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How to be F*cking Awesome

Sticking a finger up to the law of attraction and a thumb up to action

By Dan Meredith
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How to be F*cking Awesome by Dan Meredith

How to be F*cking Awesome (2016) guides you through real, actionable steps to achieve your goals without making any excuses. The book provides some straightforward principles that will help you avoid the common loopholes that stop people from living successfully.

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To start living the life you want, you need to be selfish.

You may think that living a good life involves pleasing others, but to fulfill your life goals, you need to first start taking care of yourself.

Making yourself a priority – or being selfish – will lead to a better life not only for you but also for others around you. If you work on improving yourself, you will focus on becoming a better caregiver, parent, sibling or friend.

Imagine a teacher coming to class with a bad flu instead of staying at home to rest. In his poorly state his performance is affected, and, as a result, the students won’t benefit from his being there at all. It would be better for everyone if the teacher put his own needs first and focused instead on getting better before he thought about attending to anyone else.

Taking care of yourself and your life is crucial. Remember that your life is unique and so you shouldn’t be trying to live it any other way; trying to live someone else’s life would be a waste of time and energy. For example, the author took the career path he thought he should have, every week working 100 hours in corporate jobs that paid well, yet he never felt happy. In fact, he felt burnt out, stressed and unfulfilled. This was because he was following someone else’s dream and ignoring his real passion, which was to start his own business and become his own boss.

Being selfish involves balance in areas of your life like nutrition, exercise and mental health.

If you are sick mentally or physically, it will be difficult to start a business or approach another equally big goal. Therefore, you need to focus on keeping yourself balanced by

  • working out and getting into shape even if you hate the thought of exercising;
  • eating nutritious food but not being too strict about it; and
  • developing or having a strong support group of friends and family. Stop hanging out with those who bring you down.

It is important to prioritize yourself and check that key areas in your life are in balance. That way you will be fit and well enough to start working toward achieving your goals.

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