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Richard Pink & Roxanne Emery

Why adults with ADHD are so ashamed and what we can do to help

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    Nobody Loses Things on Purpose

    Do you know that feeling when you check your pocket and your phone isn’t there? That rising sense of shame and humiliation, as you go back through the likely places, eventually accepting that you’ve lost another expensive device?

    Rox knows that feeling very well. In her life she’s lost thirteen phones, eighteen wallets, and two passports. She’s slept on her doorstep because she lost her keys. Her biggest shame comes from losing the last letter her mother ever wrote to her.

    Nobody loses things on purpose. This is particularly true for those like Rox who live with ADHD. No matter how much she would explain that it wasn’t her fault, people called her disrespectful or careless. And she would believe them – nobody else loses three wallets in six months, so there must be something wrong with her.

    This self-hatred slowly turned to understanding after her diagnosis. She didn’t need more shame and scolding – she needed help and compassion. These days, Rox still loses things, but has learned to change the way she talks to herself about it, and has picked up a few tricks to make this symptom more manageable.

    Leaving reminders doesn’t work. It just gives you another thing to forget to do, increasing the blame and frustration when you fail. Rox’s suggestion is one of acceptance. You have ADHD, and that means that you are going to lose things. It’s not your fault, and nobody should make you feel bad about it. Including yourself.

    If you learn to regulate your emotions through breathing or meditation, the stress of losing something can be reduced. Pay attention to times when you’re rushing or overwhelmed – this is when you’re most likely to be forgetting something.

    Put some safety measures in place. This is where a friend or loved one can help. Give a neighbor a spare key, or have your partner carry an extra phone charger, for example.

    If you’re caring for someone with ADHD, the best thing you can do is offer a safe and supportive environment. Don’t make them feel bad if they lose something. Instead, help them when you can, and work together to fix any problems caused by the lost item.

    Patience and compassion can go a long way.

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    Worum geht es in DIRTY LAUNDRY?

    Dirty Laundry (2023) is an honest and humorous glimpse into the daily chaos that is life with ADHD. Whether you’re diagnosed, undiagnosed, or just trying to better understand a loved one, these real-life stories and practical advice can help you learn from and live with the struggles of this chronic disorder.

    Wer DIRTY LAUNDRY lesen sollte

    • Those living with ADHD who want their struggle to be seen.
    • Members of neurodivergent households looking for ways to best help the people they care about.
    • Anyone who needs to take the shame, judgment, or frustration out of living with ADHD.

    Über den Autor

    Richard Pink is a British author and creator of the viral social media phenomenon @ADHD_Love, where he and his wife Roxanne raise awareness of the day-to-day struggles of having or living with someone with ADHD.

    Roxanne Emery is a successful songwriter and artist whose life changed when she was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021. Through @ADHD_Love she is determined to raise awareness of ADHD and help others find the peace and acceptance that she has.

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