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Get Good with Money

Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole

By Tiffany Aliche
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Get Good with Money by Tiffany Aliche

Get Good With Money (2021) is a ten-step guide to developing a healthy, happy relationship with your money. It focuses on building wealth through the concept of financial wholeness, which embodies constructive spending and saving habits – leading to financial security and peace of mind.

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Developing a healthy mindset around money will set you up for financial success.

Have you ever wondered how you’d cope financially if disaster struck? For too many of us, that hypothetical has become a stark reality. If the coronavirus pandemic shows anything, it’s that the unpredictable can happen at any moment – and jobs or income stability can go poof just like that.

But being financially whole means not having to worry about those things. Instead, each area of your finances works in sync, for you. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a penthouse or your parents’ house – anyone can work to achieve this state.

Before starting the ten steps to financial wholeness, check in with your mindset around money. It’s a topic that often brings with it anxiety and shame, but you can overcome your triggers with a few simple exercises.

The key message here is: Developing a healthy mindset around money will set you up for financial success.

Knowing when and why you do something is really important when it comes to making lasting changes so, first, recognize your money influences and patterns. Your approach to money didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s been shaped by your family and society. Start to break any patterns that aren’t serving you by gently probing your behavior. Write down your financial habits. Be honest about where they come from, what they make you feel, and how they might be derailing your goals.

Next, establish a financial voice and use it to take charge. Picture a version of yourself who’s great with money. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to work hard for money; instead, make your money work for you. When you see yourself as the boss, you’ll start making different decisions.

It’s also crucial to find a reason for gratitude, and to live for joy. More money might make your life easier, but it won’t make you happier after a certain point. You might feel uncomfortable as you begin to change your financial habits. But that’s just a sign of your growth – something to be grateful for. Create a gratitude list, and add to it every morning and evening.

Next, remember to surround yourself with positivity and accountability. Think about the people who influence you – do they encourage and support you? If not, proactively replace these drains with people who will lift you up.

Finally, remember the power within you. You have everything you need to pursue financial abundance! Your current circumstances aren’t the end; they’re just the beginning.

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