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Nathan Latka

The Four Rules You Must Break to Get Rich

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    Maximizing your income sources boosts your chances of success.

    You’ve heard it a thousand times: your best chance of success is to pick a single career path, knuckle down and stick to it. It’s an age-old philosophy as dear to parents as it is to professors. And here’s the thing: it’s not far off the mark if you want to be a hardworking neurosurgeon. But what if you don’t? 

    Well, if you want to make money without working endless hours, you’ll need to rebel against that rule. Sticking to a single career path means putting all your eggs in one basket. If things don’t work out or you get fed up, you’ll be left without a backup plan. But even if you do make it, you’ll always be vulnerable to competition. After all, there’s always a chance an even better neurosurgeon, banker or entrepreneur will come along and snag your clients. 

    So here’s the alternative: avoid specializing in one narrow field, and guarantee your financial success by cultivating multiple sources of revenue. That has a couple of advantages. First off, you’ve always got something to fall back on if your venture fails. When you spread your bets, you’re much less likely to go broke. Secondly and more importantly, multiple income streams mean you can multiply your overall revenue. 

    Consider the author. He launched his podcast, Top Entrepreneurs, in 2016. That’s a nice little earner. Sponsors pay to have their content hosted on the show, and the more listeners he has, the more they’re willing to fork out. But it isn’t his only source of income. He also has a business called Top Inbox, a tool that allows Gmail users to add special features to their accounts, like scheduling already-written emails to be sent out at a later date. 

    Placing pop-ups on the Top Inbox user interface exposes even more internet users to his sponsors’ websites. It’s a win-win situation: they love the extra exposure, and the author can charge more for hosting their content on his podcast. His current going rate for an advertising slot on his podcast? $160,000!

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    Worum geht es in How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital?

    How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital (2019) unlocks the secrets of the capitalist system to show budding entrepreneurs how to make big bucks without burning the candle at both ends. Packed with creative hacks and actionable advice, self-made multimillionaire Nathan Latka demolishes the myth that you need a ton of money or a dazzlingly original idea to get rich. So what do you do need? Simple: a willingness to break established rules and chart your own course.

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    If you pigeonhole yourself into one thing, youll lose the chance to recognize patterns and capitalize on them to multiply your income streams.

    —Nathan Latka
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    Über den Autor

    Nathan Latka is an entrepreneur who started out on his path to success at the age of 19 with just $119 in his bank account. He is the founder of Heyo, an app that helps businesses market their services on Facebook, and the cloud computing company SaaS. Latka also hosts Top Entrepreneurs, a popular podcast on which he interviews the world’s leading CEOs. How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital is his first book.

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