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Luke Burgis

The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life

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'Wanting' by Luke Burgis explores the nature of desire and how it can motivate us towards positive or negative outcomes. The book provides insights into how to harness the power of wanting for self-improvement and spiritual growth.


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    Mimesis dictates everything we desire.

    In 2008, the author Luke Burgis and his company, Fit Fuel, were on the verge of a breakthrough. Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, had committed to acquiring the company, and the deal would rescue Fit Fuel from mounting debt at a deeply uncertain economic moment.

    These circumstances made the author desperate for the agreement to go through. Because of that desperation, he began doing and saying anything he possibly could to get Hsieh on his side. He hid his true opinions about Zappos’ quirky culture, attended happy hours every night, and even tossed out his jeans in favor of ones that looked more like Hsieh’s. Meanwhile, his original desire to start and build his company seemed to have faded away. 

    What was going on? In short: the author was tangled in a thick web of mimetic desire. 

    The key message here is: Mimesis dictates everything we desire.

    René Girard invented the term mimetic, drawing from the Greek word mimesthai, which means to imitate. So, as you might expect, mimetic desire is the hidden force that causes us to imitate others secretly in all areas of life, including love, friendship, and business. 

    We always think that our desires are spontaneous, that we just want something, but that’s a delusion. In reality, our desires are always mediated by models –⁠ people or things that cause us to want something. 

    What’s the problem with that? Well, for one thing, mimetic desire compels sameness. It’s the reason why college freshmen enter university with diverse career choices yet wind up converging around the same few majors by the end of senior year. 

    In driving us to be the same, mimesis also causes intense rivalry. The more similar we become, the more different we strive to be –⁠ and this can be dangerous. Just look at the biblical story of Cain and Abel, in which both brothers wished to win favor with God. The brothers’ shared desire brought them into conflict, ending with Cain killing Abel.

    In the author’s case, Tony Hsieh became a powerful model. In striving to achieve the things that Hsieh seemed to model, the author forgot what drove him to start his own business in the first place. He knew his desires were being driven by external forces, but he didn’t yet understand how. Understanding mimesis is the first step in gaining power over it, and it’s the topic we’ll look at next.

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    Worum geht es in Wanting?

    Wanting (2021) provides a riveting, philosophical answer to the question Why do we want the things we want? Drawing on theories originally developed by the celebrated polymath René Girard, it reveals an uncomfortable truth: that our desires are all ultimately a product of other people’s desires. The point isn’t to eliminate them,⁠ but rather to choose, carefully and consciously, which ones we should actually strive for. 

    Wer Wanting lesen sollte

    • Lovers of philosophy, psychology, and literature
    • Dedicated self-improvers
    • Young entrepreneurs and business leaders

    Über den Autor

    Luke Burgis is an entrepreneur who founded and ran four start-up companies before deciding to course-correct and travel to Italy to study philosophy, theology, and literature. He is now the Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Director of Programs at the Catholic University of America. 

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