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Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinkin

By Dr. Caroline Leaf
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Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess (2021) presents a scientifically backed strategy for rooting out toxic thoughts. It breaks down the principles and tools of the Neurocycle – a mind-management process that changes toxic thoughts and their related behaviors into positive thinking and habits.

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Managing your mind is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

What do you think of when you hear the words “healthy lifestyle”?

Perhaps you think of eating a diet rich in nutritious foods, making sure you get the right amount of sleep, and exercising often to stay fit. And you’re correct – good food, regular exercise, and enough sleep all contribute to a healthy lifestyle. But there’s another important element: the state of your mind.

When your mind is filled with toxic, depressing, or anxious thoughts, it’s in a messy state. And this negatively impacts your lifestyle. So, in the same way that you manage your home so it doesn’t get messy, you need to manage your mind.

The key message here is: Managing your mind is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

A messy mind takes a toll on your health. How? Well, constantly grappling with negative thinking, anxiety, or depressing thoughts leads to toxic stress. This impacts your biochemistry and brain function, increasing your risk of neurological disorders like dementia. And it also lowers your immunity, putting you at a higher risk of disease.

In fact, a number of studies indicate that close to 90 percent of conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are caused by toxic stress. And that’s not all: toxic stress also changes your gene structure and activity. This means that its negative effects won’t stop with you – they’ll also be passed down to future generations.

Now, toxic stress is a natural response, but this doesn’t mean that it has to take a toll on your health or that of your offspring. You can control it through mind management. By managing your mind, you can alter your negative thoughts before they stir up toxic stress. With enough practice, mind management can even prevent negative thoughts in the first place by making you more resilient to life’s challenges.

A great way to understand the power of mind management is by envisioning mental mess as a car crash. Without mind management, you’re simply a bystander. But with mind-management skills, you become a first responder at the scene of the accident – equipped to prevent further hurt.

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