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Frank Slootman

Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity

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Amp It Up by Frank Slootman is a book that offers strategies for driving business growth and innovation. It provides practical guidance and real-life examples to help organizations thrive in today's rapidly changing and competitive market.


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    The importance of mastering execution over strategy

    Imagine you’ve just bought a high-performance sports car. It’s sleek, shiny, and on paper, it promises blistering speeds. But there’s a catch: you never learned to drive stick. No matter how advanced or top-of-the-line your car is, without the skills to execute its potential, it’s just a flashy object in your driveway.

    Much like driving that sports car, in business, execution often sits in the shadow of strategy. For many, strategy is the thrill of the open road – it’s where you picture yourself zooming past competitors. Execution, in contrast, is learning the gears, the feel of the clutch, and timing your changes just right. It’s less glamorous – but still critical. Without mastering it, you’re not going anywhere.

    Consider this: companies pour resources into honing sales techniques, but when was the last time you heard about training in execution? Yet, execution, like sales, is a teachable craft, one that’s refined with experience and guidance from seasoned mentors.

    While strategy is essential, it must be rooted in the realities of the market, not in lofty dreams. Those rose-tinted glasses? They might prevent you from spotting a new rival in your rearview mirror. Remember, strategy isn’t a fixed roadmap; it’s more like a GPS that recalibrates based on real-time data. Don’t become so attached to one route that you refuse to take a potentially faster turnoff.

    Sometimes it’s tricky to pinpoint whether or not the bumps on your business journey are due to a misguided map – your strategy – or because you’re stalling your gear shifts – your execution. If you’re not making those sales, it could also mean that you’re peddling a product that’s just not right for the market you’re targeting.

    Here’s your takeaway: forget the pricey consultants. As you finesse your execution, you'll find that you will become the best strategist for your venture. After all, impeccable execution can propel even an ordinary strategy to success. Conversely, even the most meticulously planned strategy will sputter and stall with lackluster execution.

    So, gear up! Make execution your first order of business. Master that, and your strategy will glide smoother than ever on the business highway.

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    Worum geht es in Amp It Up?

    Amp It Up (2022) uncovers the transformative leadership principles essential for unlocking unparalleled enterprise growth. By revealing strategies for sidestepping common pitfalls and costly restructures, it emphasizes the power of aligning teams with critical goals, shattering the chains of mediocrity, and fostering a culture of urgency and intensity. It’s an essential playbook for leaders aiming to elevate their organization to unparalleled success without the need for external consultants or drastic overhauls.

    Wer Amp It Up lesen sollte

    • Entrepreneurs looking to scale their startups and find invaluable insights for fostering exponential growth
    • Corporate leaders seeking to reinvigorate their teams and discover strategies to break through stagnant performance barriers
    • Business students aiming to understand real-world applications of growth principles and benefit from a tech industry titan’s experiences

    Über den Autor

    Frank Slootman is a titan in the tech realm, celebrated for steering industry giants like Snowflake, ServiceNow, and Data Domain towards monumental growth. With an enviable track record in enterprise expansion, his leadership insights have shaped the trajectory of major tech entities. Along with Amp It Up, his wisdom is also captured in Rise of the Data Cloud, another seminal work on the transformative power of technology.

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