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Vex King

How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness

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"Good Vibes, Good Life" by Vex King is a guide to improving your mindset and manifesting positivity in your life. King shares his personal journey and offers practical advice for cultivating self-love, gratitude, and mindfulness.


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    According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts dictate your reality.

    When the author was a student, his family had very little money. So when friends asked him to join them on their vacation, he knew he couldn’t afford it. But then, just a few weeks later, a check came in the mail for £500 (about $650) – almost exactly the amount the author needed. 

    What could have possibly happened? The author believes it was all thanks to something called the Law of Attraction. The idea goes that if you believe something good will happen, you make it more likely that it will happen.

    The key message here is: According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts dictate your reality. 

    The opposite is also true: if you dwell on negative thoughts and expect the worst, then you increase the likelihood that this will come true instead. In the author’s case, he spent weeks thinking he would be able to afford the vacation, and the universe responded by making it so. 

    But even though he had some success using the Law of Attraction, the author found it didn’t always deliver. He realized that even though he was thinking positively, his thoughts were often accompanied by negative feelings. And this combination made him feel confused and inauthentic – not a great recipe for success. 

    To combat this problem, he came up with his own law: the Law of Vibration. According to the Law of Vibration, when you radiate joyful, positive energy, your reality becomes positively charged, too – and you attract joyful, positive things. 

    This theory might sound far-fetched, but it’s based in real science. Consider that everything in the universe, including our minds, is made up of atoms that vibrate. It follows, then, that everything else, including our thoughts and emotions, must also vibrate. The author believes that joyful, loving emotions have a high vibrational frequency, whereas angry, depressed emotions vibrate at a low frequency. 

    It’s through tapping into these vibrations that you can start to influence the world around you. When an atom vibrates, the atoms around it start vibrating at the same frequency. So if your emotions vibrate higher, then your reality will start to vibrate higher, too. The result? Your external world becomes more loving and joyful. 

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    Worum geht es in Good Vibes, Good Life?

    Good Vibes, Good Life (2020) explores the power of positive thinking. By outlining simple techniques for changing your mindset, it reveals how every one of us can take control of our happiness – and our future.

    Bewertung von Good Vibes, Good Life

    Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King (2018) is a book that guides readers on the path to a more positive and fulfilling life. Here's why it's worth reading:

    • Full of practical advice and actionable steps, it empowers readers to make small changes that have a big impact on their well-being.
    • By combining personal experiences, spiritual wisdom, and scientific research, the book offers a well-rounded perspective on personal growth and happiness.
    • With its inspiring stories and uplifting messages, the book keeps readers engaged, ensuring that personal development never feels dull or tedious.

    Bestes Zitat aus Good Vibes, Good Life

    Dont spend your life being imprisoned by a belief system that limits your potential.

    —Vex King
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    Wer Good Vibes, Good Life lesen sollte

    • Anyone feeling overwhelmed by 2020
    • Wallflowers looking for a confidence boost
    • Budding entrepreneurs searching for inspiration

    Über den Autor

    Vex King is a British-Indian social media influencer, author, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Bon Vita, a lifestyle brand focused on uplifting perspectives, spiritual insights, and accessible solutions.

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    Good Vibes, Good Life FAQs 

    What is the main message of Good Vibes, Good Life?

    The main message of Good Vibes, Good Life is to create a positive mindset and live a fulfilled life.

    How long does it take to read Good Vibes, Good Life?

    The reading time for Good Vibes, Good Life varies, but the Blinkist summary can be read in just 15 minutes.

    Is Good Vibes, Good Life a good book? Is it worth reading?

    Good Vibes, Good Life is worth reading as it provides practical guidance for achieving happiness and success.

    Who is the author of Good Vibes, Good Life?

    The author of Good Vibes, Good Life is Vex King.