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Ignore Everybody

And 39 Other Keys To Creativity

By Hugh MacLeod
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Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod

In Ignore Everybody, author Hugh MacLeod encourages you to unlock and embrace your inner creative spirit and live your artistic dream. Pulled from his personal and professional experience, MacLeod reminds us that inspiration can happen at any time, and to be truly successful, you can’t let criticism get you down. If you’re thinking of giving up your desk job for the artistic life, this book will help you do so while offering sage advice on how to get your work into the wider world.

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You can’t force inspiration. It comes on like the hiccups: unexpectedly, no matter where you are.

So you’ve had a busy week without a moment to spare for your art project. Finally, the weekend arrives and you’re ready to let the creative juices flow!

You enter your studio and your mind goes blank; inspiration fail!

So why does this always happen?

It’s impossible to flip a switch to get inspired. Creativity is a natural process; we’re not in control of it. Inspiration is like getting the hiccups, coming often out of the blue. And just like the hiccups, you’ll find that inspiration can disappear when you focus on it too much.

Creative bursts often come when you least expect them. You might suddenly feel inspired in the supermarket checkout line, or when you’re just about to drift off to sleep. It’s easy to make the most of impromptu inspiration, simply by jotting down the thoughts in your head; these could in the long run end up changing your creative process altogether.

When the author used to paint and draw, he found it hard to seize spontaneous creative moments when he wasn’t in his studio with his art supplies. So he started drawing small cartoons on the backs of business cards, which meant he could work wherever he wanted. His ideas started springing to mind when he was on the go, and have only grown in originality and popularity since.

Yet it’s important to realize that when you set out to try something new or creative, it’s normal to have fears and doubts. You never know when you’re going to feel inspired or whether your idea is even good in the first place.

Trust your creative instinct – this is your creative project. Let things flow naturally and remember not to block yourself from creativity!

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