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Ken Robinson

Learning to be Creative

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    We’re in an age of revolutionary change, and creativity is essential for being able to adapt.

    In less than a lifetime, there’s been a world of change. Today, when you take a look at your iPhone, you have more computing power in the palm of your hand than was available on the entire planet in 1940.

    And the pace of development is only increasing. So much so, that the speed of today’s technological evolution is truly extraordinary.

    If we look at the past 3,000 years as if it were the past 12 hours, every minute would equal 50 years. So it would only be three minutes ago that we moved beyond the antiquated transportation of sailboats and horse-driven carriages.

    Two and a half minutes ago the first automobiles appeared and 30 seconds later the first powered airplane took flight. Fifty seconds ago was the 1969 moon landing, and just one second ago, in 2010, the first unmanned spacecraft that could make its own landings was launched.

    If we turn our attention to communication, we see even faster progress.

    While the first PC was invented 41 seconds ago, the internet began just 25 seconds ago and SMS messaging arrived just 3 seconds after that.

    Clearly, today’s technology has come a long way in just a short matter of time, and even a common modern digital watch has more power and memory than NASA’s 1969 Apollo Moonlander.

    Since today’s technology is so quick to advance, the competitive edge will really come down to who has the best creative ideas. This makes creativity an essential skill for any future business leader to learn.

    Likewise, as businesses and trends continue to rapidly evolve, having one job over the course of an entire career will become a thing of the past. It will be those with flexible and adaptable talents who will flourish in tomorrow’s job market.

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    Worum geht es in Out of Our Minds?

    Out of Our Minds (2001) shines a light on a fast-paced and constantly changing business world. In particular, it examines how technology has advanced and changed the way we do business, while our public education system has remained stuck in the days of the industrial revolution. It takes a look at what changes need to be made so that schools can prepare the next generation for the creative challenges that lie ahead.

    Bestes Zitat aus Out of Our Minds

    The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. ...As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. - Abraham Lincoln, 1862

    —Ken Robinson
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    Wer Out of Our Minds lesen sollte

    • Individuals facing creative blocks
    • Business leaders and innovators who want to build creative teams
    • Parents worried about the current education system

    Über den Autor

    Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally renowned leader in the field of human resources and creative development. He is Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of Warwick and has worked as a consultant for international agencies, governments, Fortune 500 companies and a variety of cultural organizations. His TED talks on education reform have been viewed by millions.

    © Ken Robinson: Out of Our Minds copyright 2001, John Wiley & Sons Inc. Used by permission of John Wiley & Sons Inc. and shall not be made available to any unauthorized third parties.

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