The best 23 Growth Hacking books

Growth Hacking techniques are pivotal in today's competitive landscape, offering innovative ways to rapidly scale businesses and drive success. Our meticulously curated book list on Growth Hacking equips you with strategic insights and practical tools for navigating the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

Explore these essential reads to uncover groundbreaking strategies and unleash your growth potential. Ready to dive in and revolutionize your approach to business development?

The best 23 Growth Hacking books
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Growth Hacking Books: Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

Growth Hacker Marketing

Ryan Holiday
A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing and Advertising
4.2 (115 ratings)
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What's Growth Hacker Marketing about?

Growth Hacker Marketing charts a major departure from traditional marketing practices, relying heavily on the use of user data and smart product design. This book illustrates how today’s top technology companies, such as Dropbox and Instagram, have used this strategy to gain millions of users.

Who should read Growth Hacker Marketing?

  • Anyone looking to build a start-up company
  • Anyone who works in advertising or marketing industries
  • Executives who want to leverage cutting-edge business techniques

Growth Hacking Books: The Membership Economy by Robbie Kellman Baxter

The Membership Economy

Robbie Kellman Baxter
Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue
4.3 (40 ratings)
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What's The Membership Economy about?

Today, ownership is out. Consumer trends show that more and more consumers want temporary access, not permanent ownership. And within this changing landscape, membership-oriented businesses are king. The Membership Economy (2015) outlines key strategies and tactics based on real-world examples for successfully building a membership organization.

Who should read The Membership Economy?

  • Business-owners of all stripes
  • Leaders and managers who want to attract more members to their company
  • Entrepreneurs interested in successfully building a membership-oriented business

Growth Hacking Books: Startup Growth Engines by Sean Ellis, Morgan Brown

Startup Growth Engines

Sean Ellis, Morgan Brown
Case Studies of How Today's Most Successful Startups Unlock Extraordinary Growth
4.0 (86 ratings)
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What's Startup Growth Engines about?

We’ve all heard success stories of start-ups attracting millions of users and earning billions of dollars virtually overnight. Startup Growth Engines (2014) shows us what all these companies have in common: a new approach called “growth hacking”. These blinks reveal how your business can use viral marketing techniques, freemium business models and other growth engines to rapidly achieve business success.

Who should read Startup Growth Engines?

  • Business students eager to learn more about start-ups
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for inspiration
  • Business owners hoping to boost growth

Growth Hacking Books: Rocket by Michael J. Silverstein, Dylan Bolden, Rune Jacobsen and Rohan Sajdeh


Michael J. Silverstein, Dylan Bolden, Rune Jacobsen and Rohan Sajdeh
Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth
4.2 (17 ratings)
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What's Rocket about?

Rocket (2015) is an inside look at the success of brands like Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret, whose rapid rise had nothing to do with luck. These blinks share the proven science of brand building that propelled companies like these to such impressive growth and immense success.

Who should read Rocket?

  • Founders and CEOs looking to grow their small business or start-up
  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Brand developers and marketers

Growth Hacking Books: Value Proposition Design by Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Greg Bernarda, Alan Smith, Trish Papadakos

Value Proposition Design

Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Greg Bernarda, Alan Smith, Trish Papadakos
How to Create Products and Services Customers Want
4.3 (164 ratings)
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What's Value Proposition Design about?

Value Proposition Design (2014) is a comprehensive guide to designing compelling products and services. Real value comes from empathizing with customers to find out what everyday jobs and tasks they need help with. However, coming up a product that helps customers complete these jobs and tasks is only the beginning.

Who should read Value Proposition Design?

  • Aspiring or current entrepreneurs
  • Anyone interested in innovation and value creation

Growth Hacking Books: Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown

Hacking Growth

Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown
How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success
4.5 (156 ratings)
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What's Hacking Growth about?

Hacking Growth (2017) provides online business owners with a game plan for taking their company to the next level. Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown give readers a step-by-step guide through a dynamic and endlessly repeatable process that will spark growth and transform any sluggish business into a vibrant, growing enterprise teeming with loyal customers.

Who should read Hacking Growth?

  • Entrepreneurs and CEOs
  • Business students
  • Anyone hoping to grow a business

Growth Hacking Books: Growth IQ by Tiffani Bova

Growth IQ

Tiffani Bova
Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business
4.3 (108 ratings)
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What's Growth IQ about?

Growth IQ (2018) answers the million-dollar question of how to make your business grow. Full of practical advice, tips and strategies gleaned from today’s top entrepreneurs and their firms, this is the ultimate guide to making smart decisions that’ll help early-stage firms get off the ground or rejuvenate stagnating giants.

Who should read Growth IQ?

  • Start-up owners
  • Business strategists
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in a rut

Growth Hacking Books: Get Different by Mike Michalowicz

Get Different

Mike Michalowicz
Marketing That Can't Be Ignored!
4.3 (268 ratings)
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What's Get Different about?

