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Picture Your Prosperity

Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality

By Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng
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Picture Your Prosperity by Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng

Picture Your Prosperity (2015) is a guide to defining and attaining your ideal life. These blinks will teach the reader valuable techniques for visualizing success, setting goals and putting aside the money necessary to achieve anything you want.

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Live a prosperous life in just three steps: define your goals, put them together and constantly visualize them.

It’s natural for everybody to want a life full of success, happiness and prosperity. But what does that really mean? What makes a life prosperous?

Find out for yourself by drawing what’s called a prosperity picture, a visual representation of what you desire from life both now and down the line. It just takes three simple steps.

Step one – define your goals. Start by asking yourself what you want today, in the near future and the long term. What does your life look like? Where are you? What smells surround you? Which people?

Once you’ve answered these questions find photos that reflect your desires. For instance, if you see a picture of your dream house or car make sure to hold on to it.

Step two – bring your goals together and make them easier to visualize. Start with a blank sheet of paper on which you draw a future prosperity picture frame: First draw a horizontal axis labeled “time frame” that runs from the present into the distant future. Then draw a vertical axis labeled “finance” that runs from not very much money at the bottom to great wealth at the top.

Once you’ve got your picture frame, divide it into four squares, each of which represents a different combination of money and time. Now you can start attaching pictures that represent your goals into each box based on how much money they will require and when you want to achieve them by.

For example, your dream house might be way off in the far upper quadrant because it’s going to take a lot of both time and money to make it a reality.

Step three – keep your eyes on your vision and constantly picture it. Remember, you’ve just created something that could transform your life. Don’t toss it in a drawer and forget about it. Make a point of seeing it constantly so it reminds you what you’re working for every single day.

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