what’s the problem?

    Right from the start, the action mapping begins with gathering information, not assuming any one  solution in particular. So let’s get back to your conversation with Amy about the safety training to see how she’d approach this in practice. 

    Amy might ask you something like, “is there safety training as a part of onboarding?” or, “Is the information on the prepared slides you have already available to workers in the warehouse?” Finding out that the slides are taken from an on-site safety manual and there are workplace signs already in the warehouse, her next questions will center on finding out why these resources aren’t working.

    So when Amy asks you about this, you say, “Well, when we ask the staff, they say they don’t check the manual after training because it’s all the way up at the front office. They say the signs just fade into the background, too. Just last week someone fell off a ladder without a safety harness, but he passed three signs about wearing one before he climbed the ladder!” 

    Knowing this, Amy might ask for pictures of the signs from the warehouse, or ask why the manual isn’t in an easily accessible spot. She might also ask to talk to staff from various roles around the warehouse, too, in order to get a better picture of what’s happening there.

    Focusing her questions on the findings of the report, she might learn from warehouse workers that safety equipment is stored far away from the places where it is needed. Or, that it’s not stored properly and is difficult to locate during a busy shift. Workers who are already pressed for time report that they take “small shortcuts” to get the job done, feeling pressured to keep up with their quotas.  

    So far, just defining the problem has revealed a lot. Our imaginary warehouse workers don’t report not knowing about safety protocols, and they know where to go to find out more.  But these talks have exposed some problems in organisation and access that are impacting how they apply this knowledge at work. 

    This information gathering process may continue for quite some time, too but it has a purpose: to define the problem as clearly and completely as possible. Along the way, it will also uncover why any safety measures already in place to solve the problem aren’t working. 

    It might involve outside research too - almost no business is unique in the world, so there are likely other companies that have faced similar problems. Some preliminary research on other firms might locate even more effective changes to put in place. It may also involve talking to managers about reorganising the job site, or changing schedules to allow for more time on the tasks that have proven records of safety problems.

    Once the problem is defined as clearly as possible with all the stakeholders involved, it's now time to set a goal.

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    Worum geht es in Map It?

    Map it! The Action Mapping Book (2017) is a practical, hands-on guide for those in the business world that design training for fellow professionals. This revolutionary guide refocuses on solving problems in business and achieving measurable results. So if you’re longing to dump those ineffective webinars and boring slide stacks look no further—Map it! Will help you focus on what the problems are, how they got that way, and what everyone can do about it for provable results. 

    Wer Map It lesen sollte

    • Business trainers looking for targeted, measurable results 
    • Problem solvers wanting a reliable path to better outcomes
    • Anyone who wants to ditch that boring training course, but make better on-the-job choices

    Über den Autor

    Cathy Moore is an internationally renowned training designer, sought-after speaker, business author and blogger whose Action Mapping system has improved instructional design for companies and organizations around the globe, from Amazon to The United Nations World Food Program.

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