Get Different (2021) is a practical guide for entrepreneurs who want to leverage their market strategies and set themselves apart from the competition. Using an established framework, it offers step-by-step guidance on how to turn a marketing experiment into a strategic plan that gets you noticed and generates leads.

Who should read Get Different?

  • Business owners seeking new leads
  • Marketing professionals and enthusiasts 
  • New entrepreneurs

Growth Hacking Books: The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen

The Cold Start Problem

Andrew Chen
How to Start and Scale Network Effects
4.0 (190 ratings)
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What's The Cold Start Problem about?

The Cold Start Problem (2021) explains what network effects are, how they work in practice, while illustrating them with real-world examples, from companies like Zoom, Airbnb and Uber. From getting tech companies off the ground in the 21st century, to the population dynamics of meerkats, The Cold Start Problem is an in-depth look at the way networks develop and interact with each other.

Who should read The Cold Start Problem?

  • Startup leaders looking for rapid growth 
  • Established CEOs looking to reawaken sluggish companies
  • Anyone interested in network dynamics

Growth Hacking Books: The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

The Pumpkin Plan

Mike Michalowicz
A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field
4.4 (213 ratings)
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What's The Pumpkin Plan about?

The Pumpkin Plan (2012) presents a simple yet powerful strategy to help you grow your business and stand out in any industry. Through real-life examples and practical tips, you’ll learn how to identify and focus on your most profitable clients, streamline your operations, and create a company culture that fuels growth.

Who should read The Pumpkin Plan?

  • Owners of small businesses looking to grow
  • Entrepreneurs seeking sustainable success
  • Startup founders needing a roadmap

Growth Hacking Books: $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

$100M Offers

Alex Hormozi
How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No
4.2 (319 ratings)
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What's $100M Offers about?

$100M Offers (2021) is a guide to creating Grand Slam Offers – big-ticket products or services that sell themselves. By breaking down the psychology of pricing and perceived value, Alex Hormozi teaches readers how to differentiate and optimize their offer until it’s irresistible. 

Who should read $100M Offers?

  • Those launching their first business
  • Serial entrepreneurs
  • People working in sales or marketing. B

Growth Hacking Books: Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson
The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers
4.2 (41 ratings)
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What's Traffic Secrets about?

Traffic Secrets (2023) reveals an explosive truth: your dream customers are primed and ready. Learn how to analyze your target audience, locate their hotspots, and capture them with evergreen growth-hacking strategies. This game-changing guide unveils precise techniques for driving consistent traffic to your funnels, laying the foundation for unstoppable online growth.

Who should read Traffic Secrets?

  • Starving startups
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs
  • Online course creators

Growth Hacking Books: Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson
The Underground Playbook for Converting Your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers
4.2 (165 ratings)
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What's Expert Secrets about?

Expert Secrets is an accessible, intelligent roadmap to building a business using your unique knowledge and skills. Think you don’t have the qualifications, degrees, or certifications you “need” to start a business? You’re not alone, but you are wrong –⁠ in fact, anyone with the right amount of passion can start and run a thriving business, with the helping hand of a few expert secrets.

Who should read Expert Secrets?

  • Those with a passion for a particular subject
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Business owners searching for a leg up

Growth Hacking Books: The Voltage Effect by John A. List

The Voltage Effect

John A. List
How to Make Good Ideas Great and Great Ideas Scale
3.8 (135 ratings)
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What's The Voltage Effect about?

The Voltage Effect (2023) will show you help how to thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape through the hidden power behind scaling. Unlock the four secrets that are your key to scalability success.

Who should read The Voltage Effect?

  • Ambitious entrepreneurs seeking exponential growth
  • Seasoned business leaders navigating scaling challenges
  • Curious minds exploring organizational dynamics

Growth Hacking Books: 12 Months to $1 Million by Ryan Daniel Moran

12 Months to $1 Million

Ryan Daniel Moran
How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur
3.9 (258 ratings)
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What's 12 Months to $1 Million about?

12 Months to $1 Million (2020) serves as your catalyst for creating a seven-figure business within just a year. By uncovering a mixture of pragmatic strategies and hard-earned wisdom, it places you, the aspiring entrepreneur, in the driving seat. Your journey to financial independence and business success starts here.

Who should read 12 Months to $1 Million?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking practical strategies for financial independence
  • Existing business owners aiming to scale their ventures
  • Individuals interested in e-commerce and product innovation

Growth Hacking Books: 10x Is Easier Than 2x by Dan Sullivan with Benjamin Hardy

10x Is Easier Than 2x

Dan Sullivan with Benjamin Hardy
How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less
3.9 (430 ratings)
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What's 10x Is Easier Than 2x about?

10x Is Easier Than 2x (2023) is part call to action, part step-by-step guide to a life beyond your wildest dreams. You’ll first be introduced to why 10x is simpler, better, and more fun than 2x, then given a clear road map for immediate implementation.

Who should read 10x Is Easier Than 2x?

