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Written in Red by Anne Bishop is a captivating urban fantasy novel that follows Meg Corbyn, a young woman with unique abilities, as she forms unlikely alliances with the immortal and dangerous Others in a world where humans are considered prey.

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    Written in Red
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    Survival in a World of Others

    In Written in Red by Anne Bishop, we are introduced to a world where humans are not the dominant species. Instead, they are at the mercy of the Others, supernatural beings such as shapeshifters, vampires, and elementals. The story begins with Meg Corbyn, a young woman who has escaped from a facility where she was kept captive as a blood prophet, someone who can see the future when her skin is cut.

    Meg seeks refuge in the Lakeside Courtyard, a business district run by the Others. She manages to secure a job as a human liaison, despite the Others' initial skepticism. Simon Wolfgard, a wolf shapeshifter and leader of the Courtyard, is particularly intrigued by Meg, as she doesn't smell like prey to him. He decides to give her a chance, and she quickly becomes an integral part of the Courtyard's community.

    Understanding and Acceptance

    As Meg settles into her new life, she begins to understand the complex dynamics between humans and the Others. She learns that the Courtyard is a neutral ground, where humans and Others can trade and interact under strict rules. However, the peace is fragile, and any violation can lead to deadly consequences.

    Despite the inherent danger, Meg forms close bonds with the inhabitants of the Courtyard, both human and Other. She also discovers that her unique abilities as a blood prophet can be used to benefit the Courtyard, as her prophecies can help them avoid potential conflicts and threats.

    Threats and Tensions

    However, not everyone is pleased with Meg's presence. The Controller, the man who kept her captive, is determined to get her back, and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve his goal. Additionally, the human government, led by the radical organization Humans First and Last (HFL), views the Others as a threat and is pushing for a war to reclaim the land they believe rightfully belongs to humans.

    As tensions rise between humans and the Others, Meg becomes a target for both sides. The Controller's relentless pursuit puts everyone in the Courtyard in danger, and the HFL's aggressive stance threatens to ignite a full-scale war. In the midst of these escalating threats, Meg's unique abilities and her growing relationships with the Others become crucial for survival.

    Unveiling the Truth

    As the story progresses, Meg's past and the true nature of her abilities are gradually revealed. She learns that her prophecies are not set in stone and can be changed, a realization that gives her a newfound sense of agency. She also discovers that she is not the only blood prophet, and there are others like her who need help.

    Meanwhile, the tensions between humans and the Others reach a breaking point, leading to a violent confrontation. In the chaos that follows, Meg's role as a bridge between the two worlds becomes more critical than ever. She must use her abilities and the trust she has earned to prevent a catastrophic war and protect the people she has come to care for.


    In the end, Written in Red is a story of survival, understanding, and acceptance. It explores the complexities of coexistence between different species and the consequences of fear and prejudice. Meg's journey from a captive to a valued member of the Courtyard highlights the power of empathy and the potential for positive change, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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    What is Written in Red about?

    'Written in Red' by Anne Bishop is a captivating urban fantasy novel set in a world where supernatural creatures, known as the Others, coexist with humans. The story follows Meg Corbyn, a young woman with a dark past, who seeks refuge among the Others. As Meg navigates this unfamiliar and dangerous world, she forms unexpected bonds and unravels a conspiracy that could threaten both humans and Others alike.

    Written in Red Review

    Written in Red (2013) is a captivating urban fantasy novel that introduces readers to a world where humans and supernatural creatures coexist. Here's why this book is worth reading:

    • With its intriguing premise and unique blend of fantasy and mystery, it keeps readers hooked from beginning to end.
    • The book explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and personal growth, making it relatable and thought-provoking.
    • Through the richly detailed world-building and fleshed-out characters, Written in Red offers an immersive reading experience that is anything but boring.

    Who should read Written in Red?

    • Readers who enjoy urban fantasy and supernatural creatures
    • Fans of strong, independent female protagonists
    • Those interested in exploring themes of prejudice, trust, and finding one's place in the world

    About the Author

    Anne Bishop is a renowned author in the fantasy genre. She is best known for her captivating storytelling and unique world-building. With a career spanning several decades, Bishop has created a diverse range of works, including the Black Jewels series and the Tir Alainn trilogy. Her book, Written in Red, is the first installment in the thrilling series, The Others. Through her imaginative writing, Bishop has garnered a dedicated fan base and continues to enchant readers with her spellbinding tales.

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    Written in Red FAQs 

    What is the main message of Written in Red?

    Discover the power of friendship and acceptance in Written in Red.

    How long does it take to read Written in Red?

    The reading time for Written in Red varies depending on the reader's speed. The Blinkist summary can be read in just 15 minutes.

    Is Written in Red a good book? Is it worth reading?

    Written in Red is worth reading for its captivating storytelling and unique world-building.

    Who is the author of Written in Red?

    The author of Written in Red is Anne Bishop.

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