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Jesse Singal

Why Fad Psychology Can't Cure Our Social Ills

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The Quick Fix by Jesse Singal explores the ineffective methods used to treat complex social issues and how they can be improved by addressing underlying factors.


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    Flawed psychology can do real damage.

    In the 1990s, Americans were horrified by newspaper reports about young people – some as young as 11 years old – committing acts of shocking violence. Youth crime was on the rise, and, according to experts, it was only going to get worse.

    One of these experts was John DiIulio, a political scientist at Princeton. It was DiIulio who came up with the idea of “superpredators” – a criminal class of people who impulsively committed senseless acts of violence.

    These superpredators were the product of what DiIulio called “moral poverty,” as they had grown up in dysfunctional, abusive environments. And if they couldn’t be saved at an early age, they would have to be locked up.

    The superpredator concept was popular and influential. But there was a problem: DiIulio was wrong.

    Here’s the key message: Flawed psychology can do real damage.

    The theory of the superpredator has since been disproven. There were actually other explanations for the youth violence of the late 80s and early 90s, such as easy access to guns, which was in turn connected to crack dealing. The predicted crime explosion never happened, and in fact, by the early 90s violent youth crime was already in decline.

    Like many popular psychological concepts, the superpredator is a half-baked idea. The term was never even clearly defined, but for the media, that didn’t matter. It made a good story, and it came from an expert.

    Other experts did little to debunk DiIulio’s idea, and so the myth of the superpredator continued to spread. It even resulted in dozens of American states changing their laws. In order to crack down on youth crime, many states passed laws allowing juveniles to be tried and sentenced as adults – with tragic consequences.

    DiIulio’s theory also had another, inadvertent consequence. Although it wasn’t DiIulio’s intention to reinforce negative racial stereotypes, it was clear that the majority of his “superpredators” were Black, as Black people were most affected by so-called moral poverty.

    The superpredator idea not only created a disconnect between public perceptions of crime and reality, but it also helped to deepen racial divides. As a result of flawed psychology, many white Americans became more afraid of black Americans.

    This is a particularly extreme example. But it shows what can happen when a flawed psychological concept, promoted by experts, becomes influential.

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    Worum geht es in The Quick Fix?

    The Quick Fix (2021) is a skeptical study of recent trends in behavioral psychology. Academic studies and TED talks may appear to make a convincing case for the power of positive thinking or the impact of implicit bias, but sometimes the evidence just isn’t there. In a complex world, the explanations for human behavior are often more nuanced than some modern psychologists would have you believe.

    Wer The Quick Fix lesen sollte

    • Psychology skeptics
    • Those interested in societal problems and human behavior
    • Anyone who has ever viewed a TED talk

    Über den Autor

    Jesse Singal is a journalist with an interest in social sciences who has written for New York magazine, the New York Times and the Atlantic. He co-hosts the popular podcast Blocked & Reported, discussing controversies in internet culture. The Quick Fix is his first book.

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