  • Burned-out entrepreneurs and business leaders  
  • High achievers wanting to take their personal and professional lives to the next level
  • Anyone seeking direction or motivation

Growth Hacking Books: Strategy Sprints by Simon Severino

Strategy Sprints

Simon Severino
12 Ways to Accelerate Growth for an Agile Business
4.2 (29 ratings)
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What's Strategy Sprints about?

Strategy Sprints (2022) is a deep-dive into the world of strategic innovation and accelerated business growth. The focus is on out-of-the-box methods for making your business stand out, mastering your time, nurturing customer relationships, and ensuring steady growth. It’s an inspiring journey that empowers you to break free from the ordinary and make your mark in the business realm.

Who should read Strategy Sprints?

  • Forward-thinking entrepreneurs seeking rapid business growth
  • Aspiring strategists looking for modern, effective methodologies
  • CEOs desiring to innovate and streamline their business operations

Growth Hacking Books: Amp It Up by Frank Slootman

Amp It Up

Frank Slootman
Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity
3.8 (165 ratings)
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What's Amp It Up about?

Amp It Up (2022) uncovers the transformative leadership principles essential for unlocking unparalleled enterprise growth. By revealing strategies for sidestepping common pitfalls and costly restructures, it emphasizes the power of aligning teams with critical goals, shattering the chains of mediocrity, and fostering a culture of urgency and intensity. It’s an essential playbook for leaders aiming to elevate their organization to unparalleled success without the need for external consultants or drastic overhauls.

Who should read Amp It Up?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to scale their startups and find invaluable insights for fostering exponential growth
  • Corporate leaders seeking to reinvigorate their teams and discover strategies to break through stagnant performance barriers
  • Business students aiming to understand real-world applications of growth principles and benefit from a tech industry titan’s experiences

Growth Hacking Books: Invent and Wander by Jeff Bezos

Invent and Wander

Jeff Bezos
The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos
3.2 (284 ratings)
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What's Invent and Wander about?

Invent and Wander (2020) is a collection of writings and insights by Amazon's founder that encapsulates his professional journey and vision for progress and innovation. Through Jeff Bezos's annual shareholder letters, speeches, and interviews, the book explores his philosophy of continuous innovation and an obsession with customer satisfaction, and provides a roadmap for anyone interested in navigating the rapidly changing world of technology and business.

Who should read Invent and Wander?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and practical business insights
  • Students of business, leadership, or technology
  • Anyone interested in the evolution and workings of tech giants

Growth Hacking Books: Sol Price by Robert E. Price

Sol Price

Robert E. Price
Retail Revolutionary and Social Innovator
4.2 (42 ratings)
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What's Sol Price about?

Sol Price: Retail Revolutionary & Social Innovator (2012) is a deep-dive into the life and legacy of Sol Price, a pivotal figure who reshaped consumer behavior in the United States and across the world. Authored by his son, it illuminates Price's disruptive retail strategies that birthed FedMart and Price Club, and spotlights his steadfast commitment to employee welfare and customer value, a practice that became an ethical cornerstone of his expansive business empire.

Who should read Sol Price?

  • Those curious about the mechanics of the retail industry and its evolution
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for inspiration and insight 
  • Philanthropists interested in understanding how successful individuals like Sol Price used their wealth for social good

Growth Hacking Books: Elevate Your Team by Robert Glazer

Elevate Your Team

Robert Glazer
Empower Your Team To Reach Their Full Potential and Build A Business That Builds Leaders
4.5 (82 ratings)
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What's Elevate Your Team about?

Elevate Your Team (2023) presents a framework to optimize team performance and drive company growth, while safeguarding employees against burnout. By implementing this strategy, leaders can guide their teams to reach their full potential, so that both they – and their company – thrives.   

Who should read Elevate Your Team?

  • Leaders seeking sustained business growth
  • Managers wanting to optimize team performance
  • Directors looking for a new framework for success

Growth Hacking Books: 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

80/20 Sales and Marketing

Perry Marshall
The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More
4.3 (140 ratings)
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What's 80/20 Sales and Marketing about?

80/20 Sales and Marketing (2013) hands you a magic lens so you can zoom in on what truly matters in your business. Uncover how to focus just 20 percent of your efforts to unlock 80 percent of your profit. Get ready to amplify your impact and ditch the grind.

Who should read 80/20 Sales and Marketing?

  • Entrepreneurs seeking efficient growth strategies
  • Salespeople optimizing client outreach
  • Marketers refining campaign effectiveness

Growth Hacking Books: The Founder's Mentality by Chris Zook & James Allen

The Founder's Mentality

Chris Zook & James Allen
How to Overcome the Predictable Crises of Growth
3.6 (39 ratings)
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What's The Founder's Mentality about?

The Founder’s Mentality (2016) explores the essential role a strong, clear “founder’s” mentality plays in the sustained growth and health of a company. It outlines how businesses can avoid common growth-related pitfalls by maintaining an insurgent mission, a frontline obsession, and an owner’s mindset.

Who should read The Founder's Mentality?

  • Entrepreneurs navigating early stages of growth
  • Established business leaders seeking renewed growth
  • Small business owners facing expansion challenges